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  1. 2. I see what you mean, but I was just thinking Kayden came prepared for sex. 3. Of course Mark will notice! Kayden only has the one outfit now, so I don't think it's too suspicious. 4. My memory is fuzzy, but I swear Kayden was wanting to move in with Trent initially, but now that it's actually a possibility he has cold feet. Oh well, he might not have a choice for much longer 🤣 Thanks for reading! Don't worry about the boring comment. I'm just being self conscious as usual! 🥰🥰🥰
  2. Trent had been at Maggie’s party since seven, smoking her shitty weed. He was avoiding the alcohol, because he knew better, but he didn’t think it would have helped anyway. He and Maggie were an item again and all the sorority girls smiled at them as they made their way around the room, conversing with all the different groups much to his boredom. After they’d made their rounds, and Maggie and her girlfriends had taken a bunch of stupid pictures for Instagram, they found seats on the couch with one of the freshmen initiates, an Asian with her long hair pulled over her shoulder. The girls
  3. Oh thank god 🤣 I'm glad you enjoyed! And I'm working on the next chapter, so hopefully I'll see you again soon! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me 😄
  4. Thank you @mg777!!! I took notes on everything you said, so I've been thinking about it all day 😄 Sigh, as much as I want this to be over with, it's not quite there, and there's still a lot that needs to be said. I definately needed to hear this isn't DRAGGING and I'm losing everybody's interest. Okay! Well, the next part is started. I don't really know what will happen until it does, so we'll all just have to see 🤣 Thanks again for the comment!!! So appreciated!
  5. Wow! What a great break down of the story! I'm hoping to wrap this up soon, so I'm looking for all the lose ends to tie up. I'm really on the fence whether to let the threesome happen or not but I think you just told me my answer. I love you say Trent's self centered with this desire... I think you're spot on. Lucas will be hurt by a purely sexual encounter. He said he would. So, gotta tie that up. No idea if you're going to keep reading, but so many ideas just settled into place. Maggie, and the fake dating will have to end once such and such happens, and blah blah blah, I'm sure your no
  6. I'll fix it when I get on my computer! Thanks for pointing that out 😂 And I know the grounding is lame! The suggestion with Chase is an interesting one, I'll admit....
  7. Ding-dong Early morning sunlight flooded through the living room windows, and Trent blinked around in a confusion as his eyes slowly adjusted. His head hurt. “Fuck me,” he muttered. Bang, bang, bang! Trent jolted upright as pounding came from the door. “Delivery!” “Shit.” The damned mattress was here! Trent rolled off the couch in a panic and crawled around it as the doorbell went off a second time. “Alright!” he groaned. “Fuck! I’m coming!” “Trent?” Trent paused on his hands and knees as Lucas swept down the hall and into the foyer. “Uh…hey.” Lucas met his eyes
  8. Lol I thought everyone was wanting a threesome 😅 Either way, it seems on character for Trent. I'm foreseeing them having a conversation about how the sex will work and coming to some sort of agreement on how the act will take place.
  9. I think I can make the threesome work, but we'll see what I come up with 😁 Thanks for reading this loooong chapter 😅
  10. The threesome is kind of breaking my heart... I don't know if I should go through with it or not!
  11. After Trent got off the phone with Kayden, he finished his dinner, then sat listlessly in the living room while he dreaded going out. Ivy had been hysterical on the ride back to the dorm. She’d been on campus less than twenty-four hours and already she was losing it. Her grades were slipping, her friends had stopped being her friends, and she was still wildly in love with Trent. When they’d gotten back to her place, she’d pleaded with him for five long minutes to come upstairs with her. Trent was horny, to be honest. He hadn’t gotten his rocks off once today, and for a minute there,
  12. Thank you! Stay tuned for more! I'm certainly not out of ideas 😝
  13. mastershakeme

    Wed: Trent

    I know. The threesome with Lucas is soooo on my mind.
  14. mastershakeme

    Wed: Trent

    I love and agree with everything you said. And thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it means so much to me! I just hope I can live up to your expectations 😁 Have a wonderful day!!!
  15. Aww, I'm sorry about the threatening! But I don't think Trent isn't done with Jacob yet. And I don't think Jake's done with Kayden either....
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