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Inside The Mind Of Me - 4. Thoughts In Quiet Moments

Written August 10th 2015

How can we all appear so open, so happy, and so connected? It's as if time and technology are bringing us so close together when really, some of us are more lonely and disconnected than anyone could ever know, or admit to knowing. Why wouldn't one admit to knowing something that is as common as disconnection? Especially in our time.

It's because if you admit to knowing we are disconnected, then all the hard work in trying to really connect falls apart, it is then that the superficial illusion is stripped away and the ugly truth behind the veil comes to be seen. The illusion and all the work taken to create it was for the sake of self preservation, a way to try to get close, to connect, without really taking the risk of true connection.


It's kind of like a handshake from a distance, you can see each other, you can talk, but you can't reach each other and that simple form of bonding and the risk that person might grab you and stab you in the heart, the distance protects you. It's a fake and failed attempt to try and find the benefit of making each other happier because a lot of us are more lonely than some realize, and some of those lonely people, they rather lie than to accept the consequence of the flawed design.


Because like life, this illusion allows rejection, the social make up of it might make the only truth about it, if you can't live up to the illusion, if you can't accept what little bit you get from it and contribute to it and live up to it, you will never belong, either because you don't know how or because you won't settle. Or simply because you break the rules by wanting more, the part of people that use this to protect themselves from having their vulnerabilities touched, the people that use this to avoid risk.

We are all human, and this may or may not be true, but I think it's a real shocker that we are so afraid of each other.

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Unfortunately, I think your final line speaks to a truth about people in general. This is sad but very well written. 


Edited by AC Benus
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So very glad to see you back writing.  Looking forward to seeing the new work.


All the Best,


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