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  1. Hi, Page! (In a Zoom meeting at the moment)
  2. There's been no sucking in my day (yet).
  3. Hey, Albert! Hope you're having a good day. Just in case you haven't heard, Bucket has a long weekend coming up.
  4. Daylight saving ends in Ireland at 2:00am on Sunday, 25th October this year. The EU are talking about doing away with daylight saving. That could cause confusion in Ireland after Brexit as, if the UK don't follow suit, there could be two different time zones during the summer on what is quite a small island. https://www.timeanddate.com/news/time/europe-dst-end-2019.html
  5. A Google search suggests some parts of Australia may be celebrating the Queen's birthday this weekend... Not sure why, though, as it isn't her birthday. [Queen Elizabeth II actually had her 94th birthday on April 24th 2020, although she also has an Official Birthday on the second Saturday in June each year. Something to do with the unpredictable British weather, I understand. https://www.insider.com/why-does-the-queen-have-2-birthdays-2016-4] But Bucket likes to say he lives in our future, so maybe he's celebrating her 95th...
  6. Hey, Page! I've had quite a productive day so far, thanks for asking. My builder finally got back to me yesterday. There's a number of jobs he's to do, but he's spent the past two days repairing the wooden floor in my living room. That should be finished tomorrow, which means I'll be able to start actually living in the living room! I picked up a prescription from the pharmacy this morning. It was raining when I finally got back home, so one of the jobs I've done since was to make some more jam from the wild blackberries I picked a couple of days ago. How's things with you and yours this evening?
  7. *Sits back to watch others treat him as a piece of meat and fight over him...*
  8. I do like the autumnal weather (and colours), but it's definitely not my favourite time of the year. But that's because it portends winter. I much prefer the spring.
  9. G'day, bro. A bit cooler than the past week or so here today. Cloudy also, with occasional slight showers. The Met Office is suggesting the next week will have changeable weather, some rain, and cooler than recently, with even the possibility of slight frosts overnight...
  10. Happy Tuesday, everyone! And, for the day that's in it....
  11. heq.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Marty


      But do they really have seasons in equatorial regions, though? :unsure2:

    3. dughlas


      Enjoy the season whichever it might be and revel in it ...

    4. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      Here's hoping for a warm, dry autumn, when people don't have to stay indoors.

  12. It could be that he had a good night. (Just saying....)
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