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    Recounting what so many have experienced either learning they prefer same sex, or just learning it’s ok to play around once in a while. Not everyone is looking for love or a complete lifestyle change.

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  1. Two days of packing and planning I was on my way up to I-10 West all the way to L.A.. As I got onto I-75 North, I couldn’t shake my memories of the day I arrived in Fort Myers at that very exit. I got off the freeway, that day, so broke, alone, angry, confused, well I am still confused. A child wanting to be a man, wanting to be free. Things were different, and yet, the commitment to creating a new life was still my driving ambition. Even if I didn’t know who I was right then. Brad gave me the b
  2. After hanging out with Zach and Jarred for about another half hour, you know, get the heart rate down and make sure no one is freaking out or anything, it was easy to get Brad back to the cottage. On the walk back, I realized, how unbelievably wild, my brother is, and apparently has been. Ok, we were both known to be the, wild ones, out of all our brothers and sisters. We were daredevils looking for accolades from our adoring fans. Even the Scornful Sour Pus’s would stop to see what we were up t
  3. I’d been in a deep funk for two weeks. It was like, I could go to work with a smile on my face and a fake spring in my step, but all I wanted, when I wasn’t working, was to just be left alone. Sure, these people that I met tried to talk, and invite me to this and that. I just didn’t have it in me to be a part. Mainly, I went to the beach and watched the waves. Fine, I will tell you some of my thoughts, but understand I was in a dark place at that time. Yes my mother, obviously she was right
  4. Franky remembers, not so long ago, when he had a best friend. It wasn’t like it is today, there was no chance of surviving the world knowing your private business. There are certain types of things other men know and choose not to know. He remembers how ruggedly handsome his father was. He would hear the ladies say so in town. His mother was a beautiful woman who was very proud of her husband and her children, she never had a reason to think otherwise, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Franky
  5. I went to Dixie and told her everything about Kyle. She cried with me, only when my anger wasn’t enough to hold it back. Dixie had given my room to a sweet girl who was in a tough spot. So, we were trying to come up with other options. Anne had been listening from the other room and decided to join the conversation. She told me about a girl she knew who worked at a resort on Sanibel Island. The girl lived in their employee housing. Now that sounded interesting. The next day, I went on an a
  6. The next morning, I had serious dejavue, waking to find Kyle had got me inside of him and was in the act of thrusting back on me. “Man, seriously, this is the most amazing way to wake up.” I thought I pissed him off when he just rolled away from me, but he turned and pushed me onto my back. It was like he was trying to pull my dick off with his butthole. It was amazing to feel, how can I show him how sexy and beautiful I think he is? I brought my knees up to still keep doing what he started an
  7. I know I will need to sleep in my car till I can save enough money for a place, but in order to work, I need to figure out how I will be clean and on time. First stop, thrift store for good bedding and towels. Then a drug store for toiletries, found a wind up alarm clock that’ll be perfect. At this point, I have mere change left. I stopped at a gas station and found the hot dogs were mostly burned. The attendant said she was going to throw them away as she gathered them into a bag. I pulled chan
  8. Here’s the thing, I am adventurous, brave, kind, helpful, funny, and very modest. Whatever, anyway, I don’t panic over a little rain and wind, I don’t get scared by storms, I try to embrace them. If we are talking about real storms,I actually like late summer storms. Mom would get all of us in our bathing suits and head outside to experience everything that happens during all types of weather . She would point out the colors of the sky and the gusts of the wind. We’d walk around our small farm t
  9. Tired of the parents ruling over him, judging every decision, making him pay for his mistakes with their never ending list of demands. Daniel decides to make a change, it may hurt, more than himself even, but to be truly free is worth it all.
  10. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 7

    Thank you for reading, I have been enjoying writing this so far.
  11. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 7

    “Shamus called this morning to check on the three of us. We FaceTimed almost right away. I worried someone would be there with him, but he wouldn’t be the kind to FaceTime me if he did. He got tears when he saw the boys. He made promises to ‘try’ to come see us someday.” Jake couldn’t say it without a tear rolling down his cheeks. Marcus reached over the table to hold Jake’s hand. Marcus wanted to see the boys now that they are planning to take them to Alabama in a few days. In the meantime
  12. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 6

    “Shane and Shawn, those are your names. You boys are the most precious person I have ever met. Things won’t always be fair and sometimes it will seem really really bad. But, I can promise you that I will try to make things better and help you to find away to learn from everything we do.” Jake held those boys for the first time. They both are beautiful healthy strong little men. His momma is waiting in the other room with his father. Everyone else are down the hall in a receiving room that Mark c
  13. Kevin left the field on his motorcycle, more confused than ever. With the day’s events, and hours of riding in the sun, his energy was mostly spent. He wandered through his parents home finding his dad in the family room sleeping on his favorite chair in front of the TV. In the winter there’d be a fire going next to him, is about the only difference. Kevin’s momma was in the laundry room washing most of Kevin’s old clothes. “Momma, you are the best mother in the entire world. But, you don’t have
  14. The sauna is small with one bench just big enough for two people to sit comfortably, if you really wanted to squeeze in a third person you can but not really all that comfortable. Eyeballing Dutch was very easy, every time he watched the clear drool from the pisshole down to the puddle forming on his washboard abs, Kevin saw an extra pulse hardening that exquisitely veiny cock. The thought of sucking another dudes dick has crossed his mind a time or two, not like this. None like the playful masc
  15. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 3 DARLA

    Kevin went strolling out to the barn after dinner. Every thing feels like a dream, or some unconscious memory trying to make it’s way into reality. The warm summer air combined with a good breeze cooling anything in it’s path. The smell, as he slid open the heavy old barn door, was absolutely heady. Thick in the air it filled his head with every wonderful memory he’d had while growing up here. ‘I completely forgot how much I loved the smell of hay and old timbers. The smell of the old leather sa
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