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  1. Photo’s of Alan and Trevor, Trevor and Jenny, or worse Alan or Jenny with Ethan? Only the last possibility makes Jake desperate. And if it is maybe Ethan is instructed to do the foto’s by Colin. What a mess.
  2. Oh my god, what a great chapter. But it is a pity that Duyi can’t understand what he misses.
  3. Yes Weinerdag, you are right. But don’t spoil my joy about this chapter now. A great chapter.
  4. dutch woman

    Chapter 12

    why they be angry with each other? Because they still have puber brains. We ‘aldults’ can’t understand how these work. I like Caleb, everyone would be so lucky to have a Caleb.
  5. dutch woman

    Chapter 53

    “Sorry for the short chapter but I wanted this to stand alone. We will pick up with the aftermath in the next chapter.” Later today yes?
  6. Finally, they behave like a couple in love. As long as they can make time for each other, they will make it. I would like to advise Jasper to make his next tours shorter. Respond to what we have learned in Corona time. Online performances for which payment must be made
  7. dutch woman

    Chapter 16

    Great story, a pity that it has ended. Maybe you can do a sequel on the adoptions.
  8. dutch woman

    Chapter 14

    This story reminds me of your earlier story “The home”
  9. dutch woman

    Chapter 12

    On 9/6/2021 at 3:00 PM, dutch woman said: His parents are going to live with him. CLJobe: I'm not sure about that but his Mom will have something to say. Me: Liar
  10. dutch woman

    Chapter 6

    His parents are going to live with him.
  11. dutch woman

    Chapter 8

    Why on earth is Hunter so convinced that Caleb is straight. Caleb enjoys going through Hunter's hair with his hands, he says he needs to change himself to get his interest get interested in him, he doesn't care about clothes but lets Hunter dress him.
  12. I do not want to deprive Jihan of Soraya, but she will be a good, smart and loyal queen, able to bring more love to Kiang 's family, perhaps even at court. And if Temu is not married and also likes men , can Jihan not link him to Zure Niven?
  13. dutch woman

    Chapter 45

    Or grandpa Stan or grandpa Jer
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