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  1. dutch woman

    Sad News

    Hoe bad. I wish you and his family all the best and will pray for a full recovery.
  2. dutch woman

    Group Therapy

    Awesome chapter, yes. And family meetings like this are so important.
  3. A relief in these times of hardening and out of control riots
  4. dutch woman


    It is Friday in the Netherlands so where is the chapter?
  5. dutch woman


    Yes, a real Alfred Hitchcock
  6. dutch woman


    Brian likes to put us on the wrong track, so I'm not going to guess, but possible candidates are Aunt Millicent, Matthew, Freya, mr. Llewellyn, the father of Luke, Mary, despite her message, Pippa, Howie, or Jack, because he borrowed the new keys. Or PC Morgan. We will see.
  7. dutch woman


    You promised. a new chapter on Wednesday, so where is it?
  8. dutch woman


    Today is Wednesday! Where is the new chapter?
  9. dutch woman


    I agree with all the comments above. But I want a clarification on Luke's mystery. And Luke deserves at least a beautiful picture of him on the wall.
  10. dutch woman


    I'm also starting to believe that Luke was in love with Max and his kids couldn't stomach this. I don't know which one of Freya or Howie pushed the father into the water. Luke may killed himself after that. But I can’t believe that he killed himself. And the arguments of ReaderPaul contradicts suicide. Also the behaviour of his mother is suspicious. The firebom thrower can be Freya, my first thought, but can also be Matthew, commissioned by his mother, or just a homofoob. When Freya of Matthew than they are aiming for Lenny. So we still know nothing. Let’s wait for what they find locked away in the drawers of that dresser and track down Howie. Kieran can do that.
  11. An educational chapter. About Texas and the making of a tree house
  12. dutch woman


    ‘another house in the garden ? someone living there ? Howie ? someone who could visit the cottage and left footprints ?‘ I was also thinking of Howie. Or Luke is not dead but Howie. It is strange that his sister had never heard from him again. But changing locks may not help if there is a underground tunnel. Of if ghost are spoking the house. I would recommend Lenny also to contact the ex-husband, Luke’s father. I thinks he knows more about Luke’s death.
  13. dutch woman

    PS Ch 16

    There must be a reason for what Angela Prentis did. I thought that she maybe is family of the bullies or the bad teacher. But that is not likely. Because how could they know of Edwin’s new business?
  14. I hope that Teddy is informed about the safety of Thyme and Angel. Her boyfriend is trouble
  15. I'm starting to get concerned about Danny. What he does is not healthy.
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