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Writing Updates (and a bit about health, too)



Started new treatment last week after a couple of difficult weeks when I was in and out of hospital. I don't let it disrupt my writing schedule though. Pleased to say I averaged 1,500 words a day whether inside or back home. It's weird being in hospital. You get institutionalised so fast. The food is pretty dreadful, but thankfully the hospital near me has a Marks & Spencer food hall on site, so I was able to add some taste to the unappealing stodge with such goodies as feta and beetroot salad or supergreen salad. I feel sorry for the patients who aren't mobile and who have to exist on what's provided. I mean, it's not even very healthy. Most of it is prepared off-site and just re-heated, like meals you get on board a plane. Salads look like something from the 1970's - limp lettuce leaves, pale tomatoes and soggy cucumber, with a choice of salad cream or mayo. What kind of hospital is it where you can't even get vinaigrette in 2021!! Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.

Anyway, I've been carrying on with 'Threadfall', mindful it's getting close to the end. I also wrote a sequel to my anthology story 'Fellow Travellers', called 'Travelling On'. For each of these I post a chapter each week. I like deadlines. It forces me to write even when I 'don't feel like it'.

The supernatural murder mystery has been on the back burner. I really wanted to get ahead with everything else so I had enough finished chapters in case everything went pear-shaped and I became ill enough not to even care about the quality of hospital food. Thankfully, that hasn't happened and the side effects of the new treatment don't include anything that stops me writing.

I'm also revisiting a fantasy story I wrote during the 1990's. I think I might post that on this site to see what people think. I can certainly see the differences in my writing style.

So, plenty to be getting on with. Plus another scan to look forward to tomorrow. Here's a picture of the hospital lasagne - one of the more palatable meals, although the veg was cooked to mush!


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