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  1. Phoenix1977


    Unfortunately, it’s a historical landmark so demolishing is not allowed. Lots of people tried to find a reason to have the Dutch Royal Palace torn down but so far no good. And yes, I’m dying to know how things are in Makarovia so don’t hold back in order to punish us 😃
  2. Phoenix1977


    Ok, so you say there is no such thing as an ugly palace but have you ever visited Amsterdam (the capitol of the Netherlands)? At Dam Square there is the Dutch Royal Palace and it's most certainly not the most beautiful building I have ever seen. In fact, Queen Wilhelmina, the great-grandmother of our current king, is rumored to have said "You couldn't accidentally have dropped a bomb on it?" to her pilot and aide Erik Hazelhoff Roelfsema when she arrived back in the Netherlands after the Second World War. She truly hated the building and Roelfsema had been a Dutch fighter pilot is service of t
  3. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 23

    I almost stopped reading there when I realized the chapter started with a funeral. At first I thought maybe it’s Colm’s but a few lines further I realized it wasn’t. Since I’m reading this on my phone it took a while before I saw Spencer was actually dreaming. WILL YOU STOP DOING THIS TO US?! YOU ARE GIVING US COLLECTIVE HEART ATTACKS!!! Loved the chapter, though. Keep it up!
  4. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 17

    Love the story. I truly like Spencer (not sure about Marshall yet) en Beverly. I only have one problem with the story: you don't write fast enough 🙂
  5. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 10

    I should have waited starting this story one more chapter. I really hate cliff hangers! 🙂
  6. I know what you mean. It’s quite rare for people to react to stories. I have some here as well but people don’t comment often. And I’m no better 😃 I must admit I was surprised when new chapters started to appear but pleasantly surprised. Your story is well written and your characters are developed carefully over time. You allowed them to change within normal boundaries. Sometimes you follow a story and all of a sudden a character does a 180 on his or her personality. That makes is less believable. I did enjoy the Nick storyline although I do feel it ended abruptly. You built i
  7. Great chapter. But I really want to know what happened to Mark ...
  8. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 19

    With Jonas entering the arena all bets are off. The traitor could be anyone, to Lady Fenice herself. We know there is little love lost between the Lady of Tarlenheim and the “Lord Elf”, and even less trust. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ...
  9. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 12

    When looking back Henry and Gavin never met again after the situation concerning the true Icon. Perhaps Gavin is not allowed to?
  10. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 28

    That is probably the situation, yes. In the Netherlands we never speak of "the Spanish Netherlands" after 1648, mostly because it commonly accepted among the Dutch the Spanish had no claim to those territories after the founding of the Republic. We always considered them part of our country which were occupied by a foreign nation 🙂
  11. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 28

    I love your stories about Rothenia. Today was the first time I found a historic inaccuracy, though. This story plays after 1690 but you mention "The Spanish Netherlands". The Netherlands seized to be Spanish property in 1648 and became "The Republic of Independent Netherlands", which, in time, became the current "Kingdom of the Netherlands" where I am from 🙂
  12. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 25

    “Indeed, this might not be good bye, there are a couple more chapters in the making and ideas that still need to be developed so you might get to read more in the future, if you're interested of course! Would you be interested?” Only one thing to say about that: WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE!
  13. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 23

    Just finished reading all your “Rothenian Tales”. Wish I had taken more time because now it’s over and I have to wait for new chapters in the lives of our friends in Strelzen and beyond. At least, I hope there will be more ...? Loved all of the stories. Very well written and captivating. Was a good way to spend my time 😃
  14. Phoenix1977

    JV Chapter 3

    The father might be an idiot; the mother has no spine. if she loves her son so much, why not tell that husband of hers to find residence elsewhere?
  15. Heathcliff Stone could not, for once in his life, tell a little white lie? That he had absolutely nothing to do with it? That Aidan had reached the next step in his career all on his own? There is a thing like being too honest!
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