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Urban Knights - 2. Chapter 2 The waiting game...

Tony makes a grand reveal that surprises everyone and a stroll down memory lane provides comfort.

He needed to think quickly. Which way did they go? Damnit. He ran to the right and just as he turned the corner. BANG….. The sound of the gun going off ripped through Tony’s ears. So loud, it was deafening causing the birds nestled in the trees to take flight. The ear-splitting blast echoing through the air carried on for a good thirty seconds but to Tony it seemed like a lifetime…Then silence.

Tony stood paralyzed. The vision playing out before him was more horrific than anything he had imagined... than any nightmare that had ever awakened him from his sleep ...taunting him. Everything played out in slow motion. He watched in shades of red as Drew’s revolver slipped from his grasp falling to the ground. His body violently shook with each bullet invading it. His lean frame went limp appearing lifeless as he fell against the cold, hard concrete. The would-be assassin’s smile of approval faded quickly as he heard Tony's voice cry out. His eyes darted upward, seeing the fury in the dark blue eyes glaring back at him.


Tony positioned his body, planting his feet firmly in place. He held his wrist with his left hand using it to steady the one holding the gun. Rapid fire rang out as he squeezed the trigger releasing several rounds, hitting his target dead on. He watched the shooter's lifeless body fall, before turning his attention to his fallen partner.

"Drew...." His name floated faintly from his lip as he ran to him, dropping to his knees, he cradled Drew’s head in his lap. "Ohmygod.ohmygod...." He chanted trying to calm the fear that was evident in his eyes. Blood was everywhere. Tony heard the sounds of footsteps running past him, but he didn't bother looking up, all his attention was focused on his partner, his... lover. The faint sounds of sirens and screeching tires could be heard off in the distance as he willed Drew to live.

"Stay with me, Drew. Stay with me baby...Help is on the way. I need you. I need you to keep breathing.” Tony pleaded, placing two fingers to his neck feeling for a pulse. “That's it, keep breathing, baby." He whispered in his ear, combing his fingers through Drew’s hair, as he rocked his body back and forth, oblivious to the blood from Drew’s wounds soaking his shirt. He thought about the time he and Drew had chased a burglar through the alley.

Flash Back…

He was dressed like an old homeless man, but ran like Carl Lewis. Tony chased him for nearly four blocks before Drew ran through a hair salon coming out the back door cornering him at the end of the alley.

“I won’t use deadly force if you come willingly.” Drew threatened with a sly smile, his gun aimed straight for the burglars head. The burglar stopped, dropping to the ground, begging for his life. “Now put your hands where I can see them.” Drew demanded.

Tony smiled shaking his head, because he knew Drew had no intention on shooting him. After all, the guy wasn’t even carrying a gun, so Drew wouldn’t do something so drastic.

Tony tapped twice on the top of the squad car, and stood back watching the car pull into the traffic with its lights flashing.

Drew shoved his hand in the pocket of his jeans smiling proudly. “Sooooo...”

“So what?” Tony asked nonchalantly, glancing over at his new partner.

“Aren’t you gonna give me my accolades?” Drew asked scratching behind his ear. “I stopped him almost single handedly.” Drew chuckled.

“Did you join the force for accolades, or to protect and serve the community?”

“To protect and serve of course.” Drew retorted.

“Did you protect?” Tony asked.

“Of course I did.” Drew answered wondering where this line of questioning was going.

“Then there’s your accolades.” Tony smirked, “Be like Nike and just do it.” He said walking ahead of his new partner.

“Hey wait up….” Drew frowned jogging to keep up with Tony. “Why do you dislike me so much?” he asked grabbing Tony by his elbow swinging him around to face him.

Tony swallowed hard trying not to look in Drew’s brown eyes. “I don’t dislike you, it’s just I don’t need a new partner, Okay?!” Tony answered with a shrug of the shoulder, anger rising in his voice.

“Okay…” Drew said releasing Tony’s arm, he could tell Tony was serious. “Okay…” He sighed combing his fingers through his hair.

End of Flash back…

“You knew it was all an act, didn’t you?” Tony asked softly kissing Drew on the top of the head. I was into you the first time I laid eyes on you", he admitted more to himself. Drew’s pulse was faint and his breathing shallow. Tony wasn't sure when they arrived, but the firm hand on his shoulder drew him from his dazed state. He was surrounded by flashing red and blue lights, with officers and paramedics scurrying about.

"Sir...." The soft voice of the female paramedic spoke. "We need you to step out of the way so we can tend to your partner." She smiled sadly.


"Your partner..." She repeated with a nod.

"Oh yeah..." Tony stood up releasing Drew to her care. "Be careful with him." He said combing a shaky hand though his hair. A loud voice calling out in the distance got his attention.

"Paris !" Officer Watson walked briskly over to the scene. "What the hell happened?" He questioned looking over Tony's shoulders at the two men lying on the ground.

"I don't know..." Tony shook his head, never taking his eyes off Drew. "One minute he was there and the next...." Tony's voice trailed off as he took a deep breath.

"That was some fucked up shit back there at the house." The officer said.

"What about the woman...is she okay?" Tony asked hesitantly.

"She didn't make it...gunshot wound to the abdomen at close range," he said shaking his head. "We can't figure it out...it seems random. She was a mother of four small children. The neighbors said she was quiet, kept to herself… didn't bother anyone."

"Damn...." Tony replied, his attention somewhat distracted as he watched the paramedics frantically working on Drew.

"He's dead." The medical examiner said of the perpetrator, as he walked toward Tony and the other officer.

"Any ID?" Tony asked.

"No..." He answered flatly causing Tony to furrow his brows together in thought.

"This is getting crazier by the minute." Tony sighed scratching his head in confusion. “Shit…” He sighed through a deep breath of air.

"Paris !" Daryl called, getting out of his car. He hurried over to where the three men were standing with a piece of paper held tightly in his hand. "Hey, I heard on the radio." He acknowledged, "He's gonna be alright." He said placing a reassuring hand on Tony's shoulder. Tony just nodded chewing on the inside of his cheek. "This message is for you, man." He said handing Tony the piece of paper.

"This is just the beginning Paris, more will die." Tony read the typed message. "Spade." He stated more than asked with an arched brow.

"Yeah...." Daryl nodded, "He's fucking with you man. It's time to pull out the heavy artillery." Daryl replied.

Tony nodded as he watched the paramedics carefully place Drew onto the stretcher. "I gotta go." He said folding the paper in half and shoving it into his pocket. He hurried over to the ambulance, his brisk walk turning into a trot. "Wait!" He yelled. The paramedic about to close the door stepped back allowing Tony room to climb inside vehicle.

Daryl watched as the ambulance turned on its lights and siren and sped out the parking lot. He averted his gaze to the medical examiner watching intently as they placed the body of the unidentified shooter in the black body bag, zipping it closed.

“Who the fuck are you?” He asked thoughtfully. He decided to head back to the house to look for clues. ’Drew could possibly die because of this bastard,’ he thought, and Tony could be next. He and Tony had worked on the force together for ten years, and he had worked with Drew for four. Drew and Tony were one of their own, and no one messed with their own, Spade had to be stopped.


“Clear the way!” The nurse yelled as they pushed the gurney quickly down the corridor heading for the operating room. “We have an officer down….MOVE IT!” She demanded.

The O.R. staff worked on Drew with a crash cart as they made their way to OR, with Tony running alongside holding Drew’s hand every step of the way; whispering…‘I love you,’ and ‘it’s going to be okay,’ in his ear. Without warning, a strong firm arm slapped Tony across the chest.

“This is as far as you go, sir.” The nurse informed him with haste in her voice.

“…But that’s my partner in there” Tony stood back in shock.

“Go… let me do my job and save this man’s life.” A deep voice ordered, holding his gloved hands in the air. He used his body to push Tony's out of the way.

Tony stood wide-eyed and his mouth agape feeling helpless. He clasped his fingers together on top of his head and sighed.

“Paris …” Rodriguez placed his hand on Tony’s shoulder, startling him. “Come on, man.” He said guiding Tony to the waiting room.


The waiting room was filled with on and off duty officers stopping by, all waiting to hear the news of their fallen comrade.

Tony sat in a chair in the corner of the room with his eyes closed and his head resting against the wall. He could hear the hushed whispers but couldn’t make out what they were saying, nor did he care.

"Paris ...." Captain Morgan stepped in through the double doors, causing Tony to jump to his feet, his heart beating spastically in his chest, fearing the worst as the captain motioned for him to come closer.

Trying to gain his composure, Tony took a deep breath giving his superior his full attention. "Yes...yes Sir." He said trying to steady is still blood stained hands.

"Paris ...." He said as he placed a reassuring hand on Tony's shoulder, bringing his voice down an octave. "They're about to take Drew into surgery. One of the bullets is lodged in a tricky place, but they are confident they can get to it." He paused allowing Tony to grasp what he was saying. Tony nodded slowly chewing on the inside of his cheek. "He's lost a lot of blood." He added. Tony swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, thinking about the irony of it all as he looked down at the blood on his hands, and clothing. "They need a number of the nearest relative or emergency contact and I thought you could help them out."

"Um...nearest relative?" Tony repeated in somewhat of a daze.

"Yeah...you know, mom, dad, brother, sister, anyone that can make medical decisions for him."

Tony closed his eyes tightly taking a deep breath clutching his fist at his side, "I'm his nearest relative." He said faintly.

"I'm sorry..." The Captain shook his head as if he misunderstood him.

"I said I’m Drew’s nearest relative." He repeated the statement. Captain Morgan stood speechless for a moment.

"How is that possible, Paris ?" He questioned drawing his brows together in confusion.

"Um....Drew, Drew and I are married....He's my husband."

"What...You're gay?" The Captain asked completely taken aback.

"We’re married..." He repeated, though not offended. He hated titles. He often wondered why there were titles…Why you had to be either straight or “gay,” Why did a person’s sexual preference label you. It wasn’t that he was ashamed or in the closet, on the contrary. He was a man of pride and he wasn’t about to let society place a label on him as if he was different…weird.

"Okaay...” The captain said dragging his hand down his chin. “For how long?" He asked now scratching the back of his head. The room became silent, all the idle chatter and whispers ceased and a look of curiosity spanned the room.

"How long?" Tony repeated, bemused.

"I don’t mean how long you’ve been gay," The Captain sighed, correcting himself through an embarrassing laugh, "How long have you two been married?” He motioned with his hands hoping Tony understood.

“Well…Um.” Tony stammered trying to figure out a way to tell him, that he and Drew had just celebrated their three-year anniversary a week ago.

“Well that's not important right now." The Captain said as he ran his hand roughly down his face again.

"What do they need?" Tony asked, his voice laced with desperation and concern.

"Yeah, yeah, come with me, they need you to sign some papers." He said ushering Tony out the door. "You know we need to talk about this don't you?" He said eying him. Tony nodded as he followed him out. He heard someone say, “I knew something was up with those two,” as they walked out of the waiting room.

Tony glanced around the room still feeling dazed, watching the Nurses and orderlies scurrying about as if they were invisible. He and Drew had been here so many times before with other guys from their unit; there to offer encouragement and words of comfort to the families, but this was his first, and the world looked totally different from this side.

The bright lights, the white sterile walls along with the sounds of beeping monitors were so surreal. His husband was in the next room fighting for his life and the not knowing was the hardest. He heard one of them mention Drew by name, but couldn't make out what was being said.

"Hey?" Captain Morgan grabbed one of the nurses by the arm as she hurried by.

"Have a seat; someone will be right with you." She snapped with an elevated tone, pulling her arm from his grasp.

"But this is Detective Dattilo's-" Before he could finish his statement she had vanished into the operating room where Drew lay unconscious on the table.

Tony got a quick glimpse, but couldn't make out anything; all he saw was a swarm of surgeons surrounding the table. His first instinct was to follow her but, he was held back by his captain.

“He’s going to make it; he’s going to be fine.” Captain Morgan reassured him with a firm pat on the back. Tony forced a smile biting nervously on his finger as he peeked into the surgery room window.


“Excuse me…” A kind voice spoke behind Tony. “Detective Paris?”

“Yes…” Tony turned slowly to face the small petite woman.

“I’m Lori from registration sir, and I needed to get some information on Mr. Dattilo if I could.”

“Sure…” Tony nodded.

“Follow me.” She smiled.

“I’ll be in the waiting area with the others.” Capt. Morgan pointed behind him. “Do you need anything?”

“No I’m fine…thanks.” He called back over his shoulder as he followed the short brunette woman. Lori was very personable yet professional. She input all the necessary data into the computer, from demographic to insurance information. She asked if Drew had a living will or durable power of attorney, which he did; they both did, giving each other the right to make medical decisions, in the event they couldn’t speak for themselves. During the interview, Emily, Lori’s co-worker interrupted.

“Excuse me sir, but I thought you could use this.” She said handing him a scrub shirt and a steaming hot cup of coffee. “I didn’t know how you liked it so I brought everything.” She smiled as she sat the packets of sugar, equal and creamer on the desk. “And you can change if you want.” She stated referring to Tony’s blood stained shirt.

“Thank you.” He nodded with a sad smile.

“No problem.” She said placing her hand on his shoulder offering her support. “If it’s any consolation, Dr. Corey is the best.”

“He is…” Lori confirmed giving Emily an approving smile, before returning her attention back to Tony. “Well….”She said separating the paperwork. “ We’re all finished. Here is your husband’s insurance card, and ID and these are your copies.” She stated as she handed him copies of the signed documents.

“Thanks…” He smiled to both Lori and Emily. “I need to make a few calls. I need to call his parents.” He informed them as he picked up his belongings and coffee, tossing the shirt over his shoulder. “Is there a place close by where I can have some privacy, but not too far, in case they need me?” He gave a knowing nod.

“Sure down the hall is a family waiting area.” Lori pointed toward her left. “It’s small. It has a television, sofa, and coffee, Oh and a phone for public use if you don’t have your cell with you.” She smiled.

“Thanks…” Tony smiled patting his front pocket indicating he had his cell with him as he headed in the direction of the family room.


Tony cupped his hands under the cool running water splashing his face several times as if trying to wash away the horrific events of the day. He ran his hands roughly down his face, grabbing a few paper towels from the dispenser. He sighed heavily, staring blankly at the ghostly reflection in the mirror staring back at him.

After changing into the shirt the young woman from registration gave him and calling Drew's parents he made himself another cup of coffee. He sat down on the small sofa in the family waiting room feeling lost, broken and alone. "Why didn't you listen me...Why did you just take off like that... Damn it, Drew, I told you to wait for back up." He said softly to himself. He sat back, closed his eyes, and heaved a heavy sigh, wiping away the tears that spilled from his eyes. He tried to collect himself, glancing down at the coffee sitting on the table. A sad smile forced its way onto his lips; thinking back to their discussion of Drew's coffee habits the day before.

Flash Back...

"Here babe."

"Thanks," Drew smiled bringing the cup to his lips. A look of perplexity attacked his features when he looked down inside the cup. "Wait...what's up with this?" He asked with a frown holding the cup toward Tony allowing him to examine its contents as well.

"It's your coffee." Tony smiled as he picked up the razor.

"I know it's my coffee." Drew countered looking down into the cup. "But, where’s the rest of it? It's only half a cup?" He pouted.

"I know..." Tony replied calmly, carefully sliding the razor down his jaw line.

"You know..." Drew scoffed setting the cup down on the counter, crossing his arms over his chest.

"You only drink half a cup anyway...so." He shrugged his shoulder, still looking into the mirror, steadying his hand as he concentrated on his current task.

"Wait, what do you mean, I only drink half a cup?"

Tony lifted the razor from his face and turned toward his handsome husband. "Case in point." He nodded to the cup of cold, day old coffee left over from the morning before. "Drew the counter is always littered with your half drank coffee every morning, so I thought since you only drink half, I would only make half." He glanced at Drew out the corner of his eyes and went back to shaving.

"Whatever..." Drew muttered a few choice words under his breath feeling defeated, before taking a careful sip of coffee. He waited until Tony's back was turned and smiled peeking over the rim of his mug. Tony smiled seeing Drew’s reflection behind him.

End of Flashback...

"Hey..." A faint voice whispered bringing Tony from his thoughts.

"Oh hey..." He glanced up with a small smile.

"Is it okay." She asked tipping carefully into the room.

"Sure, it's okay."

"How are holding up?" She asked, adjusting the revolver strapped on her hip so she could sit down beside him. Tony just nodded as she caressed his back. "He's gonna pull through this...you know."

"Yeah..." He sighed hopeful.

"And after he recovers I'm gonna kick his hard headed ass myself." She laughed, using the tip of her finger to catch the tear that slipped down her cheek.

"Thanks for coming Mona." Tony said as he rested his worried, head against her shoulder.

Mona Lafon was one of the officers at their precinct. She stood about five foot nothing with a petite frame but, she had the spirit the size of Mount Rushmore . She was as tough as any man on the force and could handle her on. She worked with Tony on a few cases and was very fond of him. She and Drew had developed a strong bond as well. He was with her when he received the news that her mother had died. She took the news very hard and Drew was there offering her his shoulder...comforting her. He'd even gone with her to the hospital's morgue to identify her mother’s body. After which he took her home, made her some soup and sat with her until her husband arrived home later that night from an out of town business trip.

"You know there is nowhere else I would be right now." She smiled kindly kissing the top of his head. "So...I hear congratulations are in order." She teased, nudging her shoulder against his.

"Yes, I guess so."

"I'm insulted." She laughed placing her hand to her chest fringing hurt feelings. "I could keep a secret." She laughed.

"No one knew."

"So I hear. I heard the look on the Captain's face was priceless." She continued to laugh pulling a light one from Tony as well.

"Yeah, you could have bought him for a penny." Tony managed to laugh.

"I should have seen it the first time you two met; it was love at first sight." Mona laughed teasingly shaking her finger at him.

"What...." Tony smiled shyly with a shrug of his shoulder. "It was anything but love...." Tony said thinking back to his and Drew's first encounter.

"I'm not so sure about that." Mona smiled fondly.


He was running late and had arrived at the deli as he did every morning. He notices there are only three people ahead of him and thinks to himself, "Okay, this isn't too bad, just a few people. I'll get my breakfast head upstairs for the stupid meeting with Morgan to meet my new partner...hate my new partner and call it a day.

The line was moving fairly quickly and now only one person was in front of him and one at the counter. The cashier asked the man what he would like and so began Tony's hell.

"Well, I know its breakfast time, but I feel more like lunch. What would you suggest?" The young man asked.

"Well usually for lunch I go for the turkey sub, but the brisket sandwich is pretty good too, just depends what you have a taste for." She said with a shrug of the shoulder.

"...Hmm what kind of bread are they served on?"

"Wheat for the turkey and the brisket is on a white flour sesame seed bun."

He cupped his chin and looked over the menu. Meanwhile Tony shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he waited impatiently checking his watch before sighting, "I'm gonna be late..." under his breath.

"So you eat here regularly?" The blond asked.

"It's pretty good." The cashier shrugged.

"But would you eat here?” He repeated the question.


The blond smiled, "Okay well maybe I will go with breakfast after all." He informed her changing his mind. “What about the English muffin…What's on that?"

"Eggs, bacon, cheese...Um." She bit her lip in thought, "I believe there are some green peppers in the eggs." She stated.

"With eggs or egg whites?" He inquired curiously.

Tony rolled his eyes, tapping his foot hurriedly.

"I think it's regular eggs, sir." The cashier answered with a smile.

"brown or white?"


"Is the bacon turkey or pork?"

"I think it's pork, but I could check."

"No...no, that won't be necessary. What kind of cheese?" He asked.

“...Um, cheddar." The cashier scratched her head in confusedly.

"Is it sliced or shredded? If it's shredded is it cooked into the eggs?"


"Look dude, could you please order something before I die of old age? I have to be at work at Um… 8 o’clock” Tony looked down at the time on his cell phone, “and I'm already late." He complained.

"Well," the young man turned sharply to him, crossing his hands over his chest. "Since you're late, maybe you shouldn't be in this line." He charged.

"Dude...." Tony glanced around the deli and threw his hands up in the air frustrated, "There's only one line and you're holding it up." Tony argued glaring at him, but not without noticing how handsome he was.

"Maybe you should be patient, and try not getting to work at the last minute!" He fired, squinting his eyes, he too taking note of the gorgeous brunette.

"Maybe ya'll should hurry the hell up and order something so I can eat before I give birth!" The pregnant woman shouted from the back of the line. "I'm only seven months pregnant!"

The blond rolled his eyes at Tony before turning back to the cashier. He placed his order, a blueberry muffin, and coffee. He paid and casually strolled out, but not before glaring at Tony over his shoulder one last time. Tony finally ordered his breakfast paid and left. He hurriedly went through security and ran for the elevator. He saw the guy from the deli inside, as the doors had slowly started to close.

"Wait...Hold that elevator Please!" Tony shouted as he sprinted across the lobby.

The blond shook his finger at Tony, wiggling his brows teasingly. He flashed him a sinister grin letting the doors close in his face. Tony immediately starts jabbing the up button, but it doesn’t call the elevator back.

"Damn it!" He cursed hitting the steel doors with his fist, resting his forehead against them. He turned his head slightly noticing the 'Exit' sign with the symbol of the stairs above it.

End of Flash back...

"God, I remember it like it was yesterday." Mona laughed, "You should have seen the look on your face when you ran in there after taking five flights of stairs." She giggled softly.

"Yeah, well..." Tony shook his head, "Me and the captain had been going back and forth with that partner shit. I didn't want a new partner after Doug retired." Tony admitted through a heavy sigh. "And… he finally won."

"Of course." Mona laughed. "In the end… he always wins."

“Yeah…” Tony agreed.

Flash back…

Tony bust through the door and ran down the hall. He only had a few minutes until he was officially late again. He knew the captain would be riding his ass because of his tardiness, but more importantly today, he was to meet his new partner.

“Hey…..” He said slightly winded. He hurried over to his desk throwing the brown paper bag containing a toasted bagel with extra cream cheese on top of it, plopping down in his chair. He reached in the top drawer pulling out the ‘Speed Stick’ deodorant that he kept there as a spare. He tugged on his collar stretching it with one hand, using the other to force the deodorant inside stroking frantically under one arm then the other. Snickers and whispers filled the squad room.

“….What? Tony looked up glancing around the room as he placed the cap back on, before tossing it back in the drawer.

“Didn’t you take a bath this morning Paris ?” One of the officers teased, getting a hardy laugh from the rest of the officers.

“What?” Tony asked somewhat offended. “Fuck you, Todd.” He replied, “Of course I showered before I left… did you?” He challenged.

“I think so.” Todd replied jokingly, “Wait…” He said sniffing under his arms. “Yep, I’m cool.” He chuckled into his fist.

Tony laughed shaking his head pulling his bagel from the bag. He took a hearty bite chewing a few times before pushing the food into his cheek to speak, “So is he here?” He asked between chews.

“Who?” Mona asked as she typed her report, not looking up from her computer. “Captain Morgan or…Your new partner?” She questioned with an amused smile.

Tony’s eyes widen as he swallowed hard forcing the food down his throat. “My partner is here?” He asked with a bit of apprehension lacing his voice.

“Yep….they both are.” She answered, nodding toward the captain’s closed door. “He’s cute too.” She giggled as she continued typing.

“Shit….” Tony sighed tossing his food down on the desk. He looked over to the door combing his fingers nervously through his hair. “Does he know I’m late?” He asked to no one in particular.

“That would be an affirmative.” A voice called out from the back of the room with a chuckle.

“Damn…” Tony said rubbing his chin nodding slowly. “Well I’ll just have you know, I would have been on time, if it wasn’t for this “tool” downstairs in the deli holding everyone up.” He explained.

“Really Tony?” Mona laughed disbelievingly. She worked with Tony for years and he was notorious for being late, so she wasn’t buying into to that one.

“Yeah, really-“he defended. Just as he was about retell the story, the door to the captain’s door flew open.

“Is that damn Paris here yet?” The captain barked.

“Yes, I’m here.” Tony’s hand instinctively shot up in the air, as he got up from his chair standing at attention.

“Get your ass in here Paris .” The captain motioned quickly with two fingers.

“Yes sir.” Tony said walking briskly over to the captain. He could hear the laughter and, hushed whispers in the background, and rolled his eyes through a heavy sigh.

Captain Morgan stood at the door blocking Tony’s entry causing a look of confusion to appear on his face. He leaned in and said in an under tone where only Tony could hear. “Late again, eh. What the hell I’m I gonna do with you, boy?” He said with a grimace. “Well… maybe your new partner can help straighten you out.” He said stepping aside.

Tony walked past the captain, only to be frozen in shock and disbelief. There, sitting comfortably with his fingers laced behind his head, was the last person Tony wanted to see.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me…” Tony managed to murmur. The man looked up, only to be met by angry, blue eyes glaring down at him. He stood up quickly in surprise and pointed an accusing finger at Tony.

“You!...” They both said in unison.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Tony stepped forward challengingly.

“Didn’t you hear? I’m the new transfer, and your new partner I suppose.” Drew spat, crossing his arms over his chest.

Captain Morgan looked between the two, bemused, and scratched his head. “You two know each other?”

“We’ve met, yes.” Tony replied, not once looking away from Drew.

“Please, I wouldn’t even say that.” Drew shook his head.

“Oh, good, so you have met each other.” Captain Morgan smiled in amusement as he looked at both of them. “Go ahead Paris show Dattilo around…introduce him to the rest of the officers.” He said ushering them both out the door. Drew stepped ahead of Tony with a smug look on his face and smiled.

End of Flash back…

“Drew turned out to be really cool.” Mona sighed through fond memories.

“Yeah he did.” Tony agreed, “What started out as the worst day of my life turned out to be by far the best.” He looked down at his clasped hands and sighed, “I can’t lose him.” Tony manages to say, word and tears getting caught in his throat, “He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“I know.” Mona said caressing Tony’s shoulder. “You won’t.” She stated adamantly and with conviction. “He’s strong, he’s gonna pull through.” She smiled sadly, resting her chin on the top of Tony’s head as she held him close.

It seemed as if they had been there for hours, neither one saying a word, both getting lost in the silence. The door slowly opened revealing a very tired, much worn out looking nurse. She pulled her facemask down from around her mouth forcing a smile.

“Mr. Paris ?”

“Yes….” Tony and Mona stood quickly to their feet. Mona grabbed Tony’s hand, lacing their fingers together giving him a firm gentle squeeze.

“Mr. Dattilo is out of surgery.”

“How is he?” He asked worriedly taking hesitant steps toward her.

“Well, we ran into some complications in there.” She admitted. “He’s lost an awful amount of blood and we had to remove three bullets and repair the damages done.” She shook her head in disbelief. “He’s a strong young man, your partner.” She smiled, “We are all amazed he pulled through.”

Tony released the breath he didn’t realize he was holding, allowing the tears to stream down his face spilling over the hand he had cupped to his mouth. “So he’s gonna be okay….he’s gonna make it?” He asked nodding quickly to the nurse then to Mona, who took Tony into her arms hugging him. He smiled wiping his face. “He is going to be okay isn’t he?”

“Well, I mean at this point the first forty-eight hours are the most crucial and he is still in critical condition.”

“Can…can I see him?” Tony asked, his voice laced with desperation.

“He’s still in recovery, then they will move him to ICU, so after he’s settled in there…sure you can.” She smiled patting Tony on the shoulder, receiving a huge smile from both Tony and Mona. “Oh and Dr. Corey will be here in his office for another couple of hours. He has instructed the staff to bring you to him, if you have any questions or other concerns.”

Tony grabbed her hand gripping it tightly. “Thank you…so much.” He stated with sincerity. “You not only saved his life, but mine too.” He stated convincingly.

The nurse inhaled deeply and simply said. “I know.” She was one of the nurses there when they brought Drew into the hospital. She noticed Tony’s reaction and knew there was more to their story.

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Yep, like I said. Going to love the story.

One thing though. You said we'd understand at the end of the second chapter why "what you said would go". Right now I don't understand any of it.

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On 10/01/2011 09:57 AM, Phoenix1977 said:
Yep, like I said. Going to love the story.

One thing though. You said we'd understand at the end of the second chapter why "what you said would go". Right now I don't understand any of it.

Hey, Phoenix, what I was referring to was the Marriage and the power of attorney. I had a friend of mine write a story where the couple were married and she was reminded by a reader that, that wasn't sooooo lol in my story they are married and it's recognized...lol like I said it's ficton and fun...and you're still reading WOOT!!! WOOT!!!
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On 10/02/2011 05:35 AM, Elezbed said:
I like this story XD! Write more!
Thank you, Elezbed. The story is finished, it's only 7 chapters however so its short, but as soon as my beta gets them back to me I'll post them. So glad you are enjoying it. For me it's like sitting on pins and needles when I post a new story. you want the readers to like it so comments and reviews feed the writers soul... So again Danke.



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On 10/02/2011 05:35 AM, Elezbed said:
I like this story XD! Write more!
Thank you, Elezbed. The story is finished, it's only 7 chapters however so its short, but as soon as my beta gets them back to me I'll post them. So glad you are enjoying it. For me it's like sitting on pins and needles when I post a new story. you want the readers to like it so comments and reviews feed the writers soul... So again Danke.



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I wasn't sure, at first, how I was responding to this....being so hooked on "Shades of Grey". This chapter convinced me. It has quite the different feel to it. I really enjoyed both the dialogue and the flashbacks. Only five more chapters...:(

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On 10/02/2011 08:29 AM, charlieocho said:
I wasn't sure, at first, how I was responding to this....being so hooked on "Shades of Grey". This chapter convinced me. It has quite the different feel to it. I really enjoyed both the dialogue and the flashbacks. Only five more chapters...:(
Hey, Charlie, you're right it's a totally different setting and feel, but I'm glad you are reading and enjoying both. Shades of Gray will be around for a while I'm having too much fun with Chase and Kaleb but Urban Knights was just sitting there with nothing to do so...lol I will be posting Shades tomorrow as scheduled so stay tuned...



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