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Bad Romance - 5. Chapter 5

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Matt got a weird feeling all of a sudden. Something was wrong. The way Joe was gawking at his little brother’s naked posture, it made him want to kick his ass, but then Gust was giving THAT look to this guy as well. What did that mean? He had to know …

Just a few feet away, Luke was searching around for someone; when suddenly a figure jumped out behind him and gave his body a playful bump. He was startled at first, but laughed as Noah caught him by his waist, only to push him deep into the water.

“Ok. Fine. You win!” Luke said, trying to catch his breath. Noah laughed richly, and freed him out of his grasp.

Luke saw the opportunity and spun around quickly. Being as swift as lightning, he pushed Noah into the water. “Haha Gotcha!”

Noah came up breathless, running his hand down his face. He blinked several times before narrowing his eyes at Luke. “You are going to pay for this, you little piece of …”

Luke giggled and swam, trying to get away from Noah’s reach. He turned his head around, watching Noah tearing through the waterline, speedily making his way behind him. “Yikes!” Luke yelled watching him come closer, and made himself disappear from over the surface.

Noah followed his lead, and soon they were swimming deep under the water of the pond. It wasn’t that deep, but Luke always found it beautiful under there! He kept swimming until he thought he had come too far, and took an easy swirl to turn behind, but in the process came face to face with Noah. Noah hadn’t expected him to turn, so it made him jerk in shock. He gulped, finding him so near to him. It was amazing that they were so close.

They lost their presence in the real world for a second as they stared at each other, taking so much beauty all in just one moment. Luke’s long bangs kept swirling in the water; Noah had never seen anything so attractive before. On the other hand, Luke hungrily watched Noah’s lips at that moment. He wanted a kiss so bad.

They were so taken in that moment that they had forgotten totally what they needed – oxygen to survive. A moment came when Luke went on to say something, but choked up, and that was when they both surfaced.

Luke coughed uncontrollably. The spell of their attraction was broken on him; but not for Noah. He kept eyeing him and Luke noticed that. When his coughing subsided, he hesitatingly put his palm over Noah’s bare chest and shook him. Noah just moaned, not taking his eyes off Luke.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Luke asked in a whisper, while drowning yet again into the deep blueness of Noah’s eyes.

Noah cupped his cheek, stroked it for a second instinctively, and got closer to his face. Seeing him come near, Luke felt the blood rush through his veins in excitement, and closed his eyes in anticipation. He could feel Noah’s warm breath on his lips, and it drove him crazy. He wanted those lips on his so bad. Luke had dreamt about it from day one, and now it was actually happening.

Their lips collided, and they both felt a heavenly surge inside them. But it didn’t last for more than a second.

“Luke!” Voices called them, “Noah! Where are you?” The calls from far away hit Noah’s ears and he backed off in horror. He looked at Luke’s confused face and felt culpable. Why did he do this? Such a gruesome mistake…he wished he could rewind, and take back the kiss.

But things were done. “Noah …?” Luke whispered, as tears stung his eyes. He figured what was going on in Noah’s mind. His hand reached for him, but Noah stepped back. He shook his head, turning around and swam away leaving Luke in thousands of tears.


Luke came back to the farm following Noah. When he entered, he saw Noah all dressed and ready to leave. Noah was with his back towards Luke, so when he turned around, he saw a disheartened guy standing in front of him, who seemed to have lost all happiness in his life.

“Please don’t leave like this. I … I like you, and I know you like me too … otherwise, why would you …” Luke tried to form words to express his feeling but it was all in vain, so he exhaled and looked away in irritation.

Noah took a minute to compose himself. He approached Luke and held him firmly by his shoulder. With a straight face, he sternly said, “I don’t have any romantic feelings for you, you get that? You are just my student, nothing more.”

Luke’s watery eyes looked into Noah’s emotionless blue ones in disbelief. “Really? And what about what you did back at the pond?” Luke yelled. “You almost kissed me godammit!”

“I …” Noah stammered, and walked away in annoyance. “I don’t know … I- I was joking, how can I kiss you for real?”

“Maybe because you DO have feelings for me Noah, and you just don’t want to admit it.”

Noah couldn’t take it anymore. “I am going,” he huffed, rolling his eyes. He threw his dufflebag behind his shoulder and left, slamming the door behind him. The banging of the door echoed in the whole room, but the sounds of Luke’s heart breaking into pieces went unheard.


Gust came rushing through the door, wiping his wet head with the towel. He saw Luke by the counter making sandwiches. He looked up but didn’t smile at Gust. “Want one?” Luke asked.

“No, I’m good.” Gust looked at him suspiciously. “Did you see Joe?”

Luke gave a nod. “He just left. He asked me to tell you that he had to go somewhere urgently. But he said he will call you whenever he gets time.”

“Oh” Gust still stared at Luke’s unchanging expression of sadness on his face, so he asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, why?” Luke got cautious by that question.

“Because you don’t look alright to me, and since you are making so many sandwiches for no reason, I thought something must be bothering you.” Gust explained.

“I was hungry.” Luke shrugged.

“Right!” Gust smirked, watching the dozens of sandwiches Luke had made. “Those look like they are enough to serve the whole town of Oakdale.” He shook his head and sternly asked, “Ok tell me; what is it?”

“There’s nothing bothering me.” Gust raised his right brow at him and Luke sighed. “Alright … it’s … have you ever felt so taken by someone, that you feel like you are flying in the air when you are with him, but something is always there stopping you from getting close and …”

“Luke?” Gust got worried.

“Uhm … it’s about my friend …”

‘You?’ Gust’s thoughts wondered.

“He is attracted to someone …”

‘ME! … um … right?’ Gust hopefully wished.

“And this someone likes someone else…”

‘He’s gotta to be talking about Joe … oh my god!’ Gust waited for him to continue further, “Ok”

“But I … um … my friend I mean … my friend thinks that the one who he likes, also likes him, but doesn’t want to admit.”

‘But I did!’ He mulled over. “But he did,” Gust blurted out and quickly saved himself. “Your friend’s crush … he must have said something … or done something, which makes you think that he likes you.”

Luke was surprised and blushed. “It’s not about me… It’s about my friend.”

“Right! Your friend …” Gust nodded understandingly.

“And yes, he of course did something which makes my friend think that he likes him … but what do you think he should do now?”

Gust gave out an amused laugh. He couldn’t help but smile, “I dunno … I think he should fight for his love I guess. Who knows, maybe that guy he likes might be wanting him to fight for him.” He slyly smiled.

Luke gave it a thought and broke into a big smile. “You know what? You are right! I should just do that.” He laughed. He had to find a way to win his Noah. They just belonged together. “Thanks man! I owe you big time.”

He ran across the counter and gave his friend a huge hug. Gust closed his eyes taking in the lovely moment. The thought of Luke fighting someone to get him, itself was enthralling. He couldn’t wait to officially get Luke as his first ever boyfriend.

The clicking sound of door opening got both of their attention. Matt stood there looking between both the boys. “Hey Matt.” Luke said, letting Gust out of the friendly embrace. Gust shied away and reached for his clothes to hide his blush.

“Would you like some sandwiches?” Luke asked smiling.

“No thanks.” Matt snapped, and turned to get his clothes out of his bag.

Luke and Gust exchanged looks. It was weird for a guy like Matt to remain so quiet. Gust shrugged and ignored it. After they were dressed, Matt quickly left the room saying, “I’ll be waiting outside. Goodbye Luke.”

“By …” But before Luke could say anything, he was already gone . “What’s wrong with him?”

“He and his mood swings… can’t live with him, can’t live without him.” Gust rolled his eyes. “I will see ya later.”

“Hey wait!” Luke called out, as Gust was about to open the door. Gust turned towards him and waited. “Um … what are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing, why?”

“I wanted to know if you would like to see a movie tonight with me?”

“Really?” Gust’s heartbeat sped up.

“Yup. I thought I would take your advice, and try and help my friend in winning over his crush.” Luke winked suggestively.

But Gust took it wrong way. “What’s on your mind, Snyder?”

“You will see.” Luke smiled and Gust felt warmth all over his body. He was feeling as if he was the luckiest person in the world.


Matt drove his car back home. They were almost half way home, and Matt hadn’t uttered a word. Gust was starting to feel something was seriously wrong. He watched his brother’s face. Matt looked deep in thought. He pondered what was running through his mind.

“I really had fun today.” Gust spoke up. “What about you?”


“I didn’t know Mr. Mayer was your friend. You know he is our history teacher.”


The monosyllabic answers were now starting to annoy him. It got him desperate now. “Ok spill. What has happened to you? You have not uttered a word since we left Luke’s place, and now when I talk, I only get a ‘hmm’ and a ‘yeah’. Is it me? Did I do something wrong?”

All of a sudden, Matt pulled the car to a unexpected halt, making them both jerk. “We’re home.” He said in an unaffected voice, and began to get out of the car. But Gust held him back, “Wait! You need to answer me first.”

Matt fumingly faced him. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks red. He looked so angry. He opened his mouth twice but closed it quickly. It was making Gust anxious. “What?”

“Let’s go in first.”

Gust did as he said. He followed Matt’s trail timidly inside their house. Their parents were sitting at the couch. They greeted them with a smile as they entered. “Hey you two. Had fun?”

“Yes mom.” Gust smiled and gave her a kiss.

“Matt? You don’t look happy.” Their father noticed.

“I am obviously not,” He snarled rudely at his brother, “and you won’t be too after hearing what I discovered today.”

Gust furrowed his brows at him. “What are you talking about?”

Matt shot him a deathly glare, “Did you tell them about your dirty little secret, Gust?” He laughed in sarcasm, “I don’t think so.”

“Wh-what secret?” Gust stammered in fear.

“Oh, you want me to say it out loud? Well then, I will do that.” He briskly turned to his parents and declared in phony happiness, “Mom and dad, your son, Gust Rivera, is not what we had thought he was for all these years.”

“Matt, be clear, what do you want to say?” His dad scolded.

“He is gay, dad. Our Gust is a freaking closeted homosexual.” He spat, and giving a last disgusted look at his brother, he stormed up the stairs to his room.

And Gust was left there in shock. He couldn’t breathe steady; he kept huffing trying to take in breaths. Why did all this have to happen today? How was he going to look at his mom and dad in the eye now? How was he going to face his brother, who seemed to hate him so much now? He could see himself losing his family, and he didn’t know what to do.


--- TBC ---

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Now i definatly see where luke and noah from the soap oprea come in at!!! i can't believe i didn't see it before. Noah tried to hide is feelings from luke in the soap too even though he really did like him. And Luke was opened about his feelings waiting for noah to finally admit to them. I knew something good would come out of watching those tv shows lol :D

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What a loving brother. Makes me wish I had 12 just like him, lol. Some secrets are never meant for others to share. I'm still not sure what I think of this student/teacher thing. The jury is still out on that verdict.

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I like your character Gust Rivera. He seems very interesting. This whole thing between Luke and Mr. Mayer is not only REALLY inappropriate, but also illegal. That make me uncomfortable and it would have been nice if there were a warning for that. I am however, really enjoying the story about Gust.

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