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Chris and Luke

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Chris and Luke were in love. Their families were as close as two families could be and they were all delighted about the fact that they were drawn even closer by that love. Even when they went to different universities they stayed as close as ever. They thought they were going to be together forever. Their families thought they woud be together forever. Their friends thought they were going to be together forever. But sometimes life can be a bitch.

Any similarities between the characters in my story and any person, living or dead, real or fictional is wholly and completely in your mind and not mine. Although I freely admit that the inspiration for some parts of the stories came from the work of other authors on GA it was only inspiration and I don't think I stole any of their ideas. They will be acknowledged at the end of the story. WARNING the story contains a consensual sexual relationship between two male adults. If that comes as a suprise to you I have to wonder what he heck you expected.
EXTRA WARNING. There is no actual sex so if that's what you're looking for skip it... yeah I know a shocker from me but hey.... :)
Copyright © 2010 Nephylim; All Rights Reserved.

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