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  1. Ron


    I hadn't intended to begin an argument about legal matters between members. It did seem rather clear to me that the continuous use of someone else's work was wrong, likely illegal, even if there is nothing to be gained by the use. Apparently some of you think differently and call it fair use. I'll bow out of this particular subject, now, with a link to Copyright.gov . The information provided on the full page is informative. But pay attention to the answer to this question, "Is it legal to download works from peer-to-peer networks and if not, what is the penalty for doing so?" I'll leave it to everyone to make your own best judgement on what is and is not fair use.
  2. Ron


    Do you want to search through this? https://cyber.harvard.edu/research/dmlp The point I'm attempting to make is not to use other peoples work without a legitimate professional reason such as for journalism, research, etc. "Just because..." wouldn't count as a legal defense nor should it count as responsible behavior. Do you think it acceptable for someone to publish your work without your express permission? Because advocating for the free use of another's artistic and copyrighted work is tantamount to a free license to disseminate. And what about the free use of your hard work, too -- just because? Is it really your intention to advocate for this?
  3. Ron


    Even so, you may be abusing a gray area, and possibly subject GA to copyright infringement participation for hosting your callous disregard of another's artistic endeavor. https://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/linking-copyrighted-materials
  4. Ron


    Fair warning... https://mcescher.com/licensing/
  5. Ron


    So... you're saying that all kinds of bananas are good for you. Is that what you're saying?
  6. Back in 1999 I was passing through Victoria Station on my way back to the home of some friends who were hosting me for a few days before I went on to somewhere else that I don't recall right off the bat. I stopped in at the W H Smith bookstore and browsed around and landed in the Science Fiction / Fantasy section as I always do in bookstores. There on a shelf was a book called The Chosen, the first in a trilogy named The Stone Dance of the Chameleon by Ricardo Pinto. Fantastic cover art by the way and a first edition copy.

    The Chosen is dark-fantasy of the finest caliber. The writing draws you in immediately, intimately to a time and place in this world in such an intriguing way. There is a great depth of world building in this book. The writing is not about human beings as we know them. The author fleshes out the many various beings that inhabit their world in a way you won't soon forget, steeped as they are in a rigidly structured culture. A culture unlike anything I had previously read of.

    I watched carefully for the second volume The Standing Dead to be published. My friends in London were kind enough to track the novel down, buy it and mail it to me in Boston where I now live. When the third and final volume The Third God was published I was able to buy it through Amazon UK. I now had three first editions from the author, Ricardo Pinto and I was able to snag a copy of the proof for the second volume as well.

    Now, years later, and the with author feeling that the original books were not written the way he would have done had he had more time to set on them before publishing (though that took ten years), he has revised those original three books. The second version will be released this year (already has begun) in its entirety as a series of seven volumes that are greatly edited and with new material. The first book in the series is called The Masters and it is currently available for free from Amazon on the Kindle platform through May 17th.

    If you like bold new worlds where no man has gone... sorry, my bad. If you're a fan of dark-fantasy I can highly recommend that with this free version of The Masters you give this series a try. You never know, you might want to read the next six books, too.

  7. Nice, I've got this one and five other books by Rob on my Kindle, and a few from other fellow GA authors in digital or paperback versions -- I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of them personalized. I like being able to support fellow GA authors every now and again by buying their published works after I've read them here, and when the writing really strikes me. Happy reading!
  8. For the Twilight fans -- you know who you are.

    Stephenie Meyer will be releasing Midnight Sun on August 4th.

    Let the celebrating (derision?) begin. ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ron


      @Brayon ...and so it begins.

    3. Brayon


      While looking that meme up, I came across an article on why Writers should read Twilight. One of the reasons was, you can learn off her failings to be a better writer. lol

      My biggest thing was Vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight. They're suppose to combust!

    4. Ron


      And some would probably say that E. L. James is another author to learn from for the reasons you mention, Brayon yet many people liked the Fifty Shades of 'something or other' books, just as with the Twilight books. It just goes to show that you never know what people may like or flock to.

  9. Ron

    mini Coon.jpg

    Ha! When looking at the thumbnail pic I wondered, 'Why is someone posting a pic of a wad of cotton?'. Now, I know.
  10. If the content is integral to the story it cannot be considered 'bonus content' by any stretch of the imagination. It seems that you didn't fall for the ruse. It's possible the author will not care but you can certainly offer two-cents worth of opinion -- make a concise point against the author's manipulation and be done with the thing.
  11. For those of you who may be Fiona Apple fans (I am), she has a new release out today called "Fetch the Bolt Cutters." Follow the link for a free-to-read review from the Boston Globe in which the reviewer speaks highly of the new work.
  12. It's a thing... The official logo.

    Here is an article link from Vanity Fair giving a first look at Chalemet as Paul Atreides.


  13. Love this, especially the 'Earn my tears..', which I take it to mean an author must emotionally manipulate the reader with words. What a novel concept! (pun intended) While I mostly agree, there are times when an inclusion of music can help propel a scene. Let me use the example of a character who might appear to be emotionally in control of themselves in appearance but just the opposite on the inside -- say that the character is in a car and turns on the radio and a song comes on that particularly suits the situation and is also meaningful to the character (how many times has that happened in real life) and their outward facade comes crumbling down -- is it then that the author should be looked at askance for using music in creating that type of scene? -- or, perhaps, for writing a cliche'd scene, because some readers look poorly on those, too, and I just used that example?! It's just that I have read stories here on GA that have used music and lyrics overly much and I have read stories that have used either example, sometimes both, to good effect. I've either powered through the poor examples or skipped through those scenes because I don't think an otherwise well written story needs to be written off due to the one small thing I am not fond of in that particular story. No one should ask me for specific examples as I don't keep a running list of either one. As for an author telling... well, some say an author should show not tell.
  14. Poppies, poppies... now they''ll sleep. Sleep, sleep...
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