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Bad Romance - 25. Chapter 21

New drama enfolds...

Summary for Chapter 21 onwards:

Luke and Noah start a new life together away from Oakdale, but will things still be the same when it comes to making compromises for the other?

Will Gust and Joe's relationship be able to survive in spite of the forbiddance from their families?

A new character enters Nuke storyline named “Maxi(Maximiliano)” in whom Luke finds a friend and a companion...




Luke looked around the house as Noah led him in. It was beautiful, yet very small – smaller than the house Noah owned back in Oakdale. He wondered whose place was this and asked, “Where are we Noah?”


Noah turned to Luke and smiled. “This is where I used to live with my mom.” He replied. “After she died, I couldn’t live here on my own because her memories kept coming back to me and I always felt lonely.”


Luke gave him a sad smile and kissed his cheek. “I know you miss her, Noah. But don’t worry; I won’t let you feel lonely anymore.”


That made Noah sigh contentedly and he leaned to share a brief kiss with Luke. “Come on, let’s unpack things. We will have to clean this place too.” He said after the kiss. Noah saw Luke’s smile faltering and realized what he had said, “Uhm ... or else, why don’t you go get some sleep, I can handle everything here.”


Luke knew Noah was just being nice to him by saying that. He could see there was so much to do. They had just moved in here after all and although he never liked doing such things, he knew he had to take the responsibility only if it meant lending a hand to help Noah. “It’s okay Noah. I can manage it. Let’s begin with.”


He began to turn to open the boxes but Noah held him back, “Listen Luke, it was a long ride to get here to Branson. I bet you are tired. You should get some rest, baby.”


Luke could see all the love and concern in those blue eyes for him and felt warm. He brought his hand up to Noah’s cheek and caressed it. “Don’t worry about me. We can get this over with first, and then we can both relax, okay?” Noah opened his mouth to counter that, but Luke stopped him by continuing, “Come on Noah, this would finish up faster if we both do it together. Let me help you, please?”


Noah exhaled giving up on their argument. “Okay, let’s get this over with.”




Joe took out the eggs from the refrigerator and brought them over to the counter. “I hope this is not a mistake to let you experiment in my kitchen.” He said suppressing a laugh.


Gust gave him an angry glare. “Don’t underestimate me, mister. For your information, I am a very good cook and you bet I will make you want more.” He said with pride and turned to chopping the veggies.


“You always make me want more.” Joe whispered near Gust’s ears in his deep voice. “I can’t have enough of you, my love.”


A small smile curled up on the blonde’s blushing face and he looked up into the lovely emerald eyes. “You think you are such a smart ass don’t you?” He teased. “If you think I am gonna do this all alone, you are mistaken. You are going to help me all through this, okay?”


“Yes sir.” Joe mimicked a saluting captain and chuckled. He took hold of the bowl on the counter and began to break the eggs into it. “How did the appointment go with Candes’ obyesterday?”


“It was good. The baby is growing well she said.” Gust grinned thinking about it.


“Great! I was worried because of all the stress Candes was going through after her parents threw her out, I thought it was going to affect the baby.”


“Yes, actually ... Matt was worried about that too. That’s why he wanted to take her to the doctor’s as soon as possible.” His mood soured up and Joe wondered about it.




“Huh?” Gust looked up totally lost.


“Well you ... one moment you were beaming and the next moment you went down. What’s the matter? Is it the baby?” Joe put his work aside and turned to his boyfriend with concern on his face.


“No-no. It’s not the baby.” Gust hesitated. “It’s about Matt.”


“What about him?”


Joe watched him sigh and turn to him to say, “The other day Matt came to me and was like he wanted to look after all the needs of the baby and Candes.”


“That’s good right?” Joe furrowed his brows in doubt.


“How is that good?” Gust scowled at him.


Joe pinched the bridge of his nose and shrugged. “I think Matt just wants to be there for Candes all the way through this. He loves her after all.”


“No that’s not it, baby. You don’t understand. I feel like he is taking away my right to take care of my baby. He has got Candes... doesn’t mean he has got my baby! I am the father of that child, and I am doing everything in my power to look after he or she the best way I can.” The anger of his possessiveness was seen in his eyes.


“My God Gust, you are just over reacting. Nobody is taking away your rights to the baby.” Gust looked at his boyfriend in disbelief and averted his gaze in anger. Joe reached to touch his shoulders and gave them a soothing squeeze. “Gust! Listen to me ... the baby is yours. You are the father, and no one can change that, you hear?”


Gust didn’t reply. He just gazed at Joe, wondering what he wanted to say.


“Gust, it’s a fact, but the truth is also that you are not with Candes anymore and even though you are supporting her financially, she is still a single parent to that child.”


“What do you mean?”


“What I mean is, that you are gay and definitely you are not planning to marry her, are you?” Joe asked knowing the answer. As expected, Gust shook his head ‘no’. “That’s exactly what I mean. Now that she is single, it’s obvious she would want a man to keep her happy, and that man is going to be indirectly linked to your baby, whether you like it or not.”


Gust took in what he said, calmly thinking it over. Joe was right. Now that Matt was with Candes, he ought to be looking after the baby as well. He now understood what his brother meant to say the other day, but he mistook it and yelled at him unnecessarily.


“What are you thinking?” Joe asked softly.


Gust laughed humourlessly. “How could you think so sensibly and I couldn’t? God! I feel so stupid for reacting like that now.”


“It was not stupid, baby. Just silly things that normally could come to anyone’s mind... don’t blame yourself for that.” Joe lovingly brushed away the strands of blonde hair from Gust’s temples.


The blonde smiled. “Thanks. I guess I will have to talk to Matt soon and clear it all up.” He said turning back to his chopping work.


“Do that.” Joe kept eyeing his boyfriend for some time before going back to doing what he was doing earlier. Suddenly, he was reminded, “By the way, Luke called me this morning.”


“He did?” Gust was surprised.


Joe nodded. “He told me that he was ...”


“...leaving town,” Gust finished his sentence with a sad voice.


“Yeah. It’s really sad ... what happened with Luke and that teacher.” Joe was shocked when it all had come out in the open. It was when Gust told him that Luke and the substitute teacher had feelings for each other and that Luke’s parents were against this, he had realized how messed up things were.


“I know, but I don’t think Luke did the right thing going with Mr. Mayer.” Gust uttered his disapproval.


Joe shrugged. “Maybe it wasn’t the right thing. But there’s nothing like right or wrong when you are in love. It’s just the feeling you flow with.”


“I guess ...” He sighed. “It’s just that I will miss having him around school.”


“Me too.”


The boys hushed down for a minute. But the silence was broken with Joe’s mother coming in. “Goodness Gracious! Joe, what have you done to my kitchen?” Mrs. Marie Brannan angrily glared at her son when she saw the untidy kitchen.


Before Joe could reply, Gust assured her, “Mrs. Brannan, don’t worry. We will clean it up after we’re done.”


“Oh, hello Gust.” She smiled politely noticing him. “I didn’t know you were coming today. Why are you in the kitchen?” She turned to Joe and frowned again, “Did you put him to work, Joe?”


“I ...”


“Actually Mrs. Brannan, you weren’t there so I thought I would make something for Joe.” Gust answered for Joe.


“That’s really kind of you, honey. But you didn’t need to do that.”


“I like doing things for Joe.” He looked lovingly at his boyfriend and back at Marie, who watched them in awe.


“I can see that.” She nodded. “You know what? Let’s have a family meet up tomorrow night. It’s time both the families meet each other officially.”


“Mom, you are not serious are you?” Joe gazed at her amusedly and exchanged looks with his stunned boyfriend. “I haven’t even met them yet, and ...”

“Well, you can meet them tomorrow then.”


“I dunno, mom. Can’t we do this some other day? Why so soon?”


“I don’t see what the problem is... what do you say, Gust? Are you okay with this?” She asked him.


Gust looked helplessly at Joe. He didn’t know how to answer that because it was starting to get him nervous. But not wanting to displease Joe’s mother, he approved, “yeah ... um... alright.”


Marie grinned. “Then it’s decided. We are having Gust and his family tomorrow night to dine with us.”




“Phew! All done ... finally!” Luke said exhaling a heavy breath out. He walked towards Noah and cuddled him from back. “Now I can have some alone time with you in our home.”


Noah smiled and threw himself back in the embrace enjoying the warmth. “Feels great, doesn’t it?” He asked and turned around. He took both of Luke’s hands from around his waist and brought them up to his lips kissing them. “I love you.”


Noah’s whispering sent chills throughout Luke’s body, and he grinned feeling excited. “I love you too.” He exclaimed.


They stared at each other for awhile and then Noah asked lovingly, “Are you hungry, Luke?”


“I am starving actually. Can we order some pizza?”


“Pizza? Um ...” Noah cringed.


“Oh ... damn! I forgot Mr. Mayer doesn’t like pizza.” Luke chuckled and shook his head. “I swear, I have never met anyone before you who didn’t like pizza.”


“No, I like pizza.” He lied. “I will order it for us.”


“Noah, we can order something else.” Luke began to say but Noah interrupted him.


“I don’t mind having pizza for dinner... it’s okay. I’m gonna go order it. In the meantime, you can shower up.”


Luke didn’t look very convinced, so he asked, “Are you sure Noah?”


“Yup, now go.” Noah literally pushed him towards the bathroom and called up the local pizza shop. He placed an order for an extra cheese pepperoni pizza, just what Luke liked.


Noah went to set up the bed for Luke while he waited for the pizza to arrive. He was going to sleep on the couch during the nights until Luke turned eighteen. Even though he wasn’t Luke’s teacher anymore, he still didn’t want to risk losing his love again.


Luke showered and got dressed. He didn’t bother to wear any pants, and came out in just his boxers, while his upper body flaunted a dark blue tee. Noah inhaled the sweet smell of soap when Luke came over to him for a kiss. They made out for awhile on the couch but were interrupted by the door bell.


“Pizza’s here.” Noah paid for the pizza and shut the door.


Luke rubbed his hands together feeling hungry by the smell of the melted cheese itself. “Pepperoni pizza! My favourite... thanks Noah!” He screeched when he opened the box and feasted over it like he hadn’t anything to eat for days.


Noah eyed his cute reaction with a grin. “There’s extra cheese too.” He pointed out.


“God! You know me too well, Noah.” Luke grinned too and ate a piece. “Mmm, it’s delicious. Have it.” He offered to feed it to Noah and Noah graciously took a bite. Even though he never liked pizza, he thought he would learn to like it if Luke would keep feeding him like this.


--- TBC ---

Copyright © 2011 SidLove; All Rights Reserved.

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