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  1. Some Gay History:

    Henri Belolo, founder of the Village People, dead at 82.

    It was the Construction Worker who did it for me: that scooped-neck t-shirt; that hairy chest; and that working-man ethos. :thumbup:

    1. Daddydavek


      They were so campy that everyone enjoyed them!


    2. Reader1810


      I can recall when they had a concert on my uni campus. Boy, that was a while ago...

    3. Ron


      @Daddydavek Campy? Why, yes, they were. The Village People were also as gay as most straight people were willing put up with and, this is no small thing, sing along with. Boy George was yet to arrive on the scene and push the envelope just a bit more.

  2. Congratulations on the promotion, @northie
  3. Is anyone here watching Years and Years on HBO? I watched episode four before bed last night not knowing what was going to happen and it hasn’t left me yet. So sad and moving. I hope this is not our future.

    1. Daddydavek


      I no longer have HBO. I have been too busy lately for much TV.

    2. northie


      I watched it on BBC iPlayer. It's certainly a dystopian view of where current events and policies might take us.

  4. Ron

    Ruby red

    Well isn't that just a pretty (unusual) flower!
  5. There is a way to get a glimpse of reviews for stories in the Activity tab at the of the screen. Scroll down to Latest Story Reviews, choose the Expanded tab for more than one line of a review. A person will see that some reviews, and I use that term loosely, will consist of just a couple of words, though that doesn't mean that one won't find more extensive reviews less recently written that are far more informative. Though one must click on the story title to find out if there is more written and that can be hit or miss. Also, and this is a huge plus, one will find a whole list of modifiers at the top to help narrow search requirements if an individual is looking for specific cues. Personally, when looking at a physical book it isn't the remarks of adulation for the author's works that can be sometimes found on the back of the book jacket that convinces me that a book might be for me. It is the synopsis on either/or/and the inside portion of hardbook jackets and somtimes found on the backs of paperback books, that make all the difference to purchase or not. But, as you say @Talo Segura the story summary/synopsis on GA are not quite as informative, and so they can be less convincing. Unless things have changed since my last publication here, there is a reason for that: A limitation is placed on the number of words an author can supply for the purpose of story summation. I hope some of this is helpful. Edit to add: It looks like Cia posted why I was still writing. I didn’t see her post or I wouldn’t have repeated some of what she wrote. 2nd Edit: Why? Why was I writing?🙃I believe that was while I was writing. Somebody shut me up!🤨
  6. I migrated my laptop's spinning disk over to a SSD drive. Now my computer is so fast I'm not sure my writing will be able to keep up with it. :lmao:

  7. As we head into the 4th of July festivities...

    Fourth Freak-Out for Four Legged Friends

    The above is a free-to-read article from the Boston Globe with a few tips on how to deal with fireworks/pet dynamic.

  8. What movie do I belong to?

    "I love snowglobes." (pause) "I can hear the ocean!"

    1. Reader1810


      Legally Blonde 2! :D 


      Wait! Should I admit to knowing this? :unsure: 

    2. Ron


      Right you are @Reader1810 Legally Blonde & 2 are silly, fun things meant to be enjoyed just for what they are. So why not enjoy them?!

    3. Reader1810



      I admit, I did enjoy them. :D 

  9. Congratulations on your promotion, Tim (Mikiesboy)!
  10. My understanding is that you're frustrated about what you can and cannot say (or is that get away with?) here on GA politically, but the guidelines are clear enough. What's the alternative? Would you have Myr open Gay Authors to a maelstorm of political discontent? No, you say the rules are there for a reason and rightly so. I sympathize with you, both for your feelings and your individual (and collective) plight in this world. For what it's worth, I think you're smart enough and clever enough to make your point without breaking the political comment rules -- however blurry they may seem.
  11. Egads and gadzooks—Boston hit 85F today. There’s nothing like putting the air conditioner in your second-story window (by yourself) on a hot sunny day, but hot-diggity (or maybe it’s cool-diggity) that feeling of relief afterward.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Reader1810


      And, here I am in Toronto just leaving windows open this past week. There have been a few warm days in May, but they’re a rarity. 

    3. Ron


      @Daddydavek Well, you are considerably farther south.

    4. Ron


      @Reader1810 I used to live in Toronto (3 years) in the late 90’s and I found the weather here in Boston to be very similar to it there. The current temperature is unusual for late May/early June. We’ll be back to normal tomorrow, but the air-con had to go in at some point anyway.

  12. I've been digging Amen Dunes newest release - Freedom (the whole album). Here is an example...
  13. Best wishes for a happy birthday, Myr.
  14. So... Batman, huh? I can see it now... We give you, Robert Pattinson. The new—Vampire Bat!
  15. Ron

    Snack table!

    Happy birthday, belated.
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