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  1. I can tell spring is just around the corner by when the cardinals begin to sing. Today was the first time this year for me to hear their song and it was a female cardinal singing the lead. Which is right and appropriate since the first day of spring is just two three weeks from now.

    :rolleyes: Edit: That's daylight saving time in two weeks, I mixed events.

    1. clochette


      I know spring is just around the corner because the cats are waking me up to go out at 4am! They too hear the birds singing.

  2. An-tic-i-pa-tion is makin...

    Oh, the pizza guy is here! Heart attack, er, I mean Xtra large meat-lovers with extra cheese, here I come. :thumbup:

  3. James Gunn, science fiction author and editor obituary.

    I'm not sure that I've knowingly read anything by Mr. Gunn. His obituary mentions his many accolades and accomplishments achieved during his lifetime so I just may seek something out. A short accounting of his first published story shows how much a little talent and luck can both inspire and further a career as a writer, and just how important it is to remain humble about your good fortune if you gain it.

  4. My mother finally got the birthday card I mailed to her 23 days ago and only 16 days after her 80th birthday. Thanks, Pony Express! :thumbdown:

    1. Daddydavek


      My bank sent out emails saying 1099's were in the mail but mail could take anywhere from three to forty-five days based on their experience on mail sent to their branches.

    2. Ron


      @Daddydavek I'm guessing people better be mailing in their tax forms to the IRS by March 1st, just to be sure they get there in time.

      The good about my mom's card is that it was a very large piece of mail in the normal thickness of a standard envelope and the card made it through the system unscathed. So, I say, :thumbup: for that.

  5. I was already eleven years old when you were born, and while your code name may not be anything "special" in your view, that still makes you a young whipper-snapper as far as I'm concerned. Oh, and I am Ron... so, nothing special indeed.
  6. @comicfan Thanks for not leaving me hanging, Wayne.
  7. Cheers to the new year

    May we face it with it no fear

    But perhaps trepidation

    Due to the contagion

    Will mire your perspective

    Though that's an elective

    So broaden your scope

    Life is not a tightrope

    1. chris191070


      Happy New Year 

  8. Somehow this does make everything better. Did you find a replacement for the tube socks?
  9. I watched Wonder Woman 1984 and I equate the movie with Spider-Man Far From Home, which wasn’t very good either, but S-M FFH at least had astounding sound effects. I’m glad I didn’t sit through either one of them in a theater.

  10. I got this idea from a FaceBook friend. Take a Christmas song and describe it very poorly in your own words. Here's a starter from me: Conspirators impose seasonal awareness upon your person several times while insisting you be happy about it.
  11. It appears that my old apartment from way back in 1979 has more history than just the respectable age of the building it was in and the fact that I lived there. Though, who knows, I might still gain fame at some point (I laugh self-deprecatingly) which will add to any notable history of the building. It turns out that Frederick Douglass was invited to speak by the Wellington Reading Association (an exclusively male club) which is believed to have been located in my very first home away from home. The link below takes you directly to the relevant article from the blog where you will see the front windows of the apartment circled, and those windows look out over the town square, townhall and the Herrick Memorial Library today. If you're of the mind to look further, my hometown is full of fascinating history -- it was at one time identified as the cheese capital of the USA, which is just one of its many and varied additions to American history.

    19th Century Wellington

  12. I bet Chucky’s boys do feel insecure. After all they could fall out of those action pants at any moment.
  13. I've had the first book since it came out on Kindle though the title was correct the book inside was something else entirely. After some time the mistake was rectified but by then I was on to something else. Then the series came out -- I am so impressed by it that I don't feel the need to read the books any time soon. Fortunately, this allows me to read other books in the meantime.
  14. Kudos @Carlos Hazday for your volunteer efforts on the behalf of gay authors and the readers. Well done, I say.
  15. I have NOT (sincere emphasis) put up a tree for several years now -- I didn't want to deal with the hassle of it all. But... this year has been so Crappy (uppercase intended) that I decided to buy an artificial tree. I know (yes, boldly sarcastic wit intended): not the real deal; plastic is ruining our planet; petroleum based products bad; and yadda, yadda plus yadda. The thing of it is an artificial tree negates a lot of the hassle of a real tree, a big plus. Additionally there is the cost, a real live six-footer is around $75 dollars here and my fake tree at seven-and-a-half feet was only $149 (on sale - $20 tax+delivery extra), so if I put mine up for even two years I will have almost entirely paid for my purchase. I'll be able to use it again, and again, and again......... you all get the gist.

    Anyway, because this year has been so Crappy (uppercase intended) I want, no... need some semblance of past normalcy (not to be confused with conservatism) near the end of a Very Crappy (uppercase intended) year.

    1. Daddydavek


      I love the smell of a real balsam tree but my allergies mean we always have an artificial tree....

    2. Ron


      @Daddydavek Yes, this is one of those real-tree hassles for asthma sufferers like me as well.

    3. Zombie


      This plastic tree was bought in Woolworths in 1920 so it’s now 100 years old and it’s still got 4 original decorations
      It may be absolutely, totally underwhelming
      But it survived the Blitz... even Hitler couldn’t kill it  :lol:
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