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Marty's Haiku - 5. Untitled

Seeing him today
Was the first time I noticed...
He sees me as well.

© Martin Cooke

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2 hours ago, Headstall said:

Love this! 

Thanks for reading, and the kind comment, Gary. :thumbup:

Edited by Marty
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I did consider, when writing this piece, putting the second line into the present tense - if only because I read somewhere that Haiku should always try to stay in the present.

I eventually decided to leave it in the past tense - simply because, in my mind at least, it reads better that way.

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4 minutes ago, Parker Owens said:

I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

My pleasure, Parker! :) 

And thank you. :thumbup:

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2 hours ago, Geron Kees said:

Paints a nice idea as well as a nice scenario! :)


Thanks, Geron! :thumbup:

I think that's one of the things that the Haiku format is really good for. Taking an idea (or scenario) and distilling it down into three short lines. The mere fact that the writer is restricted to seventeen syllables basically forces that distillation.

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