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  1. Marty

    All Good Things End

    Although I'm not certain we have seen the last of Kyle in this story, at least this separation is not something that Greg himself has been responsible for, unlike his separation from Nate. No sure what you mean by "more engaging content..." This story has kept me engaged right from the beginning.
  2. Marty

    Vestiges of The Fiend

    Uncle Farid told Greg that he was wrong to have not listened to Nate the night he decided to leave. Yet here he is, less than two weeks later, driving away and not giving Nate the opportunity to say what it was he wanted to say.
  3. Marty

    Problems today loading GA?

    All seems fine now. Probably a hiccup at my end.
  4. Marty

    Problems today loading GA?

    I am getting intermittent "Timed Out" errors when trying to load certain GA pages today. Currently the Stories page isn't loading for me. Earlier the Forums page wouldnt. I can load other sites without problem. Just wondering if it's happening to anyone else and, if so, what the problem might be....
  5. Marty

    Inspirational Quotes

    Sound advice! I think I read it myself somewhere recently....
  6. Marty

    New Members Welcome-Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome, Bruce! Always good to see a new face.
  7. Marty

    Snapshots from the Hereafter

    Now that conversation between Greg and Nate was definitely one that needed to happen! And I suspect it may never have happened had Nate made, what still seems to me have been not really properly thought out, the decision to try to break the friendship. But at least it has now happened. I think I asked in my comment to the last chapter whether Greg had let Nate know what the blind spot was that Richard had implanted in his brain. Now we know he hadn't. But he has now, and hopefully that means that the two of them can now at least stay best friends and rekindle that relationship. Another great chapter, Jason! I'm not going to try second guessing just how this will play out . Who will end up with who, etc. I'm confident enough in your skills as an author to let you finish the tale in your own words. Thank you. I'm in agreement with @FanLit on one thing at least. This is also becoming one of my favourite stories.
  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday! 

  10. So could that have been the seed that has caused Nate, years later, to talk to Greg about wanting to meet a nice girl, get to know her, settle down and get married, have kids, the white picket fence... (etc)? And does that mean that Nate may actually be gay - or at least bisexual - or even Greg-sexual, as someone suggested in a comment to the last chapter? We already know that Greg and Nate have had sex twice, which supposedly confirmed that Nate was really straight. What we don't know is how old they were at the time. Was it before or after Richard assaulted Greg? If it was before, it could just have been a case of adolescent experimentation. If it was after, then it just may be that Nate is not 100% straight (or could it just be a case of Nate wanting to comfort his friend, or to prove to him that he could still give his body to another man despite what had happened with Richard?). My gut feeling is that Nate is actually straight, but I have to admit that I'm not sure. I suppose I'll find out the answer in the remaining chapters. Great story, Jason! You've still got me hooked (and second guessing).
  11. Marty

    Last Post Wins #47

    Dream on 😛
  12. Marty

    Last Post Wins #47

    Oh, I don't!
  13. Marty

    Last Post Wins #47

    Wildone reckoned he'd go far; even thought that he might become Tsar. When up stepped a real killjoy saying "We need a man, not a boy!" Seems poor Wildy was just wishing on a star! and goodnight.
  14. Marty

    Last Post Wins #47

    All of which may be very interesting... And meanwhile, today in Ireland, there's a crowning ceremony being held on that ancient seat of power, the The Hill of Tara, to inaugurate Marty to the position of High King of Ireland and the World. Thank you all for your kind attention.

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