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  1. Mollie

    Chapter 22

    This is such a true story this is not only the Russian problem but as of now it’s an American problem with the influx of drugs and distruction of the family unit I have lived in one of the larger cities and seen the treatment of these children prostituting selling drugs anything for them to to make it and what does the govt do nothing but throw free money to more uneducated lazy parents and turn there backs on the children until one is found dead.Carleton is very lucky to have high ranking men helping him save these boys and not some busy body trying to take him down . Keep the positive story going keep saving the kids
  2. What a story from where I was so afraid of losing Praveen to learning of the new Travis with a new strength in him till finally having Bruce finished. Eagerly await your next adventure. Hope the tears are not a heavy on your next adventure. Your right love will overcome evil.
  3. Glad that Emma started to get what she deserved but only a start can’t wait for the 3 other jokes get theirs. Travis yes take all there monies which they would never have if Praveen never married a evil Antonia in the first place.nothing like revenge served cool great 2 Nd half
  4. Praveen now has a child to protect and love keep him out of that family until there are paid back for all the hate and misgivings they have done to the true angel of love Praveen not just mentally but for the physical the only love he received was from Ryan and Celine.let Andrea her aunt will only say it Santiago is the father and try killing him as will mental case Antonio he wanted Bruce he got what he wanted so live with it.thank you for not letting Praveen die
  5. This is the holy river let there be 2 miracles here as he father enters the river to reterive the body of the son that in life he never got to hold as the love flows thru them both. And there Sebastian will regain his belief in the the almighty (or as it is the dark devil who all are better off with out is this one Emilia and her vile children Husband and father. Yes Sabastain and Praveen can love each other and not be in a sexual relationship. We now can have a true family Sebastian lost his parents Praveen never got to know his father the love for Praveen can cement them all in a loving family.and we all have completely forgot the family had before evil Emilia decided to destroy Praveen for money. Give love a chance for Praveen. This ending must change. You created Praveen for all of us to love and hope for him to win against evil,gave us hope only to have it ripped away.
  6. This ending isn’t right you have basically let evil win over righteousness this family was only concerned about money and snobbery from the grandmother on down if your son was to be destined to marry this young man why wouldn’t they have made sure he had an easier life after the death of his mom no it was only greed on the mothers end evil from granny to the Andrea that family must loose everything also a father should be able to love the son that was taken from him by class injustice live on Praveen show them what love can be and do
  7. Bill yes I would really enjoy follow this family future as throughout all if the books you become entwine with all of the boys, would like more of the older boys Frankie, and josh s step son since he sort of disappeared after his accident
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