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  1. dutch woman

    The Lie

    Yes, Cinderfella is back! Thank you. I love this story.
  2. dutch woman


    His friends in the town . Probably Luke was in love with one of them. And is mom a religious fanatic found that out
  3. dutch woman


    A hidden illegitimate child. from aunt Millie or his grandfather?
  4. dutch woman


    So glad that you are back. Great chapter and it seems that the story is up now to the feel good part.
  5. I am rooting for you
  6. I wish you and your father a lot of strength and luck
  7. I was wondering already if a reward for finding the pearls and diamonds would be paid. A quarter of a million is not much, given the increased value of the diamonds
  8. dutch woman


    I like reading very much and i enjoy the story’s on gayauthors.org. But what makes it special are the information I get from the story’s. Such as Presidents’ Day, Warhol etc. I looked at the internet for more information. So when I told my family what I do at gayauthors.org I can honestly answer that it is for learning about America, Australia and their languages. 😉
  9. dutch woman

    Chapter 20

    I think Weinerdog is right, Drew probably has IED. And he probably got this from his mother. I do not understand that his father did not discuss this with him, especially after Drew's recent anger attacks. I really hope he will visit the doctor. There is so much going on now that it seems impossible to me to incorporate all this in the last two chapters. The end will have to be continued in a follow-up
  10. dutch woman

    Chapter 19

    Give me a teacher like Mr. Rockwell too. i do hope that Cole don’t give away his new address, not even to Drew, just in case Drew and Friends start doing stupid things
  11. dutch woman


    Indeed, Not at all what I was expecting but , YES!!!!!!!!
  12. dutch woman

    Chapter 18

    Yes he needs both but first he needs to talk to his mothers’s doctor. He needs to know what her condition is and whether her state of mind dates from her childhood or from her affair with Drew's father. If there is a connection between her and his own anger and he knows about it, he will be more motivated to go into therapy. And for Emily , it will be better for her living with her father but I see this not happening. It’s is however necessary that se sees her father and brother regularly. And maybe the mother can be placed under the supervision of the child protection services. If his mother does not change her behavior towards gays then still put Emily under the authority of her father. But I don't see this happening either; the judge is not primarily focused on the well-being of the children. He is old fashioned and only allowed Cole to live with his father because of the behavior of mother and grandfather towards himself. I don’t think Cole needs therapy, only the support of his father, boyfriend, Keith and his friends. And he needs Drew treated for his anger issues of course.
  13. dutch woman

    New Year's Eve

    This is a work of fiction set in the real world. So will the corono crisis enter the course of the story, or was the story written before the crisis started?
  14. dutch woman

    Chapter 13

    I thought Cole was a smart kid but I'm going to doubt that now. Seriously hard times are approaching him, and his father, Keith and Drew. Then you are careful with what you post on social media. Then you don't want being bullied at school also. I feel sorry for Morgan; he has finally found happiness but cannot enjoy it. Hopefully, his ex won't destroy his luck and Keith and Cole can make peace. Drew will need to be informed by a doctor or psychiatrist about his mother's health and I think talking to his father should be in the presence of a third person. A kind of family counseling. Living with Cole or his father is not an option right now, maybe he can live temporarily with Brax.
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