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  1. Those clowns are just out of this world...
  2. Here is an article from the Boston Globe. Billy Baker's writing is as full of light humor as it is informative, which is good nowadays, and this one is perfect for the Fall season. Anyone like their apples on the wild side?

    Gnarly Pippins

  3. Absolutely! I hit the laugh reaction for the first post because I thought it was a delightful way of getting people to join in with their own interpretations, just as in the picture prompts we used to get, as I chose to do. Anyway, I thought that was your idea?!
  4. Once upon a time there was a tree that grew strong and it's bough thick and tall. The tree's branches grew long and thick and children swung from a rope tied to the largest of them. A full canopy of leaves provided shelter from the sun and life was happy and good in the shade. Then one day, as quick as lightning flashes, the tree turned wizened and old and the children heard harsh noises whispered among it's shriveled leaves. One dark day, the tree now curmudgeonly and spiteful, it dropped the branch from which the children joyfully used to swing. Now the tree rests -- tired, watchful and waiting.
  5. A mother was sick and tired of telling her sixteen-year-old son to clean his bedroom. So she took it upon herself to clean and found a bunch of bondage gear and fetish magazines. She ran to tell her husband. "What do we do?" she asked. Her husband replied, "I'm no expert, but if I were you I wouldn't spank him!"
  6. So, I was warming up some shrimp curry for dinner tonight and I decided to add some cheese to it... :lmao:

  7. I was out and about and I hem' d and hawed about what to do for dinner so long that I didn't want to make the effort to cook anything at nearly 8 pm. I know what to do... order Thai food. And so I did. I ordered 'Beef of Paradise' - crispy slices of beef marinated with special spices and herbs (sort of like beef jerky only sticky and way better), Red Curry with shrimp (this is quite tasty and with a bit of heat - two red peppers on a scale of 0-2) and Chicken Basil Fried Rice (ground chicken with fresh minced hot peppers, peppers, onions and fresh basil - also two red peppers). But there is a bump in the road... looks like I won't be eating dinner until 9 pm. On a Monday night you wouldn't expect an hour wait for delivery, especially when the place is only four blocks away. Oh, well. House of Siam, I am waiting patiently (Not).

    Edit: This looks like it was copied and pasted because it was, from my personal Facebook page.

    1. Ron


      In spite of my teeny-tiny fear I have not wasted away. :rolleyes: After the anticipation of a long wait my takeout arrived in half of the expected time. It was tasty, now I have leftovers and I won’t need to cook tomorrow night either. :thumbup:

  8. Right! And didn't @Valkyrie mean to write 's***plow service' instead?
  9. Ron

    Dune (2020)

    I would think that with all of the great strides being made in special effects that we maybe could see some other classic science fiction books become realized. How about Ringworld by Larry Niven, for which he won both a Hugo and Nebula award? That's a movie I would love to see done, and done well. Sadly, Ringworld might be difficult, though possibly not as difficult, as Dune to make sense of for a wide audience.
  10. Ron

    Dune (2020)

    I’m interested to see this new interpretation of Dune. I could hope that the background music remains in the background but that’s most likely not being realistic.
  11. No, the instructions were clear, Renee. My votes reflected my opinion of the options well.
  12. I’m not sure what just happened.😬 My takeaway is don’t get caught between heaven and hell. You won’t get your house stunk up and no sweeping feathers off the floor. And, the whole impending mayhem and likely death thing can be avoided.
  13. Ron

    No I But Me

    Thank you. That does seem to be the prevailing thought.
  14. Ron

    By and By

    I’m very glad to know you liked this. Thank you.
  15. Ron

    Circle, Square and Loop

    A little math knowledge goes a long way and I’m glad my own didn’t subtract from your enjoyment of the story. Thank you.
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