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  1. @BigBen I enjoyed reading your essay. I find myself in agreement with much of what you say. Also, I very much enjoyed reading Katherine Kurtz’s writing. As a layperson and not one being especially familiar with the pomp and ceremony she describes in her Camber, Deryni and Kelson trilogies, I nevertheless appreciated the atmosphere this aspect provided to the many books. The religious conflict is of course essential to connect the various storylines of her novels but the detail, as you said, was not amiss in this case.
  2. Interesting! FYI — It never dawned on me that the words below the list of stories was a link at all. On my iPad it just looks like words alone and not a link to a further list. It’s the color or lack of a more distinctive color separating the link from the rest of the wording that fooled me.
  3. I once cleared the tabs on all of the display iPads in an Apple store (this was before there were so many choices) except one—a tab I set to GAs story page. Since then I check every now and again (though not subversively) and I have no problem accessing GA in an Apple store.
  4. @wildone This may be your best preamble this year, not that you've been slacking. Bravo!
  5. You continue to make assumptions, droughtquake, both about my writing and the emotional tone of my comments. I’m not angry, I’m alarmed. Every option you provide is a pledge, a solemn promise as the word is defined. These sorts of pledges ultimately lead to conformity and conformity leads to ostracization. This website has limits and limits that prevent bad elements within this community, which I happen to agree with, and here you would have authors commit to one or more pledges that lead authors down a slow path to conformity—this is a bad element to introduce. Is it any wonder to you that I won’t make a selection. I find your original post alarming.
  6. Apparently, there is a wrong answer... that is from those worst offenders. But you won’t know that because they can’t participate, having no option in your pledge but to agree. This says that you have no idea of what my writing consists of or the subject matter thereof. This also hints that I should be writing of things that you have decided are important for me. You’re being very judgmental. What you read is, of course, ultimately up to you but it doesn’t mean that other readers should accept your opinion or ideals as sacrosanct. But by all means you should absolutely point out the bad taste of others in literature; pointing out the bad taste of others is sort of what critics are for, right? Yes? No? Being a critic is not quite the same thing as being a dictator—or a decider—so that’s something to be thankful for. Again, you make assumptions.
  7. Call it what it is a set of pledges, it’s not a poll. I’m commenting precisely because I don’t like these sorts of things. Pledges of this sort do not promote inclusiveness; pledges are idealistic; pledges are divisive; pledges ultimately end up drawing lines in the proverbial sand. This thing you’ve done is ill thought out, droughtquake. That is why I’m commenting.
  8. So, I’m mistaken then, this isn’t a purity test at all. This is your way of weeding out those authors who don’t pledge to conform to your way of thinking. That’s kind of ingenious! All of the authors who hit the “right” buttons are those authors whose stories you will read, and, I suppose, they can count on a like or comment, perhaps even a review, from you; a sure sign of approval if there ever was one—everyone else must read, too. It’s NOT a purity test people, it’s a purity pledge. So, hop on the poll authors and ride the purity pledge to the ultimate climax and get your droughtquake seal of approval. And, maybe, if your really pure droughtquake will read your story and you’ll get a like or a comment—maybe even a review. What’s not to like here!
  9. Ron

    Ninety Days

    Parsnips! They might look okay on the surface (psst... no they don’t, they look suspect; they’re all white and wrinkly looking) but underneath they’re evil, evil things. Believe me, I have known this from childhood—and I’m 60 years old, I ought’a know—when my mother tried to hide them in mashed potatoes, unsuccessfully. My brother, who’s two years younger, concurs. Eat well, not too much, mostly plants (not parsnips) and best of luck!
  10. A person in the family has been doing some ancestry investigations and so far has been able to trace things down to a great, many greats, grandfather (mother's side of the family). He was born in 1723 in the county of Isle of Wight (named in 1637 after the island off the south coast of England), Virginia. He lived all of 36 years.

  11. My spice cabinet is mocking me. I decided not to put up any Christmas decorations this year and basically avoid all of the shenanigans that go along with the season. Now, every time I open the cabinet I smell Christmas. :huh:

  12. Congratulations on the upgrade, Carlos.
  13. Thou will not answer on the grounds that thou will self-incriminate and be looked upon with dreadful and rightful scorn.
  14. The head spins. (lol) Apparently I got Shakespeare's meaning all wrong.
  15. It seems quite a long time since we've seen you out and about. Don't be a stranger.

    1. asamvav111


      Yeah just been busy. Not getting much time to write too. Still alive though. 

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