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  1. Phoenix1977

    JV Chapter 3

    The father might be an idiot; the mother has no spine. if she loves her son so much, why not tell that husband of hers to find residence elsewhere?
  2. Heathcliff Stone could not, for once in his life, tell a little white lie? That he had absolutely nothing to do with it? That Aidan had reached the next step in his career all on his own? There is a thing like being too honest!
  3. Phoenix1977


    So does this mean the end of CJ's story? I certainly hope not, because yes, I have enjoyed the story. The best part of it: it's not a gay story. It's a good story and the main characters just happen to be gay. Quite a few stories fall into the trap of going out of their way to paint a positive picture of a gay character, but not this one. So I do hope CJ will be around in the future. Because, like Brett, I feel there is a lot more to tell in CJ's future :-)
  4. Phoenix1977


    I hope for Damien’s sake he’s got great health care insurance. Although a good funeral savings might be more apropriate once either CJ or Chipper get their hands on him.
  5. Phoenix1977

    Sex Education

    On the same page? I doubt they’re even reading the same book at the moment 😃
  6. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 25

    I know exactly how Kyle feels. I feel it every single time I enter Disneyland Paris (in France). And I go there a lot 😃 As an Annual Pass holder for Disneyland Paris I go at least 5 times a year 😃😃😃😃
  7. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 13

    Worthington better be careful what he shares with this government puppet. They may be allies now but they will adversaries again before too long, I think.
  8. Phoenix1977


    I’m from Europe and therefor not entirely up to speed with the American legal system, but why go to Texas at all? Isn’t a custody case a case for family court and therefor a state matter? So if they’d stayed in California and out of Texas until Artie is no longer a minor wouldn’t that solve the problem? I’m mostly worried about Sadie, to be honest. Everytime she talks to Artie she points out he’s changed, as if that was a bad thing. If she’d testify the same thing in court ...
  9. Happy Birthday ... i reread a Gay Christmas Carol in Prose again this year ... love it.  Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 8

    Oh God! Can someone please knock some sense into Kyle?! This is why he’s not spoken to his father, his hero, for 9 years? And why he’s not had a meaningful relationship all that time? I guess it’s true when they say people are their own worst enemies sometimes. If only he just had talked to them things might have been completely different ...
  11. Phoenix1977

    Chapter 6

    After reading all this I’m getting more and more curious to what happened between Kyle and his father, not to mention Jacob and the rest of the team. something pretty bad mist have happened for things to go down south that badly.
  12. Phoenix1977

    The Chosen

    I read this story and it's sequels on Nifty those years ago and always thought it too bad you didn't finish them. So I hope, with new chapters, you will also finish the storyline now 🙂
  13. Phoenix1977


    There is no such thing as “too late”. I thought I had ruined my one chance of true love and happiness and now the sweetest man sleeps next to me while I write this. the only way you might actually miss out on love if you give up on it.
  14. Phoenix1977


    What is Chopped?
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