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    R. Eric
  • Author
  • 5,451 Words

Cinderfella 3: Life Continues - 47. Scare Them

One more time.  I don't intend to die, but I am more aware of life's end now than ever before.  Perhaps that explains why I've been writing about God, religion and all that it means.  I'm sure it is.  I think of death, but I don't fear it now.  HOWEVER, if I don't finish these stories, I am going to be pissed in the afterlife.  Pissed!!  Save my place, Daniel!!  :wub: 

Scare Them

Give Them What They’re Looking For


Demetrius came in the dining area. “Where are you?” He sounded inpatient and a little annoyed.

“We were getting things settled,” I said using his tone against him. Again, I wasn’t really bothered and he was just being Demetrius.

“Lia needed some consoling,” Caleb said a little embarrassed.

“And she would!” I said to Caleb. “That should be expected. She’s Human. Things that happened to her tonight would have most people running away, kicking, and screaming in fear.”

Seth nodded, “But she didn’t.” He smiled. “In fact, she reacted better than anyone would be expected to.”

“That was because of you,” I nodded at Caleb and fluttered my eyebrows. “She loves and trusts you.”

“She trusts you with her life,” Seth added. “With just your word and she didn’t just test it. She believes in you.”

“Even married people don’t always show that level of trust,” I mentally nudged Caleb in a direction we all could see. “It’s a rare quality I’ve only known about a few times. Ella and Christian, Garth and Bent, Zek and Gabe…I’ve known Demetrius and Dara a while and I think they have it…”

Caleb chuckled, “You and Seth?”

I shrugged a nod, “Yeah, well...”

“Oh, yes,” Demetrius smiled. “They definitely trust each other with their very lives and have proved that over and over.”

Caleb smiled, “I want to join my life with Lia’s.” He got a boyishly bashful look on his face. “I wanted to get to where I knew I could support her and start a family.” He looked away shyly. “She’s very smart.”

“We can tell,” Seth assured happily.

Caleb looked back at me, “I know you don’t care for the Church that much…”

I shook my head, “No, I don’t. Mainly, I don’t care for those people that are running the Church.” I sighed. “It’s more than a they don’t like me, so I don’t like them issue. They don’t inspire any trust. I can fight my own battles against doctrine and theology…” I shrugged, “but why should I have to?”

Caleb nodded, “You can and do. You have the education.”

“Which brings me to an issue!” I said a little angrily. “I have some education with the language and scriptures.” I leaned closer to Caleb, “Not nearly as much as you, but I can argue them down on almost any topic. There has been some horrible corruption in the Church and they refuse to educate those they are supposed to lead! Encouraging and giving hope and comfort…they don’t help to educate those in their own language, forget Latin for the scriptures! They judge everybody! By what authority? And I’m not talking about more than the Ten Commandments! No killing, no stealing, and no lying! All the positive Human attributes.”

Seth put his arms around me and said calmly, “Easy, Babe. Caleb isn’t one of them. Remember?” He smiled at Caleb. “It was an issue with Father Markham. Erik told people the truth and has them demand answers from anyone who said, this is the way it is. Erik told them to demand that they show where they got it. Prove it!”

My anger was rising again, “The problem is they can say anything and tell people what it says and the people can’t read it! How would they know?”

“You are there,” Caleb smiled. “They know you are looking out for them.” He nodded with a smile. “Lia however is definitely a member of the Church!” He gave a sad smile, “She even said that she knew you weren’t evil because you were on Holy Ground. She believes that!”

“And that’s fine,” I said quickly. “I know she sees the truth. What she sees as the truth is up to her. I can’t tell her she’s wrong. I have no proof.”

“It’s okay,” Seth nodded. “Many people do.”

“My family began to pull away from the Church when they threatened the Native members of our family and us! Judging!” I shrugged, “Don’t judge, or you will be judged.” I looked at Seth. “I paraphrased that verse.” I turned to Caleb. “King Alexander doubted them too for the same reason.”

Caleb nodded, “She wants to be married, but it must be sanctioned by the Church!” Caleb explained. He smirked, “I don’t imagine there are many priests in this area to do that.”

“Not with the Church,” I smiled. “I can get you to one.”

Caleb laughed again, “I know you can.” He looked at me. “I don’t suppose you guys need the Rhythm Method.”

Seth looked a little puzzled. He never had to worry about it. He didn’t think he would ever have sex! Much less father a child with a woman. “And that works? I heard otherwise.”

Caleb shrugged, “It has for almost two years.” He grinned at me confessing to me at last. “Don’t let her know I told you, but…she knows when she can and can’t,” he shrugged. “I often wish it didn’t work so I would have to marry me.”

Seth nodded, “That’s right, the Church doesn’t approve of any other birth control. Not with any sort of condom…”

“You’ve been lucky,” I said quietly. “Seth’s right, it doesn’t always work.”

Caleb nodded as he paced slightly, “And then I feel guilty for putting my work ahead of us,” Caleb frowned. “There are only so many days that she’s a low risk…” Now Caleb was really embarrassed. “I feel guilty telling about what we do.”

Walking to Caleb, I touched him gently, “That’s alright, Caleb. When I was with the soldiers practicing or just socializing, they would share their many,” I did air quotes, “conquests…with the ladies.” I leaned toward Seth, “I doubt much more then forty percent really happened. You may be feeling guilty because it’s true.”

Seth let out a low, “Ha!” and shook his head, “You’re being generous, Erik. Some may just have been a young lady that made some passing eye contact on the street! She probably didn’t even notice him!”

I shrugged, “Maybe.” I looked at Caleb again. “What do you want to do?”

Caleb shrugged, “I don’t know!”

“Does she have any family?” Seth asked.

“A father that was always drunk, she says, but they’ve not been in contact for years.” Caleb answered. “I don’t know.”

I nodded, “You have a mother that adores you and would love to see her little boy get married.”

“In A’Dore!?” Caleb asked. “We can’t afford anything.”

“Yes, of course in A’Dore! Surely you don’t doubt I can’t transport back,” I said nodding. “When Christian finds out what you’ve done, you’ll be a hero to all of A’Dore! It will cost you nothing!”

“Or in Blethos when we tell my brother Sam!” Seth stated, “And Creid. We all owe you.”

Demetrius nodded, “I’m sure Lia will have some questions and suggestions before any wedding.” He pointed with his thumb over his shoulder. “You’ve got things to look at?” He reminded. “I’ll make sure Lia knows where you are.”


The round-shaped castle had other rooms besides where we ate and met people. There was the massive indoor exercise room, but they rooms to put things they may have acquired during various skirmishes to secure them. It was one of the few rooms that had a lock. Natives didn’t really have possessions, remember? It would be a great ballroom, if Natives had those, but usually they gathered outside for that. I know, they could gather in the when it’s cold. The Natives would have to get here, though. Another rabbit. Ain’t it cute?

Demetrius held his hand up to my forehead and shielded my eyes. “Your eyes have turned back to normal.”

Seth’s own eyes grew, “What? What happened with his eyes?”

“His retinas became more reflective like a cat’s does,” Demetrius answered simply.

I looked at Demetrius. I had to remember he didn’t think like we did. He often spoke openly and frankly about sex or nudity and had to be reminded that Children of Eve don’t always see it the same way. I quickly cleared my mind of those thoughts. Seth and I hadn’t wanted anyone to just be there as we were undressed or doing something intimate. My eyes stated reflecting light when I thought about needing to see in the dark. No spell or incantations needed and I wasn’t taking chances seeing people without clothes. Most of the people here were attractive and I might have liked it more when I was younger…then again, maybe not. All that nudity might he aroused me more and…how many times can a male shoot his manseed? Of course, Seth and I had sex often…I don’t know if there is a limit. No chances taken. There were unattractive people out there and I didn’t need to see that.

“It’s fine, Seth.” I said as we went to where Caleb’s books were held and the tablets had been placed.

Demetrius had those notebooks and translations stacked, but the tablets were spread out across some tables.

“These tablets were found in Ur?” I said, “in what was the Ziggurat? Wasn’t it destroyed?”

Caleb shrugged. “There have been many fights in the area. This cave was found, they found them and worried about people stealing from the Ziggurat and destroying them for the gold.”

I nodded at the logic.

“What’s the Ziggurat?” Seth asked.

“Oh,” I smiled, “the Ziggurat was a vast temple in Sumer. It was where the first written language was found. The Ziggurat is very old.”

Caleb nodded, “About four or five thousand years ago.” He leaned over a table and looked at a tablet without touching it. “I know some of the Sumerian Alphabet, the older alphabet that became less complex,” he went to his stack of books and began looking for one he knew was there. Finally, he opened one and knew where it should be. “Here it is.” He carried his notebook where had written information. He pointed to rectangular boxes with the shapes and various making in the shapes interior. He went to another page where those individual shapes were under the phonetic pronunciation was written above them using an alphabet we knew. He pointed on the tablet. “See? There are symbols with a more complex lettering than I have on my translation sheet.”

I nodded, “And these letters make words no one would. These boxes are sentences? Not just words.”

Caleb smiled, “Yes. I know some of it. Translating is possible, but it may take a while. I can’t just read it off. I get the gist of what’s there. Many words, I need to study in more depth to understand.”

“You’ve seen this before,” I said to confirm. “You understand a lot of it. You know where to look.”

Caleb gave us a grimaced nod and a long and reluctant, “Yeess,” then he looked at Demetrius, Seth, and me and then waggled his head in frustration. “I can translate them all,” he waved his hand over the many tablets, “if I have time to make an accurate translation. This is an ancient language used to have a record about events that are even more ancient! We’re talking about ten thousand years before this was even written down! Or more!!”

“I get that, buddy,” I said smiling at Caleb. “I do.” I chuckled and looked at Demetrius. “And you were right, Demetrius.”

Demetrius’ eyes grew, “I usually am, but what are you referring to now?”

“Oh,” I said back grinning, “don’t let it go to your head, but Caleb is supposed to be here to do just this!”

“Yeah, I told you that,” Demetrius smiled. “He was part of the plan that started all those years ago!” He looked at Seth. “You,” he looked at me, “and you were part of the plan.”

“I have nothing to do with these tablets,” Seth stammered. “How can I be part of a plan that was made fifteen to twenty years ago?”

Demetrius shook his head, “Don’t look at this one part, but you were definitely part of the overall plan!!” He gave Seth a gentle and affectionate shake, “But you were included in getting the tablets.” He looked a Caleb. “You were to cross paths with Erik as a child. You were given the gift of knowledge for these languages so you can read them. Erik is a prince!! So are you, Seth. You were allowed to marry!! You showed thousands and thousands of people what it means to love, even if you aren’t supposed to. Teaching with those beautiful boys of yours to be tolerant and not to dismiss anyone based on what you think they can’t do. Beau! You not only tolerate, but listen to what he says now. Because of Toby and Dennis!! They are both geniuses and you see that. You can see it is all a plan, don’t you?” He looked at each of us.

“That long ago?” Seth asked doubtfully.

Demetrius nodded, “A plan that was laid out before He even created the Heavens and the Earth!” He pointed at Seth. “You don’t know.”

I thought I got excited at times. I hugged Demetrius and patted him on the chest, “And I would LOVE to speculate and continue this theological discussion to the unknow conclusion, but we’re going to be busy soon.” I looked at the tablets. “Is there anywhere they mention the Ben Elohim?”

“Not really,” he held up a hand as I was about to object, “there was no Ben Elohim or Watchers by name. They were mentioned in the first book of Enoch in the first thirty-six chapters, the first of the five books of Enoch.”

“Five books?” Seth asked.

“Five,” Caleb nodded, “but there are things mentioned in those thirty-six chapters that are recorded here.” He pointed to the tablets. He looked closer at one and frowned, “These are out of order.” He picked up the one in the top left and handed it to me. He looked carefully at the others.

“Oh,” Demetrius muttered, “Excuse me for not being able to read any of this.”

Caleb smiled at Demetrius having gotten used to Demetrius’ wisecracks and mocking snide comments, “That’s okay. That’s why you shanghaied me, because I can.”

“Shang…” Demetrius objected as he frequently did. “This isn’t a tramp boat. We were taking you back, but…”

“Demetrius,” I shook my head. I looked at the tablet in my hands and I knew I held something important. I ran a finger over the surface that glistened in the light and no marks of my having done that showed. The dark grey marble and gold lettering…it was very beautiful. I looked at the band of gold that surrounded the tablet that didn’t just go around the edge. It overlapped the edge and really held the tablet together. “It is said that the Ben Elohim taught men to forge metals for swords and spears…I guess they did with gold, too.”

Caleb nodded, “It also tells how they showed men advanced tools and how to use them.”

I nodded at that, “Yes, they did. This marble tablet had to be cut out by some unknown method.” I caused the light to reflect over the surface. “No breaks, no sign of chipping…and the writing. It’s so even and small, but clear.” I showed Seth the rectangles and shapes. “And so even! See?” I pointed to one symbol. “Here’s a symbol,” I moved my finger to another rectangle, “and here it is that symbol again and they look exactly alike! Even the finest artists, using a hammer and chisel has slight variations. It’s like the new word presses we have and all the letters are the same.” I looked at Seth. “Could they have had a press for marble? Using gold?”

Seth looked at the tablet closer and shrugged. He looked at Caleb, “Do you know?”

“It beats the Hell out of me,” Caleb shrugged as was still arranging the tablets. “For all we know, they could have been honed by angles. We may never know.”

Seth quickly covered my ears, “Don’t tell him that!” He mockingly whispered. “He will want to find out.”

Caleb chuckled. Of course, I heard everything.

The door opened and Lia peeked in carefully, saw that we were busy and was backing out to leave us undisturbed.

“No, no!” Demetrius said loudly and pointed at her, “You don’t go anywhere, young lady.” He touched Caleb’s arm. “None of this is going anywhere. You have plenty of time to study it.” He pointed at Lia. “She needs you now.”

“Those men are coming,” I agreed, “It will be alright.”

“You could slow them down!” Demetrius said happily to me. “Hell, put a fire breathing dragon in their path!”

“There are no fire breathing dragons,” I chuckled.

“There will be if you put one in their path!” Demetrius argued.

“How can I create what doesn’t exist?” I asked.

“Because you can!” Demetrius turned Caleb around and shoved him lightly toward Lia. “You go.”

Lia was still a little person, but she was indeed very pretty. The nightgown, the nun’s habit had been replaced by a deerskin outfit. It looked odd, because it wasn’t like most I’ve seen. I looked like a dress that covered her from neck past her knees. Her legs were in pants? The few women that rode horses and hunted wore those sort of clothes…usually leather. Okay, this was unprocessed leather she had on, but it was warmer.

Caleb hugged Lia and he spoke quietly to her.

We escorted her back to the dining area where Caleb and Lia sat on some pillows at the table. Caleb introduced everybody else. She was from Roma. She had heard of the Creid, but they didn’t threaten anyone over there, so her reaction wasn’t bad. I went up to Chitto who was speaking to Max.

“I’m sorry, guys,” I said thinking how I would say this. “You two are very important. I hope you aren’t feeling neglected.”

“Neglected?” Chitto asked. “Who? Me!?”

Now that I’d said it out loud, I was a little embarrassed. Did I think I had to entertain all the time? I wasn’t the center of anyone’s universe. This was the beginning of narcissistic thinking. I knew I wasn’t even the center of Seth’s Universe. I knew I was very important to him just as he knew he was very important to me.

I decided to be honest. I know, I am honest. I mean I would tell them what I was thinking and why. “I convinced you both to come thousands of miles and now you’re not being utilized.” I waved at my cousin, “Chitto, your knowledge of the Natives here helped us get here and got the Natives to trust us faster. And Max, the security, advise, and training has been so critical…I’ll tell all of my friends from Creid…”

“Erik,” Chitto shook his head, “I miss my boys and I miss Nila, but they are the reason I came here.”

Max nodded, “I am often away from home, but I am doing my job. Don’t worry about us.” He pointed at that massive room we spared in. “The guys were training today.”

“Since I was up here the last time,” Chitto explained. “There has been a lot of changes. I have to update some information. I’ve been busy!”

“So, have I,” Max agreed. “You’ve been to Roma and back.” Then he held up two fingers, “Twice!”

“We’re not held captive,” Chitto added. “You have enough to worry about.”

Val, Reese, Thomas, Toby…everyone said the same thing. Hana was helping Lia adjust. When Ceto made dinner, it was as she usually did. One second the table was clean, neat, and bare. The next second had hot food in front of Lia. She was no frightened, but wanted to know how it happened. Caleb and Hana didn’t really know, but knew Ceto and the rest were the good guys. Ceto offered Caleb another couple of cups of her tea and also offered it to Lia. They were both adults and I now knew they were a couple. She would be frightened without Caleb, so we knew they would share a room. What they did in that room was their business. The tea was on day one for Lia and should cause her to sleep well. Caleb was on day two, but had another one after this one. It would be fine. She was a lot calmer.

I turned to Demetrius. “Explain to me about the fire breathing dragon!” I demanded quietly making him back away a little in shock. “How can I give a fictional creature life!”

“Magic,” Demetrius said simply.

“No one’s seen a real dragon!” I argued.

I hated it when he gave that smile that said, you think so? “I know they have. Do you know what one looks like?”

“There are pictures from people that claim they saw them,” I nodded.

“Because they did see it!” Demetrius said. “There have been a few villages that saw them because they were really there!” He sighed tolerantly, “You’ve read a lot of the scriptures and other writings. Dragons are mentioned several places, but not called dragons. There is one mentioned that can’t be anything else.” He smiled and quoted, “Through a land of trouble and anguish, From which came the lioness and lion, The viper and fiery flying serpent.” He said in a way to say, remember? “What else can it be?”

I wobbled a nod, “I remember that a little from the old scriptures. It was a long book it was in and in Hebrew in the original writing! New or old Hebrew didn’t matter, it is just hard.”

“I know!” Demetrius nodded and leaned to me. “Look up the word tannin. That was the word they used.” Then he sat up quickly. “It doesn’t really matter. There was one that had to be another Child of Eve capable magic that produced them…”

“Why?” I asked a little offended.

“Because that one dragon caused real injury!” Demetrius said. “You are very rare, Erik, but you know the Children of Eve can use magic…sometimes.” He wobbled his head. “You know the two things needed for magic is your mind and emotions.”

“Yes,” I admitted sadly. “No special skills needed and…”

“The bears I created to chase those raiders from A’Dore, Blethos, and Creid, I made up. They can chase and roar, but can’t hurt anyone,” Demetrius said. “When I showed Candor Arthur, Darius, and Deena suffering in the Lake of Fire…I told you that wasn’t really them…”

"They looked and reacted real," I said.

“That was the point!” Demetrius said and then looked a bit smug, “I thought I did pretty well with the whole Lake of Fire in Hell. It was all from my head! I’m not God! I can’t judge anyone.” He looked at me. “You don’t have the restrictions I do. You can have whatever you picture, real or myth.” He waved at the surroundings. “Look around you! These Natives have some scary things like wendigos,” (an antlered demon that was not Human, but had a Human-like form. Long sharp claws, long pointed ears and snarling jaws that ate people and was always hungry), “chindi,” (ghost creatures and who look a little like a Human Being with big hairy claws was taller and lanky. They have all Humanity’s bad traits and none of the good. They bring sickness, hallucinations, and death), “stick people,” (they looked like thin and bare trees with a skull-like head at the top. Even their arms and legs look like bare branches with stick fingers on its hands and they shift forms. If it suddenly gets quiet when you walk through the forest and you see an animal that’s not quite right, run! If you see them in their true form, you will lose your mind!), “those lich...”

“Skudakumooch?” I asked and saw Demetrius frown. “Or what Wahkooha thought we might be, Venaldooshi? Witches?”

“Do they talk?” Then he shook his head, “Not if you don’t want them to. It’s okay one on one, but if you have too many conversations, it gets more difficult.”

Demetrius had mentioned some creatures from Native beliefs and I knew of some of them. The discerptions were horrible enough. Those witches scared me! I saw a drawing of one…great artist, by the way…but those blank eyes with no color in them but a greyish-white that just stared at you. It was a demon that uses a dead shaman that practiced dark magic. The shaman was dead, but the demon got that rotting corpse up and moving. A Ghost Witch and the only way to defeat it was to set them on fire! There were Skinwalkers, which he also had pictures of. The stuff of nightmares, I tell you!! There were more! Suddenly, I was a boy with his Native cousin who was very good at telling ghost stories…meaning I had a lot to choose from.

An idea was working in the back of my mind. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. However, I knew Father Markham and those men with him wouldn’t stop when it came to hurting anyone in the villages. They were on a God Sanctioned mission! The Churches, both Catholic and Protestant killed without thought or conscious!

Seth had listened as he sat by me. “If Father Markham is looking for a witch…maybe you should show one.”

I nodded, “I was thinking that.” I said seriously. With no real intention or even conscious effort, my voice rose in volume. “I never imagined life would go this way. No one could.” I pressed my hand to my chest as I felt my own heart beat increase. I felt a strange sensation that was a lot like fear, but I was not scared or frightened. “I am a prince by birth,” I said. “Big deal.” I dismissed. “I knew my life was different that almost anyone else’s life could be. There was a good chance any marriage would be politically motivated. I determined I was not just going to be a connection to the power of A’Dore! A pawn of life’s chessboard sacrificed to put a game in motion, but this…” I waved at nothing, but clearly at the absurd pieces that were falling into place. “I am making decisions as if I know what’s going on!” I looked as the people at the table were beginning to look at me. “I don’t know what’s going on!! I was taught, like Christian was, to make those decisions! Who the Hell am I to have this responsibility? I never wanted it! I don’t want it!” I looked at Seth, “Arthur was a fool!! From a long line of fools in the family. He killed because he felt cheated because he didn’t get the throne!?” My pulse rose even more. “I’m to make decisions I never dreamt of making!!” I slammed my fists on the table. “Why? Why me??”

Demetrius took my hand, “Because a need arose and there was no one that else stepped forward, son.” He smiled compassionately at me. “You could have stayed in Royal Valley.”

“You were chosen,” Toby said simply with a shrug, “by God!”

Thomas was nodding.

“He’s right,” Dara said as she looked at Toby.

“Your whole life you’ve been honed to do this,” Lukus smiled. “To lead you to this point to do this.”

“Why me?” I asked. “To decide for the entire Human Race!?”

“Who else could God trust to do it?” Martha asked. “We,” she pointed at herself, Lukus, and the other Children of Lilith, “are nothing really.”

“That is not true!!” I said quickly.

“Really?” Eabha asked. “What can we do? We can access the magic. For what?”

“We can put on a good show,” Demetrius nodded, “to change the minds and hearts of Men?”

Lia’s head rose, “I recall Moses didn’t think he could lead anybody either,” Lia added. “He tried to discourage God from using him to lead the Children if Israel out of slavery in Egypt. Remember?” She smiled. “Everyone chosen that hadn’t wanted to be chosen. I recall, God sent an angel to tell the Blessed Mother she was going to have God’s child after she was already pregnant. He never asked if she would agree to it. Another angel had to go to Joseph so he wouldn’t put his betrothed wife away quietly, as the scriptures say. Joseph wasn’t consulted before Mary became pregnant, but confirmed what Mary told him was true. She was carrying God’s child! Again, no one was asked beforehand. She was to be Joseph's wife!”

Caleb smiled taking Lia’s hand, “I told you she was smart.” He looked at me. “You worry about making decisions for the Human Race. Who else would do that?”

Seth nodded taking my other hand, “Arthur, Darius, and Deena would make decisions were best for them. To Hell with anyone else.”

“They all made mistakes,” Max said. “Moses had a temper issue that ended up keeping him out of the Promised Land.” He looked at surprised expressions from the others, especially from his fellow Creid. “I went to Sunday School!! Stop looking at me like that!” He said crossly.

Despite the heaviness of the topic, Max’s comments were funny and the laughter was natural. I felt my pulse calm and slow and fall back to normal as I did laugh. “This room has people I love dearly.” I said and sighed, “Even that thought now feels self-centered. To even think about that is just that! Self-centered. This is not about me, but every Human in this world. Every one of you are here to help bring Humanity into a new age. One of reason.” I looked at Demetrius, “And I mean everyone! The Children of Lilith are as Human as the rest of us. I’ve seen very closely what is there to make up a Child of Lilith using the Seer…which looks like what makes up the Children of Eve. Is there a difference?” I shrugged, “I didn’t see it.” I looked at Dara, “Thank for sending Demetrius to me,” I held up Demetrius’ hand, “he was the first of you I ever met. I love all of you, but Demetrius is special from the moment he stubbed his shin that first night. He moved quickly into my heart and I love him dearly. He is part of my family.” I looked quickly at them. “All of you are or will be in the family soon, but I call him Dad! Forget the godfather or fairy parts, he is my father in so many ways. I loved my real father. I love Christian as my brother, my surrogate father, and my best friend. My very best friend and part of my very soul is Seth. Demetrius did that, too. I hate those with false modesty and humility.” I touched my chest over my heart, “I don’t want to be that sort of person. I am humbled that you are here to help bring men into this new age.” I pleaded with them, “Please. If you think I’m heading where I thing I deserve it, say something to me. Question my decisions and hold me accountable. I never want to be anything like Wahkooha, Arthur or any other narcissist. This about everyone, not about what I have been allowed to do.” The deep thoughts now weighed me down. “Father Markham will be here with those men in just days.” I looked at them harder, “He is looking for a witch or demon plaguing this world. Tomorrow, I intend to begin to show them what they will face here. I will scare some of these men and cause them to run before they get here. It is very cold outside and a few men alone and unprepared could be running to their own deaths.” I shrugged a wobbling nod, “Then again, Father Markham should NEVER had brought the out here now. I hate anyone should die. Even Father Markham.” My eye narrowed, “And that man with him…” I pleaded with everyone as I scanned over them, “Who is he? What is he? What does he have with him that will cause harm to you? No one should be able to harm a Child of Lilith! Not even a Child of Lilith!! Who is he really?”

“You have our support,” Beau said quietly. “We will protect you, too.”

I smiled at Beau, “Thank you, Beau. Now, I can quit worrying so much. Especially with you watching over me.” I smiled at everyone. “He is such a sweetheart, but damn, he can be scary!!”

Copyright © 2019 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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Oh, this is good!    Fits in with a lot of what I have read in random (and sometimes non-random) research.  I can imagine some scratching their head, but if they hang in long enough, it will become somewhat clearer.

As I understand it, the angel Gabriel appeared to Joseph, and to the father of John the Baptist, and to Mary the Mother of Jesus.  Some of the references are obscure, just as it was  the archangel Michael who appeared to Daniel. 

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Oh, this is good!    Fits in with a lot of what I have read in random (and sometimes non-random) research.  I can imagine some scratching their head, but if they hang in long enough, it will become somewhat clearer.

I mean this sincerely.  Yes, I have read a lot.  I claim to not to know everything about the Bible.  I try.  The other volumes I also don't know.  I also included alot of legends and myths from Native American legends and beliefs.  I fact checked much of what I wrote.  Yes,  there is much I made up, but based on what I can "show you."  I put people in Sunday School mode, so when I write about what happens, it will be understood and make the story plausible.  I hope it is worth it.  Thank you for endorphin rush when people like what I wrote.  I have more coming!  :hug:

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.  I don't intend to die, but I am more aware of life's end now than ever before.

Just be careful and follow the rules to prevent corona.

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