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  1. I’m not sure what just happened.😬 My takeaway is don’t get caught between heaven and hell. You won’t get your house stunk up and no sweeping feathers off the floor. And, the whole impending mayhem and likely death thing can be avoided.
  2. Ron

    No I But Me

    Thank you. That does seem to be the prevailing thought.
  3. Ron

    By and By

    I’m very glad to know you liked this. Thank you.
  4. Ron

    Circle, Square and Loop

    A little math knowledge goes a long way and I’m glad my own didn’t subtract from your enjoyment of the story. Thank you.
  5. Ron

    No I But Me

    With a comment like that you can read my writing any time you like. 😉 Thank you.
  6. Ron

    No I But Me

    Intriguing. I’ll take that and the compliment with appreciation. Thank you.
  7. With a response to Guest Prompt #2 from last week this puts me on the map as well. It's been too long since I have made a story contribution and so I've resurrected a years-long-unused platform with the idea of kicking myself in the derriere. For your consideration, a short - short story: No I But Me Edit: With regrets, I've had to change 'year-long-unused' to years-. That's plural ... so sad.
  8. Ron

    Story Promotion

    What are you hinting at, Myr?! Are you saying I need to work harder?! That I need to produce more and more well written stories? Oh, why! Oh, why are my measly efforts not enough?!🥺 Okay, I’m done now. You’re forgiven.🙃
  9. Ron

    No I But Me

    Thank you. It has been awhile since I've posted anything with regularity and I need to get back in the saddle, so to speak.
  10. Ron

    Story Promotion

    @northie Thanks, that answers one question and begs another. Are you saying that if you post a story URL into a post it will automatically morph from a caterpillar into a butterfly?
  11. Ron

    Story Promotion

    I've been looking all over the place for information on how to create the promotional and visual story field that I see on some author's posts. The old way of including a story title and then linking the story to it works and that's the method I used recently. But, I believe, that's old-school. I know there was a thread dealing with my query but I can't find it. Would someone mind giving me a tutorial, please. Even a link to the original how-to would be great.
  12. Ron

    No I But Me

    Thank you. Great minds think alike! You're right and I already have a direction to run with this beginning in mind. Unfortunately, I have no idea when anyone will get a chance to read it.
  13. Yes, I am wearing the green until I can rustle up some other idea.

  14. Me did a little thing called - No I But Me Me searched around but couldn't figure out how to do one of those fancy story promo blocks. So you get a link instead.
  15. The coffee shop is packed. Despite a forecast of partly cloudy skies a drizzle of unexpected rain and a cool breeze forces those of us without umbrellas off the street and to scramble for cover, me included. As a consequence every table inside is occupied, people are standing close and rubbing elbows as they switch hot cups from hand to hand—no paper cozies; it figures. The odd synchronous behavior of hand-switching might be amusing another time, but damp clothes and a chilled body mean navigating the room toward the counter and snagging a cup of hot coffee for myself. The line is, thankfully, shorter than expected but it takes some maneuvering to make it to the condiment station and then back toward the entryway. It is still drizzling, and one could almost be happy for the crowd already inside just for the warmth. Standing briefly near the door gives me a good vantage point to look around for a possible opening in which to plant myself. Noticing one open seat at a table for two in a corner makes me wonder why the seat is not already taken. A handsome, dark-haired man sits at the table alone. He is reading what appears to be a tattered, leather-bound journal with a water stained (if dry looking) cover while seeming to be in his own personal umbrella of calm. Not wanting to attract attention to the available seat because my eyes linger too long in his direction requires dancing around people once again for a seat at the lone table with the sole available chair in the room. Victory belongs to the brave—and with that thought in mind my bottom plunked down onto the chair without offering so much as a ‘Hello’ or ‘Do you mind?’. Not making eye contact with my table companion requires looking out the partially fogged up shop window to my left; not many are braving the streets now as the earlier drizzle has become a steady rain; here for the long haul it would seem. The outside and the rain hold my attention for only a short time. Not feeling melancholy or contemplative enough to stare out into the empty street, nor willing to think deep thoughts, means turning my head and then catching sight of my default companion staring at me. “Are you not aware of boundaries?” he asks. His voice is deep, almost a growl but his face counters his voice with a spark of amusement—a brief curl at the left side of his mouth and a slight lift of his lower eyelids; his face is expressive. “Well, yes… and no,” is my reply, thinking to be clever. He raises one heavy but well-defined, dark-haired eyebrow, prompting me to add, “Yes, boundaries are necessary although no boundaries have been crossed today. “Besides, you don’t have to bark and growl at me. It’s not as if you’re a werewolf, you know.” It would be nice to be able to say that last line came out of nowhere and shrug it off but, no… there is a big pile of para-human books on my coffee table at home. That fact does not stop me from feeling a little self-conscious. “No. Not a… werewolf,” he says. He laughs—the sound of it lacks the deep note of his original growly remark but it has a resonate nature to it. Is that a hint of something? The smile he offers me afterward though is genuine and natural. Even though the smile makes me feel better about my intrusion. There is something about his denial, something in the timing of words, or the tone of his voice that makes me think. While it’s just not possible for anyone to be anything but human despite my interest in the subject… this definitely piques my interest. As does he.
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