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  1. I'm off to bed, gang! I'll leave you with this latest offering from The Marsh Family...
  2. Thanks, Albert. But who or what was nice? Little old me? Or maybe you meant Abdullah? I think Annie or Emma have a photo of myself and Abdullah huddled very closely together on that mountain top. Don't get too excited though - I was just acting as a windbreak for him and his lighter as he was trying to light one of his camel cigarettes.
  3. My youngest sister has a "lost sock box". Every time she brings in the washing and finds an odd sock she just throws it in the box. Once in a blue moon she will sort through it, and usually comes up with a good number of perfect pairs. She reckons it's a game the washing machine plays just for fun - hiding the odd sock at random, and then mischievously adding it to a future wash.
  4. So, I mentioned last night about my trip to Morocco nine years ago this month. Here's a photo of me stood on the summit of Mount Toubkal exactly nine years ago today. Left to right: myself, our guide Abdullah, Annie and Emma. I was a bit worried before the climb started, as I had suffered a bout of altitude sickness the previous evening in the the Toubkal Mountain Refuge, which was approximately 3,200 metres (10,498 ft) above sea level, and we were to climb approximately another thousand metres (3,300 ft) to reach the summit at 4,167 metres (13,671 ft). Oddly enough, I had no
  5. Today was wet and windy, so I sowed no seeds. I did, however, thin out and pot on some flower seedlings. I also noticed that the row of early carrot seeds I sowed about three weeks ago are germinating nicely. Another few weeks and they'll need thinning out. A few of the beet seeds I sowed a row of around the same time are starting to emerge, as are a few of the broad beans, but I still see no sign of any of the parsnip seeds I sowed emerging. Every one of the row of onion sets I planted now have a green shoot above ground, and the row of winter onions I planted last October/November are d
  6. There's a new one? Don't think I ever actually watched the old one(s?).
  7. I know. I felt a bit like Humpty Dumpty when you landed.
  8. how cruel and unfair Nah! It's just a term of endearment I like to use for the fair Tinkerbelle.
  9. Hmmm.... Or a certain fée maléfique, peut-être?
  10. Well, it was the nasty @Zombie who suggested she was.
  11. Maybe they mistake them for fish...
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