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  1. That magical moment lasted less than a minute. Awkward is probably an appropriate word. Ty gave me a quick sideways grin to warn off the voices in my head. I like to think I am some kind of adventurous easy going kind of guy. I even work hard at maintaining that image. Truth be told, I worry constantly what people are thinking of me. An older guy with the greek letters on his t-shirt walked up to us. “You boys look like you’re having a good time.” Ty answered for us, “This party is truly incredible.” The frat dude smiled bright. Ty uses his hand to scan the crowd, ”We have never see
  2. I opened the door and let him pass first. He walks like such a bad ass when we are going out together and it kinda makes me feel tough too. We are still so new on campus we barely know where we are at any moment. We’re just following the crowd who look like they might be going to the same party. I could hear the music and the noise way before I could see anything. I barely could keep myself from running towards it. I am not the only one, cause there are literally guys chasing each other through the crowds. I laughed at how wild this all seems. Once we turned a corner and saw the party, we stop
  3. Topic: Forbidden I had no idea what I was getting into. I don’t know whether I will do it again, but talk about rockin my world!
  4. PhillMakracken


    On The Road What does he expect to happen? Whatever it is, it’ll be interesting. P.S. I originally wrote this for the Anthology, but I don’t have the time to puzzle the editing process together. So, here you go.
  5. “Look, this is my first time being away from that small brainwashed trap of a town I lived in for 18 years. Do you really expect me to stay in this cement block hell hole while this is going on out there?” I held up a flier I found taped to our dorm room door. Ty and I came from the same town on the other side of the state. He was trying everything to keep me from leaving tonight. Talking about parents trust, grades, jobs, Wendy, blablabla. “Shut up, if you don’t want to go, Then Don’t.” I was already digging through my clothes trying to find anything I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear. F
  6. Reports of the infamous ’Jacker’ Continue to dominate local news. Rich has even noticed a greater police presence on that stretch of road. On one hand it helps slow some of the dangerous speeders, but it is a nuisance to the sightly rushed responsible drivers, like himself. Caroline, seems incredibly interested to hear whether Rich has seen the suspect yet. It seems to have become an obsession for her as well, probably even hopeful her husband would be the one responsible bringing the loon to justice. They would be the talk of the town and be invited to all the best gatherings to hear of
  7. “In other news, police are asking for any information leading to the capture of the Rt 80 Jacker. Eyewitness accounts describe the presumed sex offender as a 30 year old man with brown hair. Most descriptions report he wears business attire. Also, the police say eyewitnesses have reported many different vehicle descriptions. It is believed he may also be a car thief.” ”Richard, have you heard of this man? He’s been spotted on the road you take to work.” Caroline had such a surprised look on her face as she tried to get her husband’s attention. ”What? Honey, I don’t have time for this
  8. PhillMakracken


    Being Straight doesn’t always mean what you think. For as long as men have been on this planet, a certain brotherhood has existed. Somethings women should never know about.
  9. Kevin feels torn by the desire to relax and feel free, versus maintaining the conduct expected of every military personnel while in public. The excitement stepping onto the bus for the airport actually made his heart beat faster. Right now all he wants to do is be home. Like most, he misses his family, friends, and his German Shepherd, Bear. Even with some semi familiar faces of fellow soldiers, he never officially met yet any, just in passing. This is one those small airport busses to transport passengers to the airport. A couple guys in the back are sharing their travel plans. Across f
  10. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 Jake opened his eyes as the meditation session came to an end. In that moment he saw the tears running down Mel’s cheeks. He was relieved he wasn’t the only one. Mel saw Jake’s tears and both of them simultaneously raised their eyebrows. They were interrupted by the soft voice coming from one of Sir Melvin’s daughters. “I’m sorry, are you Jake?” “Yes Ma’am.” He blushed at that moment. “I am so happy to finally meet you. I am Kayla, my family speaks so highly of you.” She turned to Mel, “I believe you go by Mel? Like my father?” Mel was stunned that she would know his
  11. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 Mel woke up with a pounding headache. ‘What did we do last night?’ The arm wrapped around his waist reminded him that he and Steve had raced each other around the mountain on Lady Thetis, but he didn’t have enough water. Instead they grabbed coffee and went to bed in Steve’s cube. “Hey, hot stuff. You were amazing last night.” “Why do I keep letting you talk me into this shit?” Mel threw Steve’s arm off of him. “I think it’s because you like the way I look in my trainers. I see how you look at me. But, I love the way you react when I tell you how fucking hot yo
  12. PhillMakracken

    Part 6

    Well, interestingly enough, I love zombie apocalypse stories, my real name is Troy, my partner is petite and feminine, and I dream of living in an RV. I’d say you have been writing this story for me!
  13. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 3

    From the town center along the harbor, a stage has been erected. People from all walks of life aboard Lady Thetis are surrounding the area, even more are on the hillside and on the boats in the harbor. Many aren’t sure why they are gathering other than an opportunity to see Sir Melvin Spencer himself. No matter what they thought may be the reason, it was unmistakably a joyous occasion. As Sir Melvin comes to the podium, a thunderous applause welcomes the creator and benefactor of the Lady Thetis and all her sister ships. “Today is the 18th day since Hurricane Roy struck our ship. While the
  14. PhillMakracken

    Chapter 2

    “Tony, what are we off to do today?” Jake asked as they arranged their things in the back of the sub. He was happy to be paired with Tony after he received his certifications. There’s something to be said about underwritten understandings when working with someone. The understood roles and tasks each play makes every job more enjoyable and more productive. “Lady Thetis Execs have called for a rare halt on all mining. They are instructing the Hubs to ascend and connect to her hull. But, I hear Hub #3 may not be able to complete their ascension before the storm hits. We may be called on to
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