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Urban Knights - 7. Chapter 7

“Damn it!” Captain Morgan slammed the two inch hard cover book shut, pushing it aside. He sighed heavily as Drew and Tony entered the room. He watched Drew take a seat and Tony close the door behind them. A look of confusion attacked his features.


“Wait a minute. Aren’t you supposed to be on bed rest?” He asked sternly, through a questioning gaze. He tilted his head slightly waiting for an answer.


“Well, sir, Tony said you wanted to see us.” Drew replied, pulling out the chair next to him for Tony to sit.


“I wanted him to stay home, but he insisted on coming.” Tony explained as he sat down next to his partner. Drew frowned at his husband disapprovingly before turning his attention back to the captain.


“I see…” Morgan sighed with a slight nod. “Well, boys you both know why you’re here, hum?”


“Yes…” They said in unison, sitting up straight in their chairs.


“Good.” The captain slid a manila folder over to him and scanned the contents. Drew and Tony shared a questioning glance, before turning their attention back to him. “You see, fellas, I reported this situation to the officials and according to their findings no reprimanding rules have been broken here…only ethical ones.” He stated eyeing both Drew and Tony.


Tony released the breath he was holding taking Drew’s hand into his squeezing it tightly. Drew nodded and smiled.


“You’re not off the hook that fast, so don’t start celebrating.” The captain warned sternly. “What you guys have done is not okay. You lied to your fellow officers, even putting them in danger.”


“Wait…” Tony objected. “We’ve never put anyone in danger.” He defended receiving an agreeing nod from Drew.


“He’s right.” Drew defended.


“Really now?”


“Really…” Tony countered.


“Okay…” The captain moved the folder to the side and rested his arms on his desk. He leaned forward and asked. “What would happen if you are in a position where you have to choose between saving you’re husbands life or a fellow officers?” He pursed his lips with an arched brow. “Who you gonna choose?” He shrugged his shoulder casually as he sat back rocking in his chair.


“Listen…” Drew said leaning forward. “I get where you’re going with this, but Tony and I are both officers of the law. We took the same oath as everyone else.” He stated with conviction. “We would negotiate the situation as any other that we’ve dealt with in the past.”


“We work well together, and you know that.” Tony challenged in their defense. “We know how to separate our personal life from our professional one.” He stated aggressively.


“Of course we do.” Drew agreed with his partner, “No one here even knew we were married, and some of them have been in our home.” He pointed out. “When we’re out there on those streets, we’re cops first.”


“I believe you.” The captain stated simply. “But what if someone had a gun to Paris’s head and threatened to kill him if you didn’t hand over what she or he wanted? You wouldn’t do what they were asking to save him. This is your husband for goodness sake. I know it would be hard for me to choose. You love this person; you would give your own life for him….Right?”


“Right… well maybe.” Tony corrected. “But not at the expense of an innocent person.”


“Not being disrespectful here, Captain,” Drew interrupted their discussion “But, enough with the psychological bull shit. Do we get to keep our jobs and can we still work together or not?” Drew asked pointedly. The captain couldn’t help but chuckle at Drew’s straight forwardness. Though he would not admit it to him, he liked that about him. To him Drew seemed to be the aggressor of the two, while Tony was more of the peacekeeper, they balanced each other out perfectly.


“Yes…” He grumbled as if he hated it. “Besides you guys are two of my best officers and as much as I hate to admit it, the precinct or the streets wouldn’t be the same without you.” He tried to suppress the smile that was forcing its way to his lips. “And everyone out there agrees.” He nodded toward the window.


Everyone had stopped working and was peering inside hoping to hear what was going on. As soon the guys turned toward them, they all scattered pretending to be working. “See what I mean?” Drew and Tony broke out in laughter as the captain sat motionless. “Now you two get the hell out of my office.” He demanded this time allowing the smile to appear.


“Thank you, sir.” Tony stood up and extended his hand to the captain. Morgan stood as well reaching over his desk to shake hands.


“You’re welcome. Don’t forget you’re still on temporary suspension. And Dattilo, you can’t return back to work until the doctors releases you.” Drew nodded understandingly as he mimicked Tony’s action shaking the captain’s hand before they walked out of his office closing the door behind them. A kind smile appeared as the captain watched everyone gather around them, all hugging Drew welcoming him back and officially congratulating them on their marriage. Drew was so caught up receiving all the attention; he didn’t notice Tony being pulled away from the crowd. However, the captain did. He observed intently, feeling uneasy as he watched Daryl lean in whispering something in Tony’s ear.





“Ahhh….” Drew sighed contentedly as he settled into the steamy hot bath. He rotated his neck slowly releasing all the stress and tension of the day as Tony gave him a sponge bath. He filled the sponge with water and placed it to the nape of Drew’s neck squeezing it firmly allowing the hot water to wash down his back. He was careful and concentrated on the back only not allowing any water to run down his chest, for fear of getting the stitches wet.


“Here…” Tony handed Drew a cup of peppermint tea.


Mmmm….Thank you.” He smiled warmly as he cautiously took a sip from his cup while enjoying the comforts of his husband’s care.


“You’re welcome…” Tony spoke softly placing tender kisses across Drew’s wet shoulders while now firmly massaging his lower back.


“That feels so good.” Drew lowered his head forward, twisting it from side to side. “You’ve got magical hands, you know that?” He said closing his eyes enjoying Tony’s nimble fingers working on the tightness in his back.


“Ummm….I can’t wait till we can make love again.” Tony said as he concentrated on the tightness under Drew’s shoulder blade. Touching Drew like this was arousing him.


“We will… and soon.” Drew smirked teasingly. “You should get in here with me.” He suggested scooting up giving Tony room to side in behind him.


“Now why didn’t I think of that…?” Tony laughed. Standing up he pulled his shirt over his head. Drew glanced over his shoulder watching with anticipation as Tony stepped out of his jeans and kicked them aside. He carefully stepped inside the tub careful not to spill any water over the side of it. He positioned his body behind Drew carefully allowing him to snuggle against his chest.


“Do you know how much I love you?” Drew asked in a flirty tone, as he rested his head against Tony’s shoulder.


“Not as much as I love you.” He replied wrapping his arms gently around Drew’s waist.


“I don’t know…that could be debatable.” Drew teased as he took Tony’s cock into his hand.


“You don’t want to start something we can’t finish.” Tony growled in a husky tone.


“Oh…don’t worry I’m more than capable of finishing everything I start.” Drew assured him as he firmly stroke Tony’s member that was now growing in his hand.


“Ooohhh….Drew.” Tony moaned his name closing his eyes resting his head back against the cool porcelain. His eyes opened wide as he felt Drew carefully position himself on top of him. “Drew…now wait a minute.” He cautioned.


“Shhh…don’t move.” Drew instructed. Tony stopped suddenly as instructed. “Well you can move a little.” Drew laughed teasingly needing a little assistant from him.


“You said don’t move.” Tony whimpered defensively.


“Okay…okay.” Drew chuckled as he carefully lowered himself on Tony’s swollen member.


“Oooohhh…” They both moaned together enjoying the wonderful feeling of being together, they fit so perfectly together.


“Mmmm…” Drew moaned as he slowly rocked back and forth feeling Tony slide deeper inside him. He rested his head against Tony’s shoulder controlling his movements. As much as Tony wanted to hold Drew, he made sure he didn’t hold him to tight or go to high up his chest, wiggling underneath him. Drew continued to rock slowly as Tony held him around his hips lifting him carefully up and down his shaft. Drew pleasured himself in the warm water paying special attention to his slick swollen head.


“Ummm…” Tony moaned deeply into Drew’s ear kissing him passionately against his neck and behind his ear. “I’m gonna cum…” He warned sucking on the tender skin just above Drew’s shoulder. Drew stroked himself going faster keeping pace as Tony thrust deeper and deeper. Tony held Drew steady, burying himself inside Drew’s warm body as wave after wave of pleasure attacked every nerve in his body; His breathing became shallow as he struggled for air resting his head against Drew’s back.


“Uhuh…Uhuh…” Drew released streams of hot liquid into the warm water watching it float on top as he continued to pump, milking every drop from his orgasm. Tony held Drew around his waist relishing their private time together.




“Hey baby hurry up, you’re gonna miss your favorite part.” Drew called over his shoulder before shoving a hand full of salted buttery popcorn into his mouth. After their bath, Tony ordered Chinese, and after dinner, they took a nap together. Drew put in Shallow Hal, one of Tony’s favorite movies and curled up on the couch. Tony went to freshen their drinks when he received a personal phone call. “Hurry up Tony! I’m getting trusty.”


“Um…hold on.” Tony placed his hand over the receiver. “I’ll be right out!” He shouted toward the living room.


“Okaayyy….” Drew sang back cheerfully.


“Anyway what time is the meeting set for?” He asked in a hushed tone. “Damn….” Tony combed his fingers through his hair and sighed. “No…no it’s not a problem, it’s just I’m hoping he’s asleep by then otherwise it’s gonna be a bitch to get out of here.” He nodded as he listened to the caller on the other in. “Yeah just pick me up, I’ll be ready. I want to get the shit over with. Yeah... yeah, later.” He said pressing the end button to end the call.


“There you are baby; I was starting to get lonely.” Drew smiled looking over his shoulder.


“Now you know, I wouldn’t let that happen.” Tony said as he walked over to the sofa. He was carrying a tray with their sodas and a cup of tea. “Did I miss my part?” Tony asked pouting jokingly.


“Yes….” Drew laughed admiring the adorable face Tony made as he scooted over making room for his husband. “But we have our trusty little remote control.” He twisted it in the air, before pointing it at the television. Tony sat down behind Drew allowing him to snuggle up close as he rewound the movie. Tony kissed him on the top of his head reaching over his shoulder grabbing a hand full of popcorn.


“What’s this?” Drew asked nodding to the cup of tea.


“I brought you some chamomile tea, thought it would help you sleep.” Tony explained nonchalantly as he inhaled the popcorn.


“Awww….how sweet, but you know all I need is you to help me sleep.” Drew smiled caressing Tony’s cheek.


“Um…yeah…” Tony laughed nervously.


Tony looked at the clock, which read 1:30 AM. Drew was knocked out curled up on the end of the sofa snoring lightly. Tony eased off the couch kissing Drew on the top of the head. “Sleep tight, love, if all goes well I’ll be back before you wake.” He hoped. He stood there admiring his husband’s beauty for a moment before walking down the hall. He changed his cloths grabbed his holster and strapped it on. He pulled his gun from the top drawer checking it making sure it was ready to fire before securing it in its holster. He hurried down the hall, grabbed his cell phone and jacket, and eased out the door.




Drew stirred a little at the sound of the phone that wouldn’t stop ringing. “Tony…your phone.” He grumbled while getting comfortable before dozing back off to sleep.




“Tony?” Drew called up through a sleepy yawn. He looked around realizing he was alone. “Hello?” He sighed combing his fingers through his messy blond tresses.




“Mona?” He frowned.


“Yeah.” She confirmed, “It’s on tonight.”


“What’s on tonight?” Drew asked still a little disoriented.


“Tony and Daryl are going after Spade.”


“Huh?” Drew sat up searching out his apartment. “TONY!” He yelled through the empty apartment.


“He’s not there." She said knowingly. "But I know where he is.”


“Fuck…I quit.”




“I quit…I quit, Tony.” Drew huffed getting off the couch.


“You don’t quit Tony and you know it.” Mona laughed, “You love that crazy man, besides you can’t quit your husband.”


“Yeah, well when I find him… and he’s okay I quit him!” He stated adamantly.


“Whatever… Strap up I’ll be there in ten minutes.”


“Cool…” Drew said as he made his way down the hall. “And Mona?”








The night was still and dark, a stark contrast to what was going on inside the seemingly deserted building up ahead. There was no sign of life in the empty parking lot except for the black Eclipse parked in the corner with the lights out.


“Are you sure they’re inside?” Drew squinted, looking out into the darkness.


“Yeah….” Mona confirmed. She checked the text message on her phone giving a confirming nod. “According to the Text from Sean, this is the place.” Sean was a numbers runner and informant of Mona’s. He would keep watch on the happenings on the street, providing her with detailed information in exchange for his freedom.


“I don’t see Tony or Daryl’s car…do you?” He asked as he rolled down the window to get a better look.


“No, but that’s the point. They don’t want to be seen.” She pointed out. “But I guarantee you if Spade is in that warehouse… so is your husband.” She stated with certainty. Drew sighed nodding in agreement as he chewed nervously on the inside of his cheek.


“So we just sit and wait.” Mona sighed. She took the hair tie she had around her wrist; gathering her long black tresses that framed her slender face into a ponytail, and adjusted the rearview mirror before getting comfortable in her seat.




A light could be seen coming from under the closed door at the end of the hall and voices could be heard coming from inside. They stepped quietly; their guns drawn, working their way toward it. Daryl pointed, motioning for them to go.


Each man positioned their bodies against the wall opposite each other. The voices got louder as they got closer, still they couldn’t make out what was being said. Tony listened intently to the voices inside, listening for that familiar voice, the one that haunted him even in his sleep. He put his finger to his ear then held up three indicating he heard three distinct voices. Daryl nodded slowly as they moved closer. They posted outside the door waiting to ambush the moment it opened.


They could hear laughter and what sounded like money counting machines being used inside and then footsteps coming toward the door. Tony positioned himself flush against the doorframe while Daryl kneeled positioning himself at the opposite side.


“Good doing business with you.” They heard a deep horse voice laugh. Tony watched intently as the doorknob turned, wiping beads of sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand waiting impatiently as the door slowly opened.


“FREEZE!” Daryl yelled as the shadowy figure stepped out.


“What the-!” The man exclaimed, caught off guard. He quickly pulled out the gun tucked in his waistband and blindly fired a shot.


“Hell Naw!” The all to familiar voice growled from inside rushing toward the door.


“Don’t move…” Tony commanded, his eyes narrowed as he squeezed the trigger firing several rounds as the second man exited the room. The blast from the impact knocked him backwards killing him instantly.


Everything happened so fast. The dimly lit hallway was lit up like a warm summer 4th of July evening as several shots rang out filling the stale air with fog. The sounds of the gunshots were so loud it was almost deafening. Footsteps echoed off the walls fading quickly into the distance.


Tony looked over his shoulder, seeking out his partner, his gun still aimed straight ahead.


“Go! Don’t let him get away!” Daryl yelled still kneeled low to the floor. “I’ll wait for back up…” Acting on impulse Tony took off running down the hall.




“Fuck!” Drew’s eyes widened upon hearing the echoic gunshots. “Tony!” He yells jumping out of the car. “Call for back up!” He ordered calling back over his shoulder. He pulled his gun from his side holster running toward the building.


“I’m on it….” Mona called in to dispatch giving their location as she retrieved her weapon from the hostler she wore on her side. Once backup confirmed they were on their way, she exited the car, running after Drew, who was desperately trying to get inside the building.


“It’s locked,” He huffed and started kicking the door. He managed to put a few dents in it, but his strikes were not enough to break it down.


“Move back!” Mona commanded, and aimed her gun at the lock. She pulled the trigger, and the resounding crack of steel hitting metal indicated that she had succeeded. Drew then kicked the door once more, causing it to burst open. Immediately, they stood side by side, guns aimed and ready to fire on sight. They inspected the area through the dim lighting and found nothing.


“You go left.” Drew whispered tilting his head in Mona’s direction. She nodded, and they turned back to back before moving slowly away from each other.


Mona eased down the quiet hall, the only sound she heard were the sounds of her own footsteps. She held her gun out steady in front of her, her eyes darting from side to side suspiciously. She turned following the long hallway, noticing something up a head. She strained to listen hearing muffled sounds that she couldn’t make out. She got closer to the figure and dropped to her knees, “Collins….”



Drew followed closely behind the perpetrator cornering him. “Give it up man!” He ordered.


“I can’t, I’ve got too much riding on this. I’ll have to take my chances,” The voice shouted from behind the boxes.


“Then you leave me no choice. But to kill you.” Drew hollered back.


The assailant ran out from behind the boxes with a satchel draped across his shoulder, his gun aimed at Drew and fired several shots. Drew fired back his bullets making direct contact. The thug dropped to his knees before falling face down on the cold cement. Drew held his position for a moment, making sure he was dead when he heard the click and felt the cold metal barrel pressed against his skull.


“Drop it, before I drop you.” The dark voice whispered in Drew’s ear from behind him. Tony heard the gunshots and ran in that direction. He entered into the seemingly empty room looking around for any sounds of life; he knew Spade was in here, he could smell his stench.


“Spade…You son of a Bitch, come out!” Tony shouted his gun drawn as he stepped cautiously through the empty, dusty warehouse. The creaking of the tiles overhead captured his attention. His gaze darted upward as he aimed his firearm, ready to shoot at the slightest movement. He released the breath he was holding when he realized the sound he heard was that of a rodent crawling across the beams. He continued cautiously his back pressed firmly against the wall as he crept further inside. He heard commotion and falling boxes behind him to the left.


“Spade!?” Tony turned around quickly, his gun pointed and his finger ready to release the trigger. A look of horror appeared in his eyes. He blinked several times slowly lowering his weapon reflexively. Spade appeared out of the shadow, but he was not alone.


“Drew?” He mouthed in disbelief. Drew nodded slowly grimacing through the pain in his chest from the tight hold his captor had on him.


“I’m okay Paris…” Drew informed him, staring courageously into his partner eyes. Spade used Drew as a human shield having a tight grip around his chest and the barrel of his gun pressed against his temple.


“Let him go!” Tony demanded, coming out of his dazed state. He quickly raised his gun again assuming his original stance, aiming straight for Spade’s head.


Spade smiled sinisterly “So, Paris, long time no see.”


Their gazes locked intently for the first time in four years, each engaged in a protracted struggle with a determined enemy, staring defiantly into each other’s eyes. He was larger than Tony remembered and his reddish blond hair appeared longer, but the one thing that remained same was his cold, calloused deep green eyes.


“Looking good…” He said acerbically with a short nod, sizing Tony up.


“Let him go, Spade.” Tony insisted. “This is between you and me.”


“Awww…How sweet and endearing, but you know I can’t do that.” He replied calmly, his gun still cocked and pointed at Drew’s temple.


“You’re not going to make it out of here alive.” Drew stated defiantly.


“Now…now Blondie, you’re the one with the gun to your head, so it appears you will not make it out alive, eh?” Spade countered pressing the barrel painfully deeper against his temple.


Tony winced at the sight, noticing the cut above Drew’s lip fueling his anger even more. He planted his feet firmly in place; he aimed his gun tightly, holding his wrist with the other hand to steady it... “It’s over, Spade, drop the gun!” Tony demanded.


“It’s over alright…for you and your little fuck buddy.” Spade grinned wickedly seeing the shocked expression on Tony’s face. “Yeah I did my homework.” He laughed. “Funny thing, though, how did you guys manage to keep it a secret?” He questioned with a half shrug of the shoulder as he tightened his grip on Drew. “Dumb as pigs.” He shook his head with disgust. “But then again I had nothing but time, thanks to you.” He spat.


“Just doing my job, Spade…just doing my job.” Tony said sotto voce.


“Well, I did mine too…” Spade laughed wryly. “Found out what your weakness was.” He nodded kissing Drew on the side of his face. “This is too easy. You see, Blondie, someone is going to die tonight and your fuck buddy over there is the one that’s going to decide.” He eyed Tony speculatively.


“Remember what I said.” Drew glared with an arched brow taunting his captor.


“Okay, Tony, so who will it be?” Spade asked ignoring Drew’s last comment. “You…or Blondie?”


“Neither…” Drew answered indignantly. “Ughhhh….” He grunted as Spade tightened his grip on him.


“Blondie, didn’t your mother teach you any manors? I wasn’t talking to you.” He replied in a condescending tone.


“Spade….Let him GO!”


“I will, when you put your gun down.” He replied, “You’re right this is between you and me.”


“No, Tony!” Drew shouted desperately.


“Blondie, here is pretty, I’ll give you that.” He admitted admiring Drew’s profile. “I just wonder what he would look like with his pretty little brains splattered all over the place.” He said clinching his jaw. “Now… put… down… the Fucking gun before I blow his brains out!” Spade shouted menacingly.


Tony glanced between the two men. He had been in a hostage situation before; every life was precious and valuable to him. He was a cop and he accepted all that came with it, but this time the stakes were even too high for him. He thought back to the oath he took…To protect and serve. Then his mind drifted back to the vows he took when he married Drew. He heaved a heavy sigh, shutting his eyes tightly before lowering his gun in abdication. He took one last fleeting glance at Drew noticing the look of bewilderment in his eyes.


“Okay…” He conceded. “Let him go.” He tossed his gun aside holding his hands up in surrendered. Spade laughed triumphantly.


“I’ll deal with you later.” He growled in Drew’s ear before shoving him out the way. Drew braced himself for impact as the ground came closer to him. He landed with a thud, quickly reaching for the strap on his calf but apparently, he wasn’t quick enough.


Spade aimed his gun at Tony and pulled the trigger. As if in slow motion, the bullets traveled spinning through the air hitting their target dead on. Tony’s body shook violently as they entered his shoulder and chest with such force, knocking him backwards against the wall. His head hit the wall with a sickening crack before his lifeless body slid down to the floor.


Shots rang out, and before he knew it, Spade was pierced with a sudden pain that turned his victorious smile into one of terror and shock. The impact was hot and searing as he felt the flesh in his back tear from the bullet entering it. His body jolted violently with each bullet invading his it; one entering his side and neck, while two pierced his chest as his body spent around.


His eyes widen; his mouth agape upon seeing the smoking gun in the hand of his previous hostage. Drew lied back on the ground, his chest rising and falling with every labored breath. His weight rested on his elbows; his gun angled sideways positioned on his knee, his finger still on the trigger ready to release another round. He watched the dead stare in Spade’s eyes as his bullet-ridden body fell to the ground. Drew released a labored breath that he didn’t realize he was holding.


“Told you…you wouldn’t make it out alive.” He stated menacingly, his face stoic. The sounds of footsteps echoing off the hallowed halls could be heard off in the distance.


“In here! We’re in here!” Drew yelled struggling to push himself off the floor, and rush over to Tony.





Drew and Tony helped each other walk out of the warehouse that was draped with yellow police tape. This place was now considered a crime scene. The parking lot, once deserted, was now littered with squad cars, flashing red and blue lights, ambulances and a few official unmarked cars.


Tony sat on the gurney while the paramedics attended to his wounds, with Drew close by his side.


“Thank God you were wearing your vest.” Drew breathed a sigh of relief as he tenderly caressed Tony’s leg.


Tony nodded slowly rubbing the back of his head. He winced through the pain as the medic bandaged his shoulder. “How are you?” He asked Drew with concern taking Drew’s hand into his.


“A little sore,” He replied carefully rubbing his chest.


“At least you’re okay.” Tony smiled.


“Datillo…Paris!” They heard calling from across the parking lot.


“Shit….” Tony sighed running his hand roughly down his chin.


“Oh hell…” Drew ducked his head.


“I get called out of my warm bed because of you two!” Captain Morgan complained marching up to the guys. “This is bull-shit!” He glared at Tony then Drew, his unlit cigar clinched between his teeth.


“Um…Captain.” Tony stuttered combing his fingers through his hair nervously. Drew held his breath pretending to examine the ground as if he was searching for something important


“Um…Um, My Ass, Paris.” Morgan mocked, snatching the cigar from his mouth. “Doing shit like this could get you both on permanent suspension, or dead.” He barked. He looked over his shoulder, shaking his head. “I got Datillo, who is supposed to be on bed rest recovering from a possible fatal wound. His husband…” He said with emphases, arching his brow at Tony. “Who’s on temporary suspension. One of my finest officers, you’ve corrupted Mona Lafon, got her all mixed up in the shit and a dead cop.”


“Huh?” Drew looked up immediately, his eyes wide as saucers.


“Who?” Tony struggled to find his voice, his eyes fearing the answer. He looked down at his hand as he felt Drew entwining their fingers together.


“Fuck….” The captain sighed regretfully. “Oh my god…you didn’t know, did you?” He questioned. Paris, “I’m so sorry. I thought they told you inside.” He admitted sincerely penitent. “Officer Collins was…”


“Daryl….” Tony asked rhetorically. Tony was overcome with devastation and guilt; devastation because he had lost a great comrade…guilt because he had left him there to die, that was his partner, and he should have noticed something was wrong when Daryl insisted he leave him.


“Tony?” Drew called his husband’s name pulling him into his embrace.


“Don’t feel guilty Paris, you didn’t know, he didn’t want you to know. He tried to convince Lafon he was alright; it wasn’t until she was heading out to find you that she stepped in his blood and realized he had been shot.” He sighed. “The bullets are a perfect match for Spade’s partner’s weapon, the one you shot,” He confirmed, directing the last part of the statement to Drew. “You know you two are lucky. You both know the risk. You both put it on the line every day.” Tony smiled thinking back; those were Drew’s exact words to him a few days ago.


“Every morning when you strap up you understand that might be the last time. It could be a situation like the one we had tonight. Or a crazed lunatic high on drugs… a routine traffic stop gone bad. You just never know.” He shrugged. “At least you both understand that. My wife didn’t. She left me because she couldn’t deal.” He admitted sadly. “Officer Collins understood it too. This…” He looked around at the flashing lights, the officers, and paramedic scurrying around. “This…was his life.” He heaved a heavy sigh.

“One thing you need to remember, boys, is all a man needs is someone to love. If you can’t give him that…give him hope and if you can’t give him that.” He paused briefly. “Give him something to do.” He nodded. “This was Daryl’s something to do.” He stated with conviction, taking a deep breath. Drew wrapped his arms gingerly around Tony’s shoulder resting his head against it, receiving a warm smile from the captain, knowing they truly understood what he was saying.


“Now you…” He eyed Tony sternly. “You go to the hospital and get that checked out.” He nodded to Tony’s shoulder. “You both are on temporary suspension for two weeks and if I see you around the precinct, or get called to a crime scene involving either one of you…you’re both Fired!” He stated before turning and walking away.


“I think he means it.” Drew chuckled.


“Yeah…” Tony smiled bringing Drew’s hand to his lips placing a soft kiss on it.


Drew sighed, glancing across the parking lot. A warm smile crossed his lips as he made eye contact with Mona. She placed two fingers to her lips and blew. She smiled sadly, as she got into the car. Her husband closed the door, making sure it was secure before he walked around to the driver’s side. Mona rolled down the window and waved as they drove away. Drew watched until the car was out of his sight.


“We ready?” The paramedic asked, pulling the door open.


“Yep…” Tony answered before climbing inside. He got in and extended his hand to Drew, helping him inside as well. As the ambulance pulled off Drew looked out the small window at the chaos they were leaving behind. Spade was dead, one less thing for his husband to worry about, but in their line of work; he knew there would be others just like him. He didn’t just meet his husband yesterday. He understood Tony’s passions for they mirrored his own. Whether they were partners on the streets, didn’t matter because they would always be partners in life, when they took their vows and married it was forever.....

The End....
Copyright © 2011 Naptowngirl; All Rights Reserved.
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Nice one, once more.

One thing I don't understand, though. Why stop here? Why not write more? I think more stories about Tony and Drew are just what Gayauthors needs :)

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On 10/15/2011 01:17 AM, Phoenix1977 said:
Nice one, once more.

One thing I don't understand, though. Why stop here? Why not write more? I think more stories about Tony and Drew are just what Gayauthors needs :)

Thank you so much for sticking it out...and reviewing, I really appriciate it... As I mentioned at the on set, they might be recuring characters if the readers liked them...so mever say never... Again thanks sooooo much!!!!


Kim :)

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I did love your story as much as I did the first time reading :2thumbs:

How about writing more about their life? About the time when they have their house, picket fence, children and a dog :P

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