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  1. BabyXander1990

    A Secret Admirer

    I love trains..and model trains...
  2. BabyXander1990

    A Secret Admirer

    If they are boys, they should visit a few Railroad Museums, especially Strasburg...Altoona and Steamtown...
  3. BabyXander1990

    A Secret Admirer

    I hope so...and when will Ricky do his job, bringing more 'guests' into the Castaway Hotel...
  4. BabyXander1990

    A Secret Admirer

    Going to be the first to comment...Great chapter...I wonder who it will be and will it be a boy or a girl...7 stars out of 5...
  5. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 10

    I think Richie's aunt and Uncle is there to help him, but I think Richard will get help. I was in the Explorers (a youth organization for youth interested in Police work.) and I could see what officers and detectives go thou - especially n big cities. Even in small towns, you'll see accident victims. Policework is hard...
  6. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 9

    Richie has anger issues and truthfully, he saw that the car was stolen so he got out and walked, Wade then convinced him to get back into the car with a stolen TV. The guys who is Wade's 'friend' must be a fence. I'm angry that Richie is acting up, but he really needs help -- before he gets killed. Two people got killed, an SUV is a safe auto, so I wonder if the driver didn't have his seat belt on...or was it an innocent victim. Here a guy was walking in the crosswalk and a car ran a red light, hit a car and the wrecked car hit the person in the crosswalk and killed him.
  7. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 7

    Richard, Linda and the whole family needs to have family counseling. Richie will be doing something stupid - he already did. Richard, needs the counseling session to say to Richie, that he is sorry. Maybe Richard and his ex had problems that Richie doesn't know. Linda needs to tell Richie that if he needs someone to talk to, she'll be there.
  8. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 5

    My sympathy, too...Linda is trying to be nice to Richie, because she seems that Richard took advantage of her...
  9. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 1

    In school, Dennis and I had a classmate who was the 5th. I think he drove everyone to drink a fifth...
  10. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 20

    Nice...6 stars out of 5
  11. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 17

    What a nice chapter, and yes it is a nice story. I love the reference to Wawa...
  12. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 6

    Wonderful story...5 and a half stars out of 5...
  13. BabyXander1990

    Chapter 4

    What a beautiful Story...I just hope that DJ can help his siblings out. I'm afraid that the dad will abuse the other two...Sorry, Dennis and my foster kids were abused....and DJ should try to make sure they'll be safe...
  14. BabyXander1990

    Special Times

    Please post the next chapter... of course, I'm still working on Chapter 4 of my Racing Love...I almost abandoned it, because I'm upset at the chapter...
  15. BabyXander1990

    Special Times

    you never had one... I'm sorry about that...
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