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  1. we had burgers grilled on the grill tonight. Also corn on the cob...
  2. Was it a buy one get one sale? or buy one get 2?? 😁
  3. Ok, I thought it was nudism...or something else...
  4. Love your interests...Cute boys and more cute boys....😁

  5. Tutoring Rory in his schoolwork -- or in nudism? 😁 Really, I'm glad Mickey and Remy are helping Rory...Give all of them a hug from Dennis and me...❤️❤️
  6. So did we...we took off to an island and marked of 30 feet, then we had a sign saying: Quarantined...nice day...we had..
  7. How is Mickey, Remy and Cory doing on their 'vacation'? I hope Cory doesn't fall behind...
  8. Love it...Dennis, Ash, and me...might send some money in to kickstart...Ash wants to...
  9. You mean you don't order Sweet and Sour Bat from your local Chinese Restaurant? 😀
  10. Florida didn't, yet, but all restaurants are closed except for take out or delivery.
  11. Down here the city of Clearwater told the springbreakers that they have to be off the beach by Monday. Pinellas Country - where Clearwater is located - closed down all beaches this morning.
  12. As I said before, the local homeschool group is getting more inquires about the group. I think people will see that kids will enjoy it more than at school. Kipp loves homeschooling, because of his incontinence and he doesn't get bullied.
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