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  1. Home made spaghetti bolognese for dinner tonight... Had no hard parmesan type cheese on hand, so grated some extra vintage cheddar on top.
  2. Not that I ever buy fast food "to go" - but if I did, and found out they got the order wrong when I got home, I would ring the establishment (after Googling the number, if necessary) and ask to speak to the manager.
  3. All good here, thanks, bud. A bit of snow overnight, leaving the surrounding mountains looking white. Too dull a day to get any decent photos of them, though. Managed to get a couple of hours clearing part of the new garden, though, so it wasn't a completely wasted day. After dark here, now. Will probably head out and get a few groceries in a while. But have to make a few phone calls first. I hope all's well with you.
  4. I trust you complained? There seems to be something in the psyche of Irish people that makes them reluctant to complain about things like this. Personally, I would have made quite a fuss if such happened to me. And if they were to refuse to sort it out, I would demand to see the manager and complain even louder.
  5. It tasted damn tasty, as well! (Not meaning to sound as though I'm blowing my own trumpet )
  6. Home made beef curry for dinner. That will be the last food for me until after my doctor's appointment at 9:50 am tomorrow. Having blood samples taken to check how well I am managing my Type 2 Diabetes. I'm fairly confident the results will go well, and the doc will reduce my medication (again)
  7. How ya doing, Gary? You and me both, buddy. It's done nothing but sleet and snow here most of the day. Bit of sun early on, but that was short lived. And Met Éireann (the Irish Met Office) have issued a Status Yellow Snow/Ice warning for the whole of the country overnight, tonight. https://www.thejournal.ie/snow-ice-warning-ireland-tomorrow-5019752-Feb2020/
  8. That must have been frightening. Just glad to hear there were no serious injuries.
  9. I hope you at least had breakfast...
  10. Hey, Gary! Hope all's well with you.
  11. I'm fine, thanks Things are going slowly. A builder was supposed to check the roof and gutters last week, but he's apparently lost his long ladder... 😮 There's some damp getting in, and he's not sure yet how or where... At least he has managed to cut a hole in the ceiling on the upstairs landing and checked that the underside of the roof slates and the main timbers of the roof are sound. Just need to find a long enough loft ladder now to give me access to the loft in the future. The ceiling height is 10 feet (fractionally over 3 meters). No standing on chairs for me if I want to get into the loft...
  12. Hi, Albert Hope all's well with you
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