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  1. dutch woman

    Scare Them

    . I don't intend to die, but I am more aware of life's end now than ever before. Just be careful and follow the rules to prevent corona.
  2. dutch woman

    Chapter 53

    Yes, the story seems simple but isn’t at all.
  3. dutch woman

    Chapter 53

    Maybe it would be better to let the Spanish teacher start teaching the Mexican children English. Instead of giving all children the opportunity to learn Spanish. Since the Mexican children now live in America, they must be able to express themselves in English. But maybe it is possible to combine it. The American and Mexican children can learn from each other and develop bonds of friendship
  4. dutch woman

    Chapter 37

    I am glad that nothing terrible happened. On the contrary. Another boy is saved
  5. A chapter of a podcast in which their progression in lives and music is told. Nice!
  6. dutch woman

    XD Ch 9

    No no, first a sequel to Simba. Merry Christmas Quokka
  7. dutch woman

    Chapter 20

    Merry Christmas
  8. dutch woman

    Jenny and Greg

    Thank you, Valkyrie, Aditus and Cole for bringing us in the Christmas spirit with these short stories. Merry Christmas to you all
  9. dutch woman

    Chapter 15

    Merry Christmas to you and your husband and friends. I am enjoying this story and this chapter is a good start to Christmas
  10. dutch woman

    Chapter 6

    Why waiting a year, a happy short Valentine’s story or Eastern story is much better.
  11. dutch woman

    Chapter 16

    I will do the same
  12. dutch woman

    Chapter 9

    Typical @ lomax61 humor😀
  13. dutch woman

    Set the Stage

    Good advice. But can you explain what I see. Your blog is dated today, 6 December 2020. The comments are dated 20 January 2018
  14. Exciting. And an unexpected turn in the story. Besides the fact that the new minister might have done something wrong, it is also possible that the regional council in Erie wants him away because he is gay or trans or is helpful towards the LBGT community which the council doesn’t like. So we just have to wait for the next chapters.
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