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  1. Westley D.

    Chapter 25

    Saturday, September 8th, 2012 “We’re calling the police.” Kaspar muttered coldly as he gazed into the blaze of the campfire they had started in the backyard of Finn’s cottage home. A pang of panic hit West’s stomach as he stiffened in his lawn chair. “Wait-” “We’re calling the police, West!” the redhead spat, his rage having breached past the forced calm he put on while listening to his three friends recount the incident near the tail-end of yesterday. It had him shooting str
  2. The following is a phone conversation between two unknown subjects, their voices altered in advance for anonymity. The two suspects have yet to be confirmed, but the topic of the discussion appears to revolve around Nigel “Neil” Morterero. Date Recorded: Friday, September 7th, 2012 | 5:01 A.M. Subject-1: ‘Ello? Subject-2: He’s not doin’ it. S-1: What? S-2: He ain’t doin’, man. None of ‘em are. S-1: Wait. We talkin’ about…? S-2: Yes, Neil! Who else!? S-1: A
  3. Westley D.

    Chapter 24

    It took half an hour, but the window of opportunity finally presented itself. West thought about going to Kaspar first and letting him in on what transpired earlier, but he figured someone had to be kept in the mood for the party. Neil and his band had headed off somewhere after finishing two more songs, and now the team captain was on the chase for his rival. As he hurried through the crowd, briefly greeting and nodding at familiar and famous faces on the way, his green eyes swiveled right
  4. Westley D.

    Chapter 23

    West hurried through corridor after corridor, searching for the food stand Finn had mentioned in his text. This place was a labyrinth, being as luxurious as it was. He felt lost the moment he stepped off the field. If this was one of the reasons Isaak’s college hated this Humberston, then he understood that now. It felt like hours had passed when he found a black metal rack that could pass of as a food stand. His eyes inspected its surroundings, void of people with only the sounds of the party c
  5. Westley D.

    Chapter 22

    Friday, September 7th, 2012 “So…” Isaak drawled as he sat in the passenger’s seat of West’s car. “So…?” the latter repeated. The two were on their way to the eldest Kuttner sibling’s birthday party, which, unbeknownst to him, was located at Humberston, a rival college to Isaak’s chosen school, Anninberg. It really helped for their father to be as famous as he was. Money could mend temporary bridges, it seemed. “How slumped are you planning to get tonight?” “You mean like
  6. Westley D.

    Chapter 21

    Thursday, September 6th, 2012 A day later, after Cynthia and Malachi got hitched, and after another wedding this morning tying Scott’s aunt to a man named Filipe Hernández, the four boys met up with each other ten minutes before football practice, lounging in the school cafeteria for a quick snack. “I’m just thinking we should head down to Idaho City,” West suggested shyly as he munched on graham crackers. “You know, check out Malachi’s church.” Justin groaned, scratching his alre
  7. The following narrative is recounted by: ISAAK KUTTNER You know, I never thought I’d end up writing about myself after college. I figured all that was a thing of the past since I never had to fill out a resume for a job or anything like that. Interviews were what all the cool kids were trying nowadays. Fortunately, I’m still hip because, being the founder and CEO of my own beverage company – Kuttner’s Drinkers, Inc., since I knew you were wondering – I give those out like candy. And ju
  8. The following is a phone conversation between subjects Nigel ‘Neil’ Morterero and a recipient currently dubbed “AoM” for legal and safety reasons. The audio has been recorded by the recipient in order to dissolve any claims and charges of suspicious activity in court. Date Recorded: Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 | 4:50 P.M. Neil: You there? AoM: I’m here. Neil: We can’t keep doin’ this, man. When are you comin’ over? AoM: Sorry, I know. I’m still trying to work around t
  9. Westley D.

    Chapter 20

    Neil Morterero stepped out of a white SUV, his ever-present scowl in place, along with Jorge, a very familiar-looking man, and a dark-haired, pale-complexioned woman West has never seen before. She was quite the gorgeous, outstanding figure, her light blue dress sparkling from all the rhinestones. Her ruby lips curled into a small, appreciative smile as the man West quickly deduced to be Javier Rabellino took her by the hand and closed her door for her. Javier, the football coach at Humbers
  10. Westley D.

    Chapter 19

    There was no time to sit and ponder the events that transpired earlier, for Cynthia’s wedding was only three hours away. Because of this, West had to skip football practice, he and Kaspar riding over to Tuct-In for a quick visit. “Oh, I can’t wait to see Cyn in a wedding dress,” Theresa voiced excitedly as she applied makeup with her pocket mirror. “You know, she never wears dresses? Always rolled with the boy’s crowd, I never thought this day would come, to be honest.” West and Kaspar
  11. Westley D.

    Chapter 18

    West: Hey. Txt me back f u get this West: It was nice talkin to u today. I enjoy our time 2gether Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 West: That came out weird. I meant I like talking 2 u West: Like about stuff West: Ur prolly sleeping. Sorry 2 bother Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 West: Im gonna go listen 2 ur band on repeat Neil: Christ!!! Stop Flower Boy! I got it now fuck off!!!! West: ok. Was worried u weren’t getting my mgs Neil: Iam. U don’t ne
  12. The following footage contains explicit content of a minor engaging in sexual acts with adults. The activities shown have been concluded to be “consensual,” but only among the participants. However, later statements would shape the nature of the footage, such as: · The minor only being seventeen years of age (at the time) [Idaho’s legal age of consent: 18] · The minor being under strict surveillance by a malicious third party · The two adults being victims of se
  13. Westley D.

    Chapter 17

    Monday, September 3rd, 2012 Just at the edge of town was a large expanse of land owned by an old farmer couple. The Jarrison’s were pretty much nomads, drifted into town from an unknown family most likely of similar agriculturalist roots, but during their time here, they have made friends with some of the eastern families. Which was why it was a regular thing for the Labor Day tailgate party to occur at their twenty to thirty acres of property. West suspected it had to do with the rece
  14. Westley D.

    Chapter 16

    Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 After school, West and Kaspar stopped by at the Dedekinds’ household, where they found the latter’s parents with the former’s. Leonhard, Kaspar’s fourteen-year-old brother, was also present, watching television in the living room next to a sleeping Ophelia, both having been picked up earlier. The four adults were gathered in the dining room, having a discussion over recent events over lunch. “It’s just a shame it happened so close to celebrations,” Karlotta s
  15. Westley D.

    Chapter 15

    Encounters with his rival came in short supply, but each brief moment was always so intense and unpredictable. So, as he went to grab his equipment for football practice, it colored West surprised when he found the lightning-eyed boy leaning back against his car as if he owned it, arms crossed and eyes remaining out in the distance even as the blond anxiously moved forward. “Yo. Flower Boy.” West could barely contain a shiver from hearing that deep, gravelly voice. “Neil? I thought you
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