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Bad Romance - 16. Chapter 15

Noah slowly woke up finding Luke in his arms. He exhaled.


‘So it was not just a dream...’


He tried sitting up but couldn’t. Luke was holding him firmly in his sleep. Noah’s anger got the best of him and he pushed Luke’s body off himself before getting out of the bed.


The strong shove made Luke wake up with a start, and he sat up in a hurry with his heart beating at a fast rate. Seeing it was just Noah, he sighed in relief. He saw Noah standing by the bed, not moving an inch. He wasn’t looking at Luke; rather he looked like he was deep in thought. Luke followed his gaze and saw their abandoned clothes lying by the floor.


Luke smiled when the memory of last night came back to him. The small room still smelled like sex, which was giving a rising effect to his cock. He shyly pulled the blanket up to his belly and waited for Noah to say something.


And he did, but not what he had expected, “Get out.” Noah had said in his lowest tone. It was hardly plausible for him to say such thing, so Luke thought he must have heard something wrong.




“Get the fuck out of my bed.” Noah barked meeting Luke’s naive eyes, that showed an instant fear. However, it was more of a surprise to Luke. “Get out of my bedroom, get out of my house, get out of my life you fucking shit!” His head was pounding, not just from the hangover, but also with the anger that was creeping slowly inside him.


Luke was taken aback by Noah’s outburst. He wondered if it was the alcohol talking, but Noah looked pretty sober ... and angry. Luke observed Noah’s red face and his bloodshot eyes. It nearly scared him.


When Luke didn’t make a move, it ticked Noah off and he fumingly walked around the bed to his bedside. Noah caught him by his arm, forcing him out of his bed and made him stand nose to nose. His shuddering face showed an extreme amount of wrath for Luke. “Did you not hear what I said?” Noah said with gritted teeth.


“I ... I ...” Luke stammered, being scared shitless. He didn’t know why, but he had done something really bad to get Noah so angry. He had never seen this side of Noah.


“Did the cat get your tongue?” He left his hold on Luke, throwing a push at his body. “What the hell do you think you are doing? You know right now, you are an intruder in this house and I could sue you for that.”


“But I didn’t touch a thing ... um except you.” Luke coyly smiled, trying to lighten the mood.


“Shut up.” Noah frowned trying hard to keep calm. “How did you find out where I lived anyway?”


“Ehm ... I asked Matt ...”


Noah huffed cutting Luke off asking, “And could you explain how you got in?”


Luke felt timid “The kitchen window ...”


“You are some controlling bitch, huh?” Noah’s snarky remark shocked Luke. He opened his mouth to defend himself but then closed it again. “Really Luke, you are something. You break into my apartment, sleep in my bed, lure me while I am totally drunk ...? What the fuck?”


Now Luke had enough of Noah’s nastiness. “You know what? Screw you, Mr. Mayer ... sir!” The anger couldn’t control itself and it broke out like hot lava, “I kept quiet all this time, because I think I have fallen in love with you, but you open your fucking mouth and make me doubt my feelings for you. I didn’t come here with an intention to intrude on you, but when I got your text I was worried, sorry that I was ...” Luke held up his hands glaring into Noah’s similar angry eyes. “Sorry that I came here to see if you were alright. I am really sorry, Mr. Mayer!”


Noah snorted and looked away, “Then why do you want to be with me?”


Luke pursed his lips. Why was Noah being like this? What happened to the sweet guy he always knew? “I don’t.”


Noah’s expressions changed from being angry to being hurt. He didn’t expect Luke would so easily give up on him, but he did and it broke Noah’s heart.


Luke waited for awhile standing there naked, looking at Noah’s bare back. When Noah didn’t turn to him, he understood he wasn’t really needed at that moment. He took his clothes that lay on the floor abandoned, and got dressed. Luke wanted to cry at Noah’s coldness towards him. He wanted to tell him not to be so harsh with him because he really loved him and wanted him in his life ... but he didn’t. He didn’t want to come off like a feeble lover who would beg for love with tears. Love is not meant to be begged for; it is to be won. And Luke knew he would win Noah’s heart someday if they ever belonged together.


For now, the right thing to do was give Noah what he wanted ... space. So, Luke gave it. After he got dressed he started to leave. He stopped when he reached the door and turned to look at Noah, who stood there crossing his arms averting his gaze from Luke.


Feeling a rush of love,he flew back to Noah and kissed him devotedly. Noah felt the need to deepen the kiss, but before he could react to it, Luke broke apart much to Noah’s dismay, and his displeasure reflected on his face. Luke’s eyes twinkled when he saw it, assuring him that there was still a ray of hope for them.


Noah watched Luke go and heard the front door close with a bang. The silence in the house grew horrible and emotions bubbled up in him. He slowly walked to his bed and crept under the sheets. For a long time, he was drowned in his own thoughts before he slowly fell asleep again.




Joe put his baby sister in the cradle and happily turned to his boyfriend. Gust stood by the door, crossing his arms looking at them with love. Joe smiled at him, as he rocked the cradle with care. Joe put his finger on his puckered lips gesturing Gust to be quiet and quietly moved out of the room with him.


He closed the door, careful enough not to wake up the sleeping beauty, and turned to Gust with a big grin. “Finally! We have time for ourselves.”


Gust was spending his Sunday with Joe but unfortunately, Joe’s parents had to go out and they were left with Angel – Joe’s sister, to babysit. It was all going all, she played, they talked, but once she started crying, she wouldn’t stop. Both Gust and Joe went crazy trying to shush her down, but she didn’t quiet down that easily. After a long time of crying, she gave a yawn and thankfully drifted off to sleep.


Joe gently pulled Gust towards his room next door while Gust happily followed. When they got in, Joe quickly shut the door and locked it.


That made Gust’s heart to thump faster in his chest. He swallowed in nervousness as Joe turned and began to get closer to him. “So Gust, mom and dad are gone out, Angie is asleep ... that just leaves you and me. How about utilising our time doing something much more productive...?” Joe smirked as he snaked his hands around the slender waist.


He nervously giggled. Gust had known this was to come sooner or later. And to be honest, he had eagerly waited for it. He had always dreamt of his first time with Joe to be out-of-this-world ... the same as he would feel when he kissed him.


Joe stepped forward and put his arms on his shoulders. As he leaned in to whisper in his ear, Gust’s face came close to the nape of his neck and he could smell his intoxicating rich cologne. “Trust me, baby. We are both going to love it.”


Gust nodded and felt Joe’s lips on his cheek. He closed his eyes enjoying the light kisses all through his jaw line, finally meeting his lips. The kiss deepened and soon their tongues danced together. Joe guided him to the bed and they continued to play with each other. Gust’s anxiety soon disappeared and he took the lead from Joe. He began to tug at Joe’s shirt, trying to get rid of it and feel Joe skin to skin, while he licked his boyfriend’s neck.


Joe helped Gust in getting his shirt off and pulled off his own shirt too leaving both of them shirtless. Gust ran his hand over Joe’s perfect body and moaned at the warmth, “You are so beautiful.”


“Not as much as you, baby.” Joe said under his heavy breath and caught on Gust’s earlobe, starting to nibble it.


They both warmed up into the bed. Gust wanted this so badly. He felt surprisingly comfortable with a guy and more importantly with Joe... like it was meant to be like this. He was ready, he was excited ... and they stopped ... undesirably.


A wailing was heard from the next room and Joe muttered with his teeth clenched, “Jeez! Great timing she has, doesn’t she?”


Gust let out a laugh, “Let’s see what’s troubling her, ok?”


“The thing that troubles her is that her brother is having some fun time with his boyfriend. She can’t see it.” Joe sulked and the wailing got louder, much to his chagrin. “I am coming, I am coming.” He yelled over his shoulders, and with a hard heart moved out of the bed mumbling to himself, “I am coming, you little devil.”


Gust had to chuckle. They both put on their shirts and walked to the other room.


“Ew ... it’s worse than I thought.” Joe pinched his scrunched nose. “I hate doing this.” He said as he reached for Angel’s dirty diaper. He held it with the tip of his fingers and tried in vain to remove it. When he couldn’t get himself to do it, he turned to Gust for help.


Gust held his hands up with an amused smile on his face. “Don’t look at me. I am not helping you.” He said and met the pleading eyes of Joe. “I am going to watch some TV. When you are done, you can join me.” Gust laughed and left before Joe could anything.


“No Gust, no ... you can’t leave your boyfriend like that.” He pouted but it was a waste of time since Gust was already gone. He exhaled and got down to changing the dirty diaper.




“Hey, Candes!”


Candes turned, finding Matt behind the counter and smiled. “Hi Matt! I didn’t expect you to be working here this evening.”


“Why not? I do work Sundays too ... I need the money.” He shrugged, smiling back.




“So tell me, what can I get for you?” Matt asked.


“The usual” Candes casually said.


“The usual?” Matt repeated with a doubt. “Are you sure? I mean ... you are pr ...” He realized people could hear it so he lowered down his voice to an audible whisper. “You are pregnant, and caffeine is not good during pregnancy.”


An amused smile crept up on the girl’s face as she heard him say that, “And how do you know?”


“From one of my regular customers... she is pregnant too. And I heard her say that caffeine is a strict no-no during pregnancy.” Matt explained. “I would suggest you go for the decaf one.”


Candes rolled her eyes but still had a small smile on her face. She couldn’t help it because Matt was caring so much for her. “Whatever you think is fine, just give me something. I could really use it right now.” She ordered.


“Alright, I’m on it!” Matt went to get her coffee. When he returned with it, Candes started getting the money out of her purse. But Matt stopped her. “Hey; it’s on me.”


Candes was flushed by his gentleness towards her. “No Matt, I can’t ...”


“Please, I insist.” He genuinely smiled.


Candes pursed her lips and nodded, “On one condition.” She said, “I don’t want to sit here all alone. I could do with some good company.”


Matt took the hint. “I guess my co-worker can cover for me for awhile. I am gonna go tell him. Grab a seat and I’ll join you.” Candes went to the regular table she would opt for, while Matt talked to his colleague. It didn’t take too long for him to be at Candes’ table. “Here I am.”


“Hmm ...” Candes put down her coffee mug, taking a sip and teased, “I wasn’t talking about you, you know, when I said I need someone’s company. I would have preferred that cute guy that works for you.” She pointed at Matt’s co-worker and giggled.


Matt raised his eyebrow at her. “I am sorry. I guess I am not needed here then.” He began to get up from his seat but Candes stopped.


“Hey, just kidding. I love being with you, Matt.” Candes said sincerely.


Matt grinned wide. “Same here.” For some reason, Candes’ statement made him feel very good from inside. He looked into her green eyes and found himself losing himself in their depth.


Candes noticed the way Matt was staring at her and felt uncomfortable. She coughed, getting him out of his trance and brought up, “So our plan didn’t really work out. Joe was supposed to overhear Gust admitting that he was the father of my child. But well, he didn’t” She was angry, being reminded of her defeat.


“Well ...” Matt gathered his thoughts and got serious again, “Even though Plan B didn’t work out as well, I am damn sure Plan C won’t be a disappointment to us.”


“What is Plan C?” Candes asked, curious to know.


“Didn’t you have your first trimester test the other day?”


“Yes, everything was fine.” Candes was confused, “But what does this have to do with our plan?”


“Oh it will really help us a lot.” He promised. Now was the wait ... they had to wait until tomorrow morning.




Gust spotted Candes standing with her girl’s group, flaunting off her new dress. They were all busy admiring it and talking about some senseless things when Gust stood behind the group. “Candes,” he called to her, and everyone quieted down. “I need to talk to you. Could you please come with me for a second?” He asked.


Candes nodded and excused herself from the group. As they left, she could hear the whisperings going on between all of them. She closed her eyes knowing exactly what they must have been talking about. She really thought it was good to ignore it, so she just walked over to where Gust led her.


They reached an empty classroom when Gust finally turned to her, flaring his nose in anger. “What’s your bad plan, huh?” He caught her by her arm, gripping it tightly.


“Plan? What plan?” Candes played innocent, and shrugged Gust’s hand from her. “What the hell are you talking about?”


“You don’t know?” He snorted and continued to speak, “It must not be a coincidence that you show up exactly at that point in time when I finish up my shift at Al’s, and then get me angry so that I blurt it all out in front of Joe. What were you thinking? Did you think you could break us apart with all your evil games, Candes?”


“You don’t know what you are talking about.”


“Do you know what you are doing?” Gust angrily gritted his teeth, “I love Joe and I am happy with him; why can’t you understand that?”


It hurt Candes and she couldn’t control her possessiveness over him. “You can’t be happy with him. You are taking the wrong way here, Gust. You should see that. Open your eyes, look at how happier we were than you are with Joe.”


“As much as I hate to hurt you by saying this, I can’t lie to you. I am happier right now with Joe than I was with you. Hell! It’s like I’m the happiest person in the world right now.” He watched Candes’ eyes shed some tears at his confession. She was looking at him in shock. “Please don’t ruin it for me. I beg of you. Let me be happy.” He said and began to leave, but turned around when he thought he should add, “I am going to tell Joe about your pregnancy and that I am the father of your child. So even if you think of ruining it for me, it won’t matter when he hears it from me.”


With that being said, he left leaving Candes there crying. He didn’t want that, but he had to get some things clear with her. And now was the time to confront Joe; telling him about the whole pregnancy saga. He did a lot of thinking the previous night and he thought it was better to tell him the truth before they think of progressing in their relationship, rather than hiding it and lying to him a million of times.


He had geared up in his mind to be clear to Joe, and with that determination he walked up to where Joe stood – by his locker.


Joe had his back towards him. So he coughed trying to get his attention, “Um ... Joe, I have to tell ...”


Before he could say anything else, Joe briskly turned around and threw a paper right in his face. His face showed utter rage, something which Gust had never seen before. “What kind of fucking joke is this, Mr. Gustaf Rivera?” It wasn’t a loving ‘baby’ or ‘Gust’ that Joe called him; it was a harsh, distant sounding ‘Gustaf Rivera’. ‘What changed?’ Gust wondered and bent down to retrieve the paper that had fallen down.


Joe disliked how Gust’s face registered shock mixed with exactly same amount of fear. “It’s a pregnancy report for Miss Candes McGraw. Oh and look at that, the father’s my frigging boyfriend, Gustaf Rivera.” He spat.


“Joe I was going to tell you ...” Gust started to explain, but Joe held up his hand.


“So this is true.” Joe disbelievingly whispered, becoming more upset than before. He felt betrayed. He quickly opened his locker door and got out his backpack. His head was pounding in pain right now, and he couldn’t live with that. “I can’t stay here. I am going home. Congratulations to you, Mr. Rivera.”


“Joe please ...” Gust pleaded, trying to stop him from leaving. He was almost at the point of breaking down.


“Get your hand off me, you asshole.” Joe yelled, getting everyone’s attention around them. He looked around realizing what he did and calmed himself down. “Gust, do me a favour – don’t show me your face if you can help it. It would be the best thing you could do for me.” He said, and just left.


‘I can’t cry. Not here ... not in front of everyone... FUCK!’ Gust couldn’t control himself and ran directly towards the restroom.






Polls for this chapter


1.. What should Luke do?

A: He should keep trying to get Noah to warm up to their love

B: He should give Noah some time, as he has asked for

C: He should keep a distance from Noah, maybe he would start feeling what he is missing without Luke..


2.. Do you think Matt and Candes should be paired up? Would you like to hear their story?

A: Yes and Yes

B: Yes and No

C: No and No


3.. Do you think Joe overreacted over the truth coming out? Yes/No

Copyright © 2011 SidLove; All Rights Reserved.
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Luke: A, he should keep trying. It's in his childish nature. Matt&Candes: No-No. I don't know, it will get sidetracked. Joe: YES! He is such a drama queen! -.- Did i mention i hate him? Lol Keep up the good work :D

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Great chapter, Sid! I'm sad about Joe and Gust though...lol And yeah I think Luke should keep trying with Noah.. and yeah I'd like Candy and Matt together..but..I don't want to read too much about them :P And...hmm..I don't know..it's hard..I understand Joe being pissed...but he sounded like he never wanted to do anything with Gust again...I hope he calms down :P

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