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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Sweetheart, West Virginia - 9. Chapter Nine

“God damnit! Where’s my shirt?”

I watched Cash as he looked around frantically for his shirt in the kitchen. I was still completely confused by what was happening. After Cash told me that Claudia needed help, he immediately jumped off from his bed and rushed to the kitchen. I, of course, followed him and was then prompted by him to put my clothes on as well. I managed to find all my clothes, while Cash continued to look at every corner of the kitchen to find his shirt. I would’ve been entranced by a strong, muscular police officer with only his pants on in my vicinity, but right now wasn’t the time as I joined in on the search. I was about to say that he needed to get a new one, but then I found the culprit in the sink, a little wet, but still wearable.

“Cash, I found it,” I said, tossing the shirt to Cash.

“Thanks. Now let’s go,” Cash said, sliding his shirt on as he walked to the front door.

“Wait, Cash.” I followed him, wanting answers to whatever was happening with Claudia. “Tell me first what the hell’s going on.”

“I’ll tell you as we drive to the Tower Mental Rehabilitation Center,” Cash informed, walking to the end table by the front door and picking up his duty belt along with his handgun.

“Woah, are you going to shoot someone?” I asked, suddenly scared.

“No…but just in case.” Cash snapped his belt on and checked the ammunition clip in his gun before sliding it in its appropriate holster. Now come on.”

I sighed, but instead of asking more questions I followed Cash out of the front door, which I closed behind me. Cash was already at his car, not bothering to lock the door, but I didn’t say anything as I quickly walked to the passenger’s side. Getting inside, I buckled my seatbelt as Cash turned on the ignition and reversed out the driveway, swerving onto the road before slamming his foot on the gas pedal. I had to hold onto the armrest of my seat as Cash drove at least fifteen miles above the speed limit. An annoying pop song was playing from the car radio, and Cash punched the power button, leaving only the revving of his engine to be heard.

I cursed after Cash sped past a red stoplight that caused at least two cars to blare their horns, and I had to ask, “Okay, Cash. Can you tell me now what’s going on? I mean you’re driving like a maniac.”

“I’m sorry, Ben, but Claudia sounded like she really needed my help, and I can’t just ignore my sister.”

“I’m not saying you should, but you should at least slow down before we get into an accident. Then you won’t able to help Claudia,” I explained with a firm hand on Cash’s shoulder.

Grunting, Cash slowed down. “All right, but I’m not stopping at any stoplights.”

“As long as we get to the mental institution alive, then I don’t mind… Why don’t you call you back up, while we head there?” I advised.

“The whole police force of Sweetheart is too focused on what happened with Travis. I don’t want to call them to go to the mental institution if there isn’t any actual trouble…and I hope that’s the case.”

For reassurance, I gently squeezed Cash’s shoulder and said, “If Claudia is indeed in trouble, we’ll save her.”

Cash faced me and gave a small smile, placing his hand on my own before returning his eyes on the road. I looked forward as well, already anxious to get to the mental institution and find out what happened to Claudia to cause her to call her big brother for help. Feeling the wand in my pocket, I hoped there won’t be any reason for me to use it, like any spirits similar to the ones I encountered in my bedroom and at the library. Also, I hope Cash doesn’t have to shoot anybody either; I hope we both find out what happened and help Claudia without any bloodshed…but for some reason I doubted that would be the outcome.

So, for almost fifteen minutes, Cash drove his car to the mental institution, and I could tell we were heading the right direction since the town setting became more rural and soon there was only woods on either side of the two-way road. Cash then sped his car once again when we reached a graveled pathway, and after a minute more of driving, we were introduced to a large sign that read Tower Mental Rehabilitation Center in big, white letters. The car stopped as soon as we approached the tall, double gates that were sealed.

“Shit. They were always open whenever I come to visit during this time,” Cash said with a tight grip on the steering wheel.

“What do we do? Climb over it?” I suggested before looking at the spiraling, barbed wire on top of the brick walls that made the place look more like a prison than anything else.

“No…I got a better idea.” Cash pulled the gear stick to reverse and started backing the car. “Hold on tight, Ben.”

Stopping the car and putting the car back into drive, Cash then pressed the gas pedal and started speeding towards the gate. “Wait! What the hell, Cash?”

Cash was seriously going to drive through the metal gates, and all I could do was hold onto the armrest and my seatbelt as we neared the gates. Miraculously, the gates started opening, and Cash immediately stopped his car just a few feet before impact. I cursed, my heart pounding in my chest as the gates finished opening all the way.

“Jesus, Cash! I can’t believe you were going to drive through the gates like some action flick.”

Cash didn’t respond. Instead, he just lowered his window and looked out. I followed his eyes and saw a surveillance camera above the gates. Its lens was pointed directly at us before rotating to another position.

“Do you think Claudia opened these gates?” I asked.

“Maybe… Let’s find out.”

I leaned back against my seat and tried to relax as Cash slowly drove through the gates. We then entered the parking lot that only had a few cars that were scattered across the area. Other than the emptiness, nothing else looked out of place with the mental institution standing ominously with a tower jutting from the left side of the building.

Parking in the middle of the parking lot, Cash turned off the car engine and looked at me before nodding. I nodded back before taking my seatbelt and exiting the car. The place was completely silence with the exception of the sound of a gentle breeze that rustled the fallen leaves on the ground. I expected something more, like gunfire or explosion at this place, but everything seemed normal which made the place even scarier.

“It’s too quiet,” I said, looking around the parking lot for any sign of life or activity.

“You’re right… Stay close to me, Ben. If anything bad happens, I’ll be ready,” Cash said, checking his handgun in its holster.

I nodded again and stayed close to Cash’s right side as we walked to the front entrance of the mental institution. Opening the creaking double doors, Cash poked his head inside and looked around for a few seconds before entering inside. I followed right behind him, and we were inside the main lobby of the institution. Examining the area, I saw several chairs turned on their sides and other items scattered on the floor. We crossed the chairs to the front desk where Cash called out for assistance. I rang the call bell several times, but no one appeared. Along with that, the ceiling lights were flickering, concerning me even further.

“Now I know there’s trouble. This place always has a few staff members at the front desk at all times,” Cash explained.

“Maybe they all evacuated,” I inferred, looking back at the toppled chairs.

“But why?”

Suddenly, the sound of an intercom turning on was heard and a soft, but panicked voice said, “Hello? Cash, can you hear me?”

“Claudia!” Cash exclaimed.

“I see and hear you through the surveillance camera, Cash. Above the wall behind the front desk.”

Cash and I looked at the direction that Claudia was indicating, and I saw a surveillance camera pointed right at us.

“I’m holding up in the surveillance room of the institution, so I have control of all the cameras. I can help guide you to where I am at the top floor of the tower.”

“Smart girl,” Cash said.

“But you need to hurry. The entire place is only being powered by the backup generators, and I don’t think they’ll be able to stay on for much long. That means the lights won’t remain on, and you don’t want to know what happens after that.”

“What happened to everyone else?” Cash asked.

“There’s no time to explain, Cash. Now head to the left side of the main lobby and go up the stairs. Don’t take the elevators. The power will go off any moment, and I don’t want you and your friend to get stuck when that happens. I’ll let you know when you’re on the right floor. Now go!”

The lights flickered once again, and Cash turned to me before saying, “You ready?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Cash nodded, and we followed Claudia’s direction to the stairs. We proceeded to walk up the stairs which quickly became tiring and taking much longer than expected. Every time we walked up a floor of stairs, I was expecting Claudia to call out from the intercom that they were at the right floor. However, we continued walking up the stairs, and my legs were starting to get sore.

When we reached the thirteenth floor, Claudia’s voice finally came back when the intercom cracked to life and said, “You’re here! Now exit the stairs through the door, and I’ll lead you and your friend through the different hallways to the surveillance room.”

I followed Cash through the door, and we entered inside a white hallway that looked completely pristine, but empty just like the main lobby. Claudia’s voice then told us to head straight and turn to the first hallway on the right. We followed her directions, and it seemed like we were going through a maze as we traversed through different hallways and entrances. My feet were getting sore again, but I pushed through it, and when Claudia told us to continue to walk straight, we stopped to see the door to the surveillance, and it was very clear that we found the right door.

“My God,” Cash said, stepping closer to the mess near the door.

Several bodies were strewed on the floor that was stained with blood and what looked like burn marks, and the door looked like it was beaten and scratched beyond repair.

“Be careful where you step,” Claudia warned.

Cash and I walked carefully around the bodies and pools of blood as we approached the door. Upon facing it, we then heard a heavy screeching sound, like an object was being pushed right behind the door. The door then opened, and Cash quickly walked through the door with me following right behind him.


I saw Claudia, the first time since prom night five years ago, who was clutching her chest with both hands as she looked at her older brother before moving forward and hugging him tightly. Cash returned the embrace, patting his little sister’s head that was pressed against his chest. I gave a small smile at the sight, and I then looked at a metal desk by the door that must’ve acted as a blockade, preventing whatever from trying to enter. I also saw someone else, an elderly man who was huddled up at the far corner of the room with his knees to his chest. What the hell happened here?

“Thank God you’re here,” Claudia said as she looked up at her brother.

“Me too. You did good to hold up in the surveillance room,” Cash said before taking a step back. “Are you okay? You’re not hurt, are you?”

“No, I’m okay.” Claudia then faced me and with widening eyes said, “B…Ben?”

I gave a short nod and Claudia quickly approached me before hugging me as well. I was stunned by the gesture, but then I hugged her back. Her smaller frame still felt the same since the last time I hugged her all those years ago that provided warmth that soothed any discomfort I had.

After a moment, she stepped back and looked up at me with a smile before saying, “I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you’re both here. It was a literal nightmare here last night before I got the generators working and called you, Cash. I tried to call the police before, but the line was busy for some reason.”

“Yeah, there’s a reason for that,” Cash said, looking around before eyeing the old man at the corner. “What happened here, Claudia? And is he the only other person here?”

“I’ll tell you after we all get out of here. As for Casper, he was with me when everything went to hell. He led me to the surveillance room where we held up for the entire night with only that desk to keep those people out. Now we really need to get out of here.”

Cash nodded. “All right.”

Claudia walked to the elderly man, Casper, and I wondered if he was the same Casper who was involved with the mine collapse during the fifties. However, there was time to ask question after we got out of this place. Claudia helped Casper get back onto his feet and walked him to a wheelchair close by.

“Is there a shortcut, Claudia? There’s no way we can take the stairs,” I said, looking at the poor man shaking in his wheelchair.

“I know. We have to take the elevator before the generators finally lose power. There’re no other options. Now let’s go. I know the way.”

“You lead, Claudia. I’ll help Casper,” Cash offered.

“Thank you so much.”

With Cash taking over Casper’s wheelchair, Claudia walked out of the room with the rest of us following right behind her. Out of the room, she moved a body of a woman to the side, allowing Cash to move Casper through the hallway. Casper whimpered when he looked at the bodies on the floor, and Claudia went back to him, comforting him with hands on her shoulders.

The lights then flickered once again, and Claudia said, “We really need to get of here.”

Claudia led the way through the maze-like hallways, expertly navigating us through the empty corridors until we approached the elevators a couple of minutes later. Claudia quickly tapped the down button and I watched as the number above the doors slowly increased by one increment which was taking long, too long. Just when the number became thirteen and the elevator began opening…that was when the power went out. I could barely see anything, and Cash turned on his flashlight, the only light source that prevented us from being completely blind.

“No. Not now,” Claudia said as she tried to calm Casper who was starting to panic.

A screeching sound was then heard, and I knew getting out of this place just got a whole lot harder.


“Shit. What was that?” I said, flashing my light at the hallway. “What’s happening here, Sis?”

“The lights were the only thing preventing them from appearing. Now help me open the elevator doors. We need a place to hide.” Claudia said as she tried to budge the doors open.

Ben moved to help my sister as Casper continued to whimper and shake in his wheelchair. The temperature of the area suddenly got colder, and it only proved to be correct when I saw my own breath in front of me. It was the autopsy room all over again.

“Come on, Cash. Help us,” Claudia pleaded.

I turned around to the elevator, seeing Claudia and Ben attempting unsuccessfully to open the elevator doors and that was when a child-like whimper was heard close by. I turned back around and flashed my light to a small figure at the end of the hallway.

I took a step forward and moved the light on the figure who turned out to be a small child who moved her face away upon the light flashing on her. The child whimpered again, and I took a step forward when Claudia told me to stop.

Looking back at my sister, Claudia then said, “Don’t, Cash. It’s not a little girl that you’re seeing. Now help us out!”

Giving another glance at the child, I noticed that girl had a shadow below her feet that didn’t move when I repositioned my light. The memory of what happened back in the autopsy room flashed back into my head, and I quickly walked to the elevator and tried to open it with both hands on either door. The child started to cry as I began to open the doors inch by inch with the help of Claudia and Ben. Casper cried out too, calling out Claudia’s name.

“I know, Casper! The elevator is almost open,” Claudia said.

I glanced at Casper and noticed he wasn’t looking at the child, but directly at the elevator, pointing at it, and I knew the child was just a distraction.

“Shit! Everyone back-up!”

I pulled Claudia and Ben away from the elevator just when a long arm shot from between the doors and reached for us. We all stumbled back against the wall as the arm, covered with stitches, slowly retracted back into the darkness of the elevator’s interior that was followed by a soft, sinister laugh before the elevator doors closed again.

“Too close!” I said, my heart pounding to the point that it hurt.

“W…Where’s that girl?” Ben asked.

I looked back at the hallway with my flashlight and knew that girl disappeared from view. “Shit. I don’t—”

A scream split the air, and I turned to Casper who had the little girl on top of him. Claudia yelled out as she moved to the child who began biting viciously at the man’s neck. Casper’s screams quickly turned to gurgling as blood shot out from him, and Claudia reached for the girl’s hair and started pulling. The girl didn’t move; she continued to bite Casper like a wild animal as I pulled my gun out and aimed it at her. I never shot anyone in my life, but right now wasn’t the time to continue hesitating as I released the safety trigger and pressed my finger on the trigger.

A blinding light covered my vision, and I stumbled back with my hands over my eyes. The light quickly vanished, and the sound of a little girl’s screaming pierced my ears. I looked to see the girl flailing on the floor with what looked like very serious burns covering her exposed skin, and I turned to see Ben with his wand in his hand, pointing at the girl who soon became silent and her burned body stopped moving. Claudia was on the floor, looking at Ben with astonishment when the doors of the elevator started opening again with a panicked sound coming forth.

Long arms then came sprouted out of the darkness and when the scarred face of a woman appeared as well, Ben pointed his wand once again and flashed a bright light that caused this nightmarish creature to cry out in pain, her face darkening from burns that caused her to fall on the floor as well. I quickly pulled Claudia up by her arm and held her close as the creature started convulsing in the same manner as the little girl. Ben took a step forward, and I placed a hand on his shoulder to prevent him from moving too far as the burnt woman crawled to the body of the girl, wailing before becoming motionless.

A pained moan caused to look back at Casper whose entire front side was stained with blood, and Claudia released herself from my hold and went to his aid. I then turned to Ben who was standing by the bodies of the girl and who had her stitched arm over the little child’s body; however, I knew that this was not an innocent little girl, and I placed a gentle hand on Ben’s shoulder. Ben looked at me with furrowed eyebrows and placed his hand on top of mine.

“This is so fucked up,” Ben said, looking back at the two bodies on the floor.

“Guys! Casper needs help!”

I directed my attention to Claudia who took her wool sweater off, pressing it against Casper’s wounds that covered both the side of his neck and shoulder. The man was coughing up blood and shaking even more, and I didn’t know what to do other than take over for Claudia by placing a firm hold of her sweater on his wounds.

Claudia took a step back and then looked at Ben before saying, “Ben…what did you just do?”

“I…I don’t know. I just pointed my wand and… Shit!”

“Ben. Listen to me. You did what you had to do. They’re not human anymore. They’re demons, Ben, and right now I need you to use your wand to power the elevator, so we can get out of here. Okay?”

Ben looked from the bodies to Claudia and then nodded. “Okay. But how?”

“Get in the elevator, and I’ll show you… Now!” Claudia ordered.

Ben cautiously went into the elevator as Claudia went back to Casper, telling him to keep the sweater pressed against his wound before moving him into the elevator as well. I looked from left to right before walking into the elevator with the rest.

“Okay, Ben. Just insert your wand through that hole on the console. It should power up the elevator,” Claudia instructed.

“Okay.” Ben inserted the tip of his wand into the area and suddenly the lights of the elevator activated. “Now what?”

“Just press the button to the first floor,” Claudia said before turning back to Casper.

With the first-floor button pressed, the doors started closing, but then the woman reappeared, placing her claw-like hands between the doors and screeching a horrible scream as the scent of burnt flesh filled the area. But her screams ended when I shot a bullet right at the center of fucking face, causing her to fall back and allowing the doors to completely close.

Jazz music started playing as the elevator started its slow descent to the first floor. I lowered my gun and took a deep breath, leaning my back against the wall as the music did nothing to calm my nerves. Ben, however, was the one who calmed me as he leaned his back against the wall next to me and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I looked at the number above the doors that was slowly decreasing by one increment. “Damn, can this thing go any faster?”

“Don’t worry. We’re getting there,” Ben assured.

“Oh God!”

I looked Claudia who was still pressing her sweater against Casper’s wounds; however, they didn’t look like were going to stop bleeding. Casper’s whimpers quickly turned to harsh breathing with his hand on my sister’s. I was about to ask if I could help in any way when the elevator finally stopped, a dinging noise indicating they finally reach the first floor. But then banging noises were heard, and Claudia yelled out to Ben to take the wand out of the console. Just before the doors could move an inch, Ben took the wand out, and everything was dark once again. Turning on my flashlight, it illuminated the area with its artificial light as the banging continued from the other side of the doors.

“Shit. Now what?” I said, pulling Ben away from the door.

“I’ll just use the light from my wand to get us out,” Ben suggested.

“No, you can’t.” I turned to Claudia who then said, “It sounds like there are dozens of those demons behind the door. There’s no way we all can get out in one piece.”

Suddenly, something heavy fell above the elevator car and when it started banging the ceiling, causing dents to form, I knew we couldn’t stay here for long.

“We can’t stay here,” I said, the banging from both sides becoming deafening.

“But Casper won’t make it without—” Claudia paused, looking at Casper who placed a pale hand on her shoulder. “What is it, Casper?”

“Leave me,” Casper rasped.

“What? I can’t!”

“I won’t make it in this condition, sweetheart.” Casper reached for his chest and then pulled something before handing it to Claudia. “Give this to my family, please, and tell them that I never forgotten about them.”

Claudia clutched the object in her hand and with a sob said, “But Casper…”

“There’s no time, child. You and your friends need to get out of here now.” Looking above, he then shut his eyes and said, “I’ll provide a distraction, so you all can escape. I’m an old man, Claudia, and it’s time for me to meet my maker.”

I walked behind my sister who was now crying and placed my hands on her shoulders. “Come on, Sis. We need to go.”

“Thank you, Claudia…for everything.”

Claudia lifted her head and nodded before leaning forward and kissing the man gently on the forehead. She then backed away, and I guided her to the doors. She advised Ben to flash his light through the opening before looking back at Casper who just nodded as the banging from the door and the ceiling consumed the small area.

“Now, Ben!” Claudia exclaimed.

With his wand pointed forward, Ben fired light through the opening, causing the creatures from the other side to screech. The elevator temporarily activated again, allowing the doors to open halfway. One by one we exited the elevator, leaving Casper who started yelling out for the creatures, these demons to get him and it worked. I turned around and saw the demons who recovered from the blast of light pouring into the elevator. Claudia called out to me, and I quickly turned back and ran with my sister and Ben who continued to shine a light from his wand like it was a torch.

We were back at the main lobby, and I could see the front entrance, our only hope for escape. But then Claudia tripped over one of the toppled chairs, and as I lifted her back onto her feet, I saw a creature, a woman with bat-like wings who was severed by the waist, flying fast towards us. But thankfully, Ben fired a ball of light at the creature, causing it to fall onto a row of chairs. I pulled Claudia who stumbled once again, saying her ankle hurt, and I decided to lift her into my arms and ran back to Ben who led the way to the front entrance.

Unfortunately, another demon, a woman with another pair of legs who was walking on the wall above the doors. With her legs bending in the same direction as her arms, she looked like a spider ready to attack. But Ben fired a beam of light at the creature, causing it to scurry away from the entrance. I could sense other demons chasing us from behind, and when we finally made it to the doors that flooded in sunlight once they opened, the demons screamed, and their cries of pain soon faded away as we entered the parking lot.

I finally looked behind me and saw none of them were following us, but I didn’t feel safe until we drove away from this hellhole. So, I told Ben to keep running as I continued to hold Claudia in my arms and soon, we were at my car. Opening the back door, I placed Claudia onto the seat as Ben got inside the front passenger’s side. I was on the driver’s seat in a flash and after turning my car on, I did a harsh U-turn, driving over a few parking blocks before driving through the main gate of the mental institution and finally escaping that living nightmare.

Even after exiting the graveled pathway onto the main road, I still drove at a fast speed, that was until Ben called out to me and placed a hand on my own.

I looked at Ben as he said, “It’s okay, Cash. We’re safe now. You can relax.”

I nodded and slowed the speed of my car. I then looked back at the rearview mirror, looking at my sister who was looking through the rear window before leaning back against her seat with her eyes closed. I was about to ask if she was okay, but then decided that was a stupid question to ask. We just barely escaped a building that was infested with demon-like creatures that could fly and had four legs that crawled on the wall like a fucking spider. And we lost Casper, and though I didn’t know him, I knew my sister must’ve been close to the man, and I hated that we had to sacrifice him to get out. As for what happened to the rest of the patients and staff at that place, I didn’t want to think about that as I took deep breaths to calm myself down. I wanted to stop the car right then but decided to continue driving with the idea that being back at my home was the best idea.

As I continued to drive in silence, I saw a car coming from the opposite lane that then turned into two, then three, and I then noticed it was a row of five cars of the same make and model that all drove past us with even spacing between each car. I looked at my rearview mirror, watching the cars before they disappeared from view. It was so strange to see a row of identical cars like that, especially in a town like Sweetheart, and they were heading in the direction of the mental institution. I didn’t know who they were, and I didn’t want to. Claudia was safe now, and all I wanted to do was head back to my place where it felt safe. Turning my eyes to Ben, I placed a hand on his lap and squeezed it gently.

“Thank you, Ben. If it wasn’t for you and you bringing your wand…”

Ben just nodded and said, “No problem.”

I gave a small smile, relaxing a little in my seat as I continued to drive though the wooded road until we finally entered back into the heart of the town, knowing we were finally safe.

Copyright © 2018 Superpride; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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9 minutes ago, Wesley8890 said:

Holy crap! Now this is my kind of horror!! Screw that paranormal activity crap and found footage bs!!!!


Thank you for the comment!  If you want another dose of horror, you should look up the mangkukulam, mananaggal, and mambabarang of Filipino mythology since those creatures inspired the ones seen in this chapter.  😨

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WOAH....WTH ????

Need the next chapter ASAP, what does Claudia know about all of that, there is some seriously freaky mojo going on.

You really know how to bring a story to life...

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3 hours ago, 1brokNangel said:

WOAH....WTH ????

Need the next chapter ASAP, what does Claudia know about all of that, there is some seriously freaky mojo going on.

You really know how to bring a story to life...


I know, the story turned from a mystery behind prom night at a small town in West Virginia to a demon-infested mental institution.  It seems that Claudia is the key to finding the answers to both events.  Also, I'll try to post the next chapter as soon as I can since I don't want to leave you or anyone else hanging for long.  And thank you for the comment of support!  😄

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2 hours ago, Hunter of Porn said:

I don’t care for horror or sci-fi genres but you have me enthralled. 


Thank you!  And to be honest, I'm not completely captivated by the horror genre either, but I am intrigued by the creatures of mythologies from around the world like the ones in Filipino mythology that appear at night to prey on the living, and I want to incorporate that into this story.  I'm glad my attempt has worked and has enthralled you.  😄

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21 minutes ago, mfa607 said:

WOW! What an amazing chapter! Great job! Thank you!


And thank you for your encouraging comment!  There's definitely more to come.  😁

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5 minutes ago, BabyXander1990 said:

I'm not into horror, but this his me hooked....


Horror doesn't really interest me either unless the killer or monster has an interesting backstory and lore, which I will include as the story continues to develop 😃

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