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  1. First reply...yes!! Bill W, I'm glad the treehouse will be rebuilt. Maybe, just maybe the treehouse will have sleepovers with Wyatt, the twins and maybe some friends they'll make... 💓 it!!
  2. Even with some many people, the house is so inviting that even GHOSTS come to Curries Christmas dinner...😀
  3. Hmmm..a ghost...I believe in ghosts (and UFOs), but an evil ghost is bad..very bad...
  4. Excellent chapter, but now I wonder if Ian will return to the hometown...
  5. But I know I've been asking for some sibling groups (with an incontinent young boy (around 8 or so, which is when I knew that I was unable to keep dry and others were.), But it would be different. Especially if his brother change him... Anyway, keep up the great work!!!
  6. BabyXander1990

    Rough Times

    Tristian is holding up and I hope he'll be a big brother soon. Love your stories and hope this book is not the last book...
  7. I'm talking about a boy who's incontinent joining the Curries...My husband and I are fostering an incontinent boy. And we are going to adopt him. Growing up with incontinence is difficult for kids. I know I have it, too.
  8. Bill, I'm finally reading Book 3! I really love this book, but I need to know if the farm is still around and if you'll ever have them adopt a boy who is incontinent and a gender fluid boy. Just wondering...I know it is your story, but I'd love to see two boys who thinks that they will never be adopted join.
  9. BabyXander1990


    As usual, Bill W, I love it...great story and I hope it will have at least 3 more books...
  10. I know that I'm late in replying, but I love the series. I hope you'll continue to have little Ricky help out. Maybe Duck and his wife will expand the family, too...
  11. BabyXander1990

    Fitting In.

    You asked don't you think maybe 400+ chapters on the Curries is enough? No, I wouldn't mind 1000+ chapters. 😀
  12. In high school we took a class trip to Europe. Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris...myself, Paris is ok but I love Copenhagen the best.
  13. BabyXander1990

    A Trial Weekend

    What can I say ..
  14. BabyXander1990

    UJ Chapter 11

    Sequel please. Thanks... It was a great story... Madsen Sailing Adventure! The Love Boat...😀
  15. I'm reading it...and I hope Joshie will get a brother (either bio or adopted). I just hope Joshie will get lots of cousins...the old fashioned way, adoption and fostering...
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