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Marty's Haiku - 18. April Haiku

The swallows return
those aerial acrobats
~ heralds of summer.


© Martin Cooke

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1 hour ago, Headstall said:

The barn swallows are back here too. Nice poem, buddy. :) 

Cheers, Gary. :) 

I first noticed them yesterday when I drove out to look at my old place a few miles out of the village. They may have been here for a few days, for all I know. I'm also expecting the house martins to arrive shortly; they nest around the village. Not heard the cuckoo yet, but I'm expecting them any time now.

And at least the birds aren't prevented from travelling, unlike myself at the moment. We're expecting an announcement from the government about possible easing of restrictions in about ten days time, or so. Hopefully it will be good news. :) 

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I love the swallows, and delight in their return. Thank you for writing about them. 

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