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Found 2 results

  1. With the background knowledge that I have owned every game Bioware has released in the last 20 years from Baldur's Gate (twice in fact, I bought the enhanced edition re-release) to now... I was fully expecting and looking forward to Bioware's new game. Bioware is known for the high quality stories (the rush job on Mass Effect being the only recent bad blip in recent memory) but there was no story evident in the trailer for Anthem. I hope this is just trailer emphasis and not the actual total lack of story. This game reminds me WAY too much of Destiny and The Division. Two decent games I own... but never ever play. I like playing a variety of games but some of these games require fanatic dedication to be any good in order to enjoy the MMO-crap they attach to the games. That said, Bioware has Star Wars The Old Republic which is the only MMO I could ever tolerate because you can basically play completely on your own with great story and not worry too much about the MMO crap. Anthem... I'm being cautious on. The graphics look outstanding and the flying mech suits look like great fun.... but...
  2. This post contains some very minor spoilers regarding romance options in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series of games, if that wasn't already clear. I've been playing these games a lot. And I mean a lot. I've played through the entire Mass Effect series three times. I am now on my fourth play through. Since last October. I did say. I've played Dragon Age even more, even though I only got Origins last Christmas. I obsess about things. It's part of my charm. These are extremely versatile games. Things can be vastly different from play through to play through, as your choices affect the world around you in bigger and bigger ways. Part of the reason I keep going back to these games, though, even as I get bored with a lot of others, is the romance options. There are so many of them I want to try! While lesbian romance options have been part of the Mass Effect series since the beginning, thanks to Liara (and I've mostly played as FemShep cause she has a better voice I think), there were no gay romance options for a male Shepard until Mass Effect 3, when Kaidan inexplicably became bisexual (not that I mind) and gay shuttle pilot Steve Cortez showed up. I'm a bit in love with Cortez. He's such a sweetheart! Dragon Age is an entirely different beast, however. Same-sex romance has been a part of those games from the start, with Leliana and Zevran both being bisexual romantic interests in Origins. In Dragon Age II, all the base game romance options are bisexual (though if you romance Anders as a male Hawke, you'll find that he appears to be canonically gay). Dragon Age II is a terrible game, of course, released before it was finished and chock full of bugs, but I've had to play it several times for the sake of the romances. Cause the characters and the plot are awesome. In Dragon Age: Inquisition the romance options once again have gender preferences, and some even race preferences. But since there are so many romance options in the first place, it kind of evens out. Sera and Dorian are gay, Josephine and Iron Bull are bisexual (pretty sure Iron Bull would shag just about anyone or anything that seemed able to give consent), Blackwall and Cassandra are straight, as are Solas and Cullen, with the added restriction that Solas can only be romanced by an elf, and Cullen only by an elf or human. The added coolness is that you can flirt with any of these people (except Solas and Blackwall) regardless of their gender or race preference. I like playing a male Inquisitor and flirting shamelessly with Cullen to watch him blush. So, do you play these games? Which characters do you prefer to romance? And why?
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