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    R. Eric
  • Author
  • 4,581 Words

Cinderfella 3: Life Continues - 49. Chief Chaake of the Yakima Tribe

Excuse my tardiness, I had small medical issue.  I'm fine.  I did a version of the "I've fallen and I can't get up." commercial.  I did and I couldn't.  It was a side effect of a medication.  It weakened the muscles and I couldn't stand ln my legs, I had the shakes. I'm off of it now.  Anyway, the battle looms.  I love you.  I love you, Daniel.  :heart:

Chief Chaske of the Yakima Tribe



I went toward Chitto. “I thought you didn’t speak the languages of the tribes.”

“I couldn’t do it well,” Chitto explained. “I could a little and I’ve gotten better since we arrived.” He grinned. “I was busy while you galivanted here and there. Most of these tribes’ languages developed from a common root language. I get by.”

“Erik,” Demetrius approached me, but his stance and demeanor was subdued and he sounded humble.

I had never seen or heard him like this, “Yes?”

“I am…” Demetrius began softly, “sorry for my words earlier.” He smiled weakly.

“Oh?” I asked. “You were right. I can’t keep you from going.” I shook my head at him, “I don’t know if there is a threat to you.”

“But you felt there was,” Demetrius got a small grin on his face. “I’ve never been in a place like this before.” He shrugged, “Someone or something is a threat to me!? To me!” He threw his hands out in frustration. “And the Big Guy said to listen to you.” He pointed up to the Heavens.

My eyes widened, “Did He?”

Demetrius nodded, “Not in those exact words. You know He communicates with feelings and impressions.”

I felt a heavy weight on my heart, “Yes, I do.” I got closer to Demetrius and touched his chest, “There is a threat? Did He just confirm there was?”

“He won’t say that!” Demetrius’s arms flew again.

“Hearing you say that isn’t comforting,” I said.

“How do you think I feel?” Demetrius asked in a wail. “I was threatened! No one’s ever threatened me, except verbally, in my life! Now someone may have a way of hurting me…”

I nodded, “Or kill you.”

Demetrius closed his eyes and turned away and nodded, “It might be possible!”

He was taking it harder than most people would. Then again, he said it himself. He had never been threatened with bodily harm. No one could harm him…until now.

“We won’t let it happen,” I touched his back gently. “I won’t let that happen.”

Seth saw what was going on and came over asking us what was wrong. Demetrius had no problem telling Seth what happened.

“Okay,” Seth nodded simply.

“How do you deal with this?” Demetrius asked.

Seth could have been flippant, but answered calmly, “I was physically threatened almost every day for twenty years. You just learn to deal with it.” Why do we live in a palace? Why do we have all those guards? To protect us. Christian, Ella, Me, Thomas, Edward…soon Hana will be included.” I turned to Seth, “The same thing in Blethos and Creid. We had to hire guards for Royal Valley…”

“I know,” Demetrius said. “To protect you. I never needed that! I knew it here,” he pointed at his own head, “But now I feel it here!” He pressed on his chest.

“So, you won’t be coming with us?” Seth asked.

I smiled, “He promised a while back to protect Toby and Thomas.”

“I did,” Demetrius nodded. “And why was Toby left out of that show of yours. Shouldn’t he have been included?”

“Why??” I blurted out in surprise. “He is not going to be there!”

Demetrius nodded waving me to calm down, “Yes, neither Thomas and Toby will fight. I know, but Toby won’t fight. However, do you know anyone better at a visual observation? He can see things normal people don’t and won’t. Remember, he saw things about Wahkooha no one else did.”

I pointed to where my two monstrous fiends had been, “Those things I created scared the Creid! How can I do it to my child!?”

“Because he is a special child,” Demetrius said. “He’s done some very grown-up things.” He smiled at Seth and me. “He loves and trusts both of you. Explain it and talk to him. I think you’ll be surprised.”

The truth was, he probably could handle it. The reason I didn’t include him…I didn’t want to lose my child! I would eventually, but…now? I’ll explain it to Toby. I don’t lie. Never with my family and not with my children.

Seth was still in denial, “Wait,” he said to me touching my arm. “You’re not seriously considering this!”

“Tell me one person that has better observation skills than Toby,” I challenged Seth. “Demetrius is right! This is my Abraham and Isaac moment. I know what I was told would happen and what he is supposed to be when he grows up.”

“I know this,” Seth said shakily. “Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac to God. He was going to, but when he was about to kill Isaac, God stopped him!” He shook his head, “But…”

“I’m seeing that all this was planned,” I said to Seth. “Caleb is supposed to be here for this moment. Toby is, too.” I pressed my chest over my heart. “I am terrified for Toby! But we were told…”

“By them!” He pointed at Demetrius, “He and Dara told us this. Not God. They could be wrong!”

“Have they lied? Ever?” I asked and then patted Seth on the chest. “Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let me show Toby the Stiff Legged Bear and Wendigo first. We can see.”

“And scare him so badly he never forgets!” Seth was shaking now.

“With both of us beside him it will be less of a fright,” I said. “I hope.”


Whatever magic I could access, I found Toby pretty easily. Seth and I had to agree to do this or it wouldn’t be done. But Demetrius had done so much for us. Hell, he helped get Toby and Dennis. We were trusting him more. Toby was visiting with his friend Kohona at the moment. There were no problems with them communicating even if neither verbally spoke the same language. As quickly as Toby picked up sign language we used, Native Sign Language was picked up even quicker.

Toby looked up at Seth and me and smiled immediately. “Hi, Dads!” He rose and hugged us. Seth and I signed out greeting to Kohona.

Now I felt bad because he and Kohona were friends and were enjoying each other’s company. I didn’t want to break this up.

“Toby?” Seth began holding him back, “I think you’ve grown!”

“I guess,” Toby grinned, “but how do you know?”

Seth put his hand on Toby’s head, “The top of your head is at my chin. I have to raise my head to hug you now.”

I nodded, “He may end up taller than you, Seth.” I thumbed at Kohona, “I hate to break you up, but…”

“He knows we have something important to do,” Toby said and signed to Kohona who nodded.

“We may need your sharp vision, but I need to show you something so you won’t be scared,” I said to him.

“Okay,” Toby nodded.

I was hesitant to include Kohona, but he was a tribal leader so in questioning Kohona I felt he should see.

I told the others in the big room I was bringing my two fiends back and they could show Toby and Kohona that they weren’t afraid. Then I turned to the two. “I’m bringing two…” I thought how to say it, “monsters here. They are not dangerous to us. They are on our side. They come from me, but they are scary. Are you ready?” I was also ready. If Toby or Kohona showed signs it was too much, the fiends I created would be gone. Immediately. We would deal with any mental trauma.

There was no lightning or thunder. The lights were on and stayed on. The Stiff legged Bear was back and so was the other one. Just as big as before, but farther away. They also didn’t roar or snarl. The creature I created from the wendigo still had the antlers that burned. Smoke came from his mouth and nose. They moved, only to show they were “alive.” How did I do it? I still didn’t know. Were they alive? I didn’t know that either. As soon as they were there, I looked at Toby and Kohona. Kohona was very frightened, but…Toby was startled and jumped back, but that surprise which quickly faded and a smile grew. A smile!? Kohona took Toby’s hand to pull them both to run away.

Toby pulled his hand back, slapping Kohona across the face, but not so hard it left a mark. I doubted it hurt Kohona much. It was to get Kohona’s attention. Toby just made sure Kohona was looking at him and signed quickly and pointed at me and signed again. This was frustrating, because almost no words were spoken so Seth and I had no idea what was being said. The actions told me, Toby was surprised, but he wasn’t running. His expression was one that said he was staying. I could see he wanted to see closer.

Seth looked at our son, “You know what they are?”

Toby grudgingly shrugged a nod and pointed at my wendigo, “I was told about the wendigo, I didn’t know wendigos breathed fire, and the antlers don’t burn away. Fire seems to be part of him.”

“I started with the wendigo,” I smiled at our son who was comforting Kohona. “I sort of moved toward a moose and added things to scare people.”

Val was nearby and snorted, “Oh, yes they did that very well.”

“I almost pissed in my pants,” Reese added.

Toby smiled more, “But Dad said they came from him and were on our side. He would never hurt anyone here,” He looked at Kohona, “That’s what I told Takoda.”

Seth’s head went back a little, “I thought his name was Kohona.”

Toby was smiling bigger again, “That is his name to the world, yes. I call him as a friend. That word is Takoda.” He pointed at the bear. “Who is that, he doesn’t really look quite like any bear I’ve seen or heard of.”

I told them about the Stiff Legged Bear and how I wanted any threat to look like it could be in the area and contained Native folklore. “…and you aren’t scared?”

“Sure, Just a little at first,” Toby answered, “but a lot less now.”

“The big bear has very soft fur,” Beau said.

“You touched it!?” Toby asked Beau and turned to me. “Can I touch it?”

Toby and Kohona touched them both. The Stiff Legged Bear even growled. Toby wouldn’t hear the roar, but Kohona did and jumped again, but it was he was startled instead of scared. It was not as far as before or as much. Toby was petting the Stiff Legged Bear!

“We’ve got a bizarre child,” Seth said quietly to me.

“Yes!” I enthusiastically nodded, “Isn’t that great!?”

Caleb asked if I wanted him to go. His question had hope that I would say no.

“No!” I answered with a smile, “I have no doubt you would be helpful, but there are some tablets that need translating.”

His face looked very happy, “I’ll get right on it!” He all but rushed off.

I wondered what Lia was going to do, but I saw her with Hana. They would be fine.

I asked that Dakotah join us for this trip. He was the acting leader of the joined tribe. He and Chitto could tell the locals what to expect. I found out that he was a man of faith and was very wise. However, the first trip I wanted to take them all on…to Demetrius’s home…He thought he’d let that slide. He worked instead. He was going to have to this time. Besides, he had seen everyone return completely whole. That included Hana. Not that he could see one, but everybody kept their souls. What!? He was honest and admitted that to me. Well, really he said he was pleased that no one came back as a soulless demon. Wahkooha had traveled a lot this way and he thought maybe that was the reason Wahkooha was so evil. Hearing that, I realized he was willing to risk it with lives at stake. That was a brave man!

The structure of the government here began in Gitchi and right now Dakotah was the leader of the tribes as chief leader. Individual tribes had chiefs. The chief with the Yakima Tribe was man whose name was Chaske. Dakotah told me where the village was specifically. I thought it would be better if we appeared in the village to prove even more this threat was real and we knew what we were talking about. Chief Chaske knew we were coming. The tribe would know as we were just “there.”

It was at the warmest part of the day. It maybe winter and the temperature was just at freezing. There were chores that needed doing outside. Lukus produced clothing made of skin, but reversed. The clothing had the normal look as they were decorated the way Natives do, but the fur was on the inside! The fur was darker brown. There were thick fur hats that would cover our heads and over our ears.

“This is bear fur?” Seth asked.

Lukus nodded and grinned, “It’s very insulated and keeps the bear warm, so keeping you warm would be easy.”

That proved to be true! It did feel a bit bulky when I put it on. Lifting and arm or walking, I felt more resistance I these furs than clothes I normally wore. It was more like a soft suit of armor, but not as heavy. It would take some time to get used to it. Chitto and Dakotah would be the ones anyone spoke to because of the language problem. There was no telling what they could speak.


Physical contact was needed as we joined hands in a circle. Toby was coming with us, but Kohona had a tribe that needed him. Just as Christian, Sam, and Yannick knew they often stayed back to keep the kingdoms running. Kohona wanted to come, but had to stay for the same reason. I watched Dakotah close his eyes. Karey and Tala looked around excited about traveling this way. Toby just yawned. He’d seen magic all his life and traveled this way before. No adrenalin rush about it now. Did no one but Wahkooha do this?

“Don’t have the fur caps on until after we get there,” I said holding my cap. “They need to see who we are. If you’re cold after that, put them on.”

The village of the Yakima Tribe was very big. Not as big as Gitchi, A’Dore’s capital or Blethos capital. Royal Valley, perhaps. The village was more like a Native village should look like in the northwest. There were the more constructed homes here made of planks. I was told they were very warm with insulated skin under the planks. The houses were not big, but efficiency was the first quality I saw. Less space meant it was easier to heat and insulation kept that heat in. The village center was pretty big and the village surrounded a firepit.

I tried something. Remember, I gave Demetrius, Dara, and Lukus a hard time about just appearing? I shouldn’t just appear with no warning. We heard it, too. This time was a sung note. The voice was a young woman I remembered that sang in A’Dore’s Palace. As a little boy, I thought she had a voice like an angel! So clear and smooth. You know some singers that can’t hold a note steady to save their lives. A little that vibrato is okay, but there were female Opera singers…sorry, but she was the one I remembered I did NOT like. Her wavering sound was too quick and went too long. I didn’t like opera too much and her singing like she was the best in the world just came across. To me, she wasn’t. One man got up and sang the note, but shifted to another and another and never stayed on the note written. Yes, he had a good octave range, but get to the note and stay there, damn it! The woman I said sang like an angel wasn’t nasally sounding at all.

The voice sounded softly at first and grew in volume and was joined in by other voices that didn’t sing a word, but an “aahh” sound. The choir that added their voices and harmony did like as the angel did. This was also from memory. It was during a Nativity Cantata (I learned the word that night) and a few songs were sung. The other voices I knew were angels, too. Just to get the villagers attention which caused some seven ladies doing laundry in a cauldron of steaming water and soap over a fire using the firepit. Clothing and whatever used that were skins or cloth needed washing in the winter, too. The sound drew some from their homes to see what was happening. We appeared surrounding the firepit and ladies doing the laundry. They us and saw we were surrounding them.

“You can open your eyes Dakotah,” I said. “We’re here.” Dakotah looked around amazed.

“That was very nice,” Seth smiled at me. “Very nice.”

“Thank you, Seth,” I grinned. “The one I did for the wendigo and stiff legged bear isn’t needed. I didn’t want to scare anyone unnecessarily.” The ladies doing laundry or the others who came out to see what was happening were saying things I didn’t know. I got the feeling it was the Native version of crossing themselves or called for God to help.

Dakotah stepped forward and shouted something loud and quick, like “Stop!” With his cap off he said a few more things.

A man in his late thirties or early forties came out of one of the largest constructed building near the circle and said almost the same thing to the people. That was their longhouse where people would gather.

Chitto chuckled, “I guess there is no magical translator. Dakotah said peace to everyone and then told them who he was. The other man is Chief Chaske who said almost the same thing and that we were expected.”

“Thanks,” I nodded, “and I don’t know about a translator.” I frowned. “There are some magic services like making clothes or cooking that you have be able to do it to work. I don’t speak these languages. One would be there if there were.” The Children of Lilith didn’t speak every language. Demetrius couldn’t read the tablets and got the order wrong. No one’s perfect.

Chief Chaske came over and Dakotah and he joined their arms, clasping elbows in a Native greeting.

Dakotah led the man toward me speaking to Chaske.

Here it is again, he was a good-looking man! He was! He wore a skin wrapped around his shoulders over his clothes. His black hair was also cut short. It wasn’t growing out after having someone he cared about had died, (remember that was the traditional reason for cutting your hair or shaving your head). His hair was styled that way. He had a kind face that said he was a happy man. He looked at Seth and me and held his hand out in our way of greeting.

“You are the one to deal with Wahkooha,” He said with an accent, but pretty fluently.

I nodded, “I exposed him for what he was. His execution was his idea to the Tribunal.”

“But there is another threat,” he nodded.

“That was also due to Wahkooha,” I explained. “Someone went back and told those in the East and they’ve sent a group of men to deal with it.”

I had to tell him the truth so I just said it, “The men that will be camping tonight will be only a few miles from here. Tomorrow they will be coming down,” I pointed to the road that had evolved from years of use, “that road.” I looked back at Chaske. “You and your people are not their target. Wahkooha is.”

“We can just tell him Wahkooha is dead,” Chaske shrugged.

I grimaced, “I wish it could be that simple.”

“He doesn’t know who Wahkooha was,” Seth calmly said. “This man wants proof and he will suspect anyone. I believe he will torture people to find out. He respects no one.”

I smiled at Seth. “I’m Prince Erik of A’Dore and of Blethos. This is my husband Prince Seth of Blethos and A’Dore who was King of Blethos and gave the crown to his brother Sam who is now king.”

Chaske smiled at Seth and shook his hand, “I am Chief Chaske of the Yakima Tribe. I know the story that is circulating now around the world about your brother King Christian and his Queen Ella and how and they met. The story about you two is newer about how you got together.” He frowned, “But the tales have things in them about magic and fair godparents that caused the meetings to happen.”

I chuckled, “We’ve heard about it. The one we were told did have some things wrong…”

“I’ll say,” Demetrius just appeared next to me between myself and Seth in a thick skin coat with fur inside the coat. Those coats made us all look bigger. But they worked! I only felt the cold in my uncovered head, but I could stand it. Chaska’s eyes grew seeing Demetrius appear, but wasn’t running. The women washing clothes didn’t scream, but would have run if we weren’t surrounding her. A half a dozen thick coated men just appeared and now another one? “They hardly mention me.” Demetrius grumbled crossing his arms over his chest in a pout. He was over four hundred years old, but now he looked like Dennis in his “no phase” when Dennis was two!

He was funny, so I had to laugh. Seth and I put arms around him and I grinned at Chaske, “This crazy being was the Fairy Godfather to me who got us together. He really is a good man.”

Seth nodded leaning a little toward Chaske, “He was hard for me to get used to, but now I want him around all the time.”

I nodded, “He is all the time. I lost both my real parents and a manly one arm hug. “Now he’s my parent.”

Demetrius uncrossed his arms and put them around both of us. He shrugged, “I was adopted by a prince of two kingdoms, then gained another,” he smiled at Seth. “With their two boys, I have four!! They are all my sons.”

Toby was on the other side of the circle next to Thomas and his friend Val. He waved at Demetris and smiled with familiarity. Everyone nodded to Demetrius because they all knew him.

“He is no demon or evil spirit,” Dakotah vouched. “He and the others are good people.”

“Thank you, Dakotah,” Demetrius grinned. “I try to help.” He looked at the women staring at us. He hadn’t moved or continued washing and they had a pile of skins and cloths. They disappeared and the reappeared, including what they had been washing and now they were folded. “Do you speak English?” He asked the ladies. Their response said the recognized something, but weren’t fluent. He turned to Dakotah and Chaske, “Tell them they’re free to inspect, but all those skins are clean.”

Chaske turned and told them as the women did inspect and even smelling the furs. I saw some eyebrows rise and a few small smiles. He looked at Demetrius, Seth, and me, “But you are not like us.”

“Yes, we are,” I waved at them. “We are all Human.” I smiled at Chaske. “I’ll tell you about all it.”

Seth pulled his fur cap on, “But is there somewhere we can sit and be warm while he tells you?”

Chaske chuckled, “Of course. I guess I’m just used to the cold.” He waved at the large building. “You’re all welcome.”

“Thank you,” Seth covered his ears where the fur was now covering, but he was trying to speed up the warmth or just to prevent anymore cold. He looked at me, “Just don’t touch my ears until they warm up. It will hurt.”


Inside the longhouse, it was typical in arrangement. A fire burned at the center of the one large room. The smoke went up a flue. Around this center of the room were the usual pillows to sit on. Natives really didn’t use chairs.

It took an hour or so to tell Chaske who and what Demetrius was and myself and the others were. It was true when I was told the Natives were more receptive to magic. Chaske was very quiet when I told him why we came. Chaske had seen Demetrius just appear and saw the dirty laundry was done by magic, he didn’t doubt anything. Dakotah’s vouching for us added credibility. Karey and Tala did, too.

“The sad fact is that you aren’t the target,” I said. “Neither are we because he doesn’t know were here. He’s after witches and the evil he was told about here. Wahkooha.”

‘But, the leader is man we knew ten years ago,” Seth added. “He didn’t like being challenged.”

I nodded, “Seth is right. There are two leaders, one we know and the other one I believe has a weapon of that is very deadly. It could and be dangerous for everybody. And they have a hundred men with them. They are looking for Wahkooha or anything that does magic.”

“We have a shaman that does magic,” Chaske chuckled waving at Seth and myself. “He can’t just appear somewhere like you.” Then he took a mere second. “I will be starting an evacuation of the women, children, and the old ones at once.” Chaske clapped his hands once and a man came in, dressed for the weather in thick furs.

The new man stopped in front of Chaske and said in a language I didn’t know. Chaske then said a lot of things I couldn’t understand, but their actions told the story. Chaske had told this man to spread the word, there was an attack coming tomorrow and evacuate immediately. It was the actions of a king. He was Chief! So, it was the same thing. I saw my father do it twice. The man my father told and the man Chaske spoke with said the reason to give. Both men went to do this quickly. The faces of the two leaders had the look of confidence of knowing what he said would be do

“We’ll put you up in Gitchi,” Dakotah told Chaske.

“Thank you, but we have a place for evacuation,” Chaske smiled. “There are a series of caves we can fill. It will only be two nights.”

I hope so,” I confessed.

“I have many warriors who will help you.” Chaske said.

I was about to say no, but Seth took my hand and whispered to me, “This is their village, we have to let them.”

“Sure,” I said reluctantly. “But they obey my orders and Seth’s orders”

Chaske nodded, “Of course.”

Seth grinned, “Are there many archers?”

Chaske gave a look that asked are you kidding? “All of them, so about seventy.”

“Do they speak English?” Seth asked.

“Some are fluent,” Chaske nodded, “The others should know some.”

“Seth is great archer,” I grinned. “He gets excited when we use his talent.”

Copyright © 2019 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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While we may not always see eye to eye concerning rabbits, I would like to take a moment to wish you well and good health!

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Fantastic chapter. I hope that Eric knows what he’s doing and is able to stop the men from going any further than the village where they are now. At least he’s giving the Chief a fairly good window in which he’s able to get his village evacuated before the men arrive there. 

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I had forgotten how good Seth is at archery.  I look forward to seeing how his skills are used in the future chapters.

Is this where Toby starts doing magic, and then suddenly Dennis shows up? (Hint, hint.)

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