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    x Trevor x
  • Author
  • 186 Words

Inside The Mind Of Me - 6. All He Had

Written August 25th 2015

All he had was a dream and more than that he had hope. Unlike many, he still had his childlike wonder He had no idea of what life was all about.

He didn't want to be tied down. His dream was to be free. He wanted to see the world. What little bit of it he saw... He had no idea it was so bad

The child inside was killed and with him his dream. mFar from free he would be. After years of feeling alien, and more than that going through hell

Sometimes he was noticed...and he was treated less than human. When he wasn't noticed he didn't exist to anyone Having accepted what the world was...

all he wanted was for the world to accept what he was. He was simply a human being. And he wanted to be free more than anything.

Even if it meant walking into the ocean..and like his dream, he kept going. Despite what would happen... he knew he left in a beautiful way

Even if it was only something...he could see and understand.

©Copyright (2008) (X Trevor X); All Rights Reserved."
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