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    R. Eric
  • Author
  • 5,570 Words
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His Royal Highness, Prince Vincent - 12. Friends

You know my pattern. I hope. Try as I may, I will miss something. Potholes on the road I want to take you down. Hate 'em. Proofreaders, editors...no offense, but no others are putting a spoon in my pot! No, no, no. I tried it. I hated that even more!! I'm sure I will be updating again. Sorry. After the movie. I love you guys!! I love you, Daniel. :wub:



The voyage back to Copenhagen wasn’t eventful. There was no big hurry and we were both very relaxed. At least for me. I was more relaxed than when we had going to Oslo. I now knew Angelica and liked her. She had shown herself to be intelligent and willing to do what had to be done to fulfill her duty helped me to stop worrying.

It was too cold on the deck, so we were in the passenger cabin to get out of the cold, damp wind. The cabin was heated by another iron stove. Coal was much easier to carry and burned longer than wood and it warmed things up just fine. The iron stove also didn’t take up as much room.

“This was a good trip,” Vincent said out of the blue.

I grinned at him, “It was.” I nodded. “What made it good for you?”

Vincent gave a shrug and nod, “I was a little worried how she would feel about meeting you.” He said simply. “She is my wife. I know she knew there was someone else for me. I think she suspected it was with you, but my introducing you to her and telling her it was you…” he smiled, “I wasn’t sure how she would react at the realization if she competed with a man.”

“Competition?” I asked.

Vincent nodded, “There is no competition. You are it for me. I love you!”

I admit it. I knew it, but it was nice to hear. The warm surge of emotion swept from my heart throughout my body. We were used to it, but we were the only passengers. There were no crewmen here now, so I kissed him. “I feel the same for you. I love you.” I grinned at Vincent, “My grandmother was wrong.”

Vincent’s eyebrows rose, “She was? About what? Why do you say that?"

“Because I’m not two spirited,” I said simply. “I’m have just one.”

Vincent looked confused, “But I thought…” he let the sentence die as his mind searched what I had told him for an explanation. He finally asked, “Huh?”

I chuckled, “I’m a man, but I don’t desire anyone but you!” I touched his chest over his heart. “I’m singularly spirited. God, the spirits or just nature created us for each other. I don’t desire anyone else male or female. Just you.”

Vincent smiled at that, “I think so, too.” He looked out the glass window, “Can we make this tub go any faster? I want to get home. Now!”


We did make it back and we returned to Aunt Benedikte’s house. It was passed lunchtime, so we got some sandwiches and took our drinks up to my room. We shared it much of the time, but it was called my room. Vincent had a room in the Christiansborg Palace.

“I think all this secrecy stuff should be phased out,” I said during lunch.

Vincent’s eyes grew and he looked at me, “What!?” He asked in shock.

“We started to do that just before we left,” I explained. “Everyone in the family knows. Annabelle knew about your father and Mister Christian at ten years old!”

“Oh,” Vincent sighed in relief. “You didn’t mean with everyone.” He waved out of the windows we ate in front that looked over Copenhagen.

I gave him a smirk, “Yes, Vinnie. You and I should march hand in hand before the whole world. Right behind Uncle Fred and Mr. Christian!” I shook a finger at him, “That was insulting.” I grinned. “For a second or two, you thought I was stupid.”

He couldn’t look at me, but grinned, “I never thought you were stupid.” He looked at me, “For a second, I thought you’d lost you mind, but I never thought you were stupid.”

I nodded, “Oh, and that should make me feel better?” I asked. “I’m crazy, but not stupid.”

Vincent chuckled, “With all directions your mind goes, I wanted to be sure.”

“It will be a long time before we can be that free,” I said. “With Angelica here…and Harald here somewhere, we need to be open and honest with each other.” I shrugged, “You family knows about you and me. We need to be honest and tell them we know about Angelica and Harald; and we don’t care! We like them both!”

Vincent nodded, “Sure, we can start tonight.” He smiled. “I thought about how we can increase the number of heirs.”

Now, my eyes widened, “You would have sex again with Angelica?”

“No!” Vincent said positively disgusted, “I mean without my having sex with her at all!! Even in ten years!” He waved at his sandwich and shook his finger at me, “I’m eating! Don’t make me sick.”

“It couldn’t have been that bad,” I said.

Vincent’s eyes grew, “Okay.” Vincent said. “Next time, you do it. It will be our secret that one of our heirs is also part American Cowboy and an Indian.” He saw the corner of my mouth curl up. “See!?” He did an imitation of me, “It couldn’t have been that bad.” He raised his arms in helpless surrender, “It is when it’s not the right one!” He waved me off. “Don’t distract me.”

“Sorry,” I smiled.

Vincent went on as if I never derailed his train of thought, “A doctor was demonstrating the technique using a glass tube with a long needle…” He looked at me, “Suppose, instead of medication, sperm was inserted into Angelica?”

“Surely, you don’t mean sticking a needle in her!”

“No!” He said almost in the same tone of voice as the first time. “Take the needle off and put it…” he did the motion of insertion, “You know…in her…” he couldn’t say it!

It was a good idea! I couldn’t just let him off, though, “It’s okay, Vinnie. We’re adults now. Say it,” I chuckled. “Her vagina.”

“I know what it is!” He said quickly and loud with annoyance. “Our dicks are basically the same as those glass syringes. We insert sperm in to make a baby with our dicks.”

I thought about what he said, “Huh, I’m not smart. I didn’t even think about that possibility.”

Vincent waved that off, too, “It was kind of the last minute and you had a lot on your mind.” He smiled at me. “I know you would have otherwise.”

“Another thought from what we discussed that night in bed in Oslo,” I grinned, “Remember when you asked what I was thinking about?”

“How can I forget?”

“What about a family for Harald?” I asked. “Does he give up ever having a son or daughter of his own?”

Vincent sat back, “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“He is watching the woman he loves have a child with you,” I said. “Her first child is not his, but yours! For Denmark and Norway! When can she have his child?” Then I raised my finger, “I pray it won’t, but…what if Angelica does fall out of love with Harald? God forbid, Harald falls out of love with Angelica! Is he trapped?”

Vincent’s eyes kept growing as he was more and more surprised, “I don’t know!”

“I don’t think either of them will,” I said. “King Olav’s and Queen Martha’s plan may have worked against itself. What if…”

Vincent raised both hands and said firmly, “Stop!!” He got up and moved his chair next to mine, “You are not stupid, but I think sometimes you are too smart! You’ll drive yourself into madness with all of these what ifs.” He put a hand on both sides of my face. “Babe, all you have said could happen. Yes. Will it happen? No one knows.” He sneered, “All I was thinking about was how Angelica and I could continue the royal line,” He shrugged. “Could they split up? Sure. We could, too!” He saw me about to protest and put that finger on my lips and said calmly, “No, it could happen. That doesn’t mean it will happen.” He nodded and smiled. “There is a lot we still need to discuss. Harald’s and Angelica’s future family is one I hadn’t considered, but you have.” He put his forehead against mine. “We’ll talk about it. We have time.” He kissed me gently. “You’re right. We talk about it. All of the family will talk about it.”

“Before we stick anything in anybody,” I smiled. “We should ask Angelica how she’d feel about it.”

“Yeah,” Vincent nodded with a grimace. “How do you start a conversation like this?” He did a voice at first I didn’t know who he imitated, but it was almost like that man the had escorted Vincent to Wentworth. He didn’t think Vincent should associate with just myself and my father. “Excuse me, Your Highness. Would you be so kind as to insert this between your legs?”

Yep, that was Georg! “Hey! Whatever happened to Georg?” I asked. “I saw him that week and I haven’t seen him since. Is he okay?”

Vincent grinned, “He’s alive!” Then he stopped, “I think.”

“He wasn’t Danish, was he?” I said and asked for conformation. Were there men from Denmark named George? Or Georg? The pronunciation of the name was different. Instead of “jorge,” with the harder je, his was “gay org.” That was not Danish.

“No!” Vincent chuckled, “He was Prussian! He fled Prussia when things there started to go sour. Prussia, Germany, Hungary-Austria were in turmoil.” He shook his head, “None of my cousins there got along.”

“You have cousins there,” I said to be clear.

“Sure!” Vincent nodded, “I told you, we’re all related. Cousin Vickie in England’s eldest daughter, also named Victoria Princess Royal of the United Kingdom, was married to Emperor Frederick III of Prussia!”

“Another Fred and another Victoria,” I commented with a frown.

“My mother insisted on not following tradition with me or Annabelle,” he grinned. “It was a letter sent by the Empress that got Georg hired in Copenhagen. He did something he shouldn’t have. He offended Queen Maregete and she sent him to the failing colony in the Danish Antilles.”

I nodded, “The plantations collapsed because slavery was abolished.”

Vincent smiled, “Right. Those plantations depended heavily on slave labor and the economy collapsed after 1850. Georg was sent to help.” He shrugged. “The sugar production of the Danish plantations.”

“I knew your mother was dangerous,” I muttered.

Vincent chuckled, “You don’t want to piss her off. But you had me in your corner and then Dad. She couldn’t go against Dad or me. That would certainly made me abdicate. Immediately.” He grinned. “But, what if we get it worked out so they can both be happy? It’s a tough situation,” He nodded. “Harald, like you, he knew what was going to happen before he got in it. Now, I don’t ever want you to leave and I will do whatever I can to not give you a reason to.”

Running my fingers in his hair, I took a breath, “And I won’t give you a reason to make me leave. Ever.” I kissed Vincent and chuckled. “I just knew Georg wasn’t a Viking!”


We dressed and went Amalienborg Palace where the three remaining Danish Royals lived and where all of them ate meals together. Don’t think for one moment I failed to understand what it meant having them include me. I was eating with them in the private dining room used just for family. The servants, guards and political leaders all knew about the Ring of Trust. That gave a status I didn’t truly understand at first. Not only did I get free access to Vincent, King Fredrick, Queen Maregete and Princess Annabelle anytime. I had the privilege no other Human Being on the Earth had. They might even be family to them, or a noble house, political office member…I had unquestioned access to any of them. The feeling of entitlement was overwhelming for me. No one asked “why” I was eating as a member of the immediate family. Remember, even Queen Victoria allowed me to speak when Frank Dupont was caught after his dirty trick against Vincent back at Wentworth.

It was still a bit unnerving when I was greeted so warmly by Queen Maregete. Having just heard what she did to Georg, I would make sure I never did anything to turn her against me. I was more afraid of her than King Fredrick! He could be scary like facing a hungry and angry tiger, but she would strike like a deadly snake! She was a mother Grizzly Bear in defense of her cubs.

“Hello,” Queen Maregete said smiling at Vincent and me. “Welcome home!” She hugged Vincent and me!’

Then King Fredrick came up, “I trust it was a pleasant and productive trip.” He hugged us both, too. Yes, I belonged here because of my preference for hugs.

Vincent nodded and smiled, “It was both and very good.”

Annabelle looked at me, “Did Angelica treat you nicely?”

“She was very nice,” I grinned. “I like her very much.” I hugged Annabelle. She was the kid sister I hadn’t gotten until Copenhagen. “We’re good friends now.”

“Really?” Annabelle smiled as she marveled. She pointed at her brother and me, “She knows about you two?”

“Yes,” Vincent chuckled. “Just like we know about her and Harald!”

“Harald?” Queen Maregete repeated, “Who is Harald?”

“Harald is the man Angelica loves,” Vincent replied and pointed at me. “We like him, too.”

“Not as much as Angelica,” I laughed. “But we like him very much.”

“I think they make a nice couple,” Vincent added.

I nodded, “He’s working on his shyness and he’s done well!” Then I grumbled, “I still say he should eat more.”

Vincent laughed and bumped me lightly, “He told you.” Vincent rolled his eyes, “He’s a work in progress.” He grinned at his parents. “He explained that the men in his family have one more growth spurt in their early twenties. They stop growing taller and start growing out and grow bulk.” Vincent shrugged. “He should begin to soon,” he looked at me. “Don’t you think? Maybe we can find you a cow and you can bulk him up teaching him to rope and take it down.”

“Those things I saw here!?” I balked. “They have no spirit. They’re too timid!”

“Wait!” King Fredrick said in disbelief, “You met and like your wife’s consort!?”

Vincent nodded, “As I introduced mine.” Vincent put an arm around my waist.

This was a world they did not go willingly into often. I bowed to them both, “Your Majesties, we decided to be totally honest with Angelica and Harald. We were hoping we can do it here.” I had used their titles on purpose letting them know I never forgot who they were. I was pleading they would agree. “Please.”

Annabelle smiled, “It’s about damned time.”

The queen looked at her daughter and frowned at Annabelle’s…non-princess like behavior. I mentally shrugged, Annabelle was her mother’s daughter. “If you can and feel it safe.” I said.

“There should be cautions as you said,” Vincent agreed. “While the baby is small, that will be fine. When the baby starts talking…I understand,” he waved at Annabelle, “But she’s not a child.” He looked at his sister, “She’s always had trouble controlling her mouth,” he grinned at her and she stuck her tongue out at him. Typical siblings. “She figured it out at ten!”

King Fredrick nodded, “We just didn’t.” He shrugged.

“The unspoken rule,” Vincent nodded.

“Which bothers me!” I said to Vincent and King Fredrick, “How the Hell does an unspoken rule get passed down!? It’s unspoken!!” I asked helplessly. “Yet everyone knows it and follows those rules! It has to be spoken sometime! And you!” I pointed at the king and queen, “How do you just accept things that might be seen as wrong? Not you, but us!”

King Fredrick rolled his eyes, but smiled, “And Christian and myself.”

The queen even smiled, “Things are getting better, but for a long time many people in Denmark were not that well educated and hold on to some old superstitions and beliefs.”

“Beliefs like witches,” the king said. “Omens and signs are ingrained in the minds of some good, but simple people. Avoiding toadstool rings, an eclipse to even circumstances of a child’s birth are signs or omens of bad luck or a curse. We now understand the true scientific nature of some of these things. Diseases such as plagues are viewed as judgements or the work of demonic forces.”

Vincent nodded, “But education is the best defense…”

“True,” the queen nodded. “The education of one or two people can be very successful, but a mob is nearly impossible. An invisible evil threat is better dealt with magically. Understanding about contagions and germs that are too small to even see!?”

“The actions of a king and queen can be blamed for tragic events,” the king explained. “Even with religions bought superstitions out. A king or queen that are engaged in what people consider immoral can lead to the death and destruction of the people and someone will take on the challenge of getting rid of that threat.”

“As I understand it,” the queen began. “the beliefs of your grandmother’s people came from observation of Humanity and the world.”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“What you and Vincent are doing,” the queen smiled. “What King Fredrick and Christian are doing…has always been going on. Some of the greatest minds were as you are. Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, King James VI, William Shakespeare and even Julius Caesar…though for some who didn’t care about the gender and were married and had children. There are so many in history, no one can name them all.”

“But,” the king smiled. “We need to be open and honest with each other.”

Some silver platters were set on the table, covers were removed and delicious smells filled the room with the steam.

Plans needed to be made, but I felt better about those plans were going to be made as we would talk about them.


You not find anywhere that Vincent and I ever went to church. Neither of us were heathens. We did go to a couple of musical performances in London and Copenhagen. There were big differences with the churches in England and Denmark. History records tell that The Church of England was formed so Henry the Eighth could have his marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. The Pope wasn’t letting him do that! The subsequent struggles between Catholics and Protestants ended many lives all over Europe and England.

The was no “church” for the Pohogwe. The whole world was our church. Pohogwe had a very deep spiritual life. When you still your thoughts and actions to be able to hear that music of the world, that was a form of meditation and prayer that, for me, was better than any other I’d heard of. You listen to what is said to you. Don’t except a conversation in words, but it’s there. Vincent had seen me do this when at Wentworth. He was fascinated and he asked me to show him how to do it. So, I did. It wasn’t a religion as much as it was a lifestyle. There were some beautiful buildings that were ornate and made you feel small, but again I’ll put Earth’s beauty against any cathedral anywhere.

Frederik’s Church. See!? Another Fred! They loved that name around here. I had no problem with the name, but use some imagination people! The first Fred was so wonderful they wanted all these guys to be named Fred as a tribute to him. Anyway, the prominent denomination or religious group in Denmark was Lutheran. Frederik’s Church was elegant, but not a sprawling church. It had a high dome that covered church goers as they sang and prayed. We attended a choral presentation of a cantata by Bach. The choir that sang was huge! Almost a thousand people! Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bass were there and each section was divided into first, second and even third Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bass. Great harmony! You got chills.

We all went. King Fredrik, Queen Maregete, Prince Vincent and Princess Annabelle. I was with them, but stood aside as people looked at the family as they approached. The people knew about the Ring of Trust and I was so loved by the Royal Family I was considered a part of the family. Tales of how I saved their future king’s life spread and much of it was embellished. Now, I had become the Ambassador for the Americans and a cowboy from the wild west! There was even a tale about how I wrestled a bear! And won! I never wrestled a bear. I’d seen plenty of them, but never even touched one! You didn’t challenge a bear, but never, ever run. You’ll lose. Stand your ground, look them in the eyes, but your head down in submission. If it’s a mother bear, you need to pray.

I did sit with them. Did it help with any rumors? No, but facts are seldom accurate with rumors. Staff knew better than to talk. Angelica was in Oslo having a Henrik heir. Vincent had returned having been gone for months! No one really knew why or where. In this situation the no talking about it helped. That didn’t stop people from speaking about it with themselves. It happened with King Fredrik and Christian in the past. The queen’s “miscarriage.” (The real birth of her daughter who now lives in Russia.)

Danish Christmas or Jul (Yule) was very popular in Denmark. The traditional Christmas starting on December 25th. A more modern approach began on December 1st. The queen was right, the people in Denmark stuck with many old traditions. Many of the pagan traditions became a part of Christmas.

One tradition was the party at the palace at Christmas. Having been to several at Buckingham Palace, I had only been to one in Copenhagen. The party here was different. There were the elegant decorations and it was well lit. Chandeliers glistened and the candles were lit, but they were not the primary light source. There were lights by lamps and fixtures that were powered by electricity. There were two rooms that were set up. The first had rows of long tables with china, sterling silver utensils, crystal glasses and goblets. A music ensemble was playing soft Christmas music while we ate. There was a ballroom also set up for dancing and mingling. The king and queen were introduced, but Vincent and Annabelle were not. Neither was I or anyone else. There was one table that was set up by width of the room for the king, queen, their children and special guests. I was one of the special guests. Fortunately, I had experience with these sort of dinners. A cowboy can learn manners.

There were courses, and all you had to do was follow the utensils. Outside in. Bread, warm and delicious. Soup. You had to remember to tip the bowl away from yourself and use the spoon from front to back. You never spilled on yourself that way. They served something I never had. Goose! They served goose in England, but this…it was cooked the day before. It was cooked with apples and prunes that were stuffed inside! Then put out in the snow in covered containers and left overnight. Guarded, of course. The next day it’s carved up and just before serving it, it was reheated in the oven where it heats the goose meat and crisps up the skin. The goose meat was sweet from the fruit that cooked in the goose, then chilled and then heated again! That dish was nothing short of heavenly. This was dinner at the palace, it had to be! There were hundreds of people here, so I know a whole flock of geese was needed. These guests were nobles and friends of the monarchy.

It was in the ballroom I got a big surprise I was not expecting. I had danced with a few ladies, three with Annabelle. I saw what she was doing. Three sons of nobility were pursuing her. One I was sure was much younger than he wanted people to think he was. I had to rescue her. Vincent danced with a few, but he was married now with a child on the way. I took a moment and got some cool champaign punch. It was cold out there, but it was warm in here! I felt a tap on my shoulder from a folded fan ladies used.

“Care to dance?” A familiar voice asked with amusement in her voice.

I turned quickly and there was Lady Beverly Haversham! “Beverly!?” I said happily at seeing her. It had been a few years, but other than a streak of white in her dark red hair, she hadn’t changed! She was still trim and always well-dressed. “Beverly!” I hugged her, lifting her from her feet and swung her around causing her to squeal in delight like a young girl. “It’s wonderful to see you!” I then held her back to see her better.

“It’s wonderful to see you!” She said laughing.

“Wow! What are you doing here? In the palace in Copenhagen!!”

“Francesca,” Beverly answered with a chuckle. “My daughter met and is married Mads Mortensen. He is the son of Sibbi Mortensen and a young officer in the Danish Navy.”

That name I heard before. Greve (Count) Sibbi Mortensen a man of nobility and pretty wealthy. He was not related to King Fredrik. The titles over here! There were different levels of Counts! A grandfather had nearly sacrificed himself to prevent an attack on Denmark. That was how he got the title and land as a reward!

“Two months ago,” Beverly smiled. “I was made a grandmother. They have a little girl!” She said proudly.

“Congratulations!!” I said happily. Often women didn’t like that title, but it didn’t bother Beverly. “I wrote you! How long have you been here?”

“We arrived on the third of December,” Beverly said. “We’ll go back after the new year starts.” She shrugged, “You are a very busy man! The United States’ Ambassador to Denmark and Norway!” Then her face softened and she ran a hand over my face, “I heard you lost your father and you went back to Wyoming. I am so sorry. He was an amazing and charming man.”

“Thank you,” I nodded and smiled, “Yes, he was amazing. I will always remember him.” I patted my chest over my heart, “He’ll never really be gone.”

“And your mother?” Beverly asked.

I nodded, smiling as I remembered her, “She’s doing well…considering. She’s coming to visit me this Summer. I know she’d love to see you again.”

Beverly’s head went back and she smiled, delighted. “I will look forward to her coming! I will have an excuse to visit my daughter and granddaughter again!”

I laughed, “As if you needed an excuse. You will be welcome any time.” Backing a little, I bowed to her and offered my hand, “Shall we dance?”

She put a gloved hand in mine, “With pleasure!”

Friends and allies were important. The whole reason for me to go to Wentworth was to make connections to do just that. I would tell my father that I did, but Beverly was special. She was my friend! Vincent knew her and even liked her, but she was my friend. Mine. It was totally platonic. Never were there any romantic feelings for her or from her. She befriended my mother for me because of that friendship with me. Now, we didn’t care who said what to whom, so we danced most of the night together. Lord Haversham knew about our affection with each other, but didn’t interrupt. He loved Beverly I didn’t doubt that. If anything, I think he appreciated that I occupied Beverly’s attention. He had two left feet! The poor man didn’t possess a sense of rhythm and didn’t feel comfortable dancing. Beverly did. Vincent and Percival spoke to each of us. I couldn’t dance with Vincent and Percival knew Beverly and I were good friends and was not jealous at all.

Having Lord and Lady Haversham at this party made sense. Percival was a Lord. He was nobility and he was born a noble. His title was inherited from his father. He loved to mingle. The Houses were what they were called. The House of Lords were men that had inherited their title, but just like King Fredrik told Vincent. The noble families had the money to educate their children. Having them in positions to determine the direction of England made sense. The House of Commons were men that were Commoners and elected.

Oh, yeah. We danced. Dances change! Dances were added really. After a particular lively dance…I knew several, but the names are hard to keep up with! Waltz, I knew. Foxtrot and Box Step. The Tango and the Chalypso, but this one dance…I guided us to one side, prancing with my leg to which Beverly did with a leg to take us in one direction together, dipping us to the side and back up and stepped and pranced in the other direction. I whirled us in circular manner. The music was bouncy not letting you stand still starting with the first note! Almost everyone on the ballroom dancefloor knew the dance. When it finally ended, I stopped to regain my breath. Beverly shook that fan in her right hand and made it unfold instantly and she waved it at her face. She was smiling as she looked at me, “My word!!” She almost panted. “I need to sit!” Then she turned her fan toward me and fanned a few times to cool me off.

“Dad would have loved that!!” I said grinned enjoying the air that came to my face. “He could dance to that one!” I escorted her to a table available, “Should I bring you something to drink?”

Beverly nodded, “Please. Some of the Champaign punch would be lovely.”

Things they now served at these parties were changing. With snow and ice everywhere outside, they were serving these tall crystal goblets with a red punch. Stuck down into the liquid were the long pieces or ice! It was as if someone had taken an ice sickle and put it in the punch. They had! I put the goblet in front of her and sat with my own.

“It is so great to see you!” I said squeezing her hand, “I missed you!”

She smiled and nodded, “We’ve had some…” she thought, “interesting conversation over the years.”

I grinned, “We have!”

Then her face got serious again, “How are you and Vincent?”

The way she asked, it sounded as if she knew about Vincent and myself. Grant it, she was far sharper than many other people and she knew me. Personally. Picking up on things others missed was just her talent. I would not insult her intelligence with a denial. “When did you know?”

“That first night,” Beverly said. “I suspected something.” Her smile reassured me there was no malice. She shrugged, “You were teenagers.” Spoken like that was the only explanation needed. “Vincent is a very handsome Crowned Prince. And he was going to a school for young men, he may not have met any girls to take to the palace.” She shrugged again, “There were so many possibilities why he brought you.” She lifted my right hand. “You did save his life,” she touched the Ring of Trust. “He gave you this.” She held her finger up, “But that too could be for many reasons. The level of devotion was telling. You are a smart, handsome and talented young man. Not once have you mentioned anyone else. I met your parents and learned the sort of life you had. As you both became men, I realized it wasn’t just youthful experimentation. You two love each other.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” I asked.

Beverly smiled, “It doesn’t matter if it does or doesn’t, but no. It doesn’t bother me. You two have had some things to really test you. I know what the Church says, but what I’ve seen isn’t you or Vincent. It isn’t sin, it’s love. What’s wrong with that?”

“I don’t think there is anything wrong,” I said with a smile. “We got through it and we’re together now. Nothing can pry us apart.”

Beverly nodded with a smile, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, “Good.”

Copyright © 2016 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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Great chapter. It seems like there’s a lot of people who know about him and Vincent and have no problem with the fact that they’re together as a couple even though they show it to the public. I’m glad that Angelica accepted the fact that he and Vincent are together even though she and Vincent are married and expecting a child.  She has her own love in her life and she’s in the same position as Vincent meaning she can’t say anything about Harald and her being a couple either. 

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8 hours ago, Butcher56 said:

It seems like there’s a lot of people who know about him and Vincent and have no problem with the fact that they’re together as a couple

It's the same old message. Ignorance is the cause of trouble. Ignorance is combatted and cured through education. The people that have no problem with them are educated. Beverly has an almost Sherlock Holmes sort of perception and can see more that most take time to understand. I'm not just talking about education in school. There are many with PhD's that are ignorant.  :P

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    You probably have a crazy and hectic schedule and find it hard to keep up with everything going on.  We get it, because we feel it too.  Signing up here is a great way to keep in touch and find something relaxing to read when you get a few moments to spare.

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