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  1. What happens when you sneeze? It might make an appearance in the story.
  2. 😅 That does sound painful! Didn't even think of sneezing! Wow, Mark hasn't even done anything! Besides banning the talent show... 😆
  3. After I posted, I came back for a glance through and was a little embarrassed about all the 'plug' references. I've never used one either. I'm sure this is totally inaccurate 😁 No! Audrey and Ian have dates with other people! They aren't getting together 😁
  4. As soon as they got over the hill, Kayden pulled his arm out of Ian’s grasp. “Please…I have to stop…” He leaned over his knees as a dull pain lanced through his bottom. “Ughhhh.” “What’s wrong with you?” Audrey put her hands on her hips. “You’re limping! Trent didn’t…oh no…” Kayden took another step, then winced and doubled over in pain. “I have a butt plug inside of me!” he wailed. “It’s stabbing my prostate!” “What!?” “Did you say butt plug?” Ian covered a grin with a hand. “Yes!” “But what…” Audrey made a horrified face. “Is that what you were doing at his hous
  5. Yay! I don't know what will happen with Ian. I wanted him to get with Audrey, but idk. We'll see.
  6. I think it's cute too 🥰 Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter now
  7. Yay! I'm glad too. I just have to finish this... Trent's definitely an asshole. I want to see him emotionally vulnerable before this is over. FYI I started on the next chapter already. Kayden has a butt plug up his ass… Will he tell his friends??? TBD
  8. No worries! I think we were all scarred by math class 😂
  9. Mmmm! Omlets! That's so cool you looked them up! Maybe I'll inspire a little business for 'em 😂 Yeah. I remember learning this too. I had to watch a Youtube video to get the information. I'm sorry for making you read all those number! I also think Trent would be a good influence. I was going to say he *isn't* a bad influence at all, but maybe he is 😂 Hand jobs and butt plugs at Stanford???
  10. Trent sat outside the library with his window down. He leaned his elbow on the sill while he drummed his fingers. It was five minutes past nine and he was wired. He’d stayed home with Mitch the night before, drinking and listening to him complain about Audrey. He’d kept his mouth shut for the most part. Sure, he’d had his fair share of beer, but he’d refrained from commenting on his best friend’s woes. In the matter of a week, Trent had totally changed his mind about nerdy Koreans. They were generally quiet, loyal, and incredibly eager to please. He understood now why Mitch wanted to h
  11. Agreed on Jake. His story isn't over either. Everyone's really surprised Kayden pulled it off! Yes. You can slap Mark. Very hard 😁 I didn't intend to make it read that way, but I suppose Kayden really *is* learning a lot skipping class with Trent 😁 And that's a very foreboding sentence. "Kayden might have been okay being in lust with Trent, but love is something else entirely." I guess love can be dangerous sometimes...
  12. Kayden shuffled into McCullough Hall with his head down and his hands hidden in his sleeves. He’d emailed Dr. Tierney the night before about Jacob, under Audrey’s instructions, and she’d assured him he’d get a new lab partner in class today. Kayden made a right for his chemistry lab and dragged his feet all the way. Even with the promise of a seat change, he was nervous. Jacob was going to be upset and Kayden wanted to avoid him completely. When he reached the classroom, Jacob was seated at their usual table. Their eyes met and Kayden dropped his gaze and darted for the teacher’s desk.
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