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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks - 8. Chapter 8

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren't in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Tanner was fascinated as his eyes are locked to the scene unfolding below him. He was amazed at how green everything was, even in late December. The blue water and the green landscape is something new for Tanner. At this point back home, it's brown. Every shade of brown, but still brown. Even when it is green, it's never this emerald green. It's a more subdued, reserved green of plants that have developed over the millennium to tolerate the scalding sun and the drying winds.

"Hey, you awake?"

Tanner smiled at Randy. "Yeah, I'm good. Just amazed at how green it is. This is nothing like home."

Randy leaned up to look out the window. "It is a great sight. Driving in isn't a much of a shock, you've got a thousand miles to get use to it. But dropping in through the clouds, I can see how it would be more of a surprise."

"What's that?"

Randy leaned over to look again, but he was pretty sure he knew what had caught Tanner's attention. "Sailboats. Chesapeake Bay is one of the best places to sail in the world."

“Isn’t it cold on the water in winter?” asked Tanner.

“Nah,” Randy laughed, “They’re nuts. They call it ‘Frostbite Racing’.”

"That's so cool."

"Annapolis is only about an hour's drive from home. We could go sightseeing if you'd like. Catch the Naval Academy and see the harbor."

"Yeah, I'd like that! I don't see a lot of seaports in Oklahoma." Tanner turned and winked at Randy. "We do have the Port of Catoosa. Don't forget."

"Yeah, yeah. You keep telling me about the seaport in Oklahoma. Someday we're going to Tulsa so you can show me this thing."

Tanner started laughing. "I've never seen it either. We'll have to go sometime."

Tanner settled in, trying not to worry about meeting Randy's dad for the first time.



Randy was right on Tanner's heels as they walked through the airport. As soon as they cleared the security checkpoint he was scanning the crowd for a familiar faces. It hadn't taken very long before he spotted them. He grabbed Tanner's arm and pulled him through the crowd.

Releasing Tanner on the edge, Randy grabbed his dad and pulled him into a tight hug. The embrace lasted for several minutes while Tanner and Lesa looked at each other awkwardly. When the two finally separated, Randy's dad was pounding on his back. With a hand on his shoulder, Randy turned to Tanner.

"This is my Dad, Trey, and his girlfriend, Lesa."

Tanner shook hands with everyone. Randy smiled as his dad pulled Tanner into an equally enthusiastic embrace. He released Tanner and beamed at him. "It's great to finally get to meet the famous Tanner that Randy talks about all the time."

Tanner's face flushed red and he dipped his head. "It's nice to meet you too, sir."

"Oh, none of this 'sir' crap. Just call me Trey."

Tanner's face had returned to normal when he looked up with a shy grin. "Okay. Trey. It's good to meet you too. Randy talks about you all the time." Tanner turned to the woman standing to one side with an amused expression. "It's nice to meet you too, ma'am."

Her face came alive when she smiled. "Please, just Lesa."

Trey moved between Randy and Tanner and put an arm around each of their shoulders. "Let's go. We've got Randy's favorite shrimp dish ready to make for tonight and I'm sure you're exhausted after a day of airports and flying."

"Sounds good!" said Randy. The boys grabbed their bags and were soon making their way through the Baltimore airport.


Tanner had enjoyed meeting Randy's dad when they'd landed. After all the stress of coming out to his parents, the meeting with Trey and Lesa was pretty anticlimactic. They've spent the first day just catching up with everything. Since they were only going to be there a few days, Randy had some things he wanted Tanner to experience, one of them being riding dressage. Tanner wasn't too sure about this. Tanner watched carefully as Randy's friend, Kenny, put on the saddle and adjusted the stirrups. The horse was built considerably different than the Quarter Horses he'd grown up with, much longer and taller, lacking the muscle of a Quarter Horse. He turned to Randy with a smirk. "You know they call those postage stamps, right?"

Randy laid his hand on Tanner's shoulder and squeezed it lightly. "There's nothing wrong with an English saddle. Just try it."

"Nothing wrong with 'em until you try to dally a rope on it."

Randy chuckled and motioned Tanner forward. "Good point. Give it a try though."

Tanner twisted his lips as he studied the tiny English saddle. After a few minutes he shoved his foot into the stirrup, grabbed the edge of the saddle and awkwardly swung into the seat. He landed harder than normal, having misjudged its thickness. After a second he looked down to see Randy grinning up at him with a slight smirk.

"Here's your helmet."

"Helmet? I've never worn a helmet."

Randy and Kenny looked at each other and then Randy looked back at Tanner. "It's a rule of the stable. You have to wear one."

"Stupid yankee rule," muttered Tanner. He took the gear from Randy and crammed it on his head, snapping the buckle in place as the other two mounted their horses with much more practiced grace. Tanner waited until the others had started around the arena before easing his horse into a walk.

After a few minutes the horse’s gait was an obvious change from his beloved Quarter Horses. It wasn't that he's could see this delicate animal working their herds, but the flow and ease of movement was something Tanner had never experienced before. As he relaxed he began to enjoy the time he'd first dreaded.

After most of an hour had slipped past. He eased to the side to watch the other two. He had to admit, they were certainly grace and poise on horseback. Their upright carriage and lines of the horses, it really was quite beautiful.

The exercise round for the others ended too and Tanner joined them to walk the animals around the area to let them cool down. They dismounted and walked the animals to their stalls where they stripped them of their tack and started brushing them down. Kenny carefully closed the gate on his mount and waved at the other two.

"You guys are welcome to help me work out the horses any time. It was great to meet you, Tanner."

"Same here. Thanks for letting me ride."

"No problem. None at all."

Randy turned back to Tanner as he brushed out the final spots. "So, what did you think?"

"It was cool. They sure have a different gait from the horses back home. But I could see how they're a different ride."

"And the saddle?" asked Randy with a snicker.

"It's still a stupid postage stamp."

Randy laughed and led his horse inside. "Yeah, whatever. Hurry up, I thought we'd get some crabs at Dockside for dinner."

"You're trying to convert me to seafood aren't you."

Randy just smiled and filled his horse's hay net.


Tanner's boots clicked against the sidewalk as he worked to keep up with Randy. "Where are we going? And why are you in such a hurry?"

"I told you already. We're going to see the Navel Academy. You have to see it while you're here."

"Hasn't it been there for a couple hundred years? Why the big hurry?"

Randy looked back at Tanner and chuckled. "I guess I was about to sprint. And you're right. It's not going anywhere."

Tanner caught up and popped his fingers against the back of Randy's head. "Damn lacrosse players. You always gotta run to get anywhere. You'd think you were Forrest Gump or something."

Randy grinned and rubbed the back of his head. "Come on, I want you to see the chapel. It's really cool."

"That's fine. Just slow it down a little. I'm not in that big of a hurry."

"I'll slow down for you poor cowboy so you can keep up. We're almost there." Randy motioned to a green dome Tanner could see through the trees. A short walk later and Tanner found himself inside the chapel.

"Holy crap. This wasn't what I was expecting. You said chapel and I was expecting..." Tanner made a little box with his hands. "But this is." He threw his arms open wide."

Randy chuckled at Tanner's reaction as they walked through the chapel. The winter sunlight shone weakly through the stained glass windows sending bits of color to pave their way as they walked through. Their progress slowed to a crawl as Tanner studied the details of the architecture. As he looked upward, his breath caught at the magnificent colors coming from the dome.

"Wow, this place is amazing."

"Yeah, it is," Randy agreed.

As they moved through, Randy leaned close and gave Tanner a quick kiss on the cheek. "So what do you think?"

Tanner glanced around and then returned Randy's kiss. "It was worth the trip. You were right about having to see it to believe it."

They wandered through the building enjoying the history the location was seeped in. Suddenly Tanner froze in place. "What the heck is that?"

Randy looked over at what had drawn Tanner's eye. "Oh, that's the tomb of John Paul Jones."


"John Paul Jones. Revolutionary war guy? Said 'I haven't started to fight' or something like that."

"Oh, okay. Well that's a pretty fancy tomb."

Randy studied it again, having seen it many times, but now trying to see it through fresh eyes. He began to chuckle softly. "Yeah, it is different. Come on, let’s walk around the grounds for awhile." Tanner paused before another of the elaborate stained-glass windows. Randy grinned at his man, leaned over and gave him a kiss.

"Disgusting. Those people shouldn't be allowed in public." A high female voice chattered across the space.

Randy spun to see who had said that, but all he caught was the swirl of coats disappearing around a column. He looked at Tanner to see his jaw set. "Come on. Let's go."

They left the building and had stopped to talk about what had just happened when they heard. "Tanner?"

They turned and Tanner smiled. "Jorge! Hey what're you doing here?"

"Going to school, you dumbass. I'm at the Naval Academy."

"Really? That's cool. I had no idea."

"Yup. Oh, hey, this is my boyfriend Chad. Chad this is Tanner Carson from home and..." He stopped to look at Randy.

"Randy Preston, Tanner's fiancée."

Jorge's face broke into a smile. "I wondered in high school if you weren't on our team." He nudged Tanner and his smile grew in size.

"Well I'm glad you knew, because I had no clue."

Jorge laughed and grabbed Tanner by the shoulder. "We were about to grab some lunch. There's a decent seafood place just around the corner."

"And just what would someone from Oklahoma know about seafood?" Tanner chuckled.

"Hey, I've eaten my way through most of the seafood places around here, and there are a lot."

"Okay, sounds more qualified than me." Tanner turned to Randy. "Wanna get something to eat?"

"Sure, you know I can always eat."

They followed Jorge, catching up on what had happened after high school and eventually making it to the bar. The dark interior took a few minutes to adjust to, once the waiter had taken their orders, they relaxed in the noisy restaurant and Tanner took a drink of his beer and then looked at Jorge and Chad.

"So how long have you been dating?"

Jorge chuckled and smiled at his partner. "Officially, or actually?"

Tanner gave them a confused look. "I don't get it."

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell was in effect when we started. We couldn't be open about dating until it was repealed. So we snuck around and hoped we didn't get caught before then."

"Well, at least that's gone, and you can get married in Maryland now."

"Yeah, you still have to be careful. You don't want to rub people's faces in it. You know, be safe about it."

The waiter appeared and began placing baskets of food around the table. Tanner started in on his crab cake and soon they were all enjoying the conversation, beer and food. Suddenly, Jorge looked at his watch. "Shit! I gotta go. I have an appointment in fifteen minutes." He quickly shook hands with Tanner and Randy, tossed a few bills on the table, and they left. Tanner smiled at Randy and stole one of his buffalo wings. In seconds he had it sucked to the bone and leaned over and kissed him. "I'm full. You about ready to go?"



Tanner bumped into Randy, enjoying their time together. He was relaxing as they spend more and more time wondering around the city. Tanner reached down and intertwined their fingers as they walked along.

"Come on. You want to see the sailboats?"

"Hell yeah! That'd be so cool."

They changed direction slightly and were soon walking down the piers with Tanner's jaw dropping open. The crowd of masts looked like a denuded forest to Tanner as row after row of boats were docked. Tanner marveled at the collection of boats of all sizes and description, but all with sails.

"Why all sailboats."

"Chesapeake Bay has some of the best sailing water in the world. They don't even like for motorized boats to come into the harbor." Randy grinned. "Well, some of them don't. Come on, there's a huge boat down here."

The day slipped along as they explored along the waterfront. The light had begun to fade and they were headed back when Tanner noticed a loud group of guys coming toward them. He glanced over at Randy, feeling his heart begin to speed up. "Should I be worried?"

Randy looked ahead and studied the group for a minute. "Nah, I think it's just a bunch of drunk college kids. We'll be fine."

Tanner couldn't help but feel the tension building in them as a few of the group kept watching. They were spreading across the walkway too, making it difficult to bypass them.

One of them leered at the pair. "In a hurry, boys."

"Just headed home," said Randy, trying to tuck Tanner in behind him.

Another slurred the words. "Faggots"

Tanner's body instantly filled with adrenaline and his fists clenched. He turned and cocked an eyebrow. "What did you say?"

The guy flipped his long dark hair out of his eyes and sneered at Tanner. "Queer, we don't want your kind around here. I don't care if the pussys at the State House said you were okay or not. Guys who suck dick are just sick bastards."

Tanner could feel Randy tense, both of them preparing for what was coming. They instinctively put their backs toward each other and stood waiting. The grim smiles of enjoyment moved inward, and Tanner and Randy pushed their backs toward each other. Suddenly the guys were overwhelmed by the group.

Tanner punched the closest attacker in the mouth, feeling the sharp pain of satisfaction when his fist connected with jaw and he felt the growl of pain as one of the fists connected with Randy. Tanner saw two of them running at him, and Ian's training snapped into place. He grabbed the closer of the two and dropped, using his momentum to throw him into the other attacker.

The two held their ground for several long minutes while the attack continued. Tanner felt a particular satisfaction when his fist landed in one of their eye sockets. He also managed another throw that would make his uncle proud. But a fist the size of a small ham crashed into Tanner's jaw, stunning him for the moment it took for three of them to jump him.

He sensed Randy trying to move to help him, which spelled his downfall. When Randy was taken down, still fighting ferociously, it flashed through Tanner that he might become another statistic. The thought sent gallons of adrenaline flooding Tanner's system and he fought like a trapped black bear. He managed to get a boot between one of the attackers legs, and landed a blow that left him curled on the ground holding his nuts and moaning. The distraction gave him a moment to twist and a second one got within range of his elbow.

Tanner was raining down blows and the pressure was beginning to lessen. From the sounds of things, Randy was far from down too. The fighting intensified for a few more heartbeats when suddenly bodies began being yanked off him. Thinking at first it was Randy, he immediately saw two huge guys, one grabbed two of the attackers and bounced their heads against each other.

With the turn in numbers, the attackers began to scurry away. Within a few seconds, they were disappearing into the dim light, several of them limping or holding injuries. Tanner looked up again to find a hand held out to him attached to a smiling face.

"Need some help?"

Tanner took the offered hand and pulled himself up. As he did, he saw that Randy had made it to his feet, even if he was staggering slightly. Tanner turned back to the two guys. "Thanks. We really appreciate it."

"No problem, sir. But I've called 911 and an ambulance will be here in a few. You two look pretty beat up."

Tanner felt his legs start to give out and folded onto himself and sat where he had been standing. His tongue flicked out to catch the taste of blood and when he looked over at Randy he saw he had several stripes of red flowing down his face too. He looked back and nodded. "Probably a good idea..." Tanner gave him a blank look.

"Brett, sir. My buddy and I are Marines stationed at the Naval Academy."

"We've been saved by the Marines?"

Brett smiled wider. "I guess you could say that, sir."

"Ooorah!" Randy let out.

Tanner grinned and nodded in agreement. "I agree. Ooorah!"




Tanner walked slowly through the ER. The cut above his eye had taken a few stitches, but his lip and black eye hadn't been more than a clean up and bandage job. Now he was looking for Randy, and not finding him. After the third walk past the rooms, each at a faster speed, a nurse who didn’t look much older than he and Randy stopped him.

"Do you need some help?"

“Yes, I’m looking for my fiancée, Randy Preston.” He looked at Tanner for a moment before he turned, pushed his glasses up his nose, and his fingers flew over the keyboard. A few seconds later he looked at Tanner. "And you are?"

Tanner swallowed, feeling a knot of apprehension grow in his stomach. "I'm his boyfriend." Tanner thought for a second. "Like I said, he’s my fiancée."

There was a pause that felt like it stretched for hours. The knot in his stomach had grown to the size of a yearling heifer and Tanner was beginning to feel like he would puke.

"I'm really very sorry, sir, but hospital--"

"Oh knock it off, Jess. They're together, they're from Oklahoma. No marriage allowed."

They both looked up to see one of the two EMS techs who'd brought them in. The nurse’s face skewed in a grimace. "I'm really not supposed to do that."

"Oh you know that's bullshit. Just tell him where his boyfriend is."

The two locked eyes for a few moments and then the tension dropped from Jess. "Okay, he's in 5E. I'll show you."

He pushed back from the desk and started through a doorway beside them. Tanner was stunned for a minute at the rapid change of attitude, then trotted to catch up. As he drew beside the nurse, he looked at Tanner with a smile and a wink. Tanner was taken by surprise but they'd found Randy before he could do anything. He was almost flat on an examination table with someone working on the side of his face.

Tanner moved closer, suddenly having an overwhelming need to touch his lover. He stood at Randy's side and took his hand. Randy cut his eyes toward Tanner and gave him a wink. The nurse caught the motion and glanced back at Tanner.

"We're just irrigating the wounds to get out the last of the debris. Mr. Preston here had several nice abrasions that needed taken care of. Then the doctor will be back to suture the facial wounds. With the hands we'll just need to change the dressings." She looked up and smiled at them both. "From the look of those knuckles, you gave as well as you got. Good for you."

Tanner stood for a few minutes and watched as saline solution was squirted again and again over the cuts on Randy's face until there was some unperceivable level that was reached and the nurse was satisfied. She wiped the last of the liquid from Randy's skin, cleaned up and then slipped off her gloves. With crisp efficiency, she made a few notes on Randy's chart and announced, "The doctor will be with you shortly."

Tanner waited until he saw the door shut and then tightened his hold on Randy's arm and pressed his head against his bicep. Randy lifted his other hand and cupped it around the back of Tanner's neck. They stood holding onto each other for several long moments then they slowly relaxed.

Tanner looked at Randy, feeling his blood boil at every bruise and cut on him. "You okay?"

"Oh hell, I've been much worse than this after a really nasty lacrosse game. I'll be fine." Randy wrapped his arm around Tanner's shoulder. "How about you?"

"I'm fine. Only a couple of stitches." Tanner's memory of the nurse’s denial flashed through his memories. "Randy..."


"I want to get married."

"I know, babe. We will as soon as we can."

"No. I want to do it now, before we go back to Oklahoma. They almost didn't tell me where you were. I want to get married now, it's legal in Maryland."

"Yeah, but it won't mean anything back in Oklahoma."

"It's better than nothing. And it'll make me feel better."

"Okay, then let's do it." Randy pulled Tanner into a tight hug just as the door swung open.

"Mr. Preston?"

"Yup. We're getting married in a couple of days, doc. Want to come?"



The conversation was going better than he'd been afraid it would. They had already went to the county clerks office and got the marriage license. He and Randy were just going to have the court clerk do it, but Trey insisted they do it at his house and had talked a friend of his who was a minister to agree to do the ceremony. Now, Tanner had to tell his parents.

"Yeah, we're fine. A couple of Marines jumped in and helped. We're just a little bruised is all. Oh, and we have matching black eyes."

There was a pause then Tanner's mother started slowly. "We knew you were going to get married. It's just a little sudden."

"Mom, the hospital almost wouldn’t tell me where Randy was. We have to be able to take care of each other. I know this won't make much difference in Oklahoma, but it might and I just don't want to take a chance. How would you feel if you couldn't get to dad or one of us?"

Tanner heard a throaty chuckle from his dad. "That's simple. The hospital would think a F5 tornado had hit it."

"Oh, I'm not that bad."

"Honey, I never said it was bad. I love how you take care of us. And Tanner's right, it might be the proof they needed."

"Well, we can't all go. But I'm coming to my son's wedding," said Mary.

"Really, mom? That would be great."

"Yes, Jo and your dad can take care of the ranch for a few days. I'll fly to Maryland."

"Oh, it's beautiful here, Mom. You're going to love it."

"Okay, well tell me what you two have already arranged."


Randy locked his eyes with Tanners. He could tell that the moment was just as emotional for Tanner as it was for him. Their families were getting along famously and the wedding had become much more elaborate between Lesa and Tanner's mom. He listened to the last words of the ceremony and then smiled at the words he'd been waiting for.

"You may now kiss."

Randy stepped forward, took Tanner in his arms and pressed their lips together. The heat of the love between them was a familiar tingle through Tanner's body as the kiss went on for several moments longer. He realized to his horror that he was getting hard, in front of everyone, and pulled back with a scowl at Randy.

The response he got was a simple wink and a grin. Tanner waited, his hands grasping Randy's arms tight as he tried to calm himself. Randy smiled at him, pulled his tux jacket to the front and buttoned it closed. With a barely audible whisper Randy said, "No one can tell but me. But I think it's really hot."

Tanner almost let out a groan of terror when his cock hardened even further. He glanced out at the crowd, trying to focus on anything other than Randy. He spotted his mother, and his mood changed instantly. He was so glad she had flown to Maryland for the wedding. And her face was definitely like a bucket of ice water dumped over Tanner. The erection disappeared in an instant.

Randy slid his arm through Tanner's and pulled him to face the audience. "Come on, it's time to get this party started."

The pair was quickly submerged in a sea of well wishers. Trey had rented the country club for the wedding and it looked packed to Tanner. He wondered if he'd get this many people attending if they had something back in Oklahoma.

As if reading his mind, Tanner's mother appeared at his elbow, a little flushed from dancing. "Just so you know, you're going to have to have another party back home. Sometime later in the spring." She waved her hand at the setting around them. "It'll take me more than a week to get things together."

Tanner gave her a hug. "Thanks, mom. I appreciate it. We're just glad you're here."

Mary returned the hug with fervor and held on tight. After a few moments, they separated and Tanner was shocked to see tears in his mother's eye.

"Mom? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, other than my baby is growing up." She leaned in with a smile and whispered. "See if you can't work on Randy about some grandkids for me though, okay?"

Tanner chuckled and nodded. "I'll see what I can do."

Mary gave him a gentle shove. "Go. Enjoy your wedding. I know I plan to."

Tanner grinned at his mom and wandered off to find Randy. He lost himself in the festivities until late in the night when the crowd finally started to thin out. As they stood gently holding each other, Randy whispered into his ear. "Let's go. I'm ready to get out of here and on to the rest of the party."

"What rest of the party?"

Randy gave him a wink. "You know. The one no one else is invited to attend."

Tanner felt the heat flowing across his face. "Oh. Yeah. That one."

Randy gave him another kiss and pulled them together. "Yeah, that one. Come on and let's go."


Leaving the reception had ended up being ridiculously easy. No one seemed to expect them to stay longer. The twenty-mile drive to the Bed and Breakfast seemed to take hours, and Tanner had begun to run his hand up the inside of Randy's thigh, which was sending wonderful tingles through his crotch and his cock had met the conditions of rock hard.

Parking Trey's pickup, they were greeted by the owners and given the key to their room with a conspiratorial grin. Randy spun in Tanner's arms and kissed him passionately. "I want to get fucked."

Tanner grabbed Randy's hand and smashed it against his full crotch. "That won't be a problem."

Randy ran his hands under Tanner's shirt, enjoying the texture of hair he found there. He grabbed his own shirt, pulled it over his head and tossed it aside. He took Tanner back in his arms and crushed their bodies together. The heat of Tanner's body suffused his own and increased the growing heat.

"You know, according to the state of Maryland, you're my husband now."

Tanner grinned at him. "Yeah, I know. It's pretty cool."

Randy pressed his lips along Tanner's neck and nipped at him. "It's so far past cool that it's not believable."

Randy slid the tips of his fingers under Tanner's slacks and felt the top of his bubble butt and the delicious fur that covered it. Their bare chests ground against each other as the heat rose around them. Randy could feel Tanner's hardness and his fervor grew quickly. Their lips smashed against each other and their tongues explored each other's mouths like it was a first date.

Tanner grasped Randy's face in his hands and pulled them apart. He rested his forehead against Randy's and took a deep breath. "Damn, you always get me so horny."

"It's our honeymoon. We're supposed to fuck like rabbits."

Tanner chuckled softly. "I'll show you rabbit fuckin'."

"Yeah, yeah. Big words."

Tanner grinned and reached between them, opening Randy's pants and yanked them and his underwear to his thighs. His hard cock sprung from its confines to hang between them. Tanner leaned close and kissed the tip of Randy's hard dick. Pressing it against Randy's muscular torso, Tanner started licking along the underside of his cock, teasing and toying with Randy.

Randy gripped Tanner's shoulders and let out a soft moan as his tongue slid along his cum tube. The pleasure built for him with each movement of Tanner's lips and tongue. After a few minutes of pure delight, Randy pulled Tanner to his feet. He wrapped his arms around Tanner and pulled them tight, his hands touching and caressing his man.

He reached up and started opening the buttons on Tanner's shirt. His lightly haired chest came into view as he opened the last mother-of-pearl button. He pushed it back off Tanner's shoulders and let it flutter to the ground. Randy slid his hands inside the back of Tanner's pants and feeling the texture of the hair spreading across his furry butt. His hands spread across Tanner's ass and they pressed their bodies together.

Tanner pushed him back with a smile, reached down and unbuttoned his jeans, the only sound in the room was the slowly descending zipper and their own heavy breathing. Once the zipper was all the way down, Tanner grabbed his pants and underwear and pushed them down slowly. With them trapped around his knees, he kicked off his boots and then stepped out of the pile of clothes.

Their hard bodies rubbed over each other as their cocks battled. Randy could feel each touch that Tanner gave in a masculine tracery of their foreplay. He grabbed Tanner's shoulders and pulled them together. Trapping Tanner's face in his hands, they kissed each other hard and Randy felt Tanner's tongue along his lips. Their kiss became an open mouthed exploration of well-known territory as each of their tongues plunged in the other's mouth.

Their kiss broke with both of them panting and gasping for air. Randy ran his hands over Tanner's body, wanting him more with each passing moment. He pushed Tanner onto the bed and followed behind to straddle him. Their crotches ground together as Randy's tongue pierced Tanner's lips. The pair kissed passionately with Randy pinning Tanner against the bed. The fiery kiss build the desire in Randy until he was laying on top of Tanner, their bodies squirming over each other.

After a few minutes they broke apart, both panting as the heat of their lovemaking built. Randy was sliding back and forth, feeling the buildup of precum on his butt as Tanner's cock glided between his ass cheeks. He grinned at Tanner as he felt the heat of arousal crawl up his cheek.

"You ready for some fun, cowboy?"

"I'm ready if you are, jock."

Randy chuckled and crawled off Tanner. After a little fumbling in their bags, he brought out a bottle of lube. With a grin he drizzled it down Tanner's cock, grabbed it tight and stroked it a few times before Tanner grabbed his hand. "Any more and you're going to get a weeks worth of built up spunk."

Randy chuckled at Tanner and released his cock. He squirted more lube into his hand, lifted his leg and coated his crack with the slick gel. Knowing he had Tanner's attention, he slipped a couple of fingers inside his hole and pumped them a few times. Tanner licked his lips, his eyes glued to Randy's little exhibition. After a few more thrusts, Randy let his hand slip out and he moved to straddle Tanner again.

Randy reached behind him, grabbed Tanner's cock and rubbed it against his slick hole. He pressed down harder with each pass, forcing Tanner's mushroom head inside until it popped through his inner gates. Randy moaned as the fire of entry swept through him, filling him with a delicious combination of pain and pleasure. Each time Tanner sunk deeper inside him, strands of heat spread through Randy's body until he felt the grinding of his hips against Tanner's crotch.

"Oh, man. That feels so good."

"Feels pretty amazing from this side too, babe."

Randy lifted himself, feeling Tanner sliding out, and then press inward. The heat of their lovemaking built with each thrust until Randy's cock was throwing strands of precum over them. Tanner grabbed Randy's rock hard dick and started stroking it as Randy ground his ass against Tanner's crotch. The pressure inside him built with each touch until he could feel the dam begin to weaken. Tanner's cock banged against his prostate with each time he ground against it.

"Damn, so close," groaned Randy.

"Go for it, babe."

Tanner's hand ran across Randy's chest, toying with his hard nipples, while his other hand continued it's stroking of his deep red cock. The extra stimulation brought him to the edge and then Randy plunged into his orgasm. The feeling of tight ecstasy burned through his body as he felt the first jet rocket from his slit. The second shot was stronger than the first and left a trail of white cream angling across Tanner's chest. The roiling pleasure submerged Randy until the last of his climax ended, and he dropped to catch himself against Tanner.

Tanner chuckled as he ran his hands over Randy's sweat drenched body. "How was that?"

Randy smiled as he tried to catch his breath. "Amazing, as always."

Tanner slid his hands over Randy's face. He lifted his hand and kissed it softly. "You know. One of us isn't done."

Randy chuckled and rolled to his side, pulling his leg toward his chest and smiling at Tanner. "Come on, hot stuff. Fuck your husband and make him want more."

Tanner grinned at Randy's theatrics but moved behind him. His cock slipped easily back into Randy's ass, he paused for a minute, and then quickly built in speed. Randy could tell that Tanner wasn't far from reaching his goal either, and relaxed against the bed to enjoy the ride. The hard cock ramming into him was beginning to have its effect, and Randy's cock never went completely soft.

The slap of skin against skin was bringing them closer and closer to a conclusion. Tanner slammed in once hard, and then pinned Randy under him as he filled him with hot cum. Randy let out a low moan as the scalding hot cream flooded his gut. He could feel Tanner tremble against him, and then his tension released.

"Oh my God. That was good."

Randy wrapped his arm around Tanner, unwilling to move. "It was, babe. I needed that so much."

Tanner relaxed against Randy with quivers of fatigue traveling through his muscles from time to time. "Yeah babe. Me too. I need you more than anything I can think of.


Randy threw his arms around his dad, giving him a crushing hug. "Dad, thanks for everything. I mean, it wasn't like you were planning to give us a wedding or anything."

Trey held his son, his arms tense as they held each other. "My pleasure, Randy. I'm glad I got to be involved. We love you a lot, son."

Randy released his Dad and gave Lesa a quick hug too. "You too, Lesa. Thanks for all the help. Tanner needed an ally in all this junk."

She chuckled and shook her head. "It was fun. Kind of like planning a daughters wedding." She glanced at Randy and got a smile. "Kind of."

Both of them turned to Tanner, and Trey held out his hand. "Glad to have you in the family, son."

“Yes, sir. I’m glad to be in the family too.”

“Oh, none of that sir crap. You can call me Dad.”

Tanner's face flushed red, but he looked very pleased. They shared hugs all around and darted through the gate at the last possible minute. Randy exchanged glances with Tanner and squeezed his hand. But that was the extent of their conversation until they were circling Will Roger's Airport.

As they broke through the scattered clouds, they could see the wide expanses of every hue of brown that stretched on for as far as the eye could see. After a few minutes, Tanner turned to Randy. "It looks pretty dismal compared to Maryland.”

Randy stretched upward and looked out the plane window. "It looks like Oklahoma in January." He shrugged, his confusion evident.

"Yeah, but it looks better in Maryland. Why would you want to live here?"

Randy's eyes twinkled. "Well, first because my husband hasn't finished school, and he needs to be in Oklahoma to do that." He paused for a minute and kissed Tanner on the check. He chuckled with Tanner's face flashed red at the intimacy. Then he continued. "Also, it's different, not better. Summers around Baltimore are hot and humid. I kind of like Oklahoma."

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That attack sure was something. It's hard to accept why people can't live and let live. Since it takes more energy to hate than be indifferent, one would think that indifference would win out. Still, we get the wedding due to the awful event and the real life circumstances at the hospital that follow. I like the way this chapter played out.

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I have no idea where the heck I've been that I missed not ONE but TWO chapters!


I'm so glad they were able to get married! :)

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Sounds like a wedding without photos due to the black eyes! Glad they were able to marry with family members if not all of them! :*)

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On 11/15/2013 at 5:42 PM, Ron said:

That attack sure was something. It's hard to accept why people can't live and let live. Since it takes more energy to hate than be indifferent, one would think that indifference would win out. Still, we get the wedding due to the awful event and the real life circumstances at the hospital that follow. I like the way this chapter played out.

So many people want to tell other people how to live their lives, instead of minding their own business 

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