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  1. dutch woman

    Chapter 163

    Short chapters are just fine. During my breakfast, the first thing I do is read a new chapter. Same thing at night. But I'd tell the story in parts. It is too long now. For example, part 1 Adam's experiences inspires him to become a special teacher, part 2 Adam turns into the president of the Academy of knight’s etc. Sad what happened to Edward, but unfortunately senseless violence is common nowadays. You said the end is near. Please don’t let Adam die.
  2. dutch woman

    Chapter 161

    Yes, me too. I think Anna is Emma
  3. dutch woman

    Chapter 38

    promise us there will be no dead Jackson.
  4. dutch woman

    Chapter 147

    The jury found him guilty. I agreed and sentenced him to five years of hard labor. There were a few civil projects Gerry and I talked about, and now we had a volunteer 21 volunteers,not bad😆
  5. dutch woman

    Chapter 30

    Thank you for this story. A great ending. I will miss the story but I am glad that there will follow side stories. Yan and Yija in Silvershore, Rashan and his Shadow Guard, the meddling of the white tiger , Kayan falling in love , Zure Niven etc. Endless possibilities I am looking forward to this.
  6. I read this blog earlier but couldn’t react then. I was in a bad shape because other bad news in theNetherlands. Our most popular - honest - tenacious crime reporter , Peter R. De Vries, died 10 days after he was shot. Also there were many flooding in our southernmost province. But I still want give my condolences to Wayne. My first story I read on this site was ‘Accidents happen’ and I was hooked. He was a good man that take care for his parents and had it difficult when he was left alone in Corona time. R.I.P. Wayne. Maybe you can meet Peter. l
  7. I don’t understand that the story “the reluctant consort “ has not more readers. It is the best story at the moment.
  8. dutch woman

    Chapter 37

    Tristan is not fully matured yet, but he will soon. It is good that he stood up for Hunter. Now they had came close together there is a very powerful couple born.
  9. dutch woman

    Chapter 28

    Awesome chapter, if I could I rate it with many stars and hearts. We now know the most important parts, the rest will follow soon I expect; like the story about Nisa Baiza. But most urgently now is the birth of Andia’s child, did the birth goes well, is Andia okay, is it a boy or girl and what is her or his name.
  10. dutch woman

    Chapter 27

    Tristan did the right thing for Xander. Just now he needs support and learn that he can trust Tristan.
  11. dutch woman

    Chapter 27

    I am above that, maybe because I am older?😏
  12. dutch woman

    Chapter 26

    I think that TJ must tell Hunter what happened with Xander and Dom. Hopefully Hunter will treat them with more respect then. And hopefully he learns then to think first before reacts.
  13. dutch woman

    Chapter 27

    I hope so scrubber6620 and I can’t wait either. And Yes I agree with Clancy59, one of the best-written books I have read the last couple of years.
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