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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Urban Knights - 6. Chapter 6 Shall we kiss and make up...

The aroma of fresh brewed Hawaiian coffee tickled Drew’s nose awakening him from his deep slumber. A smile of contentment creped upon his lips, he knew his husband all too well. Kona Hawaiian blend coffee was his favorite. He heaved a tired sigh combing his fingers through his hair and climbed out of bed. He hated sleeping alone and struggled with the urge to bring Tony back into their bed last night, but he needed to know that Drew was serious and what he did or was attempting to do was wrong on all levels.

He padded down the hall stretching through a sleepy yawn, his blond tresses, untamed fell messily into his eyes. As he stepped into the kitchen, their gazes locked. He was leaning against the counter, a cup of coffee in one hand and the local news and events section of the paper in the other. His eyes shifted upward when he heard footsteps entering.

“Good… morning.” He said hesitantly, pressing his lips together tightly. He pushed himself off the counter and immediately set the newspaper and cup of coffee down, awaiting a response.

“Morning…” Drew replied stepping further into the kitchen.

“I’ve made coffee. How did you sleep? How do you feel? Can I get you something to eat?” Tony hurled question after question without waiting for an answer.

“Um…sure. Coffee is good, I slept terrible. I feel okay, and I’m not very hungry.” Drew answered each question with a light chuckle as he walked closer to his husband.

“Sure…” Tony turned to pour Drew a cup of coffee, and stopped suddenly. He scratched his head nervously and asked. “Um…you still upset with me?” He winced ducking his head hopeful.

Drew couldn’t hide the smile forcing its way onto his lips as he shook his head feeling slightly amused at Tony boyish demeanor. It always amazed him how loving and humble Tony was at home with him, which was a drastic contrast to how fearless and invincible he was on the streets.

“No…” Drew answered faintly with a lopsided smile. He stepped into Tony’s arms and rested his head against his chest, inhaling slow and deep.

“I’m sorry…” Tony whispered, as he held Drew in his embrace kissing him on top of his head. He closed his eyes breathing a sigh of relief. They stood there holding each other, enjoying the feel of being lost in each other’s arms. Though it was only one night, it felt like forever.

After a few moments Drew pulled back sharing a lingering glance. No words were spoken, but each knew what the other was thinking. ‘How miserable they were without each other last night.’ Never breaking the stare they moved closer together till their slightly parted lips touched, locking together perfectly. The kiss was brief, yet telling.

Tony held him around his waist as Drew ran his hands up his chest and around his neck, running his fingers through the fine curls that softly kissed the nape of Tony’s neck, bringing their lips together once more. A kiss that started out sweet and apologetic quickly turned into one of hunger…one of need, their need. Their tongues invading each other’s mouth as if starving, while hands wandered over each other’s body, desperately caressing muscular arms, back and shoulders.

Tony pulled back trying to catch his breath. He rested his forehead against Drew’s. “It’s just that I love you so much.” He whispered softly in Drew’s ear as if he could hear the conversation going on inside his head.

“I know…” Drew nodded kissing Tony’s swollen mouth.

“My life has taken me beyond the planets and the stars, and you’re the only one that could have taken me this far… you Drew, no one else.” He stressed sighing regretfully as he pushed Drew’s hair from his eyes. “I’ll admit I was wrong, but I can’t live without you.” He confessed shamelessly almost brazen before peppering Drew’s face and mouth with desperate kisses.

“But Tony…” Drew managed to speak hoarsely between kisses.

“But nothing….” Tony grinned, slowly walking Drew backwards. He pushed him against the wall devouring his neck and shoulder with kisses.

“Tonyyyy….wait.” Drew panted through bated breath, yet enjoying the feel of his lovers tongue against his skin. He resisted at first stopping Tony’s hand at the hem of his shirt, but after a stern stare from him, Drew reluctantly allowed him to carefully lift it over his head revealing the fresh wounds that marred his otherwise perfect chest.

“I was so scared…” Tony whispered, his voice dark and heavy, getting caught in his throat as he viewed his husband’s body. Drew conceded, resting his head against the wall closing his eyes tightly as he felt Tony’s fingers gingerly tracing the scars, his body trembling from his touch.

“Tony….” His voice quivered as he called his husband’s name in protest.

“Shhhh…” Tony looked up slowly seeing the trepidation in his eyes.

“These scars" He swallowed hard as he traced them. "These scars I will always cherish. They will forever remind me of how special you are. How spontaneous you are. How witty you are. How loving you are. How sexy you are.” He laughed doing a sexy dance with his shoulders. “How demanding you are.”

“Demanding?” Drew questioned arching his brow speculatively.

“Yes…Yes.” Tony laughed. “You’re very demanding, Drew, but It’s okay because that’s one of the many things I love about you. I love how creative you are.” He added motioning around the kitchen that had Drew’s signature all over it. Drew smiled admiring his creative handy work. He single handedly picked out every picture and rod iron accessories hanging on the wall and the color scheme to match. Tony said, “It didn’t matter to him what Drew did as long as he kept the refrigerator stocked with food and beer.”

“These wounds will remind me of how caring and honest you are…” He continued. “How because of you I’m a better person…a better man.” He gingerly kissed Drew’s stitches. “So never…ever hide these from me or be ashamed of them. If you didn’t have them, I wouldn’t have you.” He smiled warmly chewing on his lower lip. “Every time I see these I will be reminded of what an amazing person you are, but, most importantly how brave, heroic and Gallant you are.” He tilted his head slightly. “I married a cop, I have to remember that.”

"And a damn good one, if I do say so myself.” Drew added with a smile.

"And a damn good one.” Tony chucked in agreement, before kissing Drew tenderly on the cheek, inch by inch working his way over to his supple lips. “How insatiable you are.” He said above a whisper, descending past Drew’s chin, kissing his neck and shoulder, working his way down Drew’s chest.

"But....” Drew panted through staggered breaths.

"I won't hurt you.” He assured him holding him firmly by his hips. "I promise.” He said as he licked his way down Drew's chest and abdomen. “I need this.” He whispered.

"Mmmm....” Drew moaned approvingly, his resistance dissipating with every flicker of Tony’s tongue.

Tony licked a wet trail down to the waistband nibbling at the skin just above the elastic. A wicked grin appeared when he felt the muscles in Drew’s stomach quiver under his assault. Drew’s breathing became sporadic and shallow as his body went limp giving up all his resistance to his husband.

“Tony…..” He moaned his name, this time not in protest but ardently, breathing heavily as he felt Tony tugging his pajamas past his hips, one side, and then the other until they fell softly to the floor.

He watched as Tony drop to his knees as a slave about to service his master, for indeed Tony was enslaved to his husband’s passion. Drew was visual and the sight of Tony’s mouth taking him in was definitely a turn on. He watched as Tony teased him, kissing his inner thighs before sucking hard on the tender skin between his pelvis and upper thigh, causing Drew to cry out, the mixture of pain and pleasure was rapturous. After his attack, Tony blew cool air on the spot that was now burning and kissed it soothingly.

He watched as Tony wrapped his hand firmly around the base tenderly sucking and kissing the skin around it, inhaling deeply the manly scent he craved. He gasped through a sharp intake of air feeling Tony’s warm lips and tongue suck the smooth head into his mouth flickering his skillful tongue as an artisan around the slit, and under the rim.

“Ahhh…Mmmm.” Drew closed his eyes slowly inhaling, enjoying Tony’s ministrations. The slow bobbing of Tony’s head as he took him deep in his throat, relaxing his jaw to keep from gagging felt amazing. The warmth, the sucking…working in unison with Tony’s hand firmly stroking up and down the shaft wet from his saliva was sending Drew’s body into a heated overload. He felt as if he was suspended in mid air, every muscle in his body tightened with every thrust as he made love to his husband’s hungering mouth. His swaying hips moved from side to side, with every controlled movement.

The attack was more than subtle, fueling all Drew’s carnal desires. Tony pleasured him as no other man ever had or could. Love coupled with pure unadulterated lust for his husband sent him over the edge. He lost all ability to control his breathing and the muscles that were tight were now like jelly as he erupted his silky wild in Tony’s craving mouth. “Uhuh…Uhuh…” He panted, his body quivering uncontrollably with each milky thrust “Uhmmm…Uhmmm.”

Each swallow was followed by hungered moans. Tony loved the unique flavor of his husband's cum as it covered his tongue and throat. He used his hand milking and savoring every delectable drop.

His body slid down to the floor totally spent, his chest rising and falling with labored breath, his eyelids heavy.

Tony’s lips invaded his as soon as his body reached the floor. The hungered moans now escaped Drew’s mouth as he feasted on Tony’s tongue relishing the taste of himself on Tony’s palate.

“I love you so much Drew.” Tony whispered as he took Drew into his embrace.

“I love you too…” Drew snuggled against Tony’s chest, both now coupled on the floor holding each other riding out the waves of their passion together.


“Here you go.” Tony smiled handing Drew his coffee.

“Thank you.” Drew pushed his arm through the sleeve of his shirt before carefully grabbing the mug from Tony’s hand. He cautiously took a sip before sitting down at the kitchen table watching as Tony pour himself another cup. “So…” Drew peeked over the rim of his cup. “What are your plans for today?” He asked casually with a shrug of the shoulder.

“Well I have a meeting with the captain this morning.” He replied adding creamer to his coffee. He reached on top of the refrigerator grabbing a bag of cream cheese filled Danishes. “Then after that, I figured we could just chill around here. I’m on temporary leave.” He sighed.

“Really?” Drew asked taken aback.

“Yeah…” Tony opened the bag pulling out two cheese-filled pastries.

“So are we in trouble?” Drew asked coyly as he reached for his Danish and a napkin.

“I’m sure we are, but how much I don’t know.” Tony admitted as he licked the sugar glaze from his fingers.

“I’m going with you.” Drew informed him.


“No Tony,” Drew interrupted, “This is not for discussion. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.” Drew stated firmly. “We’re in this together. It was both our decision to keep it from the force.” He reminded his husband. Tony nodded thoughtfully remembering the night they decided to get married.

Flash Back…

“You’re amazing you know that?” Tony asked as he played in Drew’s hair. Their naked bodies entwined in Drew’s sheets after their second round of lovemaking.

“Um-hum…” Drew nodded playfully, somewhat reoccupied. “Oh my god...Tony!” He gasped.

“What!?” Tony sat up abruptly.

“You have a gray hair…right here.” He teased pointing to a short strain of hair on Tony’s leg.

“Drew….” Tony chuckled releasing the breath he was holding. “You scared me.” He said relaxing back against the headboard.

“You should be scared….you are getting old.” Drew said sounding serious as he teased his boyfriend.

“Good thing for me you like your men old.” Tony teased back.

“Nawh…just you.” Drew laughed and without warning, he plucked the gray strain from Tony’s leg.

“Owwww….” Tony yelled. “What the fuck!” He screeched glaring at Drew, while vigorously rubbing his leg. Drew couldn’t contain the boisterous laughter that almost caused him to fall out of bed.

“That was wrong…you know that.” Tony said arching his brow as he shook his finger at Drew reprimanding him.

“I know…I know…” Drew admitted still laughing. “I’m sorry…” He said holding his hands up in defense. He crawled back into Tony’s arms. “You forgive me?” He pouted trying to kiss Tony and make up.

“I don’t know. I have to think about it.” Tony answered turning his head, attempting to stifle his laughter.

“Please….” Drew batted his eyelashes flirtatiously.

“Come here.” Tony said bringing Drew’s face closer to his. “You know I can’t stay mad at you, you’re too irresistible.” He said this time while attempting to kiss Drew.

“Stay…” Drew said with wide eyes.


“Stay…” He repeated. “I want you to stay with me Tony.”

“Stay, as in move in together?” Tony questioned.

“Yes…No.” Drew corrected, shaking his head excitedly. “I mean…wait,” He placed his hands to his chest, stopping abruptly. “Let me start over.”

A look of confusion attacked Tony’s features. “Okaayyy….”

“Okay….Yes I want you to move in or we move in together, get our own place. Not mine or yours… but ours.”

“Okay….” Tony agreed, though not sure what he was agreeing to, still trying to follow Drew’s train of thought.

“Let’s get married.” He said vigorously, his eyes looking intensely into Tony’s.

“Married?” Tony frowned scratching his hair in confusion.

“Yes…yes married. I love you, and you love me right?”

“Yeah…right, but-.”

“I know what you’re thinking.” Drew nodded. “What about work, Right?”

“Um…” Not quite. Tony finished in thought.

“We don’t have to tell them. We do have to tell our parents, they would want to know, probably plan some big elaborate wedding.” Drew laughed rambling on not noticing the stunned look in Tony’s eyes.


“I was thinking in the spring.”

“The spring?” Tony asked knitting his brows.

“Or sooner…maybe later.” Drew said seeing the confusion in Tony’s eyes.

“Drew….” Tony’s tone was serious as he took Drew’s hand into his.

“What?” Drew asked with a look of apprehension.

“Marriage is a commitment not to be entered into lightly.”

“I know...” He replied, his voice now uneasy.

“When I get married, I want the whole till death do we part type of thing.” He said adamantly. “I only want to get married once, I don’t believe in divorce. Society has placed us in such a negative light…calling us promiscuous, and I hate it.”

“Me too, Tony.” Drew said softly. “I want what you want. The house, the picket fence, two point two kids..., and the dog.” He smiled. “And I want all that with you.” He said bringing their laced fingers to his lips kissing them gently. “When we became a couple, I never thought if I wanted to marry you. My only thought was when.” He said honestly.

“The spring.” Tony smiled.

“Huh?” Now it was Drew’s turn to be confused.

“Let’s get married this spring.”

“Really?” Drew asked anxiously.

“Really….” Tony pressed his lips together tightly.

“This spring, it is…” Drew laughed falling into Tony’s arm. “I love you….”

“I love you too.”

End Flash Back…

“So, I’m going to go get dressed, I shouldn’t be long.” Drew said getting up from the table, his voice pulling Tony from his thoughts.

”Okay…” Tony looked up and smiled. He watched Drew walk out of sight before pulling out his cell phone. He scanned the numbers searching for one in particular. He hit talk, leaning back in his chair and waited for his party to answer. “Hey man, look.” He said in a hushed tone stretching his neck making sure he could see Drew when he walked back in the kitchen. “Change of plans…” He said. He listened intently before answering, “Oh no, it’s still on,” He assured with a slight nod. “I just have to change some things around…that’s all.”






~*~*~*~ Tony and Spade Finally come face to face...
Copyright © 2011 Naptowngirl; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Tony's ice just got a little thinner. If Drew finds out he's been lying to him ..... I just don't want to be in Tony's shoes then.

Did Drew's stitches hold during Tony's assault on his dick?

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On 10/12/2011 08:49 PM, Phoenix1977 said:
Tony's ice just got a little thinner. If Drew finds out he's been lying to him ..... I just don't want to be in Tony's shoes then.

Did Drew's stitches hold during Tony's assault on his dick?

Just wait till the next chapter...lol Tony just might fall through that ice...oh and the stiches held up but will the past the next test..hehe... thanks Phoneix we have one more chapter left... so glad you're riding it out with me...



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