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Found 21 results

  1. Dolores Esteban

    The Dawn of Day

    A gravitational wave sweeps the USS Explorer to the star system 55 Cancri. The crew detects a deserted alien airport on a planet in the habitable zone. The planet, however, is not deserted. A young native and a stranded alien crew spots the arrival of the spaceship from Earth. Unsettling events follow. Will the humans ever return to Earth? Story completed. 15 chapters. Enjoy.
  2. Myr

    How Do I Add A New Story?

    How do I add a new story?
  3. Billy Martin

    A Nice Story - Paper Walls

    I found a cute story today called "Paper Walls", by KD, a new author here at GA. The story was first post back in early fall, but it just caught my eye today. I read the first 11 posted chapters and I fell in love with it. It centers around a fifteen year old adopted football prodigy from Russia whose adopted dad is a coaching legend of Texas High Football, himself. KD does an awesome job of bringing his characters alive and leaves you wanting more. If fact, the chapters could be longer, but KD doesn't short change you in the content department. I don't do this too often, but I highly recommend this story to all.
  4. I am in the process of writing the third story in the Lonestar Chronicles which has brought you Your Alpha, My Mate, and Lonesome Theta. I have started the next one in the series but have come to a road block as to a name for this story. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me possible story titles to consider to see if one of them is right for it. Here is the prologue for the new story. Prologue I watched the happily mated couples and my heart broke. In the eight years since I turned sixteen, I had not met my mate. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t wait for my mate before I became sexually active. I just hoped he wouldn’t be too mad at me when I found him. I prayed every day my Alphas would send me on a mission like they did Alex three years ago. I wanted the opportunity to find my mate, but I knew that if I stayed on pack grounds I wouldn’t find him “Louis, Alpha Jackson wants to see you,” said one of the she-wolves who were constantly throwing themselves at the available wolves. “Thanks.” I saved my spot in my book and got up to leave the room. “Louis, why don’t you meet me in my room when your done?” she asked. “Ruth, I have no intention of sleeping with you. I may have been a manwhore, but even I’m not that desperate.” I walked past her and headed down the hall to the Alphas’ office. The office door was open so I knocked on the door frame. Alpha Jackson looked up from the papers on his desk. “Come in Louis.” “You wanted to see me Alpha.” “Yes, I got a call from an Alpha in Washington that is in need of some help and I want you and Jeremy to go, along with some of our enforcers.” “When do we leave?” “First thing in the morning. Jamie will take you to the airport and you will fly into Seattle. There will be rental cars waiting for your group. Here is the information you need on this assignment. They have a wolf whose first mate is a bear. The bear was rejected but is now stalking his wolf mate.” ‘I can’t believe someone would reject their mate when I would do anything to find mine.’ “I’ll pack and be ready to go first thing in the morning,” I said. “The team will meet you in the dining room at seven in the morning, so be ready.” He handed me a folder of papers. “Go over this information so you can brief everyone over breakfast. You leave at eight forty-five to be on time to the airport.” “Yes, Alpha.” I turned and walked out of the office. I got to my room and sat at my desk to go over the papers so I would know what was going on and start to come up with a plan on how we could help. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much on the aggressor but the wolf being stalked was originally from the Blue Ridge Pack in Charlottesville, Virginia. I wondered if Jeremy knew him before he moved here with Alex, his mate. I decided to ask Jeremy in the morning before we left; he might be able to give me some insight or know what happened between this Tony and the mate he rejected. *** The next morning I was the last to arrive in the dining room. I saw a group of seven enforcers who would go with us. I saw Jeremy sitting next to Alex talking quietly between themselves. I couldn’t imagine how hard it was for Alex to let his mate fly thousands of miles away and deal with a rejected mate. “Okay guys, I’ve read over the paperwork Alpha Jackson gave me last night. Jeremy, do you know this Tony we’re going to help?” “Yeah, we grew up together in Charlottesville. He moved to Washington a few years ago when our friend Tim mated with a bear out there. When they went to Jon’s parents’ house Tony’s mate was there. After Tony found out his mate had actually tried to break Jon and Tim up, Tony was furious and hurt. His mate was actually there to get Jon’s mom’s help to come between Jon and Tim; it was then that Tony rejected Steve. He thought if Steve would try to break up a mated pair what was to stop him from straying from his mate.” “Have you heard from Tony recently?” “Yeah, I talked to him last night. Steve has been leaving messages on his phone, mailing him notes, and calling him at all hours of the day. A few days ago there was a sighting of rogues as they met with a stranger. The enforcers took several photos of the meeting and when Tony saw the first photo he pointed out that the stranger was actually Steve. That afternoon a note was delivered to Alpha Jeff. It said, ‘Give me Tony and your pack will be left alone.’ When they refused to hand Tony over to him some of the pack children started to disappear. To date, there have been five children taken and it is taking a toll on the pack.” “Is there any family we need to worry about protecting?” “His family is in Virginia and they could care less about what happens to him. When he told them he was gay they kicked him out. However, we do still have friends back there that will probably show up when they hear about this.” I glanced at my watch as I finished eating. I saw we had about forty-five minutes to get to the airport, we would make it if we left promptly. I stood and said, “Let’s get on the road. We can talk more on the plane.” I took my dishes to the kitchen and grabbed my bags from the front entryway. I waited for the guys and Kelly to gather. Ever since Jeremy and his sister had joined the pack she had become one of our fiercest enforcers and I was happy to have her on my team for this trip. It took us only a few minutes to get loaded into the vans and head off to the airport. *** Our flight took only a few hours and by four o’clock that afternoon, we were in the Alpha’s office. “Alpha Jeff, how long has this man been causing problems for your pack?” I asked. “He’s been hanging around for the last year, but its only been in the last couple of months that he has stepped up the stalking. Tony came to me when the letters started to appear in his mailbox with no postage stamp on them.” “Didn’t your border patrol recognize the unfamiliar scent? For that matter, how did rogues get close enough to steal children? Why did your men settle for taking pictures instead of capturing the men to question them?” “Now wait just one minute. My man took the pictures because he and his partner had split up to patrol. It would’ve been stupid to try to capture them by himself.” “They never should have split up. I get that you have a large territory, but you need to make sure you have enough wolves to patrol the lands.” “How dare you come in here and criticize without having all the information!” “You, yourself said they had split up, that was why the pictures were taken instead of apprehending the rogues and bear. Did you not just say that?” “I would appreciate it if you would give me time to completely explain what happened.” He took a deep breath and let it out, then continued, “They split up for the simple fact that there was an emergency in another quadrant and they didn’t expect there to be problems in that section. Normally, they stay in pairs and up until that point we didn’t know there were rogues in the area because they always stayed just outside our borders. However, we had a situation come up that needed more than two wolves and they were the closest to the ones in trouble. Yes, they showed poor judgement in splitting up, but I would rather they show caution when they know they’re outnumbered. The wolf that took the pictures called for help and waited for them to arrive.” “I’m sorry Alpha, I meant no disrespect.” “I understand you may not want to be here, but please try to work with us and not against us.” “Understood, Alpha. I will not let my irritation show and will try to make the best of a bad situation. I will work to the best of my abilities.” “Thank you, Theta Louis. Let me show you where you and your team will be staying while you’re here. I will have Tony come to the pack house for dinner so you can meet him and he can fill you in on exactly what is going on.” “Sounds good to me Alpha.” “Please call me Jeff,” he said while he stood to lead me out of the office and to where my team sat waiting for me. My team stood when we walked into the living room where they waited for me. “Thank you for coming to help us. Please follow me and I will show you to your rooms.” We climbed the stairs to the second floor and he started to point out the rooms. Everyone was split into groups of two to a room except for me. I was given a room by myself as I was the team leader and there was an odd number of men. *** I freshened up before I went down for dinner. I walked downstairs and the most delicious aroma tickled my nose, it smelled like pine and cherries. My stomach clenched and I began to worry that they wouldn’t accept me because of my past promiscuity. It didn’t matter to me that I had already made the decision to stop my playing around. I made it to the dining room and saw the most beautiful man in the world. There stood a man with jet black hair that seemed to have a blue tinge to it in certain light and hazel eyes that glinted like jewels as he happily talked to Jeremy and Jon. Jon and his mate had come to visit Jeremy and Alex several times in the past few years. In that time, I had gotten to know both of them and knew they were great guys. I could only assume that the man talking to them was Tony. He looked like he would come to my chin and I was six foot five. If the man was Tony, how could he be my mate when his mate was the one causing all the problems? I would need to speak to Alpha Jackson to see if he had heard about this happening before. “Louis, there you are, come meet Tony,” said Jeremy. I walked over to where they stood and the aroma got stronger the closer I got to them. He turned to the guys he was talking to and said, “Jon, I’m sure you remember Louis from the Lonestar Pack. Tony this is Louis. He was sent by Alpha Jackson to lead the team of enforcers to help with the situation with Steve and the rogues to get the children back and to get Steve to leave you alone.” He turned to me and said, “Louis, this is one of my best friends Tony.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Tony.” He just stood there and stared at me. “Oh man, of course, this would happen to me,” he mumbled. “Tony, what’s wrong man?” Jon asked worriedly. “I gotta get out of here.” He looked around quickly and immediately turned and walked quickly away with Jon calling out to him. Jon turned to me and said, “I’m sorry Louis. He’s never been like that before; he’s always been a friendly person. There’s not a rude bone in his body.” My heart felt like it had broken into a million pieces at the implied rejection of my mate. I gave Jon a small smile. “I’m sure he has a million things on his mind with all that is going on.” “I’m sure that’s what it is.” Dinner started to be brought in and laid out on the buffet table. “Let’s grab a plate and find a seat.” I tried to put on a happy face but I’m not sure how well that worked because Jon and Tim kept giving me weird looks for the rest of the night. After dinner Alpha Jeff called everyone together to try and come up with a plan on how to deal with the asshole that was bothering their pack. “I would like to introduce you to Louis and his team. They has come to us from the Lonestar Pack in Texas. Please make them feel welcome. Now, this bear must be caught and our children brought back home. I know this has been a trying time but we have to work together for this to work. Jon knows this area and he knows the one responsible for this,” said Alpha Jeff. “Steven is not in his right mind and I would guarantee that he is not working alone. He wants Tony, but Tony has rejected him as his mate, and before you start to blame Tony you need to know that he had reasons to reject Steven. We need to focus on the main point which is getting the children back safely,” said Jon. I could tell by the looks on some of their faces that what Jon said passed right over them and that they did hold Tony responsible and that they could cause problems. I would need to keep an eye on them because I wasn’t about to let anyone hurt my mate, whether he acknowledged the bond or not. I would do my best to keep him safe even if that meant moving to Washington and giving up my position in my pack.
  5. Dolores Esteban

    Space Pioneer 4 - Akar Kazbek

    Space Pioneer 4 - Akar Kazbek Nanuq Kitlali, the ruler of a pirate empire, kidnapped the Goyan ambassador Jokin Trescothik, but finally agrees to release the man. The Cyrus dealer Perez hires the Horus crew to pick up Jokin and take him to an asteroid at the edge of the system Epsilon Eridani. The plan doesn't work out and the Horus must land on the main planet Akar Kazbek. The mission poses a challenge to the Horus crew. The system is under Alliance control.   Two chapters. Enjoy.
  6. Space Pioneer 3 - The Yanara Archives After visiting Daglon, the Horus crew is in search of a new job. The Society of Yanara Archives offers a search contract and hires the crew to find out about the origin of the Yanara people. Ancient documents tell of a journey through space and point to an unknown planet. The Horus crew does an elaborate research, finds a possible candidate, and sets out to explore the planet. What they find is shocking. 3 chapters. Enjoy!
  7. Space Pioneer II - The Titan Plot This is another adventure of the Horus crew. A transport mission takes the men to Rho 59, a dwarf planet on the edge of the Titan Empire. A Titan group plans to stir an upheaval in the Empire of Titania and deprive the ruler of his power. The Horus crew unintentionally gets involved in the Titan plot. Will they find a way out of the predicament? (This story is a sequel to Space Pioneer. On his trip to Mars, Jeff's shuttle got dragged through space by an alien spaceship that was performing a space jump. The Daglon captain Lest took Jeff on board of his ship and Jeff's journey through space began.)   8 Chapters Enjoy!
  8. Billy Martin

    The Field of Love

    I've started a new story, 'The Field of Love'. My plan is to post a new chapter once a week. It's a story about a fifteen year old boy finding acceptance and love on a baseball field. I've started a forum for the story and I hope you will leave a review on the story so I can learn from you, the reader. It's my intention to give you the best story I can. Below is the links to the proper forum. The Field of Love Forum for The Field of Love
  9. comicfan

    Mrs. Benson

    So I talked about this for a while. Mrs. Benson is one of those wild ideas I had and then had to see if I could actually write it. The story goes back and forth between Cathy Benson - the Mrs. Benson of the story and James Trenton, who is her employee and the audience's way into the story. I offer this as an additional spot to voice comments, concerns, or things you might want to nitpick about. I really do want to know what you think of this, mainly because this is a bit different from anything else I have ever written. Thanks for reading. The story can be found here - https://www.gayauthors.org/story/comicfan/mrsbenson/1
  10. Dolores Esteban

    The Return of Blagden Asmodee

    The Return of Blagden Asmodee Blagden Asmodee has awoken from a long sleep. He gathers his clan to fight Azrael, his archenemy. The dark angels battle in a land beyond. The white angels watch their fight. Enjoy!
  11. Dolores Esteban


    Eldaran Elisar sets out to find a magical book. His journey takes him to Eldaran, the land of the elves, where he meets Prince Eldar.
  12. comicfan

    Life Changes

    I have a few stories I have been working on but I figured if I didn't get something going besides the anthologies people were going to think I didn't do anything. Hence the story Life Changes. Inspired by the work being done by Renee Stevens who is putting out a chapter a week based off the prompts, I figured I could do that too, especially since I create the prompts. The story will mainly revolve around Ralph and his brother, Neil. Their lives will undergo some changes and they will have to figure out how to roll with the punches. I hope to keep everyone's interest so comments will help to know if I am close to the base or not. Each chapter will be fairly short, meaning between 800 to a 1000 words approximately. Let me know what you think.
  13. Dolores Esteban

    The Prophecy

    The Prophecy Jason, his elder neighbor Leonard, Leonard's friend Gary and Gary's grandson Alec are getting involved in an apocalyptic plot that is based on an old prophecy that had been hidden in a cloister. Brother Simon finds it in the year 1012. He flees the cloister in order to find the man who, according to the old text, is the only one who can stop the end of the world: the man Jason. Brother Simon fails to find him, but he sends out a message to the man. May 2012: Jason Bolding is haunted by nightmares. Slowly, he and his friends find out what the dreams are all about and they realize that time is running out. Their search takes them from England to France and back. No romance plot. Story completed. 32 26 chapters. Enjoy. Story: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/dolores-esteban/theprophecy Edit: Due to a re-edit the total number of chapters dropped to 26.
  14. Dolores Esteban

    Ghost of a Chance

    Ghost of a Chance Reginald Fitzgerald died of arsenic poisoning. A fatal accident? Mayor Montgomery has doubts. New England, 1812. Short Story. (My Submission to the Summer Anthology 2013.) Enjoy.
  15. Dolores Esteban

    Cold Case

    Cold Case A man was killed in Rome. His heart was cut out and his body thrown down the Spanish Steps. A ritual murder? Is the crime connected with a burglary case in London? Steve Mills and Adam Johnson investigate the crimes. 8 Chapters. Enjoy!
  16. Dolores Esteban

    The Ultimate Truth

    The Ultimate Truth My entry to the Mayan Tribute Anthology. Summary: The esoterics and prophets predict the end of the world, but none of them anticipates the truth that is ultimately revealed to the world on the day of Winter Solstice. History must be rewritten. Professor Sharma and his students are involved in the events and witness the day of revelation. Enjoy!
  17. Dolores Esteban

    The Game

    My entry to the 2012 Anniversary Anthology, Secrets Can Kill. The Game Debbie, Richard, and Liz are dead. Who will be next? Vivian, Gordon, or Andrew? Thirty years have passed. The killer is back. The lethal childhood game has not yet ended. The edited version of the story is uploaded to GA. Many thanks to NotNoNever for editing my story.
  18. Aglanthol 4 - Tyrnae (Journey to the Otherworld) Prince Lyaris has disappeared. Inspired by the false magician Zhoron, the young prince set out to find the gate to the magical realm of Tyrnae. However, only the chosen ones may enter the otherworld and leave it again. Aaron, unhappy in love with the prince, sets out to find Lyaris. The wizard Neldor accompanies him.   16 chapters.   Enjoy!
  19. Aglanthol 3 - The Castle of Saelethiel (The Law Cannot Be Shaken)   Ogol, the mighty Khalindash wizard is driven by thirst for revenge. He wants to seize a magical tool that is hidden in the Western Mountains. Ogol lived in secrecy for twenty years. Now he feels close to his ultimate goal. The wizard Neldor, the royal soldier Qildor and his friend Magath set out and chase him. The Castle of Saelethiel is hidden from the eyes of an average man and only the wise men know where to find it. No man can avoid his destiny. When time has come man must face the truth. He must undergo a trial. The guardians of the castle are called to enforce the law. 22 chapters Enjoy!
  20. Renee Stevens

    New Story & Look At The Past

    I have currently started to work on the final book in the Encounter's series. Everlasting Encounters should be coming out in the near future, but it has raised some issues with the previous books in the series. It's amazing how quickly we grow as authors. I for one am always learning new things and sometimes when I go back and look at what I have written in the past, I can't help but cringe. I know that I have said that I eventually plan to revise Eternity as well as a couple of other stories, and while that is still true, that has been put on the backburner. In beginning to work on Everlasting Encounters, I had to go back and re-read both of the previous Encounters stories. Which leads me to this point. As I write Everlasting, I will also be revising the other two stories in the series. First up will be Chance Encounters. The biggest reason for this rewrite is the massive amounts of head hopping that are present in both stories. I didn't know better back then, but now that I do, it will drive me batty to have such blattant mistakes in my writing. The stories will stay up and the text only will be replaced as I work on the revisions. This will ensure that story views and reviews will remain. If, once I am replacing them you wish to comment and already had on the previous versions, feel free to visit my forum and comment there. I will post in my status as each chapter is replaced. Thanks! ~Renee
  21. Aglanthol 1 – The Legend of Khaalindaan Genre: Fantasy Summary: The mighty wizards Khaalindaan and Norlorn fought the final battle. The Aglanthol wizard Norlorn won. Khaalindaan's spirit, however, is only banned for a thousand years. Once released, it will aim at Aglanthol's destruction. The time is over. The time for Khaalindaan's return has come. Only one man can stop him. The wizard Neldor, the royal soldier Qildor, his friend Magath, and the old woman Gwyn are getting involved in the fight. Part I: 14 Chapters Part II: 8 Chapters Completed. Enjoy!

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