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Bad Romance - 20. Chapter 19

Luke came out to the kitchen area in Noah’s house looking worn out. He only had his jeans on, not caring to wear a shirt as he sat on the table.


Noah watched him from behind the counter and chuckled. The blond boy looked as if he had not slept for days now. He put the spaghetti on to simmer and went over to the table. “Did you finish reading that lesson, Luke?”


Luke sighed noisily with his eyes half closed and uttered a bored “Yes” before he banged his head down at the table. Noah held out a laugh and turned to head back to the kitchen.


“Good. The dinner is ready, so we can eat and then you can go back to studying.”


Luke’s head flew up. “Hey. I finished reading what you asked me to. God knows how I survived through that boring lesson. Why the heck did you plan to be a history teacher? That makes you such a boring geek even if you are such a hot-shot.”


Noah laughed. “So what do you think I should have been?”


Luke thought for a while before he said, “You should have been a stripper. Hell! You would be earning lots more than this teacher job.”


“Bow chicka wow wow.”


Luke giggled and looked at him. The dress shirt that Noah was wearing was tight enough to show off his true physique. A few chest hairs peeked out of the unbuttoned upper part of the shirt. He had folded his cuffs a bit till the elbow as he was cooking, and Luke found his messed up dressing highly appealing. “You are seriously hot.” He complimented.


“And you still will have to study after dinner.” Noah said biting the inside of his cheek to stop himself from laughing.


Luke rolled his eyes. “There you go again. Noah, I don’t come here to study.” He pouted crossing his hands over his chest.


“What do you come for then?” Noah raised his eyebrow waiting for an answer. Although he knew it, he wanted to hear Luke saying it out loud.


Luke’s eyes twinkled as a mischievous smile played over his lips. “Fun!” He said, “And this way I get to spend more time with you.”


Luke blinked and Noah had to narrow his eyes over how Luke simply put it without making it sound dirty. He opened his mouth to tell him that they could always spend some time after his studying was done, but he was interrupted by the ringtone of Luke’s phone that was ringing inside the bedroom.


The blond excused himself and went in to get his phone. He checked the ID and recognized the number. “Mom?” A childish grin took over his face and he took the call, “Hey Mom!”


“Hello honey.” Lily warmly said, “How are you doing?”


“Good, I am good. Did you get home?” Luke asked eagerly.


“No sweetie. Our flight is delayed for five hours so we won’t be able to get into Oakdale before tomorrow morning.” She told.


“Oh great!” Luke sulked. He was so expecting his parents to be here today. ‘Calm down Luke’ he explained to himself, ‘It’s just matter of five more hours and they will be back here for you.’


“No Luke, it’s not great. It’s bad. We are going to get home late.”


Luke rolled his eyes. “Mom! I was just being ironic. Of course it is bad that you will be coming home late.”


“Oh!” Lily realized. “Why couldn’t you simply say that?”


He ran his hand down his face. His mom was sometimes hard to handle. “Mom! Where’s dad?”


“He’s here. I will give the phone to him.” Luke could hear his mom calling his father. He could also hear the announcements in the background which depicted they were at the airport. Soon, a masculine voice filled his ears saying, “Hello son.”


“Hey dad” he said, happy that he was talking to him, “When are you both getting here?”


“I thought I heard your mom explain that to you, Luke. The flight is rescheduled; we can’t help it.” Holden said frowning. He looked at his wife who pleaded for him to go easy on Luke.


Luke was saddened knowing that his dad was still so off towards him. He had been like that since the time he had come out. Although he said to his mother that he accepted him, he would be so distant. He had even stopped talking to him like he was not worth any attention. But now Luke was happy that he was at least exchanging few words with him. “Yeah. Yeah, I understand that. I just felt down a bit because I was really expecting you home in a few hours.”


Holden calmed himself down. “Hmm. Where’s Mama? I need to talk to her.”


“Uhm...” Luke cringed. “I am outside at the moment.”


Holden checked his wrist watch and furrowed his brows. “Where are you, Luke? Your grandma must be worried about you.”


“I am at Gust’s place, dad. We had to study, so ...” He trailed off. He hated lying, but he couldn’t tell him the truth either. “And I did tell grandma that I was going to be home later.”


“Get back to the farm, now!” Holden demanded.


Luke sighed. “Okay.” He didn’t like this tough father at all. The change in his dad was miserable. He wanted his loving and caring father back, whom he always loved so much – the one who loved him back. They had such a great camaraderie which was lost somewhere now.


The phone was disconnected but Luke kept holding it close to his ear for some time. How he craved for his father to ask him how he was, or if there was any trouble for past three months, when they weren’t here, to tell him that he missed him and couldn’t wait to see his son again.


Luke exhaled and walked back outside disheartened. Noah noticed the sad look and got closer to him wiping his hands. “Hey. Who was that?”


“My mom and dad.” Luke said sitting down. “They are coming back tomorrow.”


Noah was confused. “That’s a good thing ... right?”


“Yes, it is. I have missed them so much.”


“Didn’t you tell me they were gone on some business trip?”


“Yes. They are expanding their hotelier business in Europe, so it’s something related to that. I am glad they are coming back.” Luke explained.


It didn’t seem as if Luke was very happy right now, Noah thought. He sat in the chair beside Luke and leaned over the side. “Ok spill. What’s bugging you?”


Luke wanted to deny it at first, thinking as to why trouble Noah with his problems, but when he looked at him, he could see the concern in his eyes. “Just before they went on this trip, I came out to my parents. Gust suggested I do it because he knew how it was killing me inside hiding it from them. Anyway, when I came out, both my grandmothers were accepting. Even mom said she was okay with it, but dad ...” Luke left the sentence hanging there and lowered his head.


But Noah understood. “I am sorry that you didn’t get the reaction out of him that you were hoping for. But believe me, not everyone would accept your sexuality at one go, my parents didn’t accept me when I told them I was gay. They kept reasoning why I would think like that.”


“Really?” Luke raised his brows, interested.


“Yes. The thing with your dad could be that he might be just shocked. All you need is to give him some time to process this. He will eventually come around.”


“Did your dad accept you later?”


Noah opened his mouth to lie, but thought it wouldn’t be fair so he sincerely said, “No! But that’s just my father. Who knows, your father might be different? Just like my mother... although she wasn’t supportive of me when I came out, she slowly began to accept me.”


“But your dad didn’t accept you.” Luke countered.


“My dad was a jerk anyway.” Luke’s mouth went agape hearing him say that about his father. “He was a military guy. Being a man meant a different thing in his dictionary. I didn’t live with him for long because my parents separated some time after my coming out. So, I lived a happy ‘out and proud’ life with my mom while she was alive.”


“She’s dead?” Noah nodded with a sad smile. “I’m sorry. You must miss her, don’t you?”


“I do.” Noah bobbed his head looking down at his hands. “But I am used to it now. Living alone is no more a big deal.”


Luke reached for Noah’s hands and held it tight in his. “You are not alone, Noah.” He shyly said.


Noah gratefully smiled. But teased, “Should I be scared by that?” Luke looked funny at Noah and slapped his hand while he began to giggle. “I am glad I have you in my life, Luke. And I don’t want to lose you now.” He said taking Luke’s hand back and kissed it.


Luke grimaced, thinking about what would happen if he did lose Noah. “I don’t want to lose you, too, Noah. I can’t live without you. But what will happen when people come to know about us? Would they forbid us to be in such a relationship?”


“That wouldn’t happen really. Because tomorrow is my last day at school. Mrs. Brooke will be back and I won’t be your teacher anymore... I would be just another guy for you then, and there won’t be anything stopping us from getting together.” Noah reassured, caressing the back of Luke’s hand.


Luke seemed to be satisfied and content. A playful smile came up on his face and he said, “But you know what, I will miss the excitement of fucking my teacher. Damn!”


Noah laughed. “Well it’s one great fantasy to be fucking your student too.”


Luke gasped, “That doesn’t mean you would go around looking for a student to fuck. It’s me who owns you, Mr. Mayer. Remember that.”


Noah stood up but not before he leaned to give a peck on Luke’s lips. “I know. Let’s eat now. It’s late and you have to get back home.”


Luke watched Noah go over to the counter and bring the dinner plates to the table. “How sweet of you to cook for me tonight!” He said as Noah set a plate in front of him.


The brunette raised his eyebrow and said, “Oh yeah? How about you return the favour next time?”


“Nah!” Luke scrunched his nose at Noah who sat at the table with his plate. “I don’t know how to cook. But it seems you cook quite well.” He rolled the spaghetti on his fork and ate it. The yummy taste made him moan and he said “So, it’s decided; you will be cooking for us every day.”


Noah had an amused smile at Luke’s commanding behaviour. “And you would do the dishes?”


“Oh come on!” Luke pouted and Noah began to laugh.



It had been one long month, and there was still no progress from Joe’s side. Gust was getting frustrated now. He wouldn’t miss any chance to hint how deeply sorry he was for what happened and that he wanted Joe back, but Joe wouldn’t budge... he would say he just couldn’t find himself to get back into the relationship.


Didn’t he know how much that hurt Gust? He loved him after all, and it broke his heart to know that he was slowly losing his love. He definitely didn’t want that, so he decided he would rather show Joe how much he means to him than telling him.


That night they had to work late, and their manager asked them to lock up the diner. After the last customer paid and left, Joe went in to change his work clothes before leaving. Gust took the advantage of that time and worked on his plan.


Meanwhile, while Joe changed, he was thinking about his affecting relationship with Gust. He sighed, being reminded of how many times Gust had apologized to him for his mistakes and literally begged him to return to him. It was not like he didn’t want to, but he just couldn’t with all the confusing thoughts and guilty feelings that he got when he looked at Gust. So, he decided that he would take things slow by being just friends with him, although he knew that not only Gust but also he himself was in misery being apart.


He shook all the thoughts out of his head. ‘Maybe I should ease it out a bit from my side. I hate to see my baby getting hurt because of me.” He smiled to himself, sadly and came out looking for Gust.


But the diner had gone unusually quiet making him wonder if the blonde had left. However, when he came outside, he was stunned to see the place gleaming with numerous candles around. There was a light aroma waving with the air, that hit his nose and he felt the pleasure. The venetian blinds were shut barring the view through the window glasses and he felt weird. “Gust?!” He called out.


“Why don’t you have a seat, master?”


Joe turned to the voice and his jaw dropped at the sight. There stood Gust, dressed as a charming semi-naked waiter wearing just black dress pants, white cuffs, with a collar, and a black bow-tie on his buffed, tanned body. It became hard for Joe to breathe steadily as if all the air was sucked out by the rising temperature in the room. He swallowed hard watching the hottie nearing him.


Gust leaned closer to Joe’s face and whispered sensuously, “Like what you see?”


Joe softly moaned despite trying hard not to, and Gust smiled to himself. Joe blinked out of his trance and asked, “What are you up to?” He was stammering.


“Nothing.” Gust innocently replied, “I just thought you would like a refreshing night alone after a hard day at work.” Joe stared into Gust’s brown eyes for a minute before he was pushed down gently in a chair. “I will be right back, master.”


It was getting very difficult for Joe to sit like that in the jeans that had gotten tight over his crotch area. The slavery behaviour Gust was displaying was making him horny all of a sudden, and that made it hard for him to control his urges.


Gust appeared in less than a minute with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He poured the hard liquid into the glasses filling them half-way, and handed one to Joe. “Just for you.” He whispered, giving chills to the brunette with his sensual tone of voice.


Joe took a sip of his wine, not breaking the eye-contact even once, and licked his lip nervously. Gust did the same. Suddenly, he was reminded of something and he hurriedly went to the counter. Joe looked at him quizzically, but he understood when soft music filled the room, and Gust returned to him.


“Let’s have a dance.” Gust said, already pulling Joe up on his feet and leading him to the middle of the room.


“Why are you doing this, Gust?” Joe managed to ask, while their bodies swayed to the music together.


Gust smiled slightly and pushed his weight more over his body, feeling its heat through the thin shirt that Joe wore – the only damn thing that kept their skin from each other’s reach. As he leaned over Joe’s ear to whisper, he gave a lick to it.


Joe shivered at it and his cock got semi-hard feeling Gust’s raw breath over the nape of his neck, when he said, “Because I love you Joe and I want you back in my life.”


Gust kissed him below his ears. Joe couldn’t utter a word; the words were stuck in his throat. He was enjoying this attention. However, a part of him wanted him to hold onto his decisions and the other part was overpowering.


Nothing was stopping Gust from what he wanted. He clawed his fingers all over Joe’s clothed body. While they danced so closely, there was no barrier between them. They were lost into each other’s eyes for about a minute, not knowing what to do next, or what to say. And then Joe did what his primal instincts hinted him to do - Joe leaned in to place a light kiss on Gust’s fuller lips. His inner conscience was fighting a losing battle because his desires were getting the better of him.


Gust was extremely happy and began to kiss him back. They kissed as they have many times before. The tight bulge in Joe’s pants was starting to ache, and with an erotic rush, he bit Gust’s lower lip.


Gust gasped. “Be gentle, master. I am all yours.” He said with his lips curled in a sexy smile.


Joe possessively kissed him some more, before he backed his face away to look into his eyes. “I love you, too, Gust. And trust me; I would give anything to get you back in my life too.” He said with sincerity.


Gust cupped Joe’s face in his hands and gave a sad smile. “I am sorry for lying to you.”


“I am sorry that I kept pushing you away all this time.”


“I am sorry for hurting you.”


“I am sorry for hurting you too.”


“And I am sorry for not trying harder to have you back in my life.”


“You did.” Joe admitted. “It was me. I was keeping myself away from you, knowing really that I won’t be able to, because I love you so much.”

They went quiet again looking in awe at each other. They continued to kiss, to stroke, to pet each other's upper body regions. Beginning to explore Joe’s neck, Gust sucked hard on it. “Ahh” Joe groaned at the pleasure and gave him a light push.


Gust held the table behind him to balance himself and looked at Joe; his eyes showing all his fantasies that he wanted to come true at this moment. He watched Joe gawking at his semi-naked body with yearning and smirked, “Are you gonna just look, or give me some action?”


Joe raised his brow and leaned in to kiss Gust’s upper body. He slowly rubbed Gust’s bare chest, while the blond was struggling to get his guy out of the messed up shirt that he wore. When he managed to get him shirtless, he lightly ran his fingers over his rock hard stomach. The shirt was thrown away somewhere, but neither of them cared. Joe touched Gust’s nipples and ran his fingers in a circular motion before he started to feverishly suck on them. His tongue moved swiftly, up and down upon them, and Gust felt a tingling sensation coarse through his veins.


“Why don’t you take your pants off? Or shall I ...?” Gust asked getting impatient to see Joe’s naked features.


“Be my guest.” Joe said with a smug smile. Gust hurriedly reached for the belt and within minutes, Joe’s pants were discarded and he stood with only his underwear. Gust palmed the prisoner he found there that was struggling to be free, and began to caress it from outside of the fabric. With the interest shown to it, it was getting harder, and Joe let out a moan.


It was weird that they were doing this in the diner itself, but they couldn’t give a damn right now. They were feeling it... the heat of the moment.


Joe resumed his exploration of his boy. Gust threw his head back and let out a loud moan.

Joe went down on his knees and began gently kissing and licking his belly. He could feel and taste the wonderful skin under his tongue as he explored Gust's body.


Joe touched him, groping his crotch and Gust looked down at Joe with a look of excitement.


As quick as lightning, Joe undid the leather belt, ripping it off within seconds; unbuttoned, unzipped his pants, and yanked them down to his ankles. Gust’s long, hard cock now visible through his thin, white boxers ... Joe couldn’t seem to take his eyes off it. He greedily pulled it down as well, and grasped the cock firmly with his hand. He slowly moved his hand upon Gust’s manhood, starting lightly, but, then, grasping it tighter.


Gust let out a short, contented grunt over Joe’s actions.


Slowly, he moved down his right side licking and mouthing his thigh down to where the end of his cock hung, while his hand kept stroking the huge tool. He could hear Gust’s breathing deepening and Gust sighed each time Joe’s tongue ran along his flesh. Joe slid his face over to his left thigh and worked his way back up to his belly. From there, he slid his mouth down, licking and kissing down to the line of his boyfriend’s pubic hair. Joe began to rub his face lightly across his thick pubic mound. The scent was wonderful. He slid his face down, nuzzling between his cock and thigh, and ran his tongue into the crevice formed by Gust’s inner thigh and ball sac. Jutting his tongue into the warm, moist flesh, he felt the heat on his face and the slight salty taste of him on his tongue. He moved to the other side and did the same for him.

His cock was now fully erect and craving for more attention. Still holding his hips, Joe began to lightly kiss and lick the length of the topside of Gust’s stiffened cock, from the tip of his head to the thick bush of hair at its base. He took the whole length inside his mouth quickly, and began to suck it. Mouth-fucking the hardened shaft he pulled it in and out of his drooling lips. He had never imagined it would feel so good to have Gust’s dick in his mouth. It was tempting him to have more. Joe began to tease him more and more with every lick.


Gust couldn’t control anymore and he pulled him up taking control. He pushed Joe hard against the back of the counter. Gust flew to him, getting closer to his face and said with lots of desperation, “I need you. I need you now!” He hissed in his pain and pleasure.


Joe nodded his approval while ogling his guy. Getting ecstatic, Gust quickly made him sit over the counter and pulled off his underwear. Now they were both naked. Gust stared at Joe’s beautiful cock for awhile before he reached for Joe’s legs.


He guided both his legs around his neck and caressed the ass cheeks and the hole. He put his finger in it and finger-fucked him for some more time, getting another finger, then another one and stretched it right for his dick to enter it easily.


“Oh my God, Gust.” Joe moaned. “Stop it... I don’t want the damn fingers to do it. Give me the real thing.”

Gust’s cock was erect. Joe looked into the brown eyes filled with lust; the eyes that he had looked into so many times before, and they kissed once again. It was time. Gust directed his cock into Joe’s hole, and he began to thrust it in slowly. Joe closed his eyes feeling the pain. But he knew it was going to be much better soon.

Gust shoved his cock harder inside and Joe gasped and winced. “I am sorry. Did that hurt?” Gust asked in extreme worry. But Joe shook his head.


“I am okay.” He assured.


Gust now pushed his cock slowly, watching Joe’s reaction. But it seemed like stuck in between. Even though he felt bad for giving Joe pain, he thrust hard once again and Joe screamed. “You planning on killing me or what?” Gust wanted to apologize, but noticed the change of expression on Joe’s face. He was feeling hot, and it felt to him as though a peaceful fire swam inside his blood.

Joe was moaning loudly, almost screaming, out of joy and passion. Gust kept fucking his love hole till the time to end came nearer. They both felt it at the same time; Joe’s ass felt more filled than ever before, and an extreme spurt of a hot liquid like lava filled up inside him. He closed his eyes just wanting to feel. He could see fireworks behind those closed lids and felt the bliss take over.

Gust had climaxed, and Joe was surprised he was still alive. ‘Was he dreaming?’ he wondered, and slowly opened his eyes to the real world.


His features softened and he grinned watching Gust standing there looking back at him with longing. They were united again; united to not be just boyfriends, but they had progressed to being lovers now.




Matt was sitting in front of the TV flipping the channels back and forth. Nothing on TV was catching his interest. It had gotten late and he had nothing productive to do. So he sat there on the couch getting bored.


He yawned and swore, switching off the TV. He threw himself over the couch and looked at nothing specific. Thoughts of a specific blond girl filled his mind and he was smiling at her memory. Her soft skin, her melodious voice, her calming green eyes, those kissable lips, the tender smile on them...


His train of thoughts derailed when a soft rap on the door was heard and he frowned sitting up. Much to his dismay, he had to get up and check on who it was. Another impatient knock came and Matt was irritated. He opened the door angrily, but his face softened seeing Candes standing at the door. ‘How lucky could I get?’ A huge grin began to curl up on his lips, but it disappeared as soon as it came, when he saw a scared look on the girl’s face.


“Hey! What’s wrong?” Matt worriedly asked her.


Candes looked so timid at that moment. “My parents found out about my pregnancy.” She said in a shaky voice, trying hard not to break down. “They abandoned me.” She admitted biting her quivering lips.


“But how-” Matt saw that she was shivering, so he thought he would take her inside first and then talk. “Get in first; you’re shaking.” He stepped aside letting her in.


She took wary steps inside the apartment. It was nice, but nothing compared to the huge abode she lived in. Mrs. Dafna Rivera came downstairs hearing the commotion, and was confused finding Candes in their living room. “Hello Candes.”


“Hi Mrs. Rivera.” She said, lowering her head, feeling the shame and wondering how to tell her everything.


“Is everything okay, honey? It’s gotten so late; your parents must be worried about you.” She said softly.


“They aren’t mom.” Matt glowered and looked at Candes. He so wanted to hug her right now and tell her it was going to be okay.


“What’s going on, Matt? Will anyone tell me, please?” Dafna demanded to know.


“Mom, her parents ... they threw her out.” Matt answered on her behalf, and Candes shut her eyes feeling embarrassed.


“Oh honey!” Dafna softened, feeling pitiful towards the girl, “But why did they do that?” She wondered why her parents took such an extreme step.


“Because ... because ...” Matt stammered. He hesitated, thinking if it was right to tell her.


But Candes made it easy for him and said it out aloud. “Because I am pregnant.” She didn’t look up knowing exactly what expression she would be met with.


Matt looked at his mother who was obviously taken aback, and he knew it was going to be a long night, talking and explaining it all to her.





Hope you are still liking the story :)
Copyright © 2011 SidLove; All Rights Reserved.
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