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    If you want something a bit different then you are sure to find it here. From vampires to bondage, to rock stars with issues and a whole host of characters who jump off the page to grab you by the throat and draw you in. This is Nephy's private world where an unique mind and vivid perspective is let loose to produce stories of gay and straight love, loss and laughter set in a variety of, sometimes highly unusual situations and locations.

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  1. Aria Graice

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 07/10/2018 (Updated: 08/08/2019)

    Aria Graice has it all. Son of superstar parents, brother of a rising star, you tuber, fashion guru. Drew Chance is his new bodyguard, a former SAS special operative from a poor Welsh family. He despises everything Aria stands for - until he meets him, and his twin Amara. He realizes that wealth and privilege don't necessarily bring happiness. When a series of escalating threats put both boys in danger, with Amara's bodyguard nowhere in sight, Drew doesn't hesitate to jump in, but what exactly has he jumped in to? And why does an unexpected outburst from Amara leave him thinking all kinds of things that are so very, very wrong - aren't they?

  2. Angel's Heart Premium

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 09/30/2017 (Updated: 12/23/2017)

    Angel takes care of the family he's chosen to make his own, no matter what the cost. When a client takes things too far, Angel is the only one who can stop him from hurting other young men. Sick and frightened, Angel turns to his family who will protect him no matter what. But who will protect them when the killer comes calling. Against all his instincts, Angel enters witness protection. His expectations aren't high, especially when the cop in charge seems to despise him, but when matters of the heart are concerned, some things just can't be ignored and if Angel comes through with his life he'll find it changed beyond all imagination.

  3. Coyote

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 03/03/2017 (Updated: 03/03/2017)

    When twins Daniel and Dora come across an injured coyote pup, the last thing their father Brad expects is to be thrust into the middle of a shifter family dispute

  4. My Brother Daniel

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 12/14/2015 (Updated: 06/29/2016)

    Sara's brother, Daniel is special and she really doesn't like the idea of her new co worker paying him too much attention. Daniel, on the other hand has different ideas.

  5. Pretty Little Thing Premium

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 03/21/2015 (Updated: 08/15/2015)

    A shout out to Author Thorn Wilde who kindly gave me permission to use his name, which is awesome!

    Cammy knew he was ‘different’, and not just in his dress sense, but he didn’t care. He knew people thought he was ‘odd’, but his mother said he was unique and that’s just what Cammy wanted to be. Pretty much everyone in the school adored him. Cammy had an enormous crush on Thorne, but Thorne didn’t seem to know he existed―until today.

  6. Finding Alex

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 04/13/2014 (Updated: 11/30/2014)

    For the past 8 years DCI Frank Prosser has had a total obsession - searching for his son, Alex who simple never returned from school one day when he was 9. Every waking moment is dedicated to the search to the detriment of his family. But after 8 years does Alex even exist anymore?

  7. Boy Called Slave Premium

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 11/16/2013 (Updated: 04/19/2014)

    He could have been a bright boy, doing well at school with friends and family and a future. Five minutes inattention had stolen it all and left behind…something. Can anyone bring the light back to Shade?

  8. Recovery

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 04/11/2013 (Updated: 02/02/2014)

    what do you do when you think you're going to lose someone forever, then they come back changed?

  9. In The Arms of an Angel 1. Wednesday Briefs

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 09/19/2012 (Updated: 10/13/2013)

    One dark and stormy night Pasha and his brother Lukas accidentally run over an angel, and things go to hell fast.

  10. Tentacles

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 12/22/2012 (Updated: 04/01/2013)

    Dee runs a half way house for aliens escaping from medical and government research facilities. One day he finds a boy with bright blue hair half dead in the snow. The boy turns out to be something quite different to what he initially thought and they go on a journey of discovery finding new things in each other every day and discover the singular delight of sex with tentacles.

  11. City Under the Waves

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 07/30/2012 (Updated: 12/06/2012)

    Twins Marc and Mererid go looking for adventure in a lonely Welsh moor and find a haunted lake. To Meri, the lake was full of enchantment, to Marc it was full of danger.

  12. Perfect

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 05/13/2012 (Updated: 05/13/2012)

    Tonight was the night. It was Raven's birthday and Leif was making sure that everything was perfect.

  13. Home

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 04/24/2012 (Updated: 04/24/2012)

    Ryden's home. His mother's very happy about it. If only he was actually there. Where's Luke. If only she could find him everything would be alright.

  14. Pussy Cat Pussy Cat

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 10/15/2011 (Updated: 12/24/2011)

    Glory, the Aurix has been bonded to Sartorian, a powerful vampires for the last six months and has settled in to Sar's home full of misfits and outcasts. At a visit to the circus he meets Felix and, for the second time, his world changed dramatically. Love, romance, adventure and some laughs await our friends in a roller coaster of a story.

  15. A Christmas Story

    By Nephylim, in Fiction. 12/22/2011 (Updated: 12/22/2011)

    Christmas is a time for reflection and, sitting in front of the warm fire, watching the snow fall, I am reflecting on you.

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