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  1. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 8

    Oh God! Can someone please knock some sense into Kyle?! This is why he’s not spoken to his father, his hero, for 9 years? And why he’s not had a meaningful relationship all that time? I guess it’s true when they say people are their own worst enemies sometimes. If only he just had talked to them things might have been completely different ...
  2. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 6

    After reading all this I’m getting more and more curious to what happened between Kyle and his father, not to mention Jacob and the rest of the team. something pretty bad mist have happened for things to go down south that badly.
  3. Phoenix1977

    The Chosen

    I read this story and it's sequels on Nifty those years ago and always thought it too bad you didn't finish them. So I hope, with new chapters, you will also finish the storyline now 🙂
  4. Phoenix1977


    There is no such thing as “too late”. I thought I had ruined my one chance of true love and happiness and now the sweetest man sleeps next to me while I write this. the only way you might actually miss out on love if you give up on it.
  5. Phoenix1977


    What is Chopped?
  6. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 13

    "“God, Andre,” cooed Buddy. “He’s a dream!” “See,” laughed Andre. “I told you if you talked to him, you’d like him.” Buddy gave his friend a puzzled look. “I’ve never talked to him before. I only met him last night.” He gave Buddy a puzzled look. “Who?” He thought he was talking about Kyle. He was confused because Buddy said they had already talked in class. Buddy looked up dreamily and replied, “Donnie.”" Oh my God! Somehow I doubt this will end well ...
  7. Phoenix1977

    Picking Up the Pieces

    Although I don't condone murder Darcy got what he deserved. But Jeff is not innocent in this drama either and some justice should come his way as well. Not for killing Darcy but for abandoning his son and allowing another boy to be killed while he could have stopped it.
  8. Phoenix1977

    The New Kid

    Hmm, as soon as Dizzy came to the scene I got a mental image of Dustin Henderson (character from "Stranger Things", played by Gaten Matarazzo). Don't know why. It sounds like Artie will go through a confusing but exciting time. I wonder where his journey will take him. Sure as hell going to be reading about it 🙂
  9. Phoenix1977

    Little Drummer Boy

    Let's just hope Ryder doesn't give Oliver his self-destructive tendencies ...
  10. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 20

    This entire conversation went southways so fast ...
  11. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 20

    Yeah, but those straight boys are stuck in the dikes. I mean, us gays are simply too fabulous to spend all that time outdoors, being subject to the elements ... :-)
  12. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 20

    Well, he's not wrong about the "Holland" part, but that's mostly because tourists no longer understand. I mean, it's "the Netherlands" (plural) but we use is in a singular form all the time. Pretty much the same as with "United States" and America
  13. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 20

    The problem are all the tiny water serpents that keep eating through our dikes. Not to mention the low birth rate in the Netherlands due to all those boys with their fingers in the dikes so anytime soon we'll run out of little boys to do so ...
  14. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 20

    Good chapter, really enjoyed it. "I saw a movie a long time ago, “The Silver Skates” or something where there was a village that skated on the canals that ran by their village. The Netherlands, I think." One thing though, the movie you describe may play in the Netherlands but the entire story is American fiction. In fact, most Dutch people only ever heard about Hans Brinker because of the 1962 Disney film adaptation. The story is complete fiction and shows a way of living impossible in my country. For example, the surgery Hans' father needed wasn't performed in the Netherlands until the 1920s, while the book (and later the movie) takes place around 1850. So I really hope you haven't imagined my country based on that film :-)
  15. Phoenix1977

    Wish You Were Here

    I hope Brandon will reach out to Teddy to make sure Ryder’s plan won’t work.

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