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Bad Romance - 15. Chapter 14

Noah quickly got out of the car and caught up with Chris who was on the porch of his apartment. “Chris!” he called out, making the ginger haired guy turn around. When Noah met his cold eyes, his doubts were clear – Chris did know about his secret affair with Luke. “Chris... how did you ...” he trailed off not knowing how to ask.


“How did I find out that you and Luke were messing around?” Chris smirked in utter sarcasm. His voice showed disgust, “I was there, you know, when you were setting up tomorrow’s date with him. I didn’t plan on spying on you, but coincidentally I was there at the backyard watching you and him under the tree, giving filthy kisses and touching each other like some sick moronic queers.” He said gritting his teeth tight together. “I didn’t expect this from you, Noah... did you have to go pick up your students to satisfy all your sexual desires?”


Noah had a sick feeling churning inside him. Chris unlocked his door and entered the house with Noah following behind. “I didn’t do that.” He countered, not able to believe Chris was saying something like that. “I just happen to like Luke and I am more than attracted to him, can’t I be?”


“Of course you can. But then why do you keep it so secret? Tell everyone ... let everyone know about your new love interest that happens to be your own student.” He spat the last words almost in disgust. “... and If you can’t, I will tell them.”


Fear showed up on Noah’s face. “You won’t do that.”


“Oh I will and you know that.” Chris’s face showed off a smug look. “What do you expect? You stood me up for our date; you were just up and gone. No word, no talk, nothing. Great way to leave someone extremely humiliated like that.” Noah’s head lowered in shame. Chris’ eyes angrily glared at his dark hair, being reminded of his date with Noah, “Thinking about it now, I think you just played me up through this date thing. How stupid I was to ignore all the signs that were there in front of me.”


“No Chris, I ...”


“Shut the fuck up!” Chris yelled cutting him off before he could say anything. His voice echoed around the empty block of apartments. “I am going to expose you.” He threatened pointing his finger at Noah.


“Please don’t do that, Chris. I beg of you.” Noah pleaded. “Luke could get into a big trouble if this comes out.”


It stung Chris to hear how Noah thought about Luke even before himself. He clenched his teeth tight and said without any hesitation, “Then leave him and come to me. You won’t regret it because you will be getting all the love you deserve from a grown up man, not some disgusting twink.” He spat the last part in hatred.


And without a warning Chris forced his lips on Noah’s, engaging him into an unforeseen kiss.


Noah couldn’t move when all of a sudden Chris took control over the actions. He was being engaged in an uninvited kiss. He wanted to push him but his hands were too weak right now. His whole body felt kind of deadened.


Chris trailed kisses and soft nibbles down Noah’s neck. That’s when Noah got the power and he pushed him away. “Chris!” He yelled. “What the fuck is this?”


Chris balanced himself somehow and looked at Noah with a smug look. “You are not really thinking Noah. Go home and use your brains... what would happen if I expose you in front of the whole school?”


And then as if nothing had happened, Chris turned around walking towards the kitchen. While at the door, he turned half-way facing Noah when he asked, “So would you like something to drink?”


Noah was confused by the sudden change in his behaviour. He didn’t know what to say, so he turned and left the apartment, as Chris watched him with a wicked smirk on his face.




Looking at Joe, Gust feared the worst. He looked at Joe’s blank face and wondered whether he had overheard his conversation with Candes.


Joe shifted his gaze to the girl standing beside Gust with her head lowered down. “Candes?” he almost said in a surprise.


A breeze passing by made Joe’s body quiver a bit and he snuggled himself trying to get some warmth from the coat that he wore. He gradually moved his feet towards them, and in moments he was in front of them. Joe looked between both of them.


Gust freaked out and blurted, “Joe I can explain. What you heard ...”


“What?” Joe narrowed his eyes not able to hear him, and then realized the loud music was still blasting through the earplugs. “Oh... sorry” He removed the Ipod from his pocket and stopped the music, also removing the earplugs from his ears. “Yeah, what were you saying?” He said showing a bright grin on his face.


‘Phew!’ Gust left out a heavy sigh of relief at that time, knowing that Joe hadn’t really heard anything, and he could still take his own time to tell him what the truth was.


Here, Candes’ face dropped, realizing that her plan had gone totally flop. She couldn’t believe it because it was foulproof. ‘Damn it!’ She gritted her teeth when the anger got irrepressible for her. She looked at Gust who had the smile back on his face.


“Nothing important.” He waved it off and skilfully changed the subject. “Why did it take you so long?” he asked Joe.


Joe exhaled in frustration when he retorted, “Jimmy asked me to update the cash register. I was tied up between all those figures. Don’t ask.” He looked at Candes and asked, “Hey you. What are you doing here so late?”


Candes opened her mouth to answer, but Gust hurried to say before her, “She was here to meet me. She is going now anyway.”


She scowled at Gust for being such an asshole to her at that moment. But she nodded to what he said and muttered, “Yeah , I was about to leave.” She shot a glare at Gust and said an angry ‘bye’ to him before she left.


Joe watched her in amusement as she stomped her way to her car and drove off rashly within seconds, “WOW! What’s up with her?”


Gust looked behind his shoulders before settling his eyes back on the shining emerald ones. “Don’t mind her. She can be a bitch at times.” He said troubling his temples as his mind thought about something else.


“And you can be a cute asshole sometimes.” Joe chuckled. “You kind of forced her to go.”


Gust slightly smiled and took a step closer to his boyfriend, “This is the only time I get to spend alone with you, where I can be just with you. And I don’t want anyone else ruining these valuable moments, not even her.” He possessively wrapped his hands around Joe’s shoulder and pulled him close.


A sudden fear ran through Gust’s veins. Today, he felt like he had almost lost his boyfriend. He held Joe tighter and closed his eyes shut, silently hoping that his fears would never come true. But he had comprehended one thing today - he had to tell Joe as soon as possible, there was no easy way out of this. He realized he had wasted a long time thinking and fearing about the consequences, but now he had to act up.


“Don’t ever leave me, Joe. I wouldn’t be able to survive without you.” Gust mumbled, before he dug his face into the nape of Joe’s neck.


Joe couldn’t understand his anxiousness. He felt a shaky nervous breath hitting his skin just below his ears and shivered getting goose bumps. “I would never leave you, Gust, I promise. I love you.”


Gust felt the need to say it back but he couldn’t. It was like his lips wanted to blurt it out, but his voice didn’t want to; his heart wanted to open up but his brain wouldn’t let it out. Considering it, he thought he might confess his love to Joe the next day and also tell him about Candes’ pregnancy; that way maybe Joe would feel that Gust really wants him and nothing else.




Noah returned to his house very late. The house was small, but enough for a bachelor to occupy. There was a peace here that he had always wanted.


His bloodshot eyes tried to focus its gaze at the clock and realized it was almost midnight.


After he had left Chris’ place, he was feeling too edgy to go home, and drove to a local bar. The fret and anxiety that he was feeling from Chris’ threats he wanted to end it with a bit of alcohol. He didn’t mean to drink more but he once the booze made its way in his body, it craved more. His tensed body began to loosen up with every glass he drained, and before he knew it he was intoxicated with the hard liquid.


Noah could still feel the influence of it over him. He couldn’t even stand straight right now, and his eyes were getting too heavy. It would have been no surprise if he had passed out right there on the floor.


The room suddenly felt like it was burning like lava and Noah started to remove his jacket, as he made his way towards the only bedroom in the house.He didn’t bother to put on the lights when he stripped down to only his underwear. The plan was to get straight to the bed and sleep it off. And that’s what he did. He let his body fall over the bed as he began to drift off into sweet dreams.


Behind his closed lids, he saw Luke, looking handsome as ever, standing in front of him. His chocolate eyes so tempting were showing off all the desires that he wanted no one else but Noah to satisfy. His lips were quivering, feeling the need to be engulfed by his own, and he watched the beautiful boy come nearer.


Noah smiled into the dream. His groin had already acted towards the hot breath he was feeling over his skin. Their noses collided, so did their lips in matter of seconds, and Noah enjoyed the motion of Luke’s lips massaging his. It felt so real, like he was actually getting kissed – so heavenly.


Noah furrowed his eyebrows. Weird enough... he sensed something wrong there. He was drawn back to reality when a hand crawled down his half-naked body and a voice moaned against his lips. “Noahhhh.”


His eyes flew open and he quickly sat up on his bed reaching for switching on the table lamp that sat over the nightstand.


The lights illuminated the room exposing another shirtless guy, now sitting on the bed. “Luke?” he asked in a drunken state, totally taken aback by his existence in his house. “What are you doing here? How did you get in? Hell! How did you find out where I lived?” he asked frowning. Immediate enough, he felt a bit dizzy due to the jolt and alcohol.


Luke watched Noah holding his head between his hands. “Are you okay?” he asked in a worried tone.


“Yes, I am fine. Don’t worry.” He gave a brisk shake to his head with an attempt to sober up a bit and looked at Luke again, and asked in a soft tone, “Why are you here?”


“The text you sent ...”


“Yes, the text - I thought I was pretty clear in it that I don’t want to see you for some time. Don’t I deserve that much space?” Noah asked in annoyance. He had sent a text to Luke when he was at the bar; he thought it was better that way for both of them.


“But why, Noah?” Luke felt the emotions taking over, but he controlled himself. He was not here to break down, but get the answers to his questions. “Did I do something?”


Noah looked at Luke’s innocent face, pleading his case to him. He sighed, feeling helpless. What could he say to him after all?


“You shouldn’t be here, Luke. Your parents must be worried about you. Go home.” Noah said quietly, disinterested in arguing with Luke right now. He just wanted to be left alone. He didn’t want Luke at this moment, because he was making it harder for him.


“They won’t, I told them I was staying over at a friend’s place.” Luke informed him, and he was irritated by the fact that Noah wasn’t answering his questions. “Would you just tell me why you need space?”


“Can’t I want it?” Noah asked feigning anger and averting his gaze.


Luke exhaled heavily. For a minute there was just silence between them, until Noah gave out a depressed sigh. Luke crawled over the bed to sit beside Noah who was at the other corner of the bed and cupped his hand over his cheek, making him turn to face him. That’s when Luke saw that sadness on his face. “What’s wrong, Noah? Please tell me ...”


Noah looked at Luke with sad eyes, really not knowing how to put it all in front of him. How can he tell him he was considering breaking up with him to be with someone else, so that their secret affair wouldn’t come out and destroy their lives? How could he break Luke’s tender heart like that?


Luke examined Noah’s pale face. He had already figured out that he was very drunk. ‘Why was he drinking?’ he wondered. But the smell of wine was turning him on. Even now he had a hard on just by the closeness of their faces. His hormones couldn’t wait, and Luke’s lips felt the magnetic attraction sticking to Noah’s lips once again.


On the other hand, the naked Luke was what turned Noah on, and he couldn’t control his urges as well. They kept kissing each other for a long time, enjoying the tastes of each other’s mouth, as they tongued one another. The heated kiss soon turned into something more. They lay on the bed exploring each other’s body with their mouths for some time. The foreplay didn’t last for very long because Noah rolled around the bed pinning Luke under his body, declaring he wanted the real thing.


In different circumstances, Noah would have not let this happen; but tonight the mixture of the booze, a naked Luke, and the warm bed, made an explosion of his desires and his principles were long forgotten.


He quickly searched the drawer of the nightstand and got hold of the condom packet. Luke snatched it from his hands saying, “I’ll do it.” He said in a temptingly demanding tone and covered the head of Noah’s rock-hard cock with it. The touch of Luke’s skin made it throb more; needing action soon.


All the while Luke wore the condom over Noah’s manhood, Noah couldn’t help but look over the beauty and charm of Luke. He was all sweaty there looking so sexy in his bed by the feverish battle of their bodies wanting to claim the other.


Soon after, Noah readied himself and giving a last loving glance at Luke, his tool pushed its way inside Luke’s ass. “Ahh” Luke winced by the sudden push. Unlike his nature, Noah was being kind of rough tonight. Luke could point the difference from what he had experienced from their first time. The probable reason for it may be the alcohol, he guessed.


But Noah’s forceful attitude didn’t turn him off; instead it was driving him crazy. Noah would swear in between, saying all those things which Luke had never imagined he would say ... he was a teacher after all.


Noah’s climax got nearer and his dick found it hard to ram Luke’s ass as it got tighter. Luke came seconds after that. Noah felt the need to get off as well. So, he removed his dick from Luke’s love-hole and threw away the condom.


Luke watched Noah stroke his dick in front of him and licked the corner of lips, remembering the taste of his cum from the day they first had sex. Noah kind of read his mind from the expression he was giving ogling his pulsating shaft. Not long after, Noah’s cock thickened and spurted out a large amount of milky-white liquid which he directed all over at Luke.


Luke almost got the whole of it, except for some that ended up on his naked body. He sighed in pleasure and felt exhausted by the whole act. Noah handed him some tissues and he wiped himself almost clean, before they both snuggled each other and drifted into a deep sleep.





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Read the last three chapters! I love Noah, to bad he is being blackmailed. Poor Gust... I hate Joe XD He brings so much difficulty to Gust. And wtf with Luke, he is such a child! Lol Can't wait to read more

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When Luke went to Noah's place, he was supposed to have a talk with Noah, but instead, he was already naked waiting for him. That makes him a.. slut. That doesn't look like love, that's lust =/

I was just confused and didn't like that part. But no worries Sid :P I like the story and i will keep reading it ^_^

It's good so far!

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