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Deep 6-9 - 1. Chapter 1

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the ‘Lady Thetis’. Our main purpose is that of a mining vessel,” there is a rumble of laughter in the crowd. “I know, it’s hard to believe when you arrive at such a beautiful island. But, I assure you that we are here for more than vacationers. Our second purpose is a scientific exploration research vessel. The third purpose is that of a Navy Supply Port. At various points you may see Battleships and Cruise Ships within our harbor. You will also see a regular flow of cargo ships moving in and out of the harbor as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, do not let the appearance of Lady Thetis fool you, she is a moving ship of her own. She is the creation of Sir Melvin Spencer. He lives here in our midst, however, you may find it difficult to recognize him. Sir Melvin has 193 clones of varying ages of himself on Lady Thetis. They each have their own names and identities. We think of them like identical twins. It was Sir Melvin’s dream to have children and it wasn’t in the cards for him. He found himself in a position to amass a fortune, which allowed him to hire the greatest minds on the planet. You will also see other residents who have been cloned, and if you are a person of means with a desire to do it, come see us and we will discuss the process. I assure you they do not have telepathic abilities or shared memories. Some of you are here for jobs in the resort industry. Please, follow Simon so he can take you through your duties and your living quarters, I am sure to meet all of you again.”

“Those of you who are part of the Science Group, please follow Stephanie, she will be the liaison you will contact for all communications with our staff.”

“Now, I want to make sure, are any of you Not apart of the Mining group? No, great. As I said, you are the main reason for this ship. Sir Melvin has achieved great success mining the deep oceans for precious minerals. In this process we have discovered new advancements in ancient artifacts, ancient species, and current unknown species. You will be the first line for these discoveries. Please, follow me to your department.”

Most of them are not going to be the actual controller of a mining vessel, but they almost all want to be. As they reach the Mining Division they are separated and lead to their sleeping quarters. The lowest paid of the crew are in shared dormitories. The dorms surround a swimming pool with locker rooms on each side. The ladies dorms and locker rooms on one side, and the men’s on the other. Each side has a long hallway leading to the locker rooms. From the hallway there are 10 dorms on each side. Both locker rooms have a sauna and steam room, as well as a co-ed sauna and steam room in the pool area. The co-ed gym is accessed from the locker rooms, but is built behind the co-ed Sauna and steam room.

Folks in the dorms have a large locker for hanging clothes connected to the outside of their assigned cube. Each cubicle is a cabinet designed cubicle, there are drawers under the bed, a tv on the foot of the bed, as well as drawers and shelves on all three walls. There is a thick black canvas awning that can be raised and lowered like a curtain, or it can be kicked out roughly a foot and a half for ventilation and privacy, or all the way up and out like a sun screen. They all have LED lighting surrounding the ceiling, in the shelving and in the drawers as you open them. Everyone can adjust the climate in each unit, although it won’t go above 74 or below 66. One of the things people really like is the bottom bunk faces one way and the top bunk faces the other. They alternate so two bottom bunks face each other forming a 6½ foot ceiling over a shared patio type area. The same goes for 2 top bunks facing each other with the shared patio on the tops of the bottom bunks. The end units are the most desired for maximum privacy. In each dorm there are 20 bunks. Each dorm has a shared bathroom and shower area. Vending machines and a kitchenette is also in each dorm, however, no actual cooking is allowed only reheating prepared food.

Inside each locker room by the pool, are a set of elevators and stairs. These will take you to the next pay grade, cabins. Each side is again separated by sex but with a greater ability to adjust if there are more men or women as crews change. A series of doors create the divide. On this level each cabin has two people with a bathroom and kitchenette. They are large enough for a small seating area for entertainment. Each person has a dorm like cubicle along the left and right sides of the room. The actual bed cubes are offset facing the outer walls. On side is a walk-in closet made of the same wood material built to the bed cube, then there is the bed cube. This creates a small area for a desk and a chair.

On the next level up is the next pay grade personnel. Each cabin has a separate bedroom with a shared bathroom, kitchenette and living room between 2 cabins. And, finally the management level staff have a full apartment to themselves. In all areas where the employees reside are large screens showing the water and sky from video taken on the resort level. This also helps them to be conscious of weather conditions. However, on the management level, they can choose to change the video from a series of recorded outdoor experiences or current video feed. Makes taking naps nice with crickets and moonlight, or drinking coffee by a rippling stream.

Steve Jordan has been placed into one of the men’s dorms. He is reading over the manual explaining his duties in this department. From his top bunk he can look to his right and left to see the video feed from outside. When he looks to the right he has to look past the shared upper patio from the next row of cubes. However, to the left is video from the opposite side of the entire ship. He notes that it feels like they are sleeping on the beach. Steve is 24 years old and in great physical condition. He has never been in short supply of ladies who long for his attention. His new neighbor just arrived dragging a large duffel bag up the steps to the patio. This kid barely looks 18, probably 19 tops. ‘He looks like one of those roughnecks I used to smoke weed with in high school. I might need to watch out for this one, he could be trouble.’ “Hey neighbor, names Jake Redbush, from the great state of Alabama. Y’all can go ahead and laugh, trust, with a name like Redbush, you’d hear’em all. The quick answer is yes, ha. These are some digs ain’t they, hoo-wee would ya look at that bed. I ain’t never slept in sompin like this before. And who might you be?”

“Hi Jake, I am Steve Jordan, no relation. I come from the very cold Windy City of Chicago. Nice to meet you. If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you, my guess is barely 18.”

Jake smiled wide, “Just turned yesterday. That obvious, is it?”

“Yeah, you remind me of my baby brother back home. You are the same age, I’m 24 in case you were wondering.”

“Steve, I sure am going to try to not get on your nerves, but if I am, you just tell me and I will shut my trap. My daddy made sure I learned how to keep it shut.” Jake gave a lopsided pinch of his face, that said everything to Steve, he decided right then he wouldn’t make Jake feel like that. “These guys have me training for underwater welding. They say as soon as I am certified, I could be makin 6 figures a year. Lord, I don’t know what I’d do with that much money, but I aim to find out, hehe.”

“That really sounds like a great opportunity for you, I hope you make it. I am a mechanic, have been since I was little. I am the only one in my family who knows anything about motors. If I didn’t look like everyone else in the family I would suspect I was adopted. I was hired to work on the subs and anything else they put in front of me. Seems like a really good opportunity to maximize my pay. I did alright in Chicago, but I am starting at twice what I made back home.”

“Now that’s what I like hearin. Hey, did you see the beach when we were coming in? I hope we can get some time off to enjoy the rest of this place.”

“I was just reading here that we will get time. They say we need to gather at the far end of the beaches so as not to bother the guests. We can order takeout from the 3 star and above restaurants and we can eat in at any level under that. I saw they have hiking trails that anyone can use at any time. But, we don’t go down the black diamond trails that lead to the resorts.”

“I tell you what, I think this will be an amazin experience.” Jake shook his shaggy red hair.

“You have that right. Say, I am all unpacked, do you need any help with your things?” Steve took a step forward with his offer.

“Nah, I got it all set. The rest I’m going to do tonight.” Basically Jake just tossed everything on the bed.

Steve turned his attention to the video wall showing a beautiful sky and bright trees and flowers, “Do you want to go up top and wander around? The iPhone watch they gave us will let us know when we need to meet up down here.”

“Hell yeah, let’s do it.” They grabbed their money and headed for the elevators.

There are kiosks at every elevator and stairwell to help with directions. The watches also have an app to help navigate around the ship. Jake pointed out a path to come out at the top of the mountain.

As they stepped out of the final elevator they were on an observation level located just below the Bridge Command. The ship is in the shape of a giant C shape with a slight point on the backside of the <C. The harbor is to the open part with a break wall along the back of the harbor. Ships come in one way and leave out the other. Basically it looks like <C ). There are a variety of ships and yachts in the large harbor. On each outer extension if the harbor are large beach areas. They too have a break wall without an opening to the rest of the ocean. “I betcha those breakers also will keep out the sharks and such.”

“Let’s hope.” They giggled. “Look, over here is a start of a trail. Looks like it takes you down to the village, what do you say we hike down?”

“Steve, that’s a fine idea, but before we get ourselves too far on it, I think I wanna take advantage of this here bathroom.”

“Great idea.”

The long urinal is one of those waterfall trough designs. The wall even arcs a bit, above where the water comes out is a video screen showing advertisements of what to find on board. There are stalls on each side of the room and the sink area is behind you as you stand at the urinal, in the same arc. Jake peaked over at Steve standing just a bit more than a foot away. At first glance he was proud to see that his was definitely bigger than Steve’s in both length and girth, but he had to admit, it is a close second. Jakes been fooled by that before.———————-
This Yankee named Alex joined his school a couple years back. This guy was the typical jock who came on one of them scholarships for football. Generally, those boys are cocky like a rooster in a hen house, but Jake wound up sitting by Alex at lunch and the two of them got along nice. Jake was a straight A student, Alex was lower C’s at best. The school connected the boys so Jake could help Alex get along in his school work. As long as Alex maintained a C average they were good. Jake saw himself having to do all of this Yankees homework, like all the others before him. Alex was different, he actually wanted to learn, he just wasn’t as good at doing it.

After Alex got all B’s on his report card, he invited Jake to the movies to celebrate. The new Spiderman had just been released and both boys were beyond excited. They made a quick stop in the men’s room before getting popcorn and drinks. That’s when Jake was pleased to know he had a bigger dick than Yankee Alex. As they got to their seats they found it funny they both preferred to be right in the middle of the theater. As it came to an end, Alex turned to Jake, “you want to see it again?”

“Sure, someday.”

“No, right now? Let’s go to the bathroom and come back for the next showing. I do it all the time.” Jake thought that sounded fun. This time they took their time at the urinals as they discussed their favorite scenes. Jake’s recounting of Spidermans use of webs for flight had allowed him to look toward Alex while he proclaimed his deep desire to fly just like Spiderman, that’s when he caught Alex checking out his dick while. He was slightly confused why he would, but he was definitely flattered at the way Alex tried to use a side glance that uncomfortably was a long stare. Jake found himself even more confident as to why his own previously flaccid cock had unmistakably began to lengthen outward. At this point he was marking it off as a dominant trait, for an appreciation of another mans greatest gift. They quickly zipped up and headed back to the theater with Spiderman already playing. Definitely not as many people, but the middle was completely full. “Either all the way forward or all the way back.” Jake looked at Alex, “Back “ they said in unison. They had the last 3 rows to themselves. Since they knew what was going to happen, they were spending more time poking each other in the sides and horsing around.

Jake wasn’t sure how it all started, but they were cracking up while acting gay. As long as they laugh then it isn’t actually gay, even while they are forcefully groping each other. Alex, however, took it too far and grabbed a hand full of Jakes dick and balls. He even knew he had jumped over the line when Jake suddenly stopped laughing. After trying to read each other’s minds, Jake looked over the distant crowd who were fully engrossed in the movie. With a trembling hand Jake took hold of Alex’s leg. He couldn’t even bring himself to look directly at him. Jake just waited to see if Alex would rebel at such a forward advance. He surprised himself at how quickly he then threw caution aside and felt the heat emanating from the mound of manhood hidden under the folds of denim. This was the first time exploring the forbidden area that he had only playfully felt before. Jake was relieved when Alex began to match, movement for movement, everything Jake was willing to do. Even when Alex’s belt came undone, when the button at the top popped open, and especially when the zipper came down so slowly. The moment of no return started with Alex sliding his hand under the waistband so he could feel his flesh on Jakes hot throbbing dick. Jake took a deep breath and found Alex precumming like a faucet after just a couple light tugs. The thing was, Jake couldn’t remember the last time he’d been so rigidly excited.

About 3 quarters of the way into the movie, to Jakes complete shock, realized Alex was noticeably bigger in length and near the same in girth. ‘Holy hell’ , it was the first time he’d come across one that was actually bigger. But, it was a grower not a shower, because soft there was no question that Jake looked much bigger.

They continued till just about the end of the movie. Both boys were squirming in their seats knowing how close they were getting to an ultimate screaming orgasm. That was when Alex took Jake in his mouth to get him over the edge. Man, did he ever, this encouraged Jake to stroke Alex at a break neck speed. He wound up having to wipe his hand on his underwear as he was putting himself together. In great straight boy fashion, Neither boy ever talked about it, nor did it again. It was like it never happened.————————
Steve lead most of the way down the trail. He kept having to stop to get Jake to focus. “I see you suffer from the squirrel syndrome.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know, your moving along like a dog out for a walk and, Squirrel!” Jake really thought that was funny.

“Ok, let’s get to the village, I want to grab something to eat and head back to the dorm.” Jake rubbed his stomach as he continued to walk.

Steve lightly elbowed Jake in the side, “My thought exactly, how about we get it togo and eat back at our place.” Jake loved the idea as well.
“That was like the burgers they sell back home in Alabama. I’ll be going there again the next chance I get.” Jake stretched his whole body in a twitchy stiff way. “I sure could stand to relax a spell.”

“Yeah, ever since I got off the plane I’ve had a kink in my kneck. I’m hoping it’ll go away before I go to work tomorrow.” Steve started rubbing the back of his neck while turning his head from side to side.

Jake seemed to study Steve’s face, “Well, Steve, I come from a herd full of people who played sports and they’d come to me to rub out their injuries. Now, if you promise not to let the word out, I’d be willing to fix ya up. But, I don’t want to get caught up havin everyone trying to get me to help’em.”

Steve’s face looked unsure and hopeful at the same time, “Seriously, you can do that?”

“Sure, Tell ya what. I’ll come over there so you can fall asleep while I fix ya up. That way I don’t have to wake ya to go get in your own bed.”

“I don’t want to bother you.” Steve didn’t sound convincing as he rolled onto his stomach in his cube.

Jake grinned as he took his position straddling Steve’s legs, “Nope, no bother, I wouldn’t offer if I wasn’t willing.”

Jake did find that he could sit on Steve’s legs and still have plenty of room over his head. As Jake worked over Steve’s neck, he could feel the tension and knew he had the right spot when Steve grunted and moaned. “Shit Jake, your hands are rocking my world.”

Jake decided to work on the connecting muscles going down Steve’s back. Long motions using this forearms on each side of the spine got great groans of pleasure. It didn’t take long to follow the path onto the back of the legs. Using the palms of his hands he dug deep into the hard toned hams. He’d grab a calf with both hands and squeeze. “Steve, this would be easier if you’d take off these britches.”

Steve didn’t say a word, without rolling over he reached under to undo his jeans and pushed them down over his underwear. Jake took over and set them to the side in a nicely folded way. Jake noted how toned Steve’s glutes were under the thin fabric of the white boxer briefs.

From straddling over Steve’s knees he reached up to rub the base of his head. It was a reach but he could keep balanced as his thumbs worked their magic. Long presses down along the traps and back to the skull. Attempting to transition to the shoulder blades he found the shirt kept getting bunched up. Without saying anything, Steve grabbed the shirt and lifted off tossing it to the side. Jake couldn’t help but chuckle at Steve’s insistence on nothing interrupting the glory he was feeling.

Jake basically got into a position that looked like he would try doing a girls pushup. He let his fingers move into Steve’s armpits while using his palms to press on the muscles around the shoulder blades. Each new shift required balance that included temporarily pressing his pelvis into Steve’s glutes. Even when he managed to get to the lower back, Jake continued to use the shifting as an excuse to press into the cleft of the firm mounds.

Reluctantly Jake sat back on his heels so he could use his thumbs from the back of the knees up the hams and dig into the base of the pelvis. His thumbs were merely an inch from the warmth of Steve’s butthole. Kneading all the connections to the pelvic area. It was then that he could hear the long slow breathing of sleep coming from Steve’s mouth.

Jake took hold of the waistband and carefully pulled the underwear down and off. He made sure to continue his efforts and to take every chance to brush up to Steve’s balls. He even used a side to side rubbing motion to reach deeper into the front of the hips and across the melon like mounds to the front of the other hip. Each time emboldened Jake to dare attempting a new level. He felt the side of his dick several times in this process.

No question Steve was in a deep sleep as Jake rolled him to one side. He saw Steve’s dick as it pulsed after brushing it over. Jake kept doing a fine job of working on the side front and back of Steve. Regularly paying special attention to the very stiff cock sticking out. For the first time in Jakes life he wants to see what it would taste like.

Jake kept fighting the thought of leaving, then struggle with the thought of continuing. Ultimately, he rolled Steve onto his back and worked his way down from the shoulders to the waist. This is it, now or never, ‘now’. He licked around the mushroom like head before lifting the pulsating dick up towards his mouth. Jake found he could get ¾’s of it in his mouth without gagging. He remembered Alex used his hand for the rest so he just did what Alex did. He was actually relieved that Steve only lasted a few minutes before filling his mouth till he had no choice but to swallow. Not only did Jake enjoy the taste of Steve’s dick, he also loved the smell and taste of Steve’s cum.

After he got Steve covered up, he went back to his cube to play over what happened in his mind while pulling on his cock with such urgency. As the images flashed through his mind he could feel his orgasm approaching at the memory of the first blast of Steve’s cum hitting the back of his throat. Jake suddenly shot out massive amount of cum all up his body and onto his face. One shot went straight into his wide open mouth. Almost immediately after, the guilt swept over him. What if Steve gets mad, this could be bad. He decided the best thing to do was to fall asleep and figure it out later.
As soon as Steve opened his eyes he realized it was very dark. He reached around till he found a light switch. Then he pulled back the covers. He knew Jake had to have removed his clothes, but he wasn’t sure if he had done anything else. The thought of Jake taking his underwear off for him made his dick hard and the idea that he may have sucked it made Steve start stroking it. He decided he will be needing another massage very soon. Before he could get himself to his orgasm he heard Jake moving about. Steve opened his shade to catch Jake. “Hey buddy, do you think you could work on my neck just a bit more?”

Jake just looked at him and smiled, “Only if you are willing to try doin mine , fairs fair.”

Steve grinned and scooted over, Jake got in and closed the shade. The moment he did Steve went to work on Jakes shoulders then at a fairly fast pace moved down his back. “Do you mind if I take these off?” Jake didn’t answer he just lifted to give Steve the access to do it for him . Steve purposely fumbled with the button and the zipper. The longer it took the more Jake pressed his butt into Steve and the more Steve could directly rub Jake’s throbbing cock.

Steve however, grabbed both Jakes jeans and his underwear pulling them off together. What Jake wasn’t aware of is, Steve had pulled his own underwear off at the same time. Instead of feigning a massage, Steve plunged his face right into Jakes ass crack. He used his tongue to spread his spit all over and inti Jakes butthole. He never even thought of doing this before, but in this moment, he never wanted anything more. As Steve licked up Jakes crack and up his body, he pressed his cock between Jakes cheeks.

Sliding his cock the entire length of the moist crack. Steve found it interesting that the head kept catching on the rim into Jake’s hole. Jake was completely aware what was going to happen and he raised up during each thrust to force Steve to poke harder at the rim. The next time it happened, Steve didn’t resist, he used the angle to begin forcing his way in. He had no desire to hurt Jake, but he needed to feel him entirely beneath him. Shockingly, Jake was barely in any pain, it was like his desire outweighed any pain. They soon established a hard rhythm, grinding harder and plunging faster. In then grind, pull almost completely out, and in then grind. Over and over gaining in pace and need. Steve reached under Jake to grab holdof his dick, while having his way with that perfect ass. The moment Steve felt the first blast of Jakes cum in his hand, Steve began filling Jakes bowels.

Spent, Steve rolled off of Jake, laughing between gasps for air. “I have never even thought about doing anything like that before. I have really been missing out.” After getting air between pants, “Have you ever done anything with another guy before?”

“In high school a friend of mine sucked me off, one time in the movie theater. But, I never did anything else. I can’t believe you never even got a blowjob before.”

“No, not ever. But I am guessing that I got one today.” Jake turned 3 shades of red.

“I tried to stop, I just got too turned on, I’m sorry.”

“I’m only sorry I wasn’t awake. But, I guarantee I will be next time though.” They both laughed.————-
The next day they went off to their first day of work. Jake was in a classroom with 9 other guys and 1 gal. One of the guys a couple rows over looked kinda familiar, but he wasn’t certain. When it came time for lunch they headed down to a cafeteria close by. Jake wandered around trying to decide what he wanted. As he ordered a burrito, that guy from class spoke up behind him, “Hi neighbor, I’m Mel, I see we’re both in welders training.”

“Hi Mel, I’m Jake from the great state of Alabama. I thought you looked familiar, but I thought I might be having a spell of wishful thinkin.”

Mel thought that was an odd comment but chose to ignore it. “I am in the cube right below yours. Ha, you can say you will be sleeping on top of me every night.” The moment he said those words, he thought it crossed some weird lines and didn’t know if he’d regret them.

“That’s funny, I like the way you think. When we get done, do you want to go for a swim? I think I even want to try those hot rooms. Ya know, that sau-na and what not?” Being from such a small town with limited amenities, Jake has only heard about the hot rooms.

“Yeah sure, I could stand some relaxation. I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off ever since they hired me.” The boys shook hands. They sat together mostly eating, but managed to find out they are the same age within 2 weeks of each other. They both grew up in small towns with a strong emphasis on sports. Both had been basic athletic nerds working on family farms. Mel grew up in Tennessee, but his accent isn’t quite as thick as Jake’s. He said it’s because his parents were originally from Michigan so they still have midwestern accents.

The welding group left at 6 and Steve isn’t anywhere to be found. Mel popped his head up over the patio, “Are you almost ready? I want to check out that steam room.”

“Hold on, I don’t know what I did with my swim trunks. Damn, I’d go in my skivies if I was back in Alabama, but I wouldn’t want you to feel inferior.” The side glance Jake gave Mel said he thinks he really does have the bigger dick.

“Dude, what are you talking about?” Mel grabbed his package, which wasn’t very hidden behind his trunks to begin with, as if he had it all going on.

“I guess I will just use my basketball shorts.” He stepped out of his cube with the shorts and a t-shirt on. Then he opened a drawer and slipped on some sandals. As he turned to Mel he grabbed a handful of dick and balls. “I am blessed.” Mel feigned disgust.

“You wish I would want to see that shit!” shielding his eyes and faking a nauseous face.

The boys made their way down to the locker room. There are guys everywhere, some of the older guys are walking around in the hall and in the dorms butt ass naked. Funny thing is, no-one is paying attention to any of it.

“Have you noticed that there isn’t a single fat person here. Not even with a slight pork belly!?” Jake looked around inquisitively.

“Yes, even our instructor, he’s probably pushing 40 and has a rocken body. I hope I can keep up the pace.” But Jake just rolled his eyes, Mel has a strong athletic body and he didn’t get it from sleeping in the cornfields.

When they reached the locker room they heard some older guys talking about claiming lockers. Jake stopped one of them. “How do you do that?”

“Hey, “ even though slightly annoyed, this guy remembers what it felt like to be a newbie, “do you have a pad lock like this one?” The boys looked at the pad lock and shook their heads. “Well, if you go through the pool area and out the main door there is a commissary with towels and locks. They have other stuff too, like water bottles and lotion. Hell, they even have condoms and lube if you feel like getting lucky. All you have to do is tap your watch on the pad. That will automatically deduct the money from your account.” he said pointing in the direction they needed to go.

“Thanks for the information, I’m Jake from the great state of Alabama, this here’s Mel from Tennessee.”

“Welcome boys. I am Kyle from Los Angeles and this fag here is my brother Kent. If you ever want a good blowjob, Kent is probably the best on the whole ship!” Kent punched Kyle hard on the arm.

“Yeah, well you can forget about the condoms and lube with this fag, cause he likes it dry and bare up his shithole!” The 2 of them started punching on each other and laughing and it was right about then that the boys figured out they’re identical twins. Their hair is cut different so it was difficult at first.

Jake winked at them both, “I definitely want to hang out with you guys someday!” They all laughed, but if you really looked at everybody’s eyes, there was so much curiosity in them.

Mel pulled on Jakes shirt sleeve, but Kyle stopped them. “Are you guys gonna go get locks right now? These 2 lockers next to ours are free, I’ll hold them if you come right back.”

Mel jumped at the apparent good fortune, “That’s great, we’ll be back in 2 shakes of a tail feather.” Mel was only slightly mocking his hillbilly brethren. And, the boys set off at fast pace. There was a line but it moved pretty quick so they hoped the twins would still be there.

When they got back Kyle was gone but Kent stood there smiling with a towel around his waist. He had longer hair than his brother, but they both have killer abs and pecs. What these boys wouldn’t give to look like them. “Kyle took off to the Sauna, I am planning on going to the Steam room myself, what are you two going to do?”

Mel said sauna and Jake said Steam at the same time. They all chuckled. “Well, if you go to the ones in here, you can go in naked, I recommend a towel though cause the seats get really hot. But if you go to the co-ed ones, off the pool area, you’ll need shorts on.”

Jake took off his clothes and wrapped a towel around his waist. He caught the look on Mel’s face when he saw Jake’s huge dick. It made Jake smile. As Mel took his clothes off Jake saw that Mel has a very toned body and a nicely shaped cut dick. He should be confident enough with that. Actually, Jake believes that even the good looking guys with small dicks should be confident, they all have potential. Maybe, the world wouldn’t chase them down, but if they are attractive enough and show passion, they will be a good time for plenty of people.

The doors to both rooms are right next to each other and Mel went in to find Kyle and Jake followed Kent. “I’ve never been in one of these, it’s been a fantasy of mine for ever though.” Jake was quick to confess his nervous behavior. Kent lead the way past the first room with lots of guys chatting, but Jake was having a hard time seeing their faces. The formed heavy clouds and stung Jakes face. The second room was a bit hotter and even more difficult to see the guys, but Kent kept going to a third room. This one has dimmer lighting and less guys in it. None of them were talking but he could hear one guy snoring. Kent found a spot in the back and on the third bench up. After sitting there for about 5 minutes Kent moved down to the second bench. Jake could just barely see Kents face as he looked around. Someone came in and sat across from them, but they could barely see the guys feet. Jake moved his leg so it pressed against Kent’s shoulder. Slowly Jake opened his towel to reveal he had a full erection. But just seconds later Jake just couldn’t take another moment in the heat. He got up and headed for the door. He looked behind him as he stepped out and saw Kent had followed. “Sorry, it got hard to breathe without choken like a fish outa water.”

“No. I was happy you got up because I thought I was gonna die at any moment. Follow me.” Kent lead the way to the showers.
When you first walk through the entry there are 10 sinks on each side, then a door. Inside are 10 stalls and 10 urinals. Passed them are 10 more sinks and an opening at the end. Each side is identical. Now you can either go right or left. Both ways have 5 pole showers with 4 shower heads each. Then both sides have an additional room beyond those, with 5 more poles. These are identical to the showers in each dorm. ”Good to know if you have to get a move on after a workout and you don’t want to go all the way back to the dorm.” Kent said as he went to a pole to the far back corner where Jake took the shower head next to him. Jakes watch started going off, it’s message said he is to report to the welders launching bay. “I’m sorry Kent, I need to get to bed. They want me to work at 5am. Thanks for hanging out with me.”

“My pleasure, if you are around and looking for someone to hang out with, Kyle and I are in Dorm 6 cubes 13 and 14.” Jake nodded with a smile and headed back to his cube.

Steve was just getting in his cube, “Hi Jake, I have an early start tomorrow, I’ll try to catch up with you later.” Steve looked slightly guilty.

“I do too, y’all have a good night.” Jake turned on the dark blue LED’s, and a recorded sound of a rippling stream.
Welders Bay, “You must be Jake, I am Frank, the Manager of this department. We’ve recently had an unanticipated opening and need an immediate replacement. My records indicate you have 1,110 hours of scuba time. I also show you have experience with MIG. I am going to place you with Tony, he’s one of our best welders. Pay close attention to everything he tells you. As for your training classes for certification, you will be placed into an evening class for intermediate and advanced welding. The class is for 3 weeks, If you pass it you will have full certifications immediately. If I were you, I’d avoid all ‘pleasures‘ and focus solely on passing the class. Do you understand what I am telling you?” Frank bore his eyes into the attractive redheaded bo till he squirmed.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be sure to take your advice. Thank you for this opportunity, Sir.” Jake felt like he should salute the man, but he just kept his eyes on him for cues.

“Tony, take this runt and teach him everything you know.” Frank shouted across the bay as he walked away.

“Yes, Sir. Jake, is it?” He was looking the boy up and down with a doubtful look. Jake thought Tony was the exact stereotype of a younger Italian neighborhood gang member, complete with the top 3 buttons of his shirt undone revealing his large pec covered in fur, and his sleeves rolled up enough to flash his biceps. His guns looked huge compared to Jakes boyish body. Jake knew he had a good body to look at, but it didn’t look like Tony’s, that’s for sure.

“Yes Sir.” Jake is just trying to stay calm.

“Tony, just call me Tony. Ever been in a sub Jake?” Clearly Tony is from somewhere up by New York or Boston based on his thick accent.

“No, but I have always wanted to.”

“Follow me.” Tony guided Jake to a sub that looks more like the cab of a helicopter than what he’d imagined as a sub. “Sit up front on the left.” When Tony pointed Jake could see more of his very toned biceps and some very intricate tattoo.

The motors that started first were adding pressure to the cabin. Jake could feel it on his chest, but he noted it wasn’t uncomfortable. “This here shows you how much time we have with oxygen. When we are down to an hour, the first alarm goes off. These are the controls to steer, the pedals control depth. Are you ready?”

“I think I am, uh, Tony.” Just then a thrusting sound submerged the ship in 10 seconds. Once under completely, Tony dove under a massive opening and into open water. Jake was surprised at the amount of light. He saw around 20 similar subs at various depths and moving in multiple directions. He was fascinated by the scuba divers, some even waved. After about 3 minutes Tony slowed and turned the ship around. “There she is, what do you think of her?”

“It’s, so, beautiful like looking at the stars in space.” The underbelly of the ship has many lights and windows. Jake saw a massive ship rising from a great depth. As it neared the Lady Thetis a Giant bay opened. The rising ship merely attached itself to the bottom. “That is a main mining vessel. It carries all manned and unmanned subs to specific mining zones. Each zone has a hub like that one. The Lady Thetis has six in total. They rise with mined rock, changing crew, and ships in need of repair and maintenance. They submerge with supplies along with the next crew. This goes on 24/7, we get called to inspect and repair those, Lady Thetis’s hull, and every other ship. Today we are inspecting the ladies starboard hull. Do you want to try the controls?”

“Can I really?” Jake felt like he was a 7 year old boy sitting on his dad’s lap working the controls if the big tractor for the first time.

After a quick run through Jake found himself following the directions of Tony as he recorded his inspection of the hull. If Jake had any reservations about this job, they have all left him as he guided the sub back into the bay. “So, what do you think of it, Jake?”

“I absolutely loved it. I sure hopeta get ta do it again.” No exaggeration, he knew he was hooked.

“I could tell, you are going to do just fine. But, everything will depend on getting certified. I suggest you keep your dick in your pants and your nose in the books, or old Frank will toss you right back into the waiting pool. You’ll have plenty of time to get your rocks off after you have your certifications.” Tony wiggled hi eyebrows and made his pecs jump as he emphasized getting his rocks off.
Each day he and Tony used the sub to inspect the Ladies hull and those of the zone base subs. Each evening Jake went to class and studied in bed. On the second week he found he was hard an entire day. He was so determined to succeed he willed himself not to pay attention to it, but he kept trying to cover it up l. Tony took notice of his condition and chuckled to himself. It wasn’t that long ago that he suffered like this farm boy. Taking pitty on Jake he had brought a lunch on board for them both. “Ok Jake, put the ship on anchored autopilot. Let’s eat in the back.”

Jake followed Tony to the back and ate at a record pace. Tony was taking his time though. “How are you feeling Jake?” He sincerely asked stretching his legs out in front of himself and resting on his elbows.

“Well, I am starting to feel tired a bit. I just want to get past the certifications. So I can feel as normal as I had been.” Jake was sitting indian style all hunched over with his eyes on the floor.

“Yeah, I remember that feeling well.” Tony paused for several minutes, he was looking for the right moment. He could see Jake trying to relax when he leaned back on his elbows keeping his knees up and bent as he did. “I am going to help you relax” which got Jakes attention. “but understand, we will not be making a habit of this. I am only doing this so you can focus better till the end of next week.” Jake was completely in the dark what this gueedo could be talking about. A massage maybe, that could be good and bad, all at the same time. “Frank told me you have kept your word and have kept your dick to yourself.”

“How? Alright, yes. Yes I have. Honesty is the best policy my momma says.”

“The Lady Thetis is equipped to know more than you realize. But don’t let that frighten you. They simply make sure things stay safe and running well.” Tony wasn’t sure that helped calm Jakes fear. “Here, lie down on the blanket. I am going to give you a massage.” Well how about that, Jake didn’t really expect him to offer a massage, but here we are.

Jake hesitated but did as he was told. Suddenly, he found himself thinking about the first day with Steve. Now he’s worried that they might have seen him doing that. The same way Jake got Steve to relax and exposed, he found himself giving into Tony’s advancements.

Once Tony got a look at the full size of this desperate boys massive cock, he had no reservations about getting it in his mouth. Tony has had many girlfriends and has every intention of marrying one. But, he has never been hung up about man to man blowjobs and an occasional buttfuck. The only way he will do it though is if he feels assured the ladies won’t ever know. With less than 5 minutes of sucking on Jakes aching man shaft, he had no ability to stop before he shot off into Tony’s mouth. “There. Do you feel better now?” Tony said as he wiped the edges of his mouth.

Jake laughed as he tried to regain his breath, “I really do.”

“If you ever say anything about this to anyone, I swear I will destroy you. I am not a fag.” He said it with such disdain, “and I WILL get repaid by you when I say so.”

“Yeah, ok,” Jake felt worried that Tony is diving into the depths of guilt. “thank you for helping me, really.”

Tony softened his demeanor, “I enjoyed it and I look forward to more after your certified. I just keep this stuff on the down-low and out of the ladies minds.” With that said he put Jake in a headlock and gave him a playful noogie.
The remaining time flew by till he had his final test. The questions were more complicated than he had expected. Some seem to have multiple answers that might fit. Still, he felt good about his chances of passing. That didn’t stop him from panicking while waiting for the results. He was sitting on the patio of an ice cream shop with Mel and Steve when his watch started vibrating. With a touch of a button a hologram appeared above his watch, the results from your test scores are 93%, PASSED! The guys started shouting and cheering all through the streets, it was truly a great day for Jake. He will soon be receiving more money than he could know what to do with. “When do you take your test, SMel?” Jake started calling him that over the last few days. Mel isn’t exactly happy about it, but it isn’t the first time he’s answered to it either.

“Next Wednesday, I hope I do as well as you.” The sound of uncertainty thick in Mel’s tone.

“I think you will.” They went for a real celebration meal. It felt great to relax again. After eating way too much the three of them decided to take a walk around the island. Mel pointed to the large cargo ships coming and going. There’s so many that they seem endless. Steve brought up a weather app and showed the boys a storm expected to move into the area. “It’s supposed to reach us in 3 days, so those ships will be gone by the end of the day tomorrow.” They shared a concerned glance.

“Hi guys, I am Shamus,” the voice sprang out from the side making them all jump. “I over heard you talking about the storm. Have you been here for one yet?” All three shook their heads. “My father designed this ship to handle Cat 5 hurricanes with ease, so you needn’t worry.” Shamus but on a genuine smile.

“Your father? Is he Sir Melvin Spencer?” Steve asked with hesitation.

“The one and only.” Shamus is never bothered by people’s curiosity, he isn’t smug about it either. Simply, matter of factly, he explained, “I am his 65th child. My eldest sister named me from a book she’d read about amish immigrants. I, too, have read it and hope to visit some of their settlements one day.”

“Shamus, it is a real pleasure to meet you. I am Steve from Chicago, this is Mel from Tennessee, and this here is Jake who claims to be from the great state of Alabama.” Each shook hands as they were introduced. ”We are celebrating Jake passing his certifications for underwater welding today.”

“Oh Congratulations Jake, that is quite an achievement. Would you fellas mind if I join you?”

Jake acted a little bit star struck and over excited, “Oh my gosh, I would love it. I feel so honored. It’s like being in the presence of a famous actor.” He knew he sounded like a complete imbecile and instantly displayed a face of someone struggling from within.

“No Jake, I am the one who is honored. I am 21 years old and have only been off this island twice. The first time I was 13, my father took 10 of us onto the big island of Hawaii. He showed us how he used that island as a template for Lady Thetis’s designs. The second time I went to Australia with two of my sisters. We took a tour for a month exploring the nature in the Outback. Next I will be going to New York City in just a month. Have any of you been there?”

Jake chimed in much calmer now that they’ve been walking. “I have, my parents took me to see the Statue if Liberty. I couldn’t believe how tiny the windows are in her head, it always looks so much bigger in pictures. It was also overwhelming how many people were herding along like a bunch a cows heading for pasture. The building are bigger than mountains and it seems to go on forever. I felt almost hidden by the endless number of people. Like I was in a giants ant farm or somethin.”

“I have heard that before, I simply cannot wait to see the lights and the stores. Hey, do you guys want to see something interesting?” his face lit up as if a lightbulb had been turned on.

“Yeah sure.” Literally all three said in unison. That gave Shamus a chuckle.

Shamus lead them to a door behind a set of rocks. Jake imagined everyone passing by without any clue that it was there. As they went in they walked down a long hallway that had several doors. Shamus stopped in front of a simple looking door and pressed his hand on a pad to the right side of the door. It slid open and everyone walked through. The space opened up to a large living room with an enormous square sectional couch, a fireplace five grown men could stand in and a huge television. A series of glass panels lined the entire length of the room overlooking a gigantic patio and a stunning view of the ocean. Shamus tapped one of the panels and it effortlessly swung open onto the patio stretching the full length of the windows. “Is this where you live?” Mel was astonished.

“Yes. When my sister got married and moved to New York, she gave me her apartment. Would anyone care for a smoothie?”

Jake smiled wide, “That sounds wonderful, but I don’t want to be the one to make you service me.”

Steve grinned mischievously, “I don’t have a problem requesting to be serviced.” Jake gave him the ’stop it’ face.

“Do any of you not like pineapple?” They all shook their head and followed Shamus to the kitchen. As he was making the smoothies he noticed Jake looking at a picture on the wall. “That is my eldest sister Elizabeth. She’s the one who gave me this apartment. She was the first daughter after 10 Sons. From then on our father insisted on a daughter after every 3 sons.” Shamus handed each a smoothie ushered them to the couch. “My father fell in love with a woman named Elizabeth Evangale. She died of breast cancer before any of us were born. But, she believed in my fathers vision, so they collected 700 eggs from her ovaries. After, she passed, father had her ovaries and womb put on a life support system. In the beginning, we all were born from our mothers womb, but I was carried by my sister Elizabeth as a surrogate. She is named after our mother. My sisters are not forced to surrogate for us, but they often volunteer. We have all come from the same mother and father. The process is quite miraculous really. The genes from our fathers sperm and our mothers eggs. Our full DNA are predetermined before gestation. Often there are multiples at one time. I was born with 2 brothers. Shane is now living in New Zealand and Shawn is living on the big island of Hawaii.”

“That is remarkable. But, if Elizabeth carried 3 of you, wouldn’t you all be the 65th child?” Mel was slightly confused.

“Shane came out first, he is the 64th and Shawn is the 66th, but you aren’t the first to ask that same question. Hey, are you guys free for a couple hours?”

“We are, we don’t have to work until tomorrow, why what do you have in mind?” Steve asked.

“My older brother John has invited some of us to go for a boat ride. You are welcome to join, if you like.”

“Are you sure he wouldn’t mind takin on complete strangers?” Jake asked apprehensive to just say yes.

“He loves meeting new people, and has always included our guests would be welcome in the invitation. What do you say?”

They all agreed fully and followed Shamus to an elevator. This one is far more ornate than the ones they are used to. As they reached the level Shamus selected, the doors opened to an enclosed harbor with more boats of all sizes than they could count. Some were sizable yachts and others were small but beautiful vessels. The outer walls are lined with greek columns and there are lounge areas scattered about. Shamus lead them to a group of similar aged men and women who all looked very much alike. They stood as the new comers approached. “Shamus, Good to see you brother! Who’re your friends?”

“John, this is Steve from Chicago, Mel from Tennessee, and Jake from the great state of Alabama. Guys this is John, Jordan, Evan, Carol, and Leslie. They are some of my brothers and sisters.” Jake blushed at the introduction using his standard tagline. It seemed so rediculous coming from such a perfect human.

Everyone were very welcoming and gracious. John ushered the group to a large cigarette boat. “How fast does this thing go John?” Steve was simply in love with this boat.

“I will say it goes faster than most boats in the world, but the chop is getting larger as the storm comes in, so we’re going to keep it to a minimum.” With a touch of a button a giant bay door slid open wide. The motors began to grumble until they cleared the door. Jake looked behind them in time to see the door close and erase any signs of its existence. It appears to be as any cliff you’d see along a waters edge.

John took them so far out that the island was a small mound on the horizon. He then began to navigate between ships and in a wide circle around the Lady Thetis. Carol asked for Jake to help her get drinks for everyone. As they descended the steps he realized just how big the cabin actually was. She guided him to the kitchen and had him count out enough glasses from the cupboards. She gathered a bunch of vegetables and told Jake where to find spices. “I hope you don’t mind that we don’t drink alcohol.”

“Actually, I find it refreshing. My granddad was an alcoholic. I decided the saplings off of the same tree carry the same root rot. If you want to change the cycle of things you gotta do something different, so I don’t drink it myself. But, I hated trying to explain it to my friends.” Jake felt better that he was busy chopping vegetables and not reading the face of a genius who would realize his inferiority.

“We have been genetically engineered to have a distain for alcohol. Our father said his brother died in a car accident because of his alcoholism. So, father made the same decision as you. In the early days of our creation they didn’t have the ability to change those types of genes. So, our second brother has suffered from his alcoholism since he was a teenager. He isn’t the only one, but he’s had the most problems as a result. By the time our 7th brother was born, they had been successful with that particular gene manipulation.”

“How much of this is known to the outside public?”

“We share our results with governments around the world. Most of the liberal alarmists fear the positive effects of our research, thinking we are trying to control them. Ironically, it is their chosen leaders who are the ones showing the most interest. The more Tyrannical Governments interest in gene manipulation are nefarious in their intent. We pride ourselves in research for the good of the human race, not its obedience.” They scooped up the virgin Bloody Mary’s and went out to the deck.

“What a wonderful day!” Mel expressed as he threw his arms in the air. He gained a round of laughter and a chorus of exclamations as one by one they threw their hands in the air.

As the side of the Lady Thetis opened to receive her children, the day ended with hugs and promises to stay in touch. Shamus lead the guys to a lobby where they could catch an elevator down to their level. As they waved goodbye to their new friend, and the elevator doors closed, Jake turned to the others, “Do you really think they will invite us to do something else with them?”

Mel looked him in the eyes, “I sure hope so, they were great!”

“I wouldn’t count on it guys. We are simply a novelty to people like that. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed hanging out with them, but what could we possibly have in common or be able to offer them?” Steve was trying to be the voice of wisdom.

As they entered their dorm Mel stopped them in their tracks. He pointed to the video feed. Just below the ridge of rocks at the bottom, they could clearly see Shamus leaning on the railing of his terrace, almost as if he could see them standing there and he waved his hand. Jake didn’t even know he waved back until Steve smacked his hand. It was Steve who gasped as Shamus smiled wide. The three of them froze as Shamus walked out of view.

“Do you think….” Mel barely whispered out loud.

“No….” the other 2 answered in unison, although neither sounded convinced.

They went to bed buzzing of the events of the day. Jake fell asleep almost immediately, Mel turned on the television as a distraction to help him get to sleep. But, Steve was busy running it all through his mind.

Copyright © 2019 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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