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  1. Memo to self: Stop licking the spatula!

    1. Zombie


      good luck with that

      And what about the bowl…?  :gikkle:


  2. Jacob was a man of the street but what with the wiggle in his strut the neighbors all twittered behind fluttering hands that Jacob was more of a flaneuse than a flaneur.
  3. Prodigy, you say! You either got it in abundance, only got a portion of it or you got no talent (which means you must learn it the hard way [like most of us]).
  4. Memorial Day is a poignant reminder to those whose loved ones have died and are missed. No bonus for me but it is a nice word choice for the day!
  5. This is not a glamorous word, but I will note that my family always said styptic pencil.
  6. I can't add anything to the flamboyant additions already included above.
  7. In a recent essay I attempted to convey the importance of surveying, but, I say, my essay failed to garner much enthusiasm and so I will assay my essay to achieve a better outcome.
  8. It was a diabolical debacle Jerry found himself in, even the twists had turns and there appeared to be no way out.
  9. I managed to cabbage some cabbage from my neighbor's garden on the sly.
  10. @Zombie The Pepsi chaser is an acquired taste, I’m sure. 😝
  11. Okay, but we are not speaking--speaking in--or speaking of Spanish spelling or pronunciation... at least I don't think we are. Are we?!
  12. You could, I do, blame this on phonetic sounds: If you don't know how to spell a word you spell the word how it sounds.
  13. Except that when you speak it's still all right, the same as when you spell it out. It both sounds the same and spells the same, there is no real difference between the two. Alright is figuratively, literally and grammatically incorrect. You were given the wrong information.
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