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Metanoia Cyberpunk

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Fandoms: Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 fanfic. Kerry Eurodyne/V.

He plays for me, humming along with the melody. Waves break lazily against the side of the yacht as it moves along down the bay at a leisurely pace. I lean back in my seat and just watch him, listen to the sound of his voice. Always liked that voice. Always listened when it came up on the radio.


It's weird, hitting it off with a much older musician you've always admired. Weirder still when you've got his long dead best friend kicking around in your brain...

My take on V and Kerry's relationship from Boat Drinks onward and past the Stars/Aldecaldos ending.

I've been playing way too much Cyberpunk 2077, and a bout of hypomania sent me into a fan fiction spree. Started with the question of how a cybernetic packer for a trans dude might work in this kind of world and then just kind of spiralled from there and became a real story. Original title was Detachable Penis after a song by King Missile, but as the story grew that kind of failed to convey anything of importance, so I've titled it after a different King Missile song.
My V is trans, so that's a theme in this story. Contains vaginas and cybernetic penises. Spoiler warnings for the Stars ending of the game. There will be fluff and there will be angst. You have been duly warned. Enjoy the train wreck.
© 1988-2022 Micheal Pondsmith, R. Talsorian Games, CD Projekt Red; All Rights Reserved; Copyright © 2021 Thorn Wilde; All Rights Reserved.

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