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  1. It's been awhile... (since I said I'm sorry) I just want to let you know that this is not the end of this story. However, this particular version will no longer be updated. Revising it, though, sounds like a good idea. Over quarantine, I thought about doing this, which is why I haven't been writing anything. Also, I'm a very lazy boy. The title will be the same, but the direction of the story will head in a slightly different way. Anyway, thanks to anyone who still follows this story. I appreciate it!
  2. I have heard the site has upgraded recently and still might have a few bugs. For me, the comment section of a chapter is completely blank unless I highlight it. Is it one of the bugs that are in the works of being fixed or is it just me?
  3. After the introductions, Malcomb, Derrick, and his kids went out for another session of hunting. Dan had been apprehensive of joining in, considering what almost occurred last time, but a little bit of goading from his cousin did his doubts in. There was nothing to be worried about anyway. One, Rory did not participate. He wasn’t even asked, and Dan assumed it was because of the last session’s incident. Two, Malcomb’s presence really helped him. His cousin aided him in lining up the shot, staying hidden, and provided tips in being efficient in the sport. Dan was eternally grateful, for if it w
  4. Westley D.


    Friday, December 17, 2010 A week and some went by seamlessly. Dan kept up with his life as much as he could. He made it a point to greet Perry every day. The kid had a few friends, but what was the harm in having another older one, right? Rory never started up on Perry again, and that most likely may be attributed to the return of his favorite plaything, Madden Withrows. He had gone AWOL for a bit after the urine incident, but it appeared that he was back and ready for more pain, and Rory, alongside his gang of thugs, pounced on the opportunity with vigor. Not only Madden was a vic
  5. Westley D.


    That's great to hear! And yes, everything will come together soon. Dan just likes to focus on what's happening in the now.
  6. Westley D.


    Thank you for giving it a try anyways. Mind I ask what you mean by "disjointed?"
  7. The school day, once again, came to an end. However, this time around, Dan didn’t scurry to the bus with the rest of his brothers. He caught Tommy just as he was heading out and informed him of his departure with J.T. The fourth Michaels boy was happy for his youngest sibling. He noticed the kid isolated himself a lot, spending almost all days alone in his room and even at school. Tommy ruffled Dan’s hair and assured he’d let the others know. The blonde beamed. Tommy was now his favorite brother. Currently, J.T. was leading Dan toward the black Sedan he occasionally caught the former c
  8. Monday, December 6, 2010 Slam! Dan was abruptly roused by the bang of his bedroom door shutting harshly. Suddenly jarred awake, his mind was in scrambles. He laid back down, needing a few minutes to mollify his shaken nerves. He didn’t want to muse on yesterday’s events, but they came flooding back anyway. His ear twitched, the sting of it being cruelly twisted long passed, the phantom pain his memories accompanied reminding it of the offense. Three minutes went by before Dan was able to gather the energy to hop out of bed and trudge toward his bathroom. He filled his mind with
  9. Thank you for your review! And it's good to be back! Rory is certainly the most disagreeable character in the story right now, and it'll be awhile for him to, say, "see the light." And definitely keep an eye out for Sahara. The next chapter will come sometime next week, along with the three other chapters in the next three weeks after that, before another break.
  10. Sunday, December 5, 2010 The next day, Dan was awakened by a knock at his door. Before he could guess who it was, his father’s voice, regardless of being muffled, reached his ears. “You awake in there, baby boy? I’m comin’ in!” Dan rubbed at his eyes and stretched as Derrick entered his room. “Yeah?” came his delayed response. The large man sat on top of one of his son’s pillows. “Hey, buddy. How was sleep?” “Hm… It was…” the boy stretched and yawned before he finished, “okay.” Derrick chuckled. “That’s good. As soon as you’re ready, get down to th’ living room, alright
  11. Nick led Sam and Owen through a path of destruction to the garage, which was oddly cleaner than the rest of the house. In it, a ring was already set up. In fact, it was a makeshift studio made just for boxing. “You know the drill, O,” Nick spoke as he strutted over to a rack of equipment, picking up a pair of gloves and headgear. “Remember what I told you last practice.” Owen did the same and nodded nervously. “Yeah. Got it, man.” Sam picked up gloves and headgear of his own, but sat on a lawn chair just outside of the ring to spectate. He felt a strange set of unease bubbling in h
  12. Westley D.

    Chapter 12

    I'm glad your still interested. And yes, for now, new characters will pop up every now and then, some more important than others. While this story is slow-moving, Sam has to balance a supernatural life with a regular life, so I understand it being so disconnected. Hopefully, Sam will keep your interest intact, and I'll definitely take in your consideration to account. Thank you!
  13. The first person Aubrielle came across was who she was expecting to see. Sam cam stumbling out of the gym emergency exit, which seemed unaffected despite the light show earlier, adorning a gray sweater a bit too large for his frame – probably Owen’s – and black sweatpants. The most surprising part was the cuts and small patches of dried blood on his face. The younger teen appeared to be in a hurry, trying to shoulder his duffel bag while keeping eye contact with the floor. If Aubrielle hadn’t piped up, he would have run right into her. “Sam?” Said boy froze, his complexion pali
  14. Sam’s eyes fluttered open to amethyst. His body stung, pricks of pain making him flinch every few seconds. Still, he forced his forearms to pick himself back up. Drops of blood smeared across the glass-covered floor as he rose. “Hello!?” he shouted into the dark, empty gymnasium that seemed to have a strange, purple tint to it. “Coach!? Owen!? Nobody answered his calls. He cautiously examined the area. The air felt odd as if it was frozen still. For one crazy second, Sam wondered if he could float. He was about to yell out again when the abnormal atmosphere whirred, and wind rushed
  15. The redhead awoke momentarily, sitting. A deep rumbling resounded beneath him, the vibrations massaging his body. Groggy, he lolled his head to the right and found himself staring out a window. He deduced he was in a car. Houses passed by at a swift pace, making the boy’s head spin. So, he looked toward the left… …and came face-to-face with a complete stranger. Whoever was in the driver’s seat was wearing a gold and purple Letterman’s jacket. A football player most definitely, judging by the helmet patch on the sleeve. “Uh… who…?” The guy pulled his attention off the road to s
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