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  1. Hi there! I wanted to drop a line and say I absolutely love your stories! Breaking Bad is one of my top favourites!! Parasitic Love is also up there! (haha kind of a pun/reference to the story). I was a reader on AO3 and was super sad to see it disappear. Thought about the story today and tried to do a little searching! Couldn't find the story, but saw you had a profile here. Had to give a shout out. 

    Hope all is well! Thank you for writing and coming up with such great characters (absolutely amazing chemistry between the main characters in both stories!!) and plot! They are missed! 


    All the best.

    1. drpaladin


      I agree with your sentiments. I too was sorry to see her pull all her online content.

  2.  Hello! I am a big fan of the "Parasitic Love" series. Sorry for the trouble but I can't hold anymore, I need to ask: what happened? I really wanted to read it again

    1. Eiwari


      Sorry to post it here, I just sign up in the site. I don't know how to send private messages...

    2. Ron


      @Eiwari Welcome! It is very helpful to newcomers to access the Help tab and read it. But sending a Private Message (PM) is easy and all you have to do is click on the envelope in the upper, right-hand corner of the page to get started.


  4. Thank you guys sooooo much!!! Surprising, little Cara Rose is doing great 😀❤️
  5. mastershakeme


    I had my baby! It was an incredible rush and the bf was so AMAZINGLY supportive! I love him.....
  6. Send me a PM. I have a question for you.

  7. Me too, screw those stupid bows! Mohawk all the way!!!
  8. I shall be in contact with you soon.... Thank you for replying!!!
  9. Hi!!! I desperately need an editor for my stories. I'm decent at grammar and spelling, but occasionally miss commas and have other minor boo boos like mistakes with you're/your. I also need some help clean up repeated text where it may come up. I was advised to have someone look over a completed story I have on this site, but TBH I'm more interested in having someone look at the stuff I'm currently working on. If anyone is interested, I write drama/romance. I have 2 completed stories, and I'm working on one short story and one novel-length atm. I work mainly with google docs... Idk, does anyone communicate through FB messenger? That's how I've reached editors/betas in the past.
  10. Besides having no funds, the commission route sounds like the best option! In my experience, getting free design work is an impossible task! I was 'promised' free art in the past, 2 different times. Both times, everything blew up in my face and nothing got done. Tricky tricky!
  11. That's awesome about the newsletter! I feel kind of awkward asking about publishing because I feel like I'm breaking some kind of rule. I'm pretty sure I agreed to some sort of contract when I signed on that said NOT to post a story here if you plan on ripping it off and publishing in the future. I'm extremely confused about the steps involved in self-publishing anyway, and I think that's the only route for my off-the-wall type of fiction. I know it can be done effectively, but to be honest, my head is kind of spinning just thinking about it. My reasoning behind asking for artists was because I going to make a Pateron. Only, I have no images to add, nothing interesting at all to make it look appealing or draw interest. Ugh! I wasn't even thinking about making a cover yet! lol! Thanks for the warning on posting Google images. I had a feeling that was the case. I always knew deviant art was a good place for commissions... If you commission an image, then you can use it where ever and however you want, correct?
  12. @Carlos HazdayLol! Idk why I didn't just look on my own 😛 Have a lot of fun today!!!
  13. It is a good switch... Dalmatians and firemen go together perfectly.
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