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  1. Thanks for the comment lol, means a lot to have it read after so much time. This story is written in a very soap opera sort of way so it does take some more attention to detail. I think this is around the part with Melanie and the medication bottle, I had someone say they were confused at that point before lol. Thank you again so much for your comment! 😊
  2. x Trevor x


    Thank you and I also agree, especially as I reflect on this one. All of them have, if not all of me, then some part of me and some have more parts than others. For me this was a very real experience. Imagine being raised in such a sheltered environment, you have suffered a great loss at a very young age and the person raising you shelters you and in a sense preserves your childhood for you even beyond its time, in a sense keeping you infantile in a way, trying to compensate for the loss. So the only way you learn anything about life is through movies or television shows which don't
  3. Maybe I was never much but at least once I was something, at least once I had the hope to have a dream and at least once I did have a dream, well that was all shot straight to hell. Might as well have aimed a gun to that pretty, vivid, dream like paradise, I saw inside my head and blasted a bullet straight through it, rip the dream to reveal the ugly reality outside of it. Then you find me as I start to lose myself with every emotional kick and punch, I find myself just wanting to lay there, wanting to just fade away from myself. I find myself wanting to go into a world where my vision
  4. All he had was a dream and more than that he had hope. Unlike many, he still had his childlike wonder He had no idea of what life was all about. He didn't want to be tied down. His dream was to be free. He wanted to see the world. What little bit of it he saw... He had no idea it was so bad The child inside was killed and with him his dream. mFar from free he would be. After years of feeling alien, and more than that going through hell Sometimes he was noticed...and he was treated less than human. When he wasn't noticed he didn't exist to anyone Having accepted what the world was..
  5. One thing you should always keep in mind is that I like to paint pictures, I like for people to see things that are in actuality something completely different yet exactly the same. An Illusion maybe? But then isn't that what all murderers should be good at? Making you see what they want you to see? That's what I do, I paint pictures with words to make you see what I feel. My first victim would be called sadness, the one who lives in tears, drying up as it wastes the bodies water on things that just shouldn't happen because sadness doesn't deserve it, rather sadness deserves to not exist m
  6. How can we all appear so open, so happy, and so connected? It's as if time and technology are bringing us so close together when really, some of us are more lonely and disconnected than anyone could ever know, or admit to knowing. Why wouldn't one admit to knowing something that is as common as disconnection? Especially in our time. It's because if you admit to knowing we are disconnected, then all the hard work in trying to really connect falls apart, it is then that the superficial illusion is stripped away and the ugly truth behind the veil comes to be seen. The illusion and all the w
  7. What is life if there is nothing to reach for? Not a goal, not a dream? Not a friend? Not a life? What is existing when it is merely existing just to be? When it is only because you are only afraid of what is beyond? When it is only because you know that you could never turn back if transcending is worse than merely being? It's nothing. It's reaching for something that's not there. Like a hunger, a human hunger to feel alive for a human is supposed to be alive so long as they exist here. Otherwise they could be left, all alone, abandoned, questioning their very purpose. It'
  8. It's like a fork in the road, it's fall time and the leaves have all changed into different shades of oranges and yellows and they hang so delicately to the trees that forever stand in the forest that surrounds you, like the innocence that so delicately clings to you as you stand there and whether it falls depends on the decision you make. Both paths lead to the real world, a world that you were forever until now sheltered from, a world that you were blind to. A world that would be nothing like you would ever imagine or picture. The paths? Well one path was the safe path, t
  9. Cody does offer a much needed good guy in Miracle's life, especially with all the bad guys in his life but really it's not so much good vs bad but rather a black and white with a spectrum of grey in between and all of the characters have their place in that spectrum, either right in the middle or leaning closer to the black or the white but it is also easy for these characters to change their places on this scale because they were written very much like Miracle, they have their own psychological issues and their own flaws and motives and intentions so it is a lot to play around with really. I
  10. Thank you! This is where dramatic really begins! I hope you enjoy what is to come, it still amazes me how things begin to branch out and a spider web of sorts begins to form, everything connected in one way or another. 😉
  11. Bipolar? That's quite possible. There are definitely some psychological issues going on here.
  12. Lol that is one of the greatest things I got out of writing this story and putting it out there. I used to do a lot of reading and the stories I read the protagonists were always the good guys, always did the right thing and were just generally very good. This is not to say Miracle is bad and the story is surrounding a villain but it expresses the flaws of human nature, that we all do things wrong sometimes and we're not all perfect and really the world is filled with many more shades of gray so the thing with this character was that he was made to be flawed and the challenge was for him to ma
  13. Does Miracle actually confuse sex with love? That is a good question, as I think of it now I think there is a process where he doesn't confuse sex and love but rather feels like sex is the way to obtain it so when it doesn't turn out like that it leads to incredible disappointment but rather than seeing that he went about it the wrong way he views it as the other persons preference not to want to be with him, for whatever their reason, he still goes on believing it will eventually be someones preference and that he will get the expected reaction at some point. Of course truth is if someone wer
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