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  1. dutch woman


    I know what depression can do but please Jasper come to your senses. Ryan is a terrific boyfriend
  2. dutch woman

    Chapter 5

    Because Pete has doubts, I would go for guardianship. If fostering does not work, it can still be undone. They can still choose for adoption later, but both parties must be sure.
  3. dutch woman

    Moving On?

    You are so right guys, I can’t say it better. I also thought it was strange that Simon and Luke did not come to the hospital. They are both superficial and selfish
  4. I feel so sad and helpless right now.
  5. dutch woman

    Chapter 22

    Yes I agree, and with the other comments. I can’t wait for the next chapter
  6. dutch woman

    Chapter 21

    So exciting and at the same time warm and humorous. Well done
  7. How bad. You are not very lucky in terms of your health. I don’t know what to say, so I wish you much strength and I hope you get better. I will pray for you.
  8. I knew something was wrong with Blake but this I was not ready for. I hope so that nothing bad had happened that is irreversible
  9. I hope Blake isn’t sick
  10. dutch woman

    Chapter 25

    Now that this great story has been completed, it is high time to move on with ‘Hooking Trout’ The farce has lasted long enough and Trout must be put out of his misery and the traitors punished.
  11. dutch woman


    Harlan:Lee had moved from a curiosity to someone who warranted a second look. Yes, i think this is good. Harlan can protect Lee from Eddie. And maby suggest to his maffia boss to take in Lee as a apprentice in his restaurant.
  12. dutch woman

    Chapter 86

    Excellent story. Someone who dedicates his life to improving the lives of abused or thrown away children. Helping vulnerable children appeals to me.
  13. dutch woman

    Chapter 22

    Sad that there have been deaths, especially de cameraman Colm. But I believe in ‘no news is good news’. Maybe Marshall got away from the site of the bomb because he had some dirt in his eye. Or he saw something suspicious and went after it. But he could also have been kidnapped just before the bom went off, because Kryszytonia knows about Marshall being gay and wanted to punish him. The bom about him and not the president My fantasy is endless you see. I'd better wait for the next one
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