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Deep 6-9 - 6. Chapter 6

“Shane and Shawn, those are your names. You boys are the most precious person I have ever met. Things won’t always be fair and sometimes it will seem really really bad. But, I can promise you that I will try to make things better and help you to find away to learn from everything we do.” Jake held those boys for the first time. They both are beautiful healthy strong little men. His momma is waiting in the other room with his father. Everyone else are down the hall in a receiving room that Mark created for this event. He knew how popular Jake is and there would be many who want to be part of this wonderful experience. Jake used voice command on his watch and called for Dr Mark to let his parents in the room. Jake beamed with tears rolling down his cheeks as his mother burst into tears. His father had a similar but subdued reaction. All their attention and love poured over their son and grandsons.

While Jake and his parents bonded with Shane and Shawn, Dr Mark went to tell everyone how things were going. Jake’s brother Jeremy, Kyle and Kent, Mel, Steve, Tony, Frank, and a dozen or so of Sir Melvin’s children including Elizabeth. The only one who was notably not present was Shamus. Dr Mark explained the plan. Jake and his parents were going to be brought into the adjoining room where everyone will have ample time to see the babies. There are microphones and speakers so they will be able to communicate with the family, however, this is the first party these babies have been to so keep the volume way down. He explained that this is all to keep the babies from getting sick. As Grandpa settled down on an oversized chair with the babies, Jakes momma rubbed Jake’s shoulders, “Honey, that wonderful man, Sir Melvin, is in the other room if you want me to fetch him.” Jake enthusiastically nodded his head.

Sir Melvin actually had tears roll down his cheeks as he saw those two beautiful boys. “Jake, they are two of the most beautiful boys I’ve seen. This always reminds me of being introduced to my children. Each and every one of them were the most joyous occasions. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.”

Jake stood and wrapped his arms around Sir Melvin. “None of this would have happened without you and your generous heart. I am forever happily indebted to you.”

“Jake, it seems you’ve forgotten the deal we’d made.” He looked Jake in eyes with deep meaning and with a wide smile. “I agreed to do this for your efforts in saving my children and precious lives who are in my employ.” Sir Melvin now grabbed Jake into his embrace. “No Jake, this is all my pleasure and deepest gratitude, and anything you all will ever need is my pleasure to give to you.” Mrs Redbush couldn’t hold back any longer, she moved into Sir Melvin to give him her love.

Grandpa looked up at Sir Melvin, “Well, the way I see it Sir, you are just as much these boys Grandad as I am. Do you want to hold’em?” His offer was met with real excitement and real tears of joy at being a Grandfather to these babies. He kissed each one and told them if all the things he will want to show them as they grow.

”Momma, if you don’t stop crying, you’re going to need to be put on an IV to get some fluids in you!” Jake loved teasing that woman.

Dr Mark knocked on the door and Jake invited him in. “I just want to let you know everything is all set for the friends to see the boys when you folks are ready.”

Jake took a deep breath, “Ok everyone, let’s go out and see the rest of this family. Daddy, Sir Melvin, would you each take a Grandson and follow momma and I? We’ll go in first because I wanna say a few things and then I will introduce y’all one at a time.” He just suddenly had that vision and knew it was the right one. “I want to help you know which is which. Daddy, you have Shane. He has a freckle on his left ear lobe. And Sir Melvin, obviously then you have Shawn, but he has a freckle right ear lobe.”

Sir Melvin looked at Shawn’s right ear, “Well, I’ll be damned, I should’ve had you around when my babies were born. We had tried all kinds of ways to tell them apart.” They all laughed at that.

As Jake and his momma entered the room there was a dash to the windows, the anticipation was thick in this crowd. “Before we bring them in, I wanna let all of you know how much you mean to me. I have come to love you so much and I wanna make sure you know you are considered Aunts and Uncle’s of these two boys for the rest of their lives. I want you to be a welcomed part of this family.” Tears were plenty in the room. “Ok, first Grandfather to come in is Sir Melvin. He will introduce you to your nephew.”

Sir Melvin shed a new tear as he walked up to the glass. “This here darling boy is Shawn. Isn’t he beautiful?” Of course each and everyone of them cooed at Shawn. As if practiced, Shawn opened his eyes and smiled at his adoring fans. “I think a star was born.” Sir Melvin hit that one on the mark.

”Now the second Grandfather will introduce you to your other nephew. Jake’s daddy went right up next to Sir Melvin. “Meet your Aunt’s and Uncle’s, Shane, their so excited to meet you.” Shane opened his looked from left to right, he yawned a wide open mouthed deep breath and fell right to sleep. “Well, I think this one is probably going to be hard to please.” There were lots laughs quick attempts to quiet themselves as fast as possible.

For the next hour people gave well wishes and asked questions, it was a great day for all of them. Exhausted, Jake collapsed into a bed Sir Melvin had made for Jake in the hospital ward. It has high soft sides all the way around with soft bumpers breaking it into three sections. This puts Jake right in the middle of both boys. He has a call button he can use for help and the staff has a varied number of sensors to let them know what’s going on.

Sir Melvin invited Jake’s parents to join him at his suite, and Jake’s brother got permission to ride in a sub with Tony to see what the ship looks like below. He had never been so excited. He hugged his mom and dad for giving him the permission and Tony assured them he’d be perfectly safe.

”I can’t believe I get to ride in a sub. This is gonna be so cool. Thank you for inviting me Tony.” He smiled from ear to ear as they got on the elevator. Tony giggled at his excitement and gave him the any time nod. “Do I need to wear something different? Like a scuba suit or something?”

Tony smiled at Jeremy’s excitement, “Yeah, it’s not exactly a scuba suit but it has built in safety tools in case of an emergency. I have an extra one I’m sure will fit you, so we’re going to make a quick stop at my place before we go to the sub.”

”Oh awesome, I really want to see what you guys get to stay in. Do you like living here?” Even though Jeremy is 18 and a senior in high school he still has that baby face and small stature. But, he also has a certain demeanor that has a confident mature manner behind it all. Tony noticed in the receiving room how this young man took several chances to look Tony up and down. He tried to hide his glances but once Tony saw him do it, he saw most of the other ones. That was part of the reason he invited him on this little ride, to give this young man more opportunities to explore the adult side of his curiosities.

”Well, it isn’t always easy or fun, but I do love most of it. I think I would miss it too much if I left.” He really put truth into that answer. “Do you think you’d be interested in working here?”

”I think I would be interested in it for a little while, I do still want to go to college and I think I might want to do some farming as I get older. But, yes it seems like a great opportunity to see new things.” Jeremy tried to be as honest as he could. He felt slightly distracted by Tony’s muscle butt in his tight blue cargo pants. He thought, ‘That is a perfect ass.’

”You should look into some of the summer programs for college students. There are all kinds of jobs on this boat, maybe you’d like some of them.” Tony thought that would be great for Jeremy. “I would be able to keep an eye on you if you did come out here and maybe you’d want to go for more rides in the sub.”

”Wow, that sounds fantastic.” He said as the elevator opened and he followed that ass to a door in a long hall.

As they entered Tony explained how he shares the living room and bathroom with a roommate and the kitchen is shared with the apartment next door. He showed Jeremy how the cubes give some privacy but not as much as they’d like. “I think this is awesome. Jeremy said as he turned around to see Tony take off his pants. He caught the uniform Tony tossed to him and told him to get changed. Jeremy wasted no time pulling down his pants, but he took his time figuring out how to put the uniform on. It also seemed like Tony was stalling by putting on deodorant then tossing it to Jeremy, and at the last minute Tony took his underwear off.

”I think it’s more comfortable in that uniform without them.” Jeremy wasn’t sure he believed that but he decided to join Tony in exposing himself to him.

After they got dressed they took the short walk to the welders bay and over to Tony’s sub. Nobody asked who Jeremy was and Tony didn’t offer any information. Once they got into the sub tony explained there any number of people who need a ride for their research, or for making reports on any work to be done. Jeremy was blown away at how big the sub was, he had imagined it to be tiny with tiny little windows. It is much more like a real helicopter to everyone who sees it, just without the propellers on the top. Instead they have a series of different sized jets mounted in serveral locations.

Tony gave his typical safety speech then the sub went into motion and out through the bay door. He waved at a couple other sub controllers as they were returning to the bay. But, seeing people get their first look at the Lady Thetis from below has got to be Tony’s favorite thing to do. It is always the same and none of them are able to sit still. It’s just instinctive to look at as much as you can all at the same time. “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

”I never could’ve imagined it would be that huge.” Jeremy was oblivious at the way Tony laughed. Tony thought, ‘that’s what she said.’

Tony gave Jeremy the controls for some simple little maneuvers, then Tony put the sub into autopilot and invited Jeremy into the back. He showed him where the fridge was for beverages and laid out a cushion so they look out the front while they relaxed. “These subs have the ability to gather oxygen from the water so as long as we have power we have air. You may have noticed as soon as we were underwater the lights had dimmed, that makes it easier to see farther in the darkness of the water. We all come out away from the ship to relax between some of our responsibilities. So noone will bother us out here. It’s great for napping.”

” Man, I admit, I am exhausted from all this today.” He was completely honest.

” I thought you might be. What do you say we take a siesta right now?” Tony sat up and pulled down the top half of his suit and kicked off his shoes. He laid all the way down and spread his legs a bit. He was pretty sure young Jeremy would do the same and he was not disappointed. He listened for a bit to think he’d fallen asleep. Then Tony turned to his side facing Jeremy and laid his hand on his stomach. Jeremy was only feigning sleep. He was too wound up to actually sleep. Ever since he was invited for this adventure he has had a constant erection. He knew Tony had looked at it more than once and he definitely saw how big Tony’s dick got when he walked around hard as a rock. Jeremy knew this whole thing was a way for Tony to get his dick sucked. As soon as Jeremy felt the hand on his stomach Jeremy went into action. He reached right into the opening of Tony’s suit grabbing a tight hold on that beautiful cock. And he got his dick being tugged by Tony’s hand at the exact same time. That lasted for 20 seconds before Jeremy pulled Tony’s suit down enough to expose his cock and get it in his. He was hungry and that cock was on the menu. Tony decided he wanted in on this action so he turned around for some aggressive 69ing. There was an urgency to get the other one off. One that they were quickly getting close to succeeding at. Had ahold of that ass and focused on Tony’s delicious man scent. Tony found that young man precum to be abundant and delicious. He focused on the warm velvet texture of Jeremy’s dickhead and shaft. Occasionally he stuck his tongue out as he swallowed that dick so he could lick those balls at the same time. With the first full shot of Jeremy’s cum filling his mouth he shot into the young hungry mouth on his dick. That didn’t stop either one from continuing to suck. As if it wasn’t enough, they sucked for more. In fact Jeremy got Tony so worked up that he couldn’t swallow that much cum a second time. But before he could cum in Tony’s mouth he was pushed onto his back and Tony kicked off one leg of his suit. Tony quickly got that boy dick up his ass and worked for the short time it took to get Jeremy to fill it. Completely satiated, they finally could get that much needed nap.

Copyright © 2019 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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