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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Deep 6-9 - 3. Chapter 3

From the town center along the harbor, a stage has been erected. People from all walks of life aboard Lady Thetis are surrounding the area, even more are on the hillside and on the boats in the harbor. People could be seen in every window of the surrounding buildings. Many aren’t sure why they are gathering other than an opportunity to see Sir Melvin Spencer himself. No matter what they thought may be the reason, it was unmistakably a joyous occasion.

As Sir Melvin comes to the podium, a thunderous applause welcomes the creator and benefactor of the Lady Thetis and all her sister ships. “Today is the 18th day since Hurricane Roy struck our ship. While the storm itself did not cause the damage to one of our mining vessels. It did help generate the ‘Perfect Storm’ of events which claimed 4 precious lives of our team. We want to honor the sacrifice they gave trying to save so many others from the same fate. Behind me today are the families of those we lost. General Sharp and his Naval crew on board the Asclepius helped save the rest of the team on board Hub #3 that day. I have asked the General to present the families with a medal of honor for their loved ones. General Sharp everyone!”

While the applause didn’t last as long as Sir Melvin’s, the energy was at least equal. “Death is not the reason for celebration today. However, the courage and the sacrifice of those who have died, is an opportunity to honor them. Will the families please come up to receive our respect.” One by one they were introduced. They held pictures of their loved ones and the jumbo screens scattered around the area displayed their pictures for everyone to see. The General shared how these men and women fought to help their crewmates. He placed a platinum medal around their necks and handed them an envelope each. The crowds were overwhelmingly generous with their applause to honor these families. Then the General left to take his seat, and Sir Melvin walked to the podium.

“On that day, my son Marcus and my daughter Jenna, were on board Hub #3. Like so many of my children, they have a passion for the work they do here. We want to now honor the surviving members of Hub #3. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ms Caroline Williams.”

“Thank you, Sir Melvin. Thank you to the families here for our fallen crewmates. I assure you they were all like family to us.” Silence lay over the crowd like a blanket. “I believe there are times when the children of wealthy businessmen who work for their daddies, are judged as not deserving of their titles. I have to admit, my first impression of Marcus was ‘spoiled rich kid’” a great rumble of chuckling swept through the crowd. Even Sir Melvin was seen chuckling. “But, when you actually work beside Marcus and Jenna, as Sir Melvin described, it is easy to see their passion and they’re dedication. Never have I worked with such great leaders as they are.” Her crew applauded enthusiastically. “We want to present this gift to them for their bravery on that day. At all times it was clear that they too would be willing to sacrifice themselves to save any of us,” she looked at the families of the fallen, “if they could have, they would have traded places with your loved ones.” A teardrop fell from all. “Marcus, Jenna, can you come up, please?”

Hugs from everyone and etched crystal plaques were exchanged. Jenna stepped up to the podium, she wiped away her tears before she spoke. “Thank you Caroline, we love everyone of you so much.” She hugged Caroline again and a couple others before speaking again. “Our brother Shamus is a character of many surprises. As for myself, he never ceases to amaze me with his unlimited resourcefulness. On that day he saw an opportunity to use the new ship, he had created, to save us from a depth of 38,000 feet. Believe me when I tell you that it’s not an easy thing to do. Shamus, would you please come up?” He was welcomed with hugs and applause.

“Jenna, Marcus, everyone on Hub#3, all my brothers and Sisters, as well as all the people of our Lady Thetis, Jenna is correct, I am an opportunist. I see the potential for a positive union of ideas and people when others are still pondering what may have brought them to the situation. But, my passion is design for helping people in need. I care so deeply in the comfort and care of others that I try to create ways to help as many people as possible. Sometimes, I believe we’re lead by God on high to assist each other in our tasks. I find it to be the most logical explanation for these great opportunities. I have had one of those miracles recently while walking on the trails of that very hill before me. I was drawn by the laughter of 3 very exuberant gentlemen sharing the same path. They welcomed me on their walk and we had a great day. The opportunist, that I am, saw one man stand out. At first, I thought it was his Southern accent,” that brought a wave of chuckling. “Then I thought it was his funny way of blushing after not being able to control his embarrassment.” More laughter swept the crowd. “But, it was his heart, that draws everyone who meets him, to want to be near him.” Shamus thought about that for a moment.

“On that day,” Shamus turned to all of those from Hub #3, “we called on him to help us find a way to save some of our own. The favor we were asking had never been attempted before. The Perfect Storm my father spoke of had made the odds of success, as well as the risk of losing his own life, daunting.” Shamus looked to the crowd with passion in his face, “He didn’t even hesitate, other than to suggest we probably should be asking someone more qualified.” That brought out another rumble. “You see, he’s modest, he doesn’t even know just how amazing he really is. But, when you are in his presence, he is like a star, just bursting with energy.” Smiles throughout the stage. “I assure you, as I am speaking right now, he is redder than, how would he say it. Redder than the skin on an apple?” Thunderous laughter from all.

“With every challenge that threatened to make the mission a failure, he was able to look outside of the box that everyone else around was stuck in. His modesty assumed everyone had already reached the same logical conclusions, so it took great bravery to speak up around the likes of General Sharp. The greatest minds were beside him as well. But, everyone wanted to know what this young kid, from the great state of Alabama, had to say.” Great laughter filled the air. “He did it! He saved their lives at every turn. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce the Parents of Jake Redbush from the great state of Alabama! And, Jake himself.”

Jake dashed across the stage, he didn’t know his parents were going to be there. He held them so tight that he had a hard time letting them go. When they finally got him to the podium he looked at Shamus and Sir Melvin, “I really don’t deserve this, but thank you all for bringing my folks here to me. I have been missin them like a colt being weaned from its mother.” A warm chuckle rolled through the crowd and was added to when Jake turned a couple shades of red darker. “I really didn’t do anything that anyone else wouldn’t ah done if they’d been called upon.”

“But, when someone like Sir Melvin asks you to do something, you don’t ask a lot of questions. It’s better to just do whatever it is.” There was a soft applause. “My heart really does go out to those families who lost their loved ones that day. It is a loss I hope to never know, but one that I think everyone has, at one time or another. But, thank you all, again.”

Shamus stepped back up. “I told you.” Laughter filled the crowd. “On behalf of my self, my family, the crew of Hub #3 and of the Lady Thetis, we give you this platinum plaque and a check for you and your family to use towards making a better life for all you touch.” Shamus embraced Jake.

Sir Melvin walked up and embraced Jake and walked to the podium. “Ladies and gentlemen, please help yourselves to the food and drinks today. We will be having dancing and fun for the entire day. Thank you so much for your time.” Everyone began approaching each other on stage to hug and laugh, there was real love for all.

As they joined the rest of the crowd for food and drinks, Shamus grabbed Jake and whispered in his ear. “Do you want another surprise?”

“I don’t know if my heart can take any more surprises.”

“Come on, follow me.” Shamus grabbed his hand and lead him to another door that Jake was convinced nobody ever realized was there. They got on an elevator and Shamus started kissing Jake with such tenderness. Jake melted into the warmth that Shamus pressed against him. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly call this a surprise, Shamus.”

“Your cute and funny.” When the doors opened Jake was a little confused where they were, until they turned a corner and he saw Mark through a window. Shamus ushered Jake through the doors and Mark approached smiling, “Good to see you again Jake.”

“You too Mark.”

“Follow me please.” Mark guided them into a small room with the lights dim. In a large glass tank of clear liquid was something inside. ”Jake, I want you to meet your twin sons.”

Jake wept as he pressed up to the glass to see them through the placenta inside of the tank. They were more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. Instantly, he had more love for these babies than he had for anything else in his entire life. He turned to Shamus and cried into his shoulder. Mark left them alone in the room. “My father used one of my sister’s eggs to create a child with your good looks and my heart. This egg split into 2, giving us 2 beautiful boys. What do you think of them?”

“They are amazing. I can’t wait to hold them.”

“Well, we have 8 months to go before that happens. But, you can come here anytime you want while we wait. Father has cleared you to be able to get here day or night.” Jake hugged Shamus tight enough to take his breath away.

They stood looking at them for quite awhile. The day was a great day and the food and dancing was a joyous celebration. Jake took his parents for a tour ending with Jake and Shamus showing them their grandchildren. His mother cried at the surprise and beauty of such precious babies in front of them. “Mr and Mrs Redbush, you are welcome here any time and for as long as you wish. Consider this your home as well.” They hugged Shamus and they watched the boys as they embraced each other.

Mrs Redbush spent the next couple days visiting them as much as possible, especially after learning about the microphone so they can hear the voices of the ones who love them. She also began planning trips to the island every 2 months to see them as they grow. Mark agreed to send pictures to her as time goes by.


Shamus had asked Jake to join him on his trip to New York. “Shamus, you are so cute when you’re excited. Look, you can see the city now.” Although a comfortable size, their private plane was tiny compared to the ones moving around the runways. When it came to a complete stop they were in a private hanger where a limousine waited for their arrival. Elizabeth stepped out from the back and waited for her bother to exit the plane.

“Elizabeth, it is so good to see you. I have missed you so much.” Shamus held her with such love. “I want you to meet Jake. Jake this is my beautiful sister Elizabeth.”

“Jake, it’s wonderful to finally meet you. My brother hasn’t stopped talking about you since you met.”

“I’m happy to finally meet you too, he always speaks of you highly.”

They chatted all the way to her house in the Hamptons. It is a beautiful estate with giant gates and guards. The grounds are kept immaculate and the house is of the French Chateau style. “Sister, this place is so you. Simply beautiful.”

“Awe, Thank you Shamus. When Charles and I got married, we started looking for a place to raise a family. I found this while visiting a friend and fell in love immediately. Charles bought it the day he came to see it. We knew it was a great place for our children.”

“Uncle Shamus!” Three children cried out as they ran into his arms. “You must come see our room’s!”

“I would love that, but I want you to meet my friend Jake first.” All three straightened up like they were taught when being introduced to people.

The eldest son approached with his 8 year old hand stretched out, “Nice to meet you, my name is Nicholas, this is my brother Niles, and my sister Nina.” Each of his siblings extended their hands as they were introduced. Just like they’ve practiced many times before.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you all.” Jake said after shaking their hands.

Niles made a cute face, “Mister, why do you talk funny?” The adults couldn’t help but to chuckle.

“Son, our new friend comes from the great state of Alabama, which is located very far from here in the south. Everyone who lives there speaks exactly like he does. They all think that you and I talk.” All three of her children made a face like they didn’t know if they should believe her.

Jake got on one knee and decided to turn up his drawl for them, “Now, your momma is telling y’all the truth. All my kin folk down there sound exactly like I do. Now, we don’t make fun of the way y’all talk when we meet you, on account we know you can’t help where you come from. So, since I am visiting you where you live, I hope you don’t make fun of me while I’m here.”

Little Nina in the sweetest voice a little girl can make said, “I promise I won’t make fun of you.”

Nicholas is much more direct when he speaks, “Mr Jake, I also promise not to make fun of you while you’re here visiting.” And little Niles nodded, “Me Too!”

They couldn’t help but laugh when they heard them. “Ok, children Jake and I will come up to see your rooms in just a little bit. Go make sure they are all cleaned up and ready when we get up there.”

“Ok Uncle Shamus, come on Niles and Nina, we have work to do!”

“Elizabeth, Your children are wonderful.” Jake said as he followed her into the kitchen.

“You are so kind, they are so funny sometimes, I can’t help but laugh at the things they come up with.”

They enjoy some smoothies and sandwiches before Shamus went to see the kids rooms. Jake stayed behind to take a walk with Elizabeth in the backyard. “Shamus has really taken a shine on you. I haven’t ever seen him like this. I hope you know my brother is special to us, and whomever he loves we will love automatically.”

“I know exactly what you are saying Elizabeth. I have special feelings for him as well. I promise I will do my best to keep him happy.”

“I believe you will.”

Their visit with Elizabeth and her family was filled with laughter and fun. When it came time to leave, it was hard to say goodbye. Shamus rented a small camper for Jake to drive them to Alabama. Shamus had never driven a car and doesn’t have a drivers license. But, he thought it would be fun to go on a road trip to the place Jake had come from.

Shamus had zero idea of how long it would take, nor the way to get there. He decided to leave that all up to Jake. So the first night he didn’t know why they’d stopped in Northeastern Ohio. However, the next morning Jake stopped at Geerdes family farm in Millersburg. As soon as Shamus saw the horse and buggies he started smiling from ear to ear. They had a great time meeting the Geerdes family and friends. They ate and shared stories that amazed them on each side of the stories.

As the journey continued, Shamus shared their pictures with his family through text messages and social media. The next big stop was more for Jake than Shamus because of his love for country music. Nashville is a beautiful city with so much to see. Shamus loved the history surrounding the famous Opry. But, the thing that Shamus was most impressed by was the exact replica of the intact Parthenon from Greece.

One of the things that Jake had learned from Shamus was a love for the music of Elvis Presley. So naturally Jake drove to Memphis so they could stop at Graceland. The way Shamus reacted when he saw it come into view made Jake laugh. He even predicted that reaction and decided to use his cell phone to video his reaction. They had a great time touring the mansion and learning more about the life of Elvis.

The next stop was Jakes home town. Shamus was taking in everything that influenced young Jake as he grew. He wondered if he knew every person they saw. Who Jake may have kissed first, where he went swimming, the school he attended. It all fascinated him. Jake made a fast turn into a long driveway. “I want you to meet someone real quick. They pulled up to a well maintained farm house with an enormous wrap around porch. Sitting on the porch Shamus saw an elderly couple having iced tea. “Mr and Mrs Johnson, how are y’all doing today?”

“Jake my boy! Don’t you look like a breath of fresh air! Now who’s your friend you’re calling with?”

“Mrs Johnson, this here is Shamus Spencer, this is his first visit to the mainland United States. He is a son of Sir Melvin Spencer.”

Mr Johnson chirped up, “Well ain’t that something, Mr Spencer, Welcome to our home. Please have a seat. Would ya care for a quench of iced tea? Martha has the best tea on this side of the great state of Alabama.”

“Yes Sir, I would enjoy that very much. May I say how beautiful your farm is.”

“Why thank you young man, this farm has been in my family for 120 years. My son Jed is set to take it over when I’m gone. Which he might’ve gotten early bout 12 years ago, if’t weren’t for lil Jake here.”

“Jake shared that story with us when he saved my brother, sister and 119 other people in a deep sea accident during a hurricane.”

“Well now, that don’t come to no surprise to us here. He’d always been the type to save anyone in trouble, that’s how I knew that even though he was only 8, he’d be the one to save Stew here.”

Jake was at least 3 shades of red now, “ Y’all know I’m right here, don’tcha?” They chuckled, “I was only trying to help, not to be a hero.”

Mr Johnson put his hand on Jake’s knee, “And that’s why you are a hero, cause you ain’t tryin to be.”

“I’m sorry to be ending this fine conversation so early, but we need to be getting on to my folks. I love y’all so much.”

They all stood and shared hugs around. “We love ya too son.”

Shamus’s eyes widened up when he saw the home where Jake grew up. It was a fine old southern plantation home with huge pillars and giant two story wrap around porch’s. It was straight out of the story of Gone With The Wind. “Jake, it’s beautiful!”

“Well, make sure to say it like that to my momma, she takes great pride in our house.”

And that was exactly what Shamus did. The thing is, it was a genuine compliment because it truly is a home of great history and beauty.
“Jake! Momma, why didn’t you tell me Jake was gonna be here?”

“Jerry, how good is it to see my baby brother. Would you look at how you’ve shot up like a corn stalk. Are you taller than me now?” Jerry turned shades of red just like his big brother.

Of course, Jerry insisted on standing back to back to find out. They are technically the same height, but Jake made sure to place his hand on the back of Jerry’s to make it appear that he was taller than Jake. Jerry was so excited to know he had Jake beat.

“Jerry, this is my friend, Shamus Spencer, he’s a son of Sir Melvin Spencer.”

“Whoa, really, hot dog! I can’t wait to tell Stanley that I met a real clone!”

“JERRY! Now you apologize for being rude!” His momma slapped the back of his head.

“Sorry, bout calling ya a clone, I didn’t mean it in a mean way.”

“That’s ok Jerry, most people have a lot of questions about what it’s like, but really it’s quite boring since everything else is just like everyone else.”

They all smiled and went inside to get out of the heat. Jerry was so excited that his big brother was home and brought someone famous home with him. “What’s it like to go everywhere with everyone knowing who you are?” Shamus just looked at him, he had the same cute smile and wild eyes that Jake has.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t know. I have only left the Lady Thetis 3 times in my whole life. And, this trip is one of the 3. I have been very focused on my work with my family. We work very hard to make the best out of everything we do. I have made my passion designing ships and functions that help people in danger or in need of help.”

On one hand he could see the disappointment in young Jerry’s expression, but on the other hand he could tell Jerry could understand the importance of helping his family’s lives be better. It shows young Jerry is growing up.

After dinner Shamus went for a walk with the whole family. He didn’t realize just how big their property is. There’s somewhere in between 100-120 acres. There’s some woods behind the crick and a swamp low spot down one side, and that has never been clear who owns it. They talked about some of the dreams they’d had for the place, and they talked about hardships, old and new. But, through all of that, one thing was resoundingly clear. They are a loving and strong family.

In the middle of the night, they plantation windows were open throughout the house. Although, slightly humid, the temperature was perfect. What woke Shamus was a massive humming noise. Rising and lowering in one gigantic orchestra. Shamus went out onto the porch to listen to the sound and look out over the farm in the mostly full moon. Shamus whispered, “so beautiful.”

A muffled break in the hum Shamus saw Jerry in just his jeans trotting away from the house. The boys skin glowing in the moonlight revealing the physical benefits of growing up on a farm. Shamus watched as Jerry went beside the big barn. He thought maybe the boy forgot to do something, or was checking to be sure the creatures who were making the sound wasn’t eating the whole field. So, he thought he’d surprise the boy and maybe even help. Although, Shamus didn’t want to wake Jake so he made his way downstairs in just his boxers and t-shirt. As he got to the back corner of the barn, Shamus stopped suddenly. He saw Jerry on one knee in front of another beautiful 17-18 year old handsome blonde boy. Shamus felt ashamed for looking, yet so intrigued that he couldn’t stop himself. Jerry stood to take his turn as the dominant figure. Their bodies are so strong and young. Their passion and curiosity for each other drove them to try other things that Shamus knew would carry them both into a euphoric climax. Before he could step away, he saw Jerry stand up straight with his friend still driving into orgasm as Jerry shuddered the seed of his manhood. The friend had wrapped his arms around Jerry’s abs and kissed his neck as he began to shudder into Jerry.

The last thing Shamus wanted was to be seen watching them, so he moved as quickly as he could back to the house and up on the porch. As he was about to sit where he was originally, he froze in his tracks. Jerry was standing in the yard looking straight up to where he was. He definitely see’s Shamus now, but did he see him sooner? The thought sent chills down his spine. Jerry raised his hand in a gesture that either meant, ‘hello person who is awake in the middle of the night like I am’, or ‘I saw you and I want you to know that you better not tell on me.’

As Jerry walked away, Shamus sat down with his heart pounding away in his chest. Although he couldn’t get his erection to reduce its attempt to free itself through the fly if his boxers, the quiet of the night allowed his pulse to lower minute by minute. The time moved slower and his eyes grew heavier. It was time to fall back asleep. As he stepped back into the house to head to the bedroom he saw Jerry standing at the top of the stairs wearing just his boxer briefs and staring at Shamus as he came in. After several seconds of silence, Jerry walked down the stairs. Frightened once again, Shamus found it difficult to move. But, then Jerry came back most of the way up the stairs and motioned for Shamus to follow him.

As Shamus came to the bottom of the stairs he didn’t see Jerry right away, at least until he looked to the far right down a long hallway. Jerry stepped into another door. So, naturally, Shamus walked down to that door. He found it was another set of steps leading into a basement. This basement though wasn’t at all like he expected. Still very dark, he could see a couch and Television, with a bar in the corner. There is a pool table near there and a low glow of light coming from somewhere around a corner. A door with a tiny window showed Jerry sitting in a small sauna. Shamus opened the door and stepped into a very warm small space. Jerry smiled and patted the bench next to him.

Awkward silence, no other way to describe it. What do you say, how should you act. Jerry stood for a moment adjusting the temperature, then he turned another knob that dimmed the lights down so low that they could almost be considered off. Jerry sat back down and put his hands behind his head and leaned way back against the wall. Shamus kept looking at Jerry’s bulge and it was obvious what Jerry’s intentions are, but Shamus couldn’t bring himself to do the very thing his temptation was begging for. He played the image in his head of reaching out to that young hard penis, so full of excitement and stamina. No doubt that Shamus considered how wonderful and sweet the pre ejaculate, obviously leaking into those tight briefs, would taste. After seeing Jerry’s sexual energy first hand he knew he would enjoy being inside of Jerry with his friends youthful ejaculate as lubrication. Of course Jerry would insist on his orgasm inside of his rectum. Shamus could show Jerry how to continue anal sex while performing fellatio at the same time. He knew how quickly Jerry would fill his mouth with young seed. “Jerry, I can’t do anything with you. I won’t ever say anything about this to anyone, but I need to leave. I’m sorry.”

Shamus returned to bed, but sleep was no longer in the cards. That was except the last 2 hours before Jake woke him up. “We need to get going if we’re going to drop off the motorhome and get to the airport.”

So, Shamus started waking himself up. “Mr Redbush, I am wondering if you can keep the motorhome for me. I told Jake I had rented it, but I actually bought it. You can use it whenever you want.”

“Why thank you Shamus. That’s mighty fine of you. Do you want us to drop y’all off at the airport?”

“Sir, that would be great.”

Jerry wanted to stay behind, so he said his goodbyes and went out back somewhere. Jake looked around one more time and got in his fathers old Cadillac. The ride to the airport was about an hour but once they got to the private hanger, the transition to the plane was quick. “You boys come back anytime you want. And, we will be seeing you in 3 weeks on The Lady.”

Shamus smiled at Mrs Redbush’s name for the island ship. “I will enjoy spending more time with you.”

One more wave to his folks as the plane took them to the runway for a fast takeoff. Shamus yawned and soon fell asleep. While Jake watched out the window as the world flew by.

Copyright © 2019 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Having lived in Birmingham, Alabama for about 10 years and having travelled throughout the state, I can assure you most people don´t sound like hicks from remote hamlets of Appalachia. Most have genteel southern accents, though some are a bit twangy but with correct grammar. One thing for certain though, is the expression "Bless your heart!" is ubiquitous, which can mean anything from expressing pity regarding an unfortunate occurrence to a veiled but polite "F**k you".

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