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  1. Westley D.

    Chapter 6

    Saturday, July 14th, 2012 A Canon EOS 5D Mark III. West, newly sixteen, almost couldn’t believe he was holding it in his hands, a birthday gift from Papa himself. Although, he knew he should never doubt his father’s methods. Being a rich and famous basketball celebrity included the perk of purchasing products that cost an arm and a leg without a sweat. And he had the camera he’s been thinking about since his recent dive into photography. The family had returned home to Tuct Side after a two-week departure to the United Kingdom. However, West had yet to use the prized camera unti
  2. Westley D.

    Interview #1

    {Individual Interview #1}: MAMORU KOJO Site: PATRIOT HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Date: SATURDAY, MARCH 17TH, 2018, 3:16 PM PST ---------- WEST: And we’re rolling. Man, it’s been a while, hasn’t it, Coach? KOJO: It certainly has, my boy. Must feel nostalgic stepping inside this room, huh? WEST: Yeah. I mean, all things considering, it feels… it feels like home. KOJO: No matter what. WEST: No matter what. (SILENCE) KOJO: Sorry. I don’t mean to derail you. You’re the journalist here. WEST: Haha! Maybe. Alright. Let’s start with the basics. Who are
  3. Westley D.

    Chapter 5

    Without basketball on my mind 24/7, the rush of the championship win starting to wear off, and my family’s trip to the United Kingdom in five days, I found myself quite bored. None of my friends were morning people during the summer. Ten months a year of early rising and interrupted sleep will have you cursing the sunrise first thing waking up. Luckily for me, now that my name was known around town, my dedication to being a stand-up citizen was a nine-to-five job and I was one hundred percent committed to taking it on. And that all started with acquiring new hobbies. It was a list in
  4. Westley D.

    Chapter 4

    Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 “I swear, dude. You’re too nice for your own good. How the fuck do you see this ending well?” For the past five minutes, as the Jiving Four drove towards Bradvons Park, Kaspar had been chastising his cousin, trying to get him to turn the car around. It was why the latter insisted on taking his car, since the redhead, who now had his license, would have done just that. “Simple,” West responded calmly. “Nora. You’ve seen her with Finn.” He glanced back at his ebony-haired teammate, who was busy play-wrestling with Justin in the backseat. “Yeah, b
  5. So, first off, before I start this thing, I just want to say that if it seems like my writing is dragging on, blame it on nerves. I’ve never done this kind of “autobiography of some sorts” – West’s words, not mine – before despite being enthusiastic about it when he brought it up to me. Although, this really isn’t about me, so, I guess I have no excuse. Let me introduce myself. My name is Nora Orellana. I was born November 12th, 1996 in San Francisco, California, raised to be a strong, independent Latina. I was a rather quiet and meek girl before my mother moved my two younger sister
  6. Westley D.

    Chapter 3

    Sunday, May 27th, 2012 The next night, West prepared himself for a party. Just as he implied to his mother, he wasn’t much for partying. That characteristic belonged to his dad, which was passed on to Isaak. A small get-together, he preferred, but if it wasn’t for Justin, he’d be searching through online shops for a camera right about now. After hearing another run-down of the rules from his parents, his father adding in tips on how to be a “real Tier”, he headed out. “Don’t do anything haven’t already done!” Isaak teased. West chuckled as he stuck his hand in his jeans’ po
  7. Westley D.

    Chapter 2

    Thanks for reading. Also, Neil is basically mocking West's first name, which is "Flori", which is Latin for "flower", hence "Flower Boy."
  8. Westley D.

    Chapter 2

    Alright, so… This little section of the story takes place a month before my family’s – Kaspar’s also – summer trip over to the United Kingdom. Now, a wedge had already been driven in between the two sides of Tuct Side long ago, and competition in sports was an expected given. However, during that time, nobody would have expected the rivalry between their best and worst schools to come to a sudden end. The news didn’t spread like any other juicy rumor started in tabloids. It was quiet. Eerily quiet. Like… just now noticing a classmate that had been absent for a fe
  9. Westley D.

    Chapter 1

    Friday, February 17th, 2012 The perspiration of aptitude and teamwork stained the floor, the court dyed in their hard-earned victory. The freshmen huffed and puffed in exhaustion, but any indications of enervation were outshined by the utter triumph that they shared in via their win. Every shout of joy, every round of applause seemed to quench their spirits. However, no other player could feel as accomplished as #13. The fifteen-year-old power forward wearing said jersey absorbed the shockwaves of the exploding audience into his being. It was not typical of him. He never allowed
  10. Westley D.

    Tuct Side

    Tuct Side is a standalone narrative detailing the secrets and happenings surrounding the titular infamous town located in the lower regions of Idaho. The events are told through the perspective of renowned basketball player, filmmaker, and photographer Flori Westford Kuttner, incorporating personal accounts, interviews, and recorded data relating to the appalling affairs. Viewer discretion is advised. Trigger warnings will be mentioned in the beginning of each chapter.
  11. Westley D.


    Hey, er… Hello. This is, uh, West speaking. Damn, I am not good at this thing. This is my first, uh… documentary, I’d like to call it. Maybe a mockumentary? That’s what Kas would call it. Archive? I dunno. Jesus. My last thought before this was to always stay professional, but look at me now. I guess I was never really good at that kind of thing. Justin’s really rubbed off on me, hasn’t he? If you’re listening to this, wherever you are now, I miss you, buddy. We all do. Anyway, unprofessionalism aside… My name is Flori Westford Kuttner. A twenty-one-year-old college
  12. Just something I've been working on...


    book cover.jpg

  13. It's been awhile... (since I said I'm sorry) I just want to let you know that this is not the end of this story. However, this particular version will no longer be updated. Revising it, though, sounds like a good idea. Over quarantine, I thought about doing this, which is why I haven't been writing anything. Also, I'm a very lazy boy. The title will be the same, but the direction of the story will head in a slightly different way. Anyway, thanks to anyone who still follows this story. I appreciate it!
  14. I have heard the site has upgraded recently and still might have a few bugs. For me, the comment section of a chapter is completely blank unless I highlight it. Is it one of the bugs that are in the works of being fixed or is it just me?
  15. After the introductions, Malcomb, Derrick, and his kids went out for another session of hunting. Dan had been apprehensive of joining in, considering what almost occurred last time, but a little bit of goading from his cousin did his doubts in. There was nothing to be worried about anyway. One, Rory did not participate. He wasn’t even asked, and Dan assumed it was because of the last session’s incident. Two, Malcomb’s presence really helped him. His cousin aided him in lining up the shot, staying hidden, and provided tips in being efficient in the sport. Dan was eternally grateful, for if it w
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