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The Truce - 14. Chapter 14

A short day and a half on the road had done Adrian and Kade’s relationship well, and Adrian was pleased to see that they still got along outside the confines of a hotel room and the Hawkins’ shop. Kade made an excellent travel partner, and insisted on doing his duty in carrying his own belongings and setting up camp. Adrian had rented a horse for him, and Kade had allowed that so that he wouldn’t slow the group down. Adrian still wasn’t sure whether Kade’s insistence on being self-sufficient was pride, or something else.

At least he does want to be helpful. Carl was right in that he would have humble beginnings – I wonder how else that might have shaped his attitude. The two had talked almost the entire way west, just as they had talked all day when Adrian was still visiting Kade at work. Kade was easy to get along with, even if their conversations spent most of their time at a surface level. When topics got deep, Kade was interrogative. When it was his turn to share, he became taciturn.

I just wish he would open up more. I can’t help but feel some hesitation. Does he resent our class differences? Or maybe it’s the money. I wonder if he’s trying so hard to pull his own weight in order to put us more on the same footing. I need to make sure he knows I view him as my equal. The pair on horseback was now almost at their destination, and they could see the beautiful white stone estate rising up over the hill that it was perched on.



“You know I think of you as my equal, right?” Kade seemed to start at that, surprised by the sudden change in topic.

“Um… oh. Why would you think that?”

“Why wouldn’t you be?”

“Aside from the obvious?” Adrian took the point but was determined to make his intent clear.

“Our class difference doesn’t make either of us more or less than the other. I want an equal partner in a husband, who knows that they have just as much sway as I do.”

“Oh we’re in different classes now are we?”

Shit. Adrian grimaced at his mistake, and realized that he had misspoken.

“Relax,” said Kade with a smile. “I was only joking.” Relief washed over Adrian’s face, and Kade laughed aloud. “I get what you’re trying to say. The sentiment is nice.”

“But you don’t believe me?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe your sincerity. I just think that there are definitely going to be some differences between you and I that are unavoidable.”


“That’s not a bad thing, Prince. Our differences can help us grow. I’m sure there will be work involved, but that’s nothing to balk at. We’ll just… have to figure it out as we go.”

That… is a mature way of looking at things. Adrian felt even more resolve in his choice, and was glad that Kade was up for the challenge of navigating a differential in social status. If I know anything about him, it’s that he’s practical.

“I think you’re very wise to assess things like that. All the more reason you’re an excellent choice.” Adrian flashed a smile at Kade, who shot him one right back.

“Prince Adrian,” said a familiar voice. Kade and Adrian’s horses had made it through the first gate to the Di Coteau manse, and Luca was there to greet them as steward. “I’m glad to see you’ve made it back safely.”

“Hello Luca,” Adrian said. He tried to keep any awkwardness out of his voice, but he could feel a bit of tension hanging in the air. “It’s good to be back.” Adrian only had plans to stay for a short visit, but he was truthfully looking forward to it. The Di Coteau estate was much more accommodating than any inn along the road, and the docks were just a short ride from it’s walls.

In three days, we head home. He made a mental note to confirm his arrival with the ship that he had chartered to take him to the Illjard, so that preparations for their voyage could be made.

“We’re glad to have you. You must be Kade,” said Eamon. Adrian hadn’t noticed that Eamon was there initially. He was the first guard to Luca’s right-hand side, but he was in full armor that day and his face was partially obscured.

Of course it’s him. Who else?

“Hi,” said Kade politely. He dismounted from his horse, and held out an arm. Adrian was about to speak up and tell Kade that Eamon was blind, but stopped when Eamon caught him off guard by reaching out and grabbing Kade’s outstretched limb. He was surprisingly accurate, and only needed a minor readjustment to greet Kade in the way that Nabians typically did.

“I’m Eamon. It’s good to meet you and have you here.”

“Thanks. I’ve never been in a general’s estate before.”

“Well, we’ll do our best to show you around. Your horses and things will be taken care of – please follow me.” The two began walking towards the inner walls of the house, and that left Adrian and Luca to pair off.

Awkward silence reigned, but Adrian did his best to break that as he dismounted his horse.

“Are you staying busy?”

“Ah, yes. Very. You?”

“A bit,” Adrian said with a gesture in the direction of Kade.

“He seems friendly.”

“He is.” They walked on for a little while, and eventually entered the house through the entryway on the east wing.

“Look, Adrian…” Luca began. He trailed off a bit, and Adrian felt obliged to fill the silence.


“I just… I just want you to know that it was never my intention to be hurtful. I really do want what’s best for you, and for you to be happy.”

“I know you do, Luca.” Adrian felt that hurt now more than he had in the last few weeks combined.

I really did like you. Adrian knew that he still cared for Luca somewhere in his heart even now. That left him a little sore, and Adrian knew that he would probably always wonder at the unrealized potential of where they could have gone in another life.

“Are you?”


“Happy. Do you think Kade will make you happy?” Adrian smiled, thinking fondly of his lover.

“In time, yes.” Adrian thought of the intensely physical nature of their relationship, which was something that he had craved and needed. Luca had never been able to give him that, so that was one area where he felt pretty secure. “We’ll definitely grow to know each other. The natural chemistry is there, so that’s definitely a good start.”

“Good,” said Luca with a smile. Adrian could tell that Luca was genuinely happy to hear the news, and was reminded of their earlier friendship. They had started off with friendly written communication, and then general camaraderie when Adrian had come to Nabius. “Do you remember the way to your room? It’s the same one as last time.”

“Of course,” said Adrian.

“I’d walk you there, but I have a few urgent things to take care of.”

“Everything alright?” Luca took a long while to respond at that, and eventually nodded.

“I think so.”

“You don’t seem very convinced.”

“I’m not.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“No,” said Luca with a sigh, “I’m afraid not in this situation. The best thing that you can do is get yourself to the Illjard as fast as possible. We may be at a tipping point.”

“Duly noted.” They began to go their separate ways, when Luca paused one more time before walking off.

“I really am glad you’re here, Adrian. One more thing – please make sure to lock your doors while you’re here. Don’t wander the halls too much without a guard. And make sure Kade is never alone.”

“Okay…” Adrian drew the word out, begging for an explanation with his tone.

“It’s probably nothing to worry about. Just be careful.” Luca turned and walked off, and Adrian resumed heading towards his guest suite.



Kade had enjoyed his tour of the Di Coteau estate immensely, especially because he was being shown around by Eamon. The captain of the house guard was fun in his opinion, and quintessentially Nabian in a way that Adrian was not. This is a guy who gets it. He’s bold, raucous, and doesn’t hesitate to state his opinion. It’s refreshing. They had just finished up their tour of the manse, and Eamon dropped Kade off outside of his and Adrian’s room.

“Here’s where you’ll be staying,” said Eamon. “I think Adrian is already in there. Dinner won’t be too far off – I’m sure you’ll like it. We’ve got a really talented resident chef – Alfie’s also pretty fun to hang out with when he’s not working.”

“Ah, the big guy we saw in the kitchens.”

“Yup! Well, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. Anyone around here will help.”


“No problem.” Eamon gave brought two fingers up to his brow in a mock salute and turned around as he walked away. Kade pushed the door open and walked into his room for the night.

Damn. This place is huge. Adrian was in the corner, and gave him a warm smile as he entered.

“Have a nice tour?”

“Yeah… this place is amazing.”

“It is,” Adrian agreed. “Nabian architecture is really inspiring – the entire place was meant to instill fear in enemies that visited and awe in allies. Luca told me that once.”

“They certainly did a good job, if those were the goals.”

“Indeed. Did you enjoy the tour?”

“Very much so! Eamon was great.”

“Was he?”

“Yes he was…” Kade saw a flash of something on Adrian’s face, and put two and two together.

“He’s with Luca now. Are you jealous?”

“Jealous? No, of course not.”

“You are. I can tell!”

“Stop that. Eamon is… a good person. He’s worked hard to get where he is today. He and Luca seem very happy together, and so I’m happy for them.”

“You don’t have to lie to me, you know.”

“Lie? You think I’m lying?”

“Well, not exactly. I think you give very diplomatic answers.”

“Is that a bad thing to you?”

“Not entirely. But I wish you would just say what you’re thinking. It’s okay if you’re still a little sore over what happened. I would be too if I were in your shoes.”

“I see. Have you ever been in a situation like that?”

“Don’t deflect,” Kade said sharply. It was a tactic of Adrian’s that he had picked up on quickly, and not one that he wanted to encourage.

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean,” said Kade with a roll of his eyes. “You’re avoiding the topic through cleverly placed questions and refined phrasing, like always. You said on the way here you wanted to get to know me better – if that’s true, I want you to be straightforward with me. It’s okay to admit that you might still have feelings for Luca.”

“Kade, that’s not exactly something that I should discuss. Especially in front of you, my fiancé.”

“If anyone, I’m exactly the person to discuss it with. Come on, I saw him. I’m not blind, he’s very cute. He’s a steward of a general, so he’s obviously capable as well. No one would judge you for still being attached to him.”

“No one including you?”

“Including me. Now be upfront about it and just admit it.”

“Fine. I may still have some feelings for another person. They’re nothing that I’ll act upon or make you feel bad about, but if you want the truth then there it is.”

“Was that so hard?” Kade thought about how he would need to train Adrian to me more direct, and tell him what he wants. A life as a politician had engrained propriety in Adrian, and his kind personality made him avoid controversial topics.

“I guess not.”


“And you?”


“What about you? You can’t expect to harp on being truthful if you’re not sharing everything with me.” Kade’s mind immediately went to having robbed Adrian the first time that they met, and his guilt surged up again.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ve pulled away. Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”


“Go on. It’s alright.”

“Well, I think you’re kind.”

“And… that’s a bad thing?”

“No. Well, yes. No. It’s just that you’re unlike everyone else that I know. I’m not quite sure how to handle you. And I can’t help but think of your kindness as a vulnerability.”

“That’s… an interesting perspective.”

“People might take advantage of you.”

“Maybe here,” Adrian agreed. “But not once we get back home.” Kade thought about that, and decided that it was further evidence that he should give Adrian the benefit of the doubt. “And you? Would you take advantage of me?” Kade made eye contact with Adrian then, and felt his guilt overwhelm him.

I guess it’s now or never. If he hates me afterwards… I suppose it’s better that things end before I get on the ship. The war in Kade’s mind raged on, as he knew that this was the chance of a lifetime. This is how I get away. This is my chance to be something bigger… do I just throw it all away?

“Yes,” he said quietly. “Yes I have.” Adrian said nothing, waiting for him to continue. “Adrian… I’m sorry if I hurt you by admitting to this, and I understand if you want to cancel our engagement once you hear it; but, I stole from you the first time that we met. I thought you were just another rich guy and I didn’t hesitate. I’ve robbed most of my store patrons actually.” He grimaced, and waited for the news to hit. When he looked at Adrian expecting to see an angry face, a hint of amusement danced around the Prince’s lips instead and surprised him.

“I’m aware.”

“You know?”

“You’re not so good a thief as you think.”

“Excuse me?”

“In the shop, you distracted me with conversation and lifted a coin purse.” Kade was thoroughly surprised, and couldn’t believe that Adrian hadn’t brought it up before.

“Why didn’t you say anything right then if you noticed?”

“I didn’t exactly notice.”

Ah. He only found out later. But as for guessing the tactic correctly…

“The general did. She told you,” Kade guessed.

I should have known. People like her get to their status by being the best. It was stupid to make a move like that with her in the room.

“Correct. I didn’t find out until afterwards.”

“I see. Why would you ask me to marry you after that?” This was the most perplexing question to come to light, and Kade was very interested to hear the answer. Adrian sat in thought for a few moments, then finally spoke up.

“Honestly? You fit the bill. I have to admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I found out… but you’re helping me by securing my throne. I figured it was the least I could do to help you and your family out financially. I tried to think of it almost as something like a payment for your attentions.”

He really is so soft. Maybe too soft.

“Ah… so this is transactional.”

“A bit,” Adrian admitted.

“Don’t be diplomatic. Either it is or it isn’t.”

“Okay. It is.”

“Will our relationship always be transactional?”

“I certainly hope not.”

“Me too. And you… do you think less of me? Do you dislike me now?” Adrian smiled at that question, and took Kade’s hand.

“I have never disliked you. Clearly.

“But you know I took advantage of you.”

“I also know that you fessed up. Try as you might to be a hard, cold-blooded Nabian… you were still honest. Now that I know you do have a conscience… I’m actually quite attracted to you.”

“I… okay. Thank you for giving me a chance.” That was news to process.

“You’re going to be married to me. I’ll always give you a chance.” Kade smiled a little at that, conflicted as to what that meant for him.

“Alright. I’ll try my best not to disappoint you. Let me make it up to you?”

“That would be delightful,” said Adrian with a wicked grin.

Oh boy. I really have gotten involved with the most passive man ever. He gave Adrian a long look up and down, and saw the prince’s body language radiate sexuality. At least he’s not passive in bed.


Jezebel made it to the Di Coteau estate quickly, and had been able to travel up the center line of the country quite easily. This was because of the multitude of Nabian and Tomacian soldiers that formed a wall in the middle of the country. When everyone seemed to stand out, no one did. As much as I can’t stand to admit it, Alexandre’s plan was smart. By forming a group of territories that are all linked and adjacent to Tomacia, he didn’t have to run the risk of constant skirmishing between isolated territories. He now has a line that he can travel, and control of all of the major roads in half of Nabius. As she approached the outer walls of the Di Coteau estate, she smirked. Leaving your home territory completely defenseless, however, is not smart.

All in all, Jezebel understood why Alex hadn’t invested too many resources in guarding his home. The territory’s major boon was that it boasted the docks to the north that helped with trade. Commodity management and distribution was the region’s historic specialty, but the land there didn’t produce much that other Nabian territories wouldn’t. It was also wedged next to the Monciet region, which had been resistant to Nabius until recently. Darion Di Coteau had selected his generalship to inherit those lands much to the surprise of many. Where he could have had somewhere like the Capitol or Marie Lafeye’s more fertile region, he had gone to the north.

I originally thought it was to be near Uncle Devan and Dad… but it looks like he ended up here in order to be a conqueror. He had succeeded with the joint effort of his son. Conquering the Monciets had been a historic day for Nabius… and now Alex has just given it back. Uncle Darion is probably rolling over in his grave. She thought of her uncle, who had been an accidental victim in her plans to rise to power. Don’t worry – as an apology, I’ll send your traitorous son to his grave too.

The main gate was flanked by two guards, one to either side. Luckily, Jezebel knew a concave corner of the outer wall that would have no guards around. She made it there, and shimmied up it by climbing the stones that protruded from it’s surface. This part of the wall was older, and Jezebel had been around the estate’s defenses many times. When she made it to the top, she peeked over and saw no one. She hoisted herself over the edge, and onto the platform that normally was used for archers. Unbelievable. There are almost no guards here. A couple of minutes later, she was in through a window and oriented.

Where do I go first? The bedrooms, or the office? Jezebel weighed her options, using what knowledge she had of the current leaders of this manse. Luca seems like the type to work late. Let’s try the office. She began padding her way there, navigating the halls with expertise. All I need is his head. Once I have that and all of the troops arrive… it’ll be time for the house to bow down as is custom. Surrender in the face of an infiltration and impending war would typically save the house from destruction, but Jezebel wondered if she would decide to kill all of the staff here anyway. She knew that Jamison Hadeaux was out for blood, and she didn’t think she should spoil his fun. I guess Elizabeth is still here. I’ll grab her before the place is ransacked. It’ll be nice to see all the people here swear fealty but then get destroyed anyway. Jezebel always enjoyed the look of surprise on a victim’s face when they find out that they weren’t really safe, and hoped that she’d get to see that same look soon.

Upon entering the long hall that the office of the General was off, Jezebel had to hide behind a statue set into a recess in the walls. Two armed guards were patrolling, but they passed her without noticing, too engaged in conversation to pay attention. I’d have them shamed for such poor service.

When the coast was clear, she began moving again and made out the figure of Eamon posted outside of the office door. It was all she could do not to laugh. His guard is literally blind. The sheer incompetence… I’m going to enjoy this so much. It didn’t take long for Eamon to pace, and Jezebel noticed that the doors to the room were completely open. When Eamon was out of sight and far enough away for her to not be heard, Jezebel slipped into the office and quietly shut the doors. Luca looked up from the desk he was seated at across the room, and his mouth formed a small ‘O’ in shock. Gotcha.

“Jezebel? Is that you?”

“Hello child.”

“What… are you doing here? I apologize – welcome. I’m honored to have you as a guest.” The welcome wasn’t sincere, and Jezebel could tell that she had caught the teen off guard.

Nice try to cover your ass.

“Spare me the civilities. You’re not glad in the slightest to see me.” Luca dropped the feigned polite attitude, and gave a stony stare that reminded Jezebel of her cousins.

“You’re right. Why are you here? You didn’t send notification that you would be here.”

“That’s true. I think you know why I’m here.” She let that set in, and it was a long while before Luca said anything. She watched his face go from cold, to angry, and then to resigned.

“You’re here to kill me?” he asked quietly. Jezebel gave a nod as confirmation.

“An army will be here soon – the next strike is about to begin. I’m here to dismantle your authority and claim this territory as my own. I’ll advise your staff to bend the knee, and they’ll be spared.”

“I see.” Luca stood up from his chair, and walked around to the front of the desk. He leaned up against it, and sighed. “I suppose I had it coming, didn’t I?” Jezebel mirthfully smiled at that, and nodded. She could see the defeat in his eyes.

Trapped in a room with me, he can’t fight his way out. When it comes down to it, I’m academy trained and he’s nothing but a washed-up whore. I know it, and he knows it. And he knows I know it.

“Don’t be so down on yourself,” she cooed playfully. “No one has ever survived three of my attempts on their life. You’re really quite lucky.”

“Three? You mean the acid after my shaming, the snake that blinded Eamon, and… what’s the third?”

“Oh very good. You did figure out the snake was me.”

“I don’t think it was very difficult to deduce.” That statement annoyed Jezebel, but she continued on.

“I sent a weapon to your meeting with Marion Monciet – oh yes, I knew about that too.” The surprise on Luca’s face was genuine that time, and Jezebel laughed a little. “She didn’t tell you? Seems like you aren’t so well-aligned as you think.”

“Perhaps not,” admitted Luca. He stared Jezebel in the eyes, and gave her a resolved look.

“Very well. I will submit to defeat at your hands. I didn’t expect you so early.”

“Darling child… as flattering – shall we say – as it is that you’re submitting to me, that’s not going to save you this time.”

“I don’t expect it to. I simply wish to give you the credit you deserve. I played my hand, and you played yours. You won this game.”

At least he has the sense to go down without denial. So pathetic. If only I had the time and a quiet space to make him beg for death before I put him down.

“I always win.”

“I guess it looks that way. May I ask something before you do it?”

“What’s that? I’m getting bored with this conversation.” She began to advance, taking slow, taunting steps towards her prey.

“Why Darion?” That stopped her in her tracks for a moment, but she began sauntering towards him once more as she replied.

“What do you mean?”

“The late General Di Coteau – your Uncle. I’ve been thinking about your killing him. I saw you taint the wine glasses the day you did it.” That was an interesting revelation to Jezebel – she hadn’t realized anyone had seen her in the kitchens. “It’s the only thing I really can’t figure out in your schemes. I’ve thought through everything a hundred times… but it just doesn’t make sense for you to kill him. Why?” Jezebel smiled, and gave a little laugh!

“Ha! You really are a simpleton. You really couldn’t figure out that the attack was meant for Alex? It should be obvious that my uncle was a casualty for a greater purpose.” Jezebel heard a soft click, like metal on wood. She ignored it, and stared Luca down.

“Oh,” he said. “I guess I should have realized that before now. So… you intended to kill Alex, but accidentally killed Darion instead?”

“That’s what I just said you dolt.”


“Got it. So you plan on killing Darion, and Alexandre too… what about Talia?”

“That bitch has it coming. Hopefully she’s getting absolutely destroyed in captivity right now – once we take the north and decimate Alexandre’s armies, I’m heading to Yago Clarion’s estate. I’ll go to finish her off myself given half the chance.”


“What the hell is that noise?” Jezebel demanded, looking around Luca.

Is he seriously trying to draw some kind of weapon on me?

Jezebel froze when she saw the source of the noise. Three blades had curled up and over the edge of the great black desk at the head of the room, and they looked like they were attached to fingers. The sharp metal of each knife made sharp raptures on the black stone surface of the furniture, points pressing down into it’s glossy coat.

“Ah,” said Luca, “how rude of me. I neglected to mention that we weren’t alone in the room. I had invited a very special mentor of mine here in anticipation of unfriendly visits. I hope you don’t mind her eavesdropping. I had her sit behind the desk out of view just in case. Turns out, it was a good move. I don’t think we would have had such an enlightening conversation otherwise.” A fourth bladed finger came up over the edge, and eventually an arm and a face rose into view from up behind the desk’s horizon.

“Aunt Ysabel,” Jezebel breathed. General Clarion gave a ragged breath as a response, which sounded almost like a growl. Luca had began making his way out of the room, headed straight for the door on the other side of the room. He was pressed against one wall, taking care to stay away from Jezebel. She almost lunged to kill him when he made to pass her, but felt frozen on the spot with Ysabel staring her down. When she turned to attack Luca at his back, she was surprised to see Eamon there instead.

“Not today bitch,” he said with a spear pointed at her face. He was hostile, and looked ready to impale her at a moment’s notice.

I didn’t hear him enter. How did he know? Shit, this is bad.

“I’m sure you have lots of catching up to do,” said Luca with a smile as he backed away from Jezebel behind the safety of Eamon. “And a bit of explaining. After all, you did just admit to the murder of the general here’s husband.” Jezebel looked back and forth between Luca who was behind her and Ysabel who had began walking towards her, and panicked. The cocky smile on Luca’s face made her want to rip him to shreds, but Jezebel didn’t want to make any movements that were too sudden with Eamon poised to kill.

“FUCK YOU, YOU LITTLE TWERP!” she shouted at Luca. He and Eamon ducked out of the room, and Luca waved his hand in a mocking farewell.

“Goodbye, Jezebel,” he said. The door slammed shut, and Jezebel could hear a mechanism lock it from the outside.

Fuck fuck fuck.

“Auntie,” Jezebel said in a friendly tone. She had her hands lifted up as if to convey that Ysabel should calm down, but the older woman looked practically deranged. “You should know I was just joking – I would never harm a member of the family. That boy just gets on my nerves, I only wanted to make him think – “

Jezebel’s speech was cut off by the sharp crack of a backhand to the face. Ysabel had closed the distance between them in impossible time, and her slap left tiny cuts on Jezebel’s cheek.

“You’re going to suffer as I have suffered for this hideous betrayal.”

“How dare you?” Jezebel spat. She was disgusted that someone would have the audacity to slap her, even if it were another general. “You don’t hit me!” she yelled as she raised her hand to slap Ysabel right back. The other woman dodged the blow by tilting her neck to the side and bending her knee, and spun in a full circle while smacking Jezebel’s arm away. This time, she left two gashes down Jezebel’s forearm that began to bleed.

“Ow, fuck!” Jezebel screeched. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Ysabel just growled, and fired off three quick swipes at Jezebel. The Di Coteau general was able to dodge the first one, but the second and third opened her shirt and left shallow bloody stripes across her stomach and breast.

How is she moving so fast?

“I’m going to tear you into a thousand ribbons, child,” said Ysabel with an evil grin. Jezebel had never seen hatred so pure exude from another person, and the look on her aunt’s face chilled her to the core.

They began to fight, blow after blow missing from Jezebel. Ysabel opened cut after cut on her opponent, all of them shallow. After the first time Jezebel was raked a little deeper in a long swipe all the way up the back, she screamed.

“Yes,” said a voice that didn’t sound human to Jezebel’s ears. “Scream for me.”

Jezebel’s wails of anguish began to become regular as Ysabel carved small bits off of her in the midst of the fight. When she lost three fingers in one hit, Jezebel howled in pain and primal fear. She had now backed up to the door of the office, and was trying desperately to push it open.

“Make sure to leave her face, Ysabel,” she heard Luca call from the other side.

“And don’t end it too quickly,” added Eamon. “Her shrieks are music to my ears.”

A few hours later, the mansion’s office was covered in the shredded remains of Jezebel Di Coteau. Ysabel Clarion sat drenched in red in the middle of the floor, sobbing loudly. She keened over the loss of her husband, and wailed as the thunderous sound of an advancing army closed in on the Di Coteau estate.

Thank you for reading!

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Yay!  Byebye Jezebel!

Next round - Ysabel vs Yago please?  

Thank for this chapter XOXO

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Jezebel was playing a game of checkers while Luca was playing chess. She kept underestimating him until the end. Click. Click. Click. Good riddance.

I hope the surprise party for the sneak attack is as much fun.

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There probably was a bit of awkwardness betwwen Adrian and Luca, one with residual feelings and the other still harbouring some guilt over ending the relationship. But the way things have worked out are undoubtedly for the best.

I know it's not nice to revel in someone's death.....but this is Jezebel. Besides, I think the following says it all :gikkle:

“Make sure to leave her face, Ysabel,” she heard Luca call from the other side.

“And don’t end it too quickly,” added Eamon. “Her shrieks are music to my ears.”

Most excellent chapter. :thankyou:

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8 hours ago, mgl said:

Yay!  Byebye Jezebel!

Next round - Ysabel vs Yago please?  

Thank for this chapter XOXO

Ha! Lots of 'rounds' coming up soon! Thank you for reading and for the comment.

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5 hours ago, Goodie said:

There probably was a bit of awkwardness betwwen Adrian and Luca, one with residual feelings and the other still harbouring some guilt over ending the relationship. But the way things have worked out are undoubtedly for the best.

I know it's not nice to revel in someone's death.....but this is Jezebel. Besides, I think the following says it all :gikkle:

“Make sure to leave her face, Ysabel,” she heard Luca call from the other side.

“And don’t end it too quickly,” added Eamon. “Her shrieks are music to my ears.”

Most excellent chapter. :thankyou:

Definitily some tension! I'm glad you enjoyed! Thank you for reading and for the comment.

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6 hours ago, drpaladin said:

Jezebel was playing a game of checkers while Luca was playing chess. She kept underestimating him until the end. Click. Click. Click. Good riddance.

I hope the surprise party for the sneak attack is as much fun.

Indeed she did!  Thank you for reading and for the review!

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Good!! There are more empty territories than generals now, even if Talia gets one when she is free, Luca has to have one! His calm in calling Ysabel by name, loved it

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On 5/5/2020 at 7:09 PM, Sweetlion said:

Good!! There are more empty territories than generals now, even if Talia gets one when she is free, Luca has to have one! His calm in calling Ysabel by name, loved it

I'm glad that you liked the chapter! Thank you for reading and for the comment!

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