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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Deep 6-9 - 4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Mel woke up with a pounding headache. ‘What did we do last night?’ The arm wrapped around his waist reminded him that he and Steve had raced each other around the mountain on Lady Thetis, but he didn’t have enough water. Instead they grabbed coffee and went to bed in Steve’s cube.

“Hey, hot stuff. You were amazing last night.”

“Why do I keep letting you talk me into this shit?” Mel threw Steve’s arm off of him.

“I think it’s because you like the way I look in my trainers. I see how you look at me. But, I love the way you react when I tell you how fucking hot you are.” Steve pressed his erection into Mel.’s firm ass.

“Damn it, you do look hot in those. But, I refuse to become your play toy whenever your looking for a good time.” Mel sat up and looked over at Steve laying back and flexing his pecs.

“Ok, I get it, you want to have a wife, so do I. But look, you’re here right now and there aren’t any ladies knocking down either of our doors. Let’s just have one more happy ending. I won’t bother you again. Promise.”

“You promise? No more flirting, no more swiping across your dick when you see me, no more pulling the waist band of your pants down just above your pubes?”

“Do I really do all that?” Mel punched Steve’s arm. “Ok, I promise….”

Steve reached around the front of Mel and grabbed onto Mel’s very defiant manhood. “See, I can take care of that for you.” Steve sat up and started kissing Mel’s neck. That’s all it took to win over one last time with Mel.

Kent has found himself sitting in a stall of the men’s room by the Mining bay. A week ago he stopped in here for the first time needing a long overdue movement. Successfully emptying his discomfort, Kent discovered the hole in the wall near the toilet paper dispenser. After flushing away the original purpose for being there, he waited to see if anyone would come in. Not 5 minutes into it there was a squeak from the entry door. Through the gap, on the side of his stall door, he saw a young masculine Italian jock move to the next door stall. Kent saw the guy sit appearing to have no interest in anything through the hole. Kent got excited when he saw the jock put his hand between his thighs, but then saw he only scratched. Trying to decide if he wanted to wait this guy out, or take off, he looked at the jocks’ shadow. He clearly saw it moving in a jerking off kind of way. That really got his attention.

Kent leaned all the way back, put his feet together, and spread his knees to expose his powerful erection. Jock dudes shadow pace increased and that’s when Kent noticed the jocks shadow showed he clearly was looking through the hole. This hole isn’t very big, but it looks like it is big enough to get most guys shaft through it. Kent stood and stuck it through the hole. Almost immediately jock dude was slobbering all over Kents knob. Suddenly, Kent decided to try making a video with his phone by holding it over top of the wall. With screen facing him he could clearly see what was happening on the other side. When the guy backed off, Kent quickly brought the phone down and sat down. Jock dude shoved his long dick through the hole and pulsed in anticipation. Kent got his phone propped up to record himself sucking on that jock cock. He was able to capture the moment the jock couldn’t hold back any longer. His video shows the cum running out from the corner of Kents mouth and dripping onto his lap. Kent watched that video at 10 times that night.

Since then he has returned every day and twice he showed up for a second time. There were a couple videos Kent recorded of other guys sucking and getting sucked. One video Kent took by having his phone clipped to his shirt pocket while sucking a very young blonde at the urinals. Today he has been waiting for almost 20 minutes and is about to give up. When the door opened he saw a mean looking older man, maybe 30 years old, go into the stall. Kent could see the guy had a tattoo of a skull with knife shoved through the top of it, on his arm. He heard him shit while playing with his phone. Fear kept Kent from looking into the next stall until he heard a woman’s voice moaning. Mean dude is obviously watching straight porn. How can Kent resist trying to see that. He took his phone out and started moving the camera around the hole to get a view of mean dudes massive cock. It’s at least 9”. Dude is showing zero interest in the hole of the wall. But, he is stroking that monster with real purpose. At this rate it won’t be long. Sure enough Kent could easily see this bad ass mean dude was going to blast. To the complete surprise of Kent. The mean dude shoved his entire cock through the hole as it was shooting cum unchecked. Kent got his mouth on it and started sucking anything else he could get out of it. “That’s right faggot, get that fucking cum out of my straight dick. Do you like the taste of my girlfriend’s pussy?”

Holy fucking hell, Kent was sucking so hard on that mean dude he started shooting into the back of his throat again. Kent jerked his own cock so fast he started shooting before mean dude finished unloading the second time. “Fucking clean that dick off. If I see any signs of cum or spit on it, I will beat your faggot ass.” Kent made sure he did a good job.

“Be here tomorrow night at 8pm, or I will find your faggot ass. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

No more discussion, mean dude just left. He didn’t even wash his hands. Kent thought, ‘What the fuck was that?’


Mel went to the sauna again today. He needed the heat to relax, shake off all this gay stuff he’s been doing with Steve. ‘I’ve always considered myself a liberal guy. I don’t care what people do in their private lives, but I feel like I am doing something wrong. Like I am robbing myself of a chance to be a good husband to a good woman. Like I am denying my children a chance to be born and fulfill their destiny.’ Mel leaned forward and put his head in his hands. “Feeling like things are going out of control are you?”

Mel looked up to find Kyle sitting about 2 feet from him. Kyle wasn’t really looking at him, in fact he seemed more interested in rubbing his feet. Mel looked around the room, nobody else was in there and there were two guys in one of the other rooms carrying on some kind of political argument. “I guess you can say that.”

“Yeah, I get like that sometimes. Like I should be further ahead with my life than I am.”

“Huh, that’s exactly right.”

“I can make the argument that I should be married and raising babies right now. I can even get myself worked up to get out there and do it. But, I can also make the argument that I am young and just want to have a little fun before I get all wrapped up in married life. That’s when I let myself do things I never thought I’d do.”

Mel looked at him like he was a mind reader. “Yes.”

Kyle looked at him and nodded, “Yeah, I know. I can’t give you the answer to your dilemma, only you can do that. I can say that it isn’t the end of the world if you change your mind every now and then. Just try not to be so hard on yourself.”

Mel leaned back and closed his eyes. “What if I get so addicted that I can’t control myself?”

“Then I would say you would have replaced it with some other addiction anyway. I don’t know, I can only say what I think. But, I imagine that some day I will meet the woman I will marry. She and I will have a couple of kids and I will occasionally have some fun with my guy friends. I actually think it’s probably how it’s always been.” He reached out and patted Mel on his knee. “I am going to take a quick shower and get in the steam room. Don’t get yourself too worked up.”

Mel left the sauna about a minute later. He had a fast cooling rinse and went to the steam room looking for Kyle. He didn’t even start looking till he got to the back room. There were a couple guys who were doing something when he came in, they stopped for a couple of minutes till Mel sat by Kyle. Then Mel could hear the sound of sucking from the direction of the other guys. Kyle reached over and started tugging on Mel’s growing attention. Not long after, Kyle had leaned over and took Mel into his mouth. While he was busy with Mel’s pulsing dick, Mel started using his fingers to feel inside of Kyle’s asshole. He decided to give Mel what he’s asking for. Kyle stood up and moved in front of Mel. Slowly he sat down and worked that beautiful dick into his bowels. They established a smooth deep rhythm of digging that dick as far as it would go and slowly get most of it out. They both muffled their breath but Kyle still could tell Mel would be busting on any one of these deep plunges. As the feeling of that dick seemed to be sliding in and out with more ease, Kyle knew it had started cumming. But, Kyle decided he wasn’t close enough yet and he could wait for another time. Kyle took his seat again and stretched his legs.

Mel left as quickly as he could. He moved so quickly that he didn’t even see the guy who sat in the middle of the room. But, that guy saw Mel, in fact, he saw him before Mel had his orgasm. Steve felt cheated and jealous. Still, he knew that Mel was struggling with himself and that he needs to be free from feelings with Steve. So, what should Steve do about his own feelings?

‘Nothing, just leave it alone. This isn’t the life I wanted and it is a sign that I need to move on.’ Steve went back to his cube and wrote a letter home saying how great his job is. It helped his spirit. He has made the commitment to find himself a girlfriend. ‘And, that begins right now.’


7:26pm, Kyle is flapping his jaw about something but Kent doesn’t have time to figure it out. “Hey Kyle, I gotta run, man. Sorry bro, I will listen a little later.” It’s getting close to 8pm and Kent is trying to fight the urge to see if Mean Dude shows up. ‘Fine, only because I wanna see what he’s up to.’ Kyle takes his seat and waits in his favorite stall. Each time the door creaks open he checks to see if it’s him. Kent gave up and went to the sink. Mean Dude came in and simply said, “Let’s go.”

Kent felt stupid for following this crazy guy. Yet, he can’t seem to stop looking at him and he thought about him all day. This guy is so fit and manly, he’s got that ‘I’ll fight a man if he’s looking for a fight’ attitude. Kent has never seen this area of Lady Thetis. Mean Dude opened a door and walked in. It’s a small apartment, apparently he has it for himself. “I don’t want you following me everywhere, and you ain’t moving in, so don’t even dream about it. If you can behave, we can have fun, but if you want to act like a cunt, then that’ll be the end, period.”

“Yep, got it.”

“Good, do you want some water?”

“That would be good. Thanks.”

He sat on his couch and pointed to a chair. “You can call me Jack. But, I am going to call you Grommet.”

Kent wanted to argue that he isn’t that young or inexperienced. Yes, he knows that surfers call those people Grommets or Grom. But, Kent has a genuine fear of Jack. ‘But, just look at him sitting there with his knees wide apart. He knows it looks like a buffet, and he can tell I like a good buffet.’

Jack put his hands behind his head and laid back against the couch. That was Kent’s sign to please this man. So, he remained on the chair and just reached out to rub over the bulge begging for attention. Kent didn’t want to be too eager so he would stop and then do it again. When Jack sighed, Kent took that as a sign to get on his knees and start taking care of business. “Yeah, that’s right, do what ya always wanted to do for a real man. Hold my balls, those balls have all the sperm to make my kids. You like those balls don’t ya. Do you want to taste my powerful baby making sperm?”

“Yes Sir.”

Jack pinched Kents cheeks together hard, “Listen to me, you are going to be so full of my cum when you leave here, they’ll have to pump it out after I pump it in. Start pulling it out, time for your first feeding.”

Kent started getting nervous, thinking maybe he should not have come with this guy. But, he’s here now, maybe Jack‘ll get off and be done with him. Probably part of his domination trip to get off. Kent allowed himself to enjoy the task at hand. “Fuuuccckk, don’t stop, suck it , don’t stop, fuck yeah keep going, that’s it, start swallowing…. Yeah, fuck yeah.”

Jack collapsed into the couch and started sleeping, even snoring. So, Kent got his shit together and headed for the door. No matter what he tried, that door wouldn’t open. ‘Fuck, let me out of here‘ he panicked and turned to see if Jack was still sleeping. BAMM


“There you are. Let’s take a picture. Jack held his phone out so Kent could see the screen. Jack smiled and stuck his tongue way out for a selfie with Kent. He saw the gag in his mouth and his hands tied above him. He started screaming through the gag, tears streaming down his face. He wanted to kick but his legs were tied down in spread eagle. “Look faggot, I tried to tell you that if you behave we can have some fun. But, you had to ruin it didn’t you. So, now it’s just me having fun now. Ok, I have to go to work, we’ll play some more when I get back. HeheHA, don’t go anywhere.”

As soon as Jack left Kent started trying to get his hands free and his legs. He saw the ropes are tied to square bed posts. He started rubbing the ropes on the corners as hard as he could. ‘Don’t give up, you can do this.’ He also felt the blisters starting to form on his wrists. He is trying everything to work through the pain. Now his neck is killing him from looking backwards and he starts crying. ‘Please God , Please forgive me, I know I’m going to die, and I know I have been a fool.’

Kent started again and focused all his attention and anger on the ropes. ‘YES, Yes’, he got them. “I am going to get the Fuck out of here. Fuck these ropes hurt.” Kent went back to the door and started pounding as hard as he could. Then he grabbed an office chair and started slamming it against the door.

He heard a muffled voice yell, “What’s going on in there!”


Now he could hear others. They started pounding on the door, suddenly it came open and they caught him as he fell into the hallway. About 6 guys started asking questions, but Jack came around the corner. “THAT’S HIM, THAT’S THE FUCKER WHO DID THIS TO ME!”

Four of the guys took off running after Jack as he tried to make the stairs. The other two guys helped Kent stand and went around the corner to see what’s happening. Out of nowhere several officers came pulling a screaming fighting Jack out of the stairwell and onto the floor. The other two guys helped Kent sit on the floor as 2 officers lead Jack away. “Help is coming, where did this happen?”

“He tied me up in there!”

Kent and the 2 guys with him could hear the officers yelling, we have one in the tub!” “I found one in the closet!”

The man standing next to Kent got the attention of one of them as he came out of the apartment, “What is it officer?”

“You are a very lucky young man, there are 2 guys in there that weren’t so lucky.”

“Oh my God, Oh my GOD! I’m gonna throw up!” And he did, then he passed out.


“Kyle, how’s he doing?”

Kyle wiped the tears from his eyes, “Jake,” Kyle threw his arms around Jake, “he’s gonna be ok. They have him sedated. He’s been through so much, Jake. He didn’t deserve any of it.”

“No he didn’t, but those other two guys needed somebody strong enough to fight for them to be united with their families. He is so brave!”

Jake and Kyle sat quietly looking at Kent’s bandaged body. The thought of the struggle he must have went through was absolutely mind blowing. But, the fear that those other two went through is utterly heartbreaking. “I hope he burns in hell. But, before he does, I want somebody to torture him the way he tortured my brother and those other guys.”

“Not a sane person across the Earth would blame ya for thinking like that. Because of our contracts with the U.S. Navy, the General has NCIS investigating this man’s history. Chances are this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. I hear the death penalty is not out of the question.”

Jake spent some time rubbing Kyles shoulders, neck, and back. He even scratched at Kyles head. Thankfully Kyle fell asleep with his head on the bed beside Kent. Jake knew it might be awhile before Kyle can fall asleep again, so he slowly walked out. Jake had just let the nurses know about Kyle and hoped they could give him a little time to sleep. That’s when Jake saw Mel and let a tear fall. “Mel, I am so happy to see you.”

“I wish it wasn’t here, though. How is he?”

“He’ll be alright, he’s pretty banged up so he’s on some good medication, but Kyle won’t leave his side. I gave him a shoulder and back massage and he just fell asleep. I even asked the nurses to try and help give’m some time to sleep.”

“Ok, have you had lunch yet Jake?”

“No, do you want to go topside and get a burger?”

“Sure, that sounds perfect.” Mel put a hand on Jakes back.

They got lucky and found a good table on the patio overlooking the harbor. Jake took a moment to note how busy they have been working on Hub #3. As he looked around he thought about how frightened Kent must have been. “Kent will need therapy for a long time.”

“Oh, my God, yes he will.” Reflection seemed appropriate. “Where’s Shamus been?”

“He went with the General to Lady Thetis sister ship, ‘Queen Amphitrite’. The thing is Mel, I have a sinking feeling that he isn’t, or doesn’t want, to come back. Maybe I’m just paranoid.”

“Are you kidding me? Shamus is head over heels for you.” Jake just nodded.

“What have you been up to?” Jake’s question made Mel think of Steve first.

“I am pretty good. Kind of thinking about slowing things down a little. I had a million dreams about what kind of life I was going to make here, but I think I got overwhelmed with choices. The only kind of decision I want to make now is how to get some exercise and relaxation each day.”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Jake had that ‘I just remembered something’ look. “That reminds me, I was fiddling around with my watch and looking for meditation groups. Yep, look there’s a guided meditation group just up the road from here in an hour, do you want to go?”

“Actually Jake, that sounds great to me.”

They finished their food and paid the server. It wasn’t exactly a short walk but nothing on the island is exactly far either. There are people movers under ground. They’re designed to look like subway entrances, platforms and tunnels. There were signs telling you how to choose which mover will get you to the stop you want. You step onto a conveyor belt which has a folding bench on one side for people who just want to ride, but many people continue walking as the belt whizzes you to the next platform.

“I think this is it.” Jake checks the GPS app on his watch, “Ok, looks like we go into the courtyard and go through the door on the left.”

(Listen to the music, it will calm your spirit. You are here to lose the tensions we hold inside. The music is Your guiding light. Feel the warmth of the light between your shoulder blades. Feel it penetrate deep inside and see it force through your chest. The light is pure and good. You are greatful you can feel the lights warmth. You want to give this feeling you have now to the people you love. See someone in your heart who needs this warmth, feel the light shining through your chest seeking out that person. Know that they too will be bathed in the pure warmth of the light. Feel the gratitude fill you to be able give this gift.)



Copyright © 2019 PhillMakracken; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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