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    Westley D.
  • Author
  • 812 Words
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Tuct Side - 7. Interview #1

{Individual Interview #1}: MAMORU KOJO


Date: SATURDAY, MARCH 17TH, 2018, 3:16 PM PST


WEST: And we’re rolling. Man, it’s been a while, hasn’t it, Coach?

KOJO: It certainly has, my boy. Must feel nostalgic stepping inside this room, huh?

WEST: Yeah. I mean, all things considering, it feels… it feels like home.

KOJO: No matter what.

WEST: No matter what.


KOJO: Sorry. I don’t mean to derail you. You’re the journalist here.

WEST: Haha! Maybe. Alright. Let’s start with the basics. Who are you?

KOJO: Well, my name is Mamoru Kojo. I am fifty-two years old, born and raised in Ōmiya, Saitama before moving to the land of opportunity on my own to take a stab at college. Got into basketball during those years. I played, but wasn’t anything special. Just average. But I grew to love the game. So much that I wanted to pass off my obsession to a bunch of oddball brats. Who knew they’d become small-town stars in only a few months?

WEST: Heh. Oddball brats, huh? Say, was the 2011-12 Patriot High freshmen basketball team your best team or favorite team?

KOJO: You’re lucky you’re your father’s son.

WEST: As long as you love us the most, coach.


WEST: So, I’m guessing you moved here in 1984 or 1985?

KOJO: Sounds about right.

WEST: What was it like then? Or rather, what were your thoughts of Tuct Side? Your reaction?

KOJO: Honestly, when I came here, I was shooting for normal. Regular. A place that would be easy to blend in. A pipe dream, really. Of course, I had to deal with the occasional color hater, though, those exist everywhere. With a part-time assistant coaching job here for the basketball team, a bit of fame washed the hate off my back. My wife, Marge, even noticed me. Guess the class.

WEST: Hm. Human anatomy?

KOJO: Can you believe it?

WEST: Hahaha! I believe.


KOJO: Anyway, I liked Tuct Side back then. Local college. Local job. Close relationships. It’s home.

WEST: And what about now?

KOJO: It’s still home. Love it here. No matter what. It will always be home.

WEST: What makes you say that?

KOJO: Tuct Side, like other houses, towns, and cities, was built to give others a home. And more often than not, you’ll have to deal with home invasions. Some outside force encroaching on your safe space. That’s what I believe happened. In theory, it happened a long time ago and right under our noses. And over the years, the infection spread, but we’re healing. We’re still healing even after all this time. We’re getting better.

WEST: I hear you, coach. You remember the day we had our final match against Wildwood? In freshmen year?

KOJO: Oh, you guys killed it that day. Though, that one sticks out to me the most because of what happened after.

WEST: Right. The little brawl after the game.

KOJO: We’re damn lucky we didn’t suffer any repercussions for that. They thought it was an isolated incident. Was…?

WEST: No. He wasn’t anywhere nearby that day.

KOJO: I see.

WEST: Though, that couldn’t be the only Wildwood matchup throughout the years. Any ones, say, between the years 2003 to 2006?

KOJO: I see what you’re asking. One of our toughest opponents happened to be Wildwood. In fact, I think that school and Patriot were rivals.

WEST: You serious? I’ve never heard of such rivalry before now. Maybe because Wildwood was closing down.

KOJO: No, no. The competition began to rot way before that. There was an incident with one of their players and a girl from here. Or maybe it was a group of guys and girls. I don’t know the specifics, but after whatever happened, the school wanted out of the limelight. The 2005-06 season was the last matchup we had with them until you guys. About six years later.

WEST: They must have buried the story somehow.

KOJO: They must have, but now that they’re gone, I’m surprised the case hadn’t been revealed or opened.

WEST: Must have been a separate incident. I think the situation is quite similar to the bigger picture.

KOJO: Do you know-


WEST: Looks like we’re out of time. Man, are they in for a world of hurt.

KOJO: Aw, it wasn’t that bad. You know the saying, “the only way to go is up.” You guys would quit if you went through what they do.

WEST: So, that’s why you tried to appease me earlier. You’re replacing us.

KOJO: No way. Your team holds a big, special place in my old, Japanese heart.

WEST: It’s the same for us, coach. You really are the best. We haven’t forgotten about you and we never will.


Copyright © 2021 Westley D.; All Rights Reserved.
If you enjoyed what you have read, please leave a reaction and/or comment for the author!

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The mystery solver in me can’t decide if more questions are worthy of praise or a hissy fit.

I’m digging this transcript/flashback format more and more. 

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