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  1. Reminds me of a silly joke I heard when I was a kid... If you cut a glow worm's tail off, would it be de-lighted?
  2. It's sad when your back goes got more often than you do, isn't it? (And when you get to that age when you have to be careful that it's only a fart...)
  3. Marty

    Letting Go

    for this, @Jdonley75! I loved the relaxed and natural conversation between David and Colt, which left me feeling that I know the two of them (especially David) all that better for having been privy to it. I must admit that the chapter title did leave me wondering just who was going to be doing the letting go, and of what. Colt may well be correct in suggesting that David needs to step back slightly and allow Kyle, and his other adopted children, the space to develop their own lives, and to sort out any future problems for themselves. They're all grown men now, when all's said and done. But he will still always worry about them. And he will still want to see them from time to time (not to forget the grandchildren). And his life is just as invested in the orchard as it it in his family. But I suspect Cole knows all that, anyway, and would expect no less. And I'm glad David left the cell phone behind right at the end!
  4. Darth Vader actor from original Star Wars trilogy, Dave Prowse, dies aged 85...

    I shall probably also remember him every time I cross a road.


    RIP Dave. ❤️

  5. Any mention of a wall always makes me think of Pink Floyd.
  6. I had my tongue firmly in my cheek at the time, Albert. (And I've since edited it to try to make that a bit clearer)
  7. Pity wee Donald never got that wall built. That might have kept the dastardly aliens out.
  8. Perhaps be careful what you wish for...
  9. Who knows, bro? Who knows? "There are more things in heaven and earth, Bucket Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Greetings, young Albert.
  10. Now you see it... Now you don't... We are not alone...
  11. I drove 50 miles or so today to be part of a surprise for a friend of mine who had been nominated for, and won, an award with Volunteer Ireland for the work she does for the LGBTI+ community in the west of Ireland. Normally these awards would take place at a special ceremony in Dublin at the start of December each year, but that couldn't happen this year because of Covid restrictions. I had received word through Volunteer Ireland that she was to receive a surprise delivery today, which would include her trophy, a letter from Volunteer Ireland sharing some of the amazing things that were said about her in her nominations, as well as a note from the Irish President, Michael D. Higgins, and a hamper of goodies to celebrate with. As I was driving down, and for the first time ever during Covid lockdowns, I was actually stopped at a Garda (Irish Police) checkpoint. I was worried that I would be told to turn back, as I was no longer in my own county at the time. I put my facemask on before opening the driver door window, and reached for my wallet to get my driving licence out. The gard was actually quite friendly and, when he saw the wallet, jokingly told me I only needed to give him one fifty euro note! I just showed him my licence, and when I told him where I was going, and why, he simply sent me on my way (whilst pretending to be upset that he hadn't got his fifty euros). The look on my friend's face when the surprise was sprung was brilliant! I waited outside her house and started videoing when the delivery driver knocked on her door. Volunteer Ireland had asked myself and Jordan to take videos for them to use when the awards are made public in December. Jordan had made sure our friend would actually be at home at the time of the delivery by arranging to call round with homemade lasagne for them to have for lunch. Several hours later, she was still claiming she didn't deserve the award. The few of us there just kept saying "Nonsense! Of course you do!" It was a good day! One that helped lift some of the funk that I have been feeling over the Covid situation recently!
  12. Not a lot at the moment, Albert. What you up to?
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