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  1. dutch woman

    Chapter 84

    But I don’t know you.” “I’m John’s father.” ??? He was at Eva and John's wedding, wasn't he?
  2. dutch woman

    Chapter 83

    Stupid stupid woman. And I feel that she didn’t feel responsible for the dead of AM ‘s husband. Every time she choose to do the wrong thing. If the true comes out, both AM and mom could be arrested for Mr. Strutter’s death. AM was mentally unable to tell the difference between good and evil but mom, my god. She deserves punishment. Still I hope that Timothy don’t tell the DA or the judge the true for AM’s sake and because that would bring the process of Tom against Bruce at risk and Tom needs the win. But Timothy has to force his mother to go to long-term therapy, she really is no good. I didn't expect this.
  3. dutch woman

    Chapter 82

    Finally mom talks
  4. dutch woman

    Chapter 79

    That is certainly a possibility, dad harassed at work, but better communication wit his wife is needed. Was their communication better, she would told him what had happened, maybe. It is time that we we were told what's bothering mom and what her part is in all this. I also do not understand why the women in the town and especially the victims do not stand up against the violence of the men, now is the time. They now know they are not the only victims and things will only change when they stand up.
  5. dutch woman

    Chapter 78

    How difficult it must have been for Timothy and Donnie when they were at school in this city. If I were his parents I would look for another job in and move to Tim's hometown. Stephens family can help. I hope the arsonists are found and put behind bars. It isn’t over yet.
  6. dutch woman

    Chapter 73

    I don't feel sorry for the clerk, he must have seen that Tom was there involuntarily and did nothing. Otherwise he is very stupid. The healing for Tom has begun. Now mom; she must become aware that she is also partly responsible for Tom's suffering. What I'm wondering, Benny must have known that Bruce did something to Tom. He was a police officer and would still have to recognize certain behaviors of Tom. Also, I can't imagine that Bruce hasn't been bragging to him about his dominance over Tom.
  7. dutch woman

    Chapter 72

    Good chapter. I hope that this time the police will cooperate with Timothy. Tom is also a candidate for the psychiatrist. Abused for so many years by the scumbag Bruce, my God. I hope that Tom and AM can become friends and that she will often invite Tom to her cottage in the mountains. As fellow victims, they can help each other.
  8. dutch woman

    Chapter 69

    Although Benny said that Tommy was reluctantly involved in the abuse, an all-girls high school, that's very suspicious. I hope he isn’t sexually abusing girls again.
  9. dutch woman

    Bro Ch 5

    Yes let’s not the facts get in the way of a good story. And yes it is possible that Edgar made the painting far before the accident. Then he is a hell of a talented painter, painted the scene so young, and have the gift of predicting the future. Interesting brothers, Edgar an artist, Austin a pianist, what talent would Oscar have?
  10. dutch woman

    Bro Ch 5

    Wow, I didn’t expect this. But the next paragraph can't headline “I remember that day, it was one of the happiest days of my life, not knowing that the next day everything was about to change.Mum and later Gran, always told me to never sell this painting” If the fatal accident of his parents occurred the day after how can mom ALWAYS said to Austin never sell the painting.
  11. dutch woman

    Chapter 64

    But that was after the confrontation with Timothy
  12. dutch woman

    Chapter 65

    It gets worse and worse. I am now convinced that he is also sexually abusing some of his current patients. So it is very important that Bruce is removed from office.
  13. dutch woman

    Chapter 64

    Strange that Bruce take a job in or near his hometown. Is he so arrogant that he expected to never be caught?
  14. dutch woman

    Chapter 63

    Others, wow. Yes then Timothy and the reporter must go after the rapists.
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