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    R. Eric
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  • 4,991 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

His Royal Highness, Prince Vincent - 9. 3 Guys, a Girl and a Baby

I promised to post on Sunday. I just didn't say when on Sunday. What can I say? When Bubba, my muse, inspires and it just keeps coming! I love it!! When it comes so quickly you have trouble keeping up! I can only type so fast! My mother could type 120 words a minute and no mistakes. Damn it! On a manual typewriter!!  Loved her, hate her ability to type. Some people know, but I have a present coming this week. Love you!! :heart:

3 Guys, a Girl and a Baby


What can I say? Angelica was fine with the idea of me being her child’s life. Talking to her, I found out she smart. Very smart. She was fine with the idea of Vincent and me being in love and involved with each other. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but it gave her a way out. She and Harald didn’t have to breakup. What was clear to me was neither would Vincent and myself. What were we all doing the was so…horrible? Love? Vincent and I fell in love! We weren’t alone because of that. We had met quite a few more like us at the Parisian Underground Club. History was filled of us. It wasn’t perverse or deviant. There were people that were deviant and perverse, but we were treated like we carried the plague. However, we weren’t seen as victims of a disease. This illness was punishable and frequently meant death. It was criminalized.

What was more natural for Angelica and Harald? A couple of Humans that fell in love? Because she was a princess that love was forbidden? I wanted to meet this Harald.

Lastly, what was also true was those who saw the truth were educated. And I wasn’t talking being book smart, but life smart. My Grandmother’s people came up with an explanation. That was smart from observation.

The religions had added a sin to the love Vincent and I shared. Ignorance was the culprit.

When Angelica got up to be excused, she pulled the blanket off and I saw what she carried with her. There was a slight swell under her dress. Our first meeting she was thin. She knew it would only grow as the weeks passed she would no longer be thin. She was descended from Vikings, too, but she was not a big person. She was about five feet and five or six inches tall. When I first saw her, she was slender and had a figure a young woman were supposed to. When you don’t see someone that often, changes were more noticeable. Her body was preparing to take care of her baby. Her breasts had swollen and her hips had gotten wider. She was not fat at all.

What was happening was what I hoped for. The two of us were becoming friends.

Staff came to see if Angelica needed or wanted anything. Queen Martha came to check on her daughter and grandchild. That unspoken rule was obeyed and followed. The queen did not question why I had come.

I had been nervous about talking with Angelica, so I hadn’t been that hungry. Now that it been resolved, I was getting hungry.


Dinner was to be held in a private, smaller dining room used by the royal family. Angelica was not an only child. She had four other siblings all of whom were older. She was the youngest. It was sad, but she had two sisters that had not survived being born. One was stillborn and the other died within a week of birth. There were two brothers, Bjarke was about Vincent’s and my age and Eirik who was in his early twenties. Eirik was doing what Vincent and I had done and went to a University. Bjarke was married, but not in Scandinavia. He had a problem with carrying the crown just as Vincent had, but he left, never saying a word to anyone as to where he was going. You can’t judge him. I couldn’t. Vincent had contemplated that for his entire life, but he never did it. That course of action by Bjarke was not the one that spoke of commitment and duty. That was not a quality sought in a leader and king. He still had time to change his mind.

Angelica insisted that as long as she could, she would do as much as she could for herself. On the marble stairs, Vincent was the one that insisted on helping her down. He didn’t want her to fall. She took one of his arms and I offered one of mine. Giggling, she took it. She was sandwiched between us.

King Olav was having drink before dinner. He turned as Angelica walked in with Vincent and me on each arm. Those marble stairs weren’t near here, but she hadn’t let go of either of us and smiling as she walked. King Olav got a delighted smile on his handsome face. He still had that close cut beard on his face and it was black, but there were gray that formed a stripe on either side of his chin. Gray was also in his temples. His was a distinguished man with the tall, erect posture of a king. Whatever he knew or thought he knew about Vincent and I, that protocol the royal families obeyed about asking no questions; he was very pleased to see all three of us getting along well. This was normal!? It was normal in Denmark and Norway.

King Olav walked over and brought his daughter to him and kissing her cheek, “My Angel!”

It was her name, but a pet name he probably used with her all her life! It was said in great affection. Granted, Angelica was the youngest and was still his little girl. King Olav and Queen Martha loved each other more than King Fredrik and Queen Maregete did. Queen Martha had five children with King Olav. Queen Maregete only had two by King Fredrik. That one daughter in Russia wasn’t King Fredrik’s child.

Angelica smiled, “Oh, Daddy.” She dismissed coyly. It was coy! This was how Angelica got her father wrapped around her little finger. My mother had told me that it was the way women ruled the world! They influenced decisions of men all the time! Angelica knew how to do it with her father!

King Olav’s smile grew, “I am telling you; you look more and more radiant every day!” He looked at Vincent and smiled, “It’s good to see you, Vincent…and unexpected.” He looked at me, “But you got him back!” He put his hand out to me, “Welcome to Norway.”

Bowing to him, I shook his hand. “Thank you, Your Majesty. Its an honor to be here.” The name thing wasn’t a problem with this family. I wasn’t related in any way to any of them. Except by Vincent. I knew several languages, but I didn’t know a word in any of them for a man, in love with a prince who had a father-in-law. I could think of many names people would call me, but they were all profane.

Dinner was a little more formal, but that could be because I was here. I was privileged to be having a meal with them in their private dining room, so I wasn’t going to complain. Then again, it could just be how they did it.

Another thing with the Scandinavian countries, their whole way of life was changed to adapt to the cold. Even what they ate was to generate warmth. Some of the dishes were in the other countries, too, but what we had at dinner was all Norway. Fårikål. It is a stew usually made with mutton or lamb. I was later told it could be any meat, but that night; it was lamb. Thick, hearty and very popular in Winter. These Vikings knew what was good and it was delicious! It did make you warm up!

If King Olav wanted the truth about why I had come to Norway, it wasn’t addressed. I wasn’t here as the American Ambassador, not really, but why waste a trip? I let King Olav direct the direction of the conversation. There would be an office in the palace for me and one for any staff I had. It wouldn’t be an Embassy, but a Consulate. The power of the Embassy was limited to Copenhagen. Really, American Consulates could be throughout a single country. The Embassy was for political alliances, cultural ties and trade.

We talked casually and left the table to sit in the area the used for that purpose. When Angelica said she was retiring for the night, of course, Vincent was going to escort her. I did, too. King Olav’s pleased smile was on his face as we said good night. Once Angelica was in her room, she told us good night and kissed us both on the cheek. She liked Vincent. She liked me! We would be friends and that was all. She was in love with Harald! I had to meet this guy. Angelica wasn’t a fool. I know, love causes us to make foolish choices. People would say Vincent’s and my choices were foolish; if they knew the truth. Even without the two spirited aspect, this was a bizarre situation. Kings and Queens marry, but have affairs and no one questions it. It was worse in some countries. Kings frequently had affairs and even mistresses in the palace. They also had children! Queens were to remain faithful! Yeah, right. Scandinavia was better at treating women equally as Human Beings and Norway was the best. Sorry, King Fredrick. I think Denmark’s closer proximity to Western Europe was the problem.

I was given a room near Angelica. There was just one bed. It was a big bed in a big room. The ceiling wasn’t as high in the bedrooms, maybe twelve feet high. There was the simpler ceiling moldings, but not as opulent. The walls were gold. Not the precious metal, but covered in a textured gold wallpaper creating horizonal stripes about five or six inches wide. Dark gold, then lighter gold went all around the room. The floor was hardwood, but covered almost from wall to wall except for one foot at each wall. Just like Aunt Benedikte’s house had walls where the paintings fit perfectly as though the walls were molded to fit the painting, this rug fit perfectly on all sides! I could probably take a measurement and find it was exactly the same distance from each wall! The rug was art! There were patterns in the rug almost like paisley. I loathe paisley. They looked like giant amoebas to me. You know, those small critters you see in microscopes? These wouldn’t move…I hoped. It was very pretty and light colored, but would not be in a house I lived in. I’d have it removed. The bed was covered with a gold cloth cover. Again, the horizonal gold stripes ran from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed, but the colors were darker. The dark gold of the walls to a much darker gold that was almost brown, but it was gold. The head of the bed had thick draperies that were gold in color. There was a theme and that was… gold! There was a burrow, side tables and chairs made of dark, polished wood, but the handles, candlesticks, lamps were gold in color. Probably they were polished brass, but I wasn’t going to touch and find out.

“Wow,” Was all I could say.

Vincent chuckled, “Yes. Wow. King Olav wants his guests to feel welcome. Whether you are a king or an American Cowboy from Wyoming.” He looked at me, “Did it work? What are you feeling?”

“Scared!” I said quickly. “I’m scared to touch anything, walk on anything and to sleep in that bed!?”

Vincent shrugged a nod, “People before you have.”

Opposite the entrance from the corridor was the wall with a slight recessed place with a small table and two chairs. Thick golden draperies were behind the sitting area. I stepped carefully on the rug and crossed the room to those draperies. They covered from ceiling to floor and were shut. I had to look for where the draperies divided in the folds. These draperies were very thick and were very heavy. I found the divide and pushed. Behind those drapes were some long glass doors that went from floor to the top. You could see Oslo. If it was daytime, you saw it better. There was the Winter Wonderland. It made sense! Damn those clever Vikings! When it was Spring and Summer and more sun shined, these doors could be opened and that bright radiance could be let in. If it was too warm in the room, you opened the doors to let cool air in. Now that it was Winter, the heavy drapes kept the cold out! Glass could transfer cold even if they weren’t open. It was colder here by the glass, but the heavy drapes kept any draft at bay!

They probably did what they did in Copenhagen. They changed things like drapes and bedspreads from Summer to Winter. Lighter drapes and curtains were used.

I stepped back and pulled the drapes shut and fixed it like I found it. Living Norway, even for a few days at a time, would be interesting. Switches on the walls! For the electricity! In the house I used they added the switches and wires, but still made it…pretty. No wires could be seen here as they were in the walls. A switch had two buttons. One opened the electric current and the other closed it. On and off. Simple.

Vincent and I were used to being on constant vigil of what we did and what the world saw. We much more fortunate than others in similar situations. Vincent was a king in the future and nobody wanted to accuse him of something unless they had solid proof. Not all of the accused were guilty of anything! Accusing people was sometimes a frameup. Immorality charges were sometimes used to get someone in trouble and that was the only reason. It was the contemporary form of crying “witch.” I hate to say it, but I can’t recall any woman accused as men were. Oh, they were accused of affairs they never had, but often it was so the husband had justification of being granted a divorce. Especially if the man married a wealthy woman! She is disgraced and loses everything! It was the men that were executed. If they lived to be arrested and tried, that is. When governments stopped putting people to death so quickly, it sort of let up. Kind of. Some governments still do and just because you weren’t killed didn’t make things easier for you. In many ways, it seemed better to be hung or getting your head chopped off than to go through the torture in prisons where you were beaten, starved and often sexually abused; not just by guards, but other prisoners. I had privilege because I was a favorite of a royal family member and his family. Now I had privilege as representative of the United States Government.

Vincent and I were just what we were with others watching. The best of friends that had known each other as school chums and were still best friends! We were! If anyone were to question that closeness, there were plenty of very creditable character witnesses who could tell any court what they knew and heard for themselves. Vincent and I often had loud discussions! Never in anger or malice, but for our own amusement. It was fun! Many that didn’t know us were brought to laughter like Ditley von Linstow had been. Who doesn’t like being happy? On the ranch Maggie’s “Aunt” Charlotte was a prime example. Something happened to her, but Aunt Charlotte would never divulge the truth. She was a bitter woman that withdrew from the pleasure and positive things of the world. She never smiled and was so selfish. The “holier than thou” stance was so sure of her place in God’s eye. At least she thought so.

Each part of the world was different! I am not just talking about Geography, though Geography was in part responsible. Isolation and distance was the first thing, but religions and philosophies were the main cause for the differences. Education or lack of education was another cause. Ignorance has nothing to do with intelligence. Ignorance is because you simply don’t know. Intelligence was when you applied newly gained knowledge to help you see things better and maybe…just maybe, you change your mind. It wasn’t just book smarts. God knows I’ve a bunch of books. I remembered a lot of what I read. I’ve read about people who did remember everything they read even once. That wasn’t me. They can tell you verbatim what they read, what book it was in and what page number it was on. I also read where most of them were socially awkward and had trouble relating to people. They couldn’t apply what they’ve read easily. America was repressed. The cities were not as bad, but with people spreading out it was becoming more repressed. England was, too. That was clear to me at Wentworth the first few days. Their views on decency and modesty were extremely repressed. Not just about sex, but about the Human body. These were the educated ones!? Their views on the many races. They just knew they were superior. It was sad!

Scandinavia. Those countries struggled for power all the time! Now, instead fighting with guns, swords or even rocks, they fought verbally. They were civilized. So were most of the other countries, in the cities where there was education was available.

Where was I? Oh, yes. I was saying Vincent and I concentrated less on what people thought when they saw us together. They would see us punch each other in the shoulder on our arms. Not to hurt each other, that’s what buddies did!! There were times when Vincent looked as if he would strangle me and put his hands on my throat, but I was never worried. I knew he wouldn’t. He loved me! We had disagreements, but that was done quietly and discussed. We never fought. Ever! I was often obnoxious and annoying to him. Why? Because it was funny when he reacted. We never hurt each other because of our love. In this part of the world, the people didn’t pry. Especially not in the palace.

Once it was confirmed that Angelica was pregnant medically. Often the couple stopped having sex. Why? It might hurt the baby? Indians never followed that rule. That’s how they were having the baby! What we saw Angelica doing was never done. Angelica had done what she was supposed to and was having a baby. Staying off her feet, putting her feet up and resting? That was not done. If she needed to rest she rested. If her feet was swelling, put the feet up! If she felt like she could do a task, she did it. She wasn’t sick. She was having a baby. She knew her limits and there were others to help her. Resting didn’t hurt Angelica and she was a princess. In a way, it was her job. She was working so she wasn’t taking any chances. The whole point was Vincent’s bags were in our room. Did the staff know what trunk was whose? No. A trunk was a trunk. No one asked us. Where ever Vincent wanted to sleep was up to Vincent and so was the why.

Vincent smiled and came to me, “I’ll lock the door.”

I put on an astonished look, “No one would just barge into the room of an American Ambassador!”

Vincent grinned, “Are you willing to take that risk?”

“No,” I smiled back and looked around the room. “Hopefully, this isn’t the room where they put guests to spy on them.”

Vincent stopped quickly as he was about to lock the door, “What!?” He frowned and this time his head shook, “Nooo.” He gave an almost whining denial, but it didn’t really reach his face as he thought. He then shook his head more as he reached a conclusion. “No. King Olav would never allow that with his friends! He wouldn’t.” It still sounded like he was convincing himself. “There are no peepholes.”

I walked over next to him, “I have a solution.” I reached over and locked the door. A few more inches and turned the electricity off. We plunged into darkness. It took a few seconds, but our eyes adjusted to the light in the bathroom. The door had been open slightly and made dark shadows around the room. I was not but a few inches from Vincent and I just make out his lighter outline against the shadows. I whispered, “Unless they have devised a way to see in the dark, I think we’re safe.”

I felt Vincent’s arms come around me as he chuckled, “We know where everything is.” He whispered back and kissed me.

Vincent and I have made love in pitch black darkness many times. It was more fun with the lights on, but we did know where everything was. Fingers work as good as eyes. The bed was very comfortable. The comforter and blanket were thick and heavy. We warmed it up before we went to sleep.

The drawback to thick draperies were they also blocked daylight. I woke and it was still dark in the room. The curtains covered the entire window, not a single bit of light was seen even shining on the edges. That would be great if you work late or work nights and needed to sleep. Getting up, I felt the side of the bed and made my way to where I knew the bathroom was. We had dark in Wyoming. I mean no light from any candle, stars or moon during the Winter because of the snow. I felt a sudden pain in my right little toe. I covered my mouth as the need to yelp tried to escape.

“They have lights, you know?” Vincent’s voice came out of the dark. I heard the rustle and heard the click and the light on the bedside table nearly blinded me.

“I just stubbed my toe on the bedside table,” I muttered sitting beside him on the bed as I nursed my foot. “I was trying to be considerate!”

Vincent shielded his eyes and chuckled, “Well, thank you for that, but don’t hurt yourself doing that.”

I looked at him smirking, “It’s a little late to tell me that.”

Vincent shrugged and pulled the covers up, “What time is it?”

This time I shoved his head back a little, “That’s why I was up! I have no idea!”

He grinned, “So, find out.”

I grunted my reply, “After I go to the bathroom.”

Vincent’s eyes widened, “Thanks a lot.” He muttered. “Now, I have to go.” He was starting to get up.

“Yeah?” I smiled, “Well suffer.” I went in the bathroom, turned on the light, shut and locked the door.

“That is just mean!” Vincent said through the door.

“It is!” I said back, “It is supposed to be.”

I took a little more time, but I wasn’t going to torture him long. Unlocking the door he came in quickly as he went to the water closet. Water closet is just a fancier term for where you pissed and crapped.

Dad’s watch said it was 8:12 in the morning, by the way.

We showered, shaved and was out the door by nine in the morning. We knocked gently on Angelica’s door so we wouldn’t wake her if she was asleep. There was a sound I couldn’t really make out, but I heard the door unlock and Angelica opened the door.

She looked suddenly relieved and sighed, “Oh,” she smiled. “I was afraid it was my mother.”

Vincent looked concerned, “No. Are you alright?”

She nodded and opened the door wider, “I’m fine. David, I want you to meet Harald Dahl.” She waved behind and off to the side.

I smiled at what I saw. Jabbing Vincent lightly I waved at a man that was tall, but thin. He was putting his uniform jacket over his shirt like he was getting ready to make a quick exit if necessary. “See!?” I said to Vincent. “That is a man descended from Vikings!” Harald was in the military in Oslo and was clean shaven with closely cut hair and it was blond!

“Hello, Harald Dahl,” Vincent grinned. “My American friend thinks we all are Vikings.”

Angelica laughed, but Harald looked confused. His shaved face made him look very young. I knew he was in his early twenties.

“There aren’t any Vikings anymore,” Harald said.

“Uh huh,” I smiled walking up to him. “I’m David Richards.” I put my hand out to him and we shook hands. “You might know him.” I jutted my head at Vincent.

Harald was a good-looking man (all happy men are!) who was an inch or two taller than Vincent. He nodded, “Yes, I was at the wedding.” He bowed to Vincent. “Your Highness.”

“No,” I said. “You don’t row around in those little boats anymore or wear those helmets with the horns, but you are a Viking!”

Vincent rolled his eyes, “I told you! Vikings didn’t wear those. That was…”

“…before Vikings,” I said with Vincent as I nodded. “Yes,” I said. “You said that. Everybody asks me if I’m a cowboy.”

Vincent’s arms came out in exasperation, “You are a cowboy!”

“And you are Vikings!”

Angelica was laughing and Harald’s uncertain look faded and was replaced with crooked smile.

Angelica brought Harald closer to her, “David is the new American Ambassador to Denmark and Norway! He and Vincent are like we are,” she pointed at us, “together.” Harald’s eyes widened.

So far, the people who knew Vincent and I were romantically connected had only the slightest problem with it. We had enough knowledge about what they were doing to prevent them from talking to anyone. The problem was that with more people knowing, the greater the chance is that others would find out. The wrong sort of people who might try to blackmail Vincent or me. We didn’t know Harald, but if Angelica was to have anything to do with him in the future he needed to know.

“Is that a problem?” Vincent asked.

Harald’s mind was occupying his thoughts and the question got lost a minute. He shook his head and then smiled, “Huh? Oh, no. No problem.” He pointed to Angelica. “She knew there was someone, but not really who.”

Vincent nodded, “I was honest when I told her there was before the wedding, but no…I didn’t say who.” He shrugged, “Neither did she.”

“She needed to know who I was as I plan to be there when the child comes,” I clarified. “I want to be included in the baby’s life.”

Vincent nodded, “You could be, too.”

Harald was looking unprepared for what we said, “But you’re the father.”

“True,” Vincent nodded. “And Angelica is the mother, but if you are with her; you’ll be with the baby, too.”

“I will be with Vincent,” I said. “If the baby is with Vincent, the child will be with me, too. Can there be enough people to take care of a child? I don’t think so.”

Vincent laughed, “Be it a boy or a girl…my poor mother! My sister Annabelle was a tornado when she was little. As soon as she began to crawl she ran mother ragged!”

I nodded, “I’m sure she did and still does, I bet.”

“Yep,” Vincent said to me. “The sweet, demur princess has the horns you say we all should have because we’re Vikings. Her horns are from the Devil!”

Angelica smiled, “Oh, yes. We are both princesses, so were sent to the same school. She was a couple years behind me, but she would drive the teachers and house mothers crazy!”

I know my eyes widened, “Doing what? She wasn’t mean, was she?”

Angelica shook her head, “No, nothing like that. She was always happy and loved to pull tricks and pranks on the teachers.” She laughed. “No one could say who it was, but she would put frogs or a harmless snake in the desk drawer to scare them. All of the other girls liked her and when a girl was having trouble fitting in and making friends, she would step in and be that friend for the girl.”

Vincent chuckled, “That’s Annabelle! As soon as she learned to walk, she quickly moved to running! And,” he clapped his hands together and quickly moved his right hand over his left, “off she went!”

I grinned as I nodded and looked at Vincent, “I guess you were just the calmest, well-behaved baby any mother could hope for.”

Vincent took on a sheepish look and pulled on his ear as he became uncomfortable, but smiled. He even began to turn a little pink as he blushed, “I can’t remember.”

“I bet she and your Dad remember. I’ll ask them when we get back to Copenhagen,” I said and then turned back to Harald and Angelica. “In other words, this baby will need a lot of caretakers. I plan to be one and I think you should, too.”

“Sure!” Vincent happily said. “We’ll be one big happy family!”

“A bit bizarre,” Angelica laughed as Harald put his arm around her as the smile grew on Harald’s face.

“Bizarre!?” I asked, “What about it is bizarre? Why? Three guys, a girl and a baby make a perfect family!!”

Copyright © 2016 R. Eric; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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So they say- it takes a village to raise a child. Or a whole extended Royal Family.

Edited by booklove
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As the wobbly child moves from one leg to another among the gathering, a small forest of towering men, looking up scanning from one to another then yet another, with query in her voice....daddy?

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Great chapter mate...

Speaking about my kids the girls were the worst and got into more trouble than the boys; but it was the boys that rebelled when they grew... I reckon this baby is going to be spoilt rotten and the boys are going to make sure it happens. 

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5 hours ago, Kev said:

Great chapter mate...

Speaking about my kids the girls were the worst and got into more trouble than the boys; but it was the boys that rebelled when they grew... I reckon this baby is going to be spoilt rotten and the boys are going to make sure it happens. 

Hi, Kev!! Yes, girls can de harder to raise than boys. Nothing against the gender, but I knew plenty of parents that wore out the carpets in worry. Daniel had three sons and the middle son...well, he operated with his own rules and some were not good at all. He didn't censor what he said. He was always getting in trouble! Daniel told me about many times the police brought him home as a teenager. The world is lucky he didn't turn to violent crime! You may or may not know I had to legally evict him from my home after Daniel died. I struggled with that! I was going through Hell and his mouth! It had nothing to do with his Dad and I being gay. He didn't care about that. It was HIM! He never helped. He was freeloading, which I really didn't mind. Really! But things he said to others about me. I had enough. I PUT HIM THROUGH SCHOOL!! Not Daniel and me, from me! Daniel was going through his treatments for the cancer. I used what inheritance I got from my parents. He had to go.

By the way, "I reckon..."? Do British People reckon? That's very Southern Yank. BRAVO!! :worship:

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2 minutes ago, R. Eric said:

By the way, "I reckon..."? Do British People reckon? That's very Southern Yank. BRAVO!! :worship:

Not sure where that came from, but I reckon it maybe the little Yorky coming out of me:whistle:

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