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disc unreadable



This weekend was a blur.




Saturday and Sunday are so smashed together I don't know up from down, right from left. My throat hurts cause I put genocide on some menthols, I think I have an ear infection cause I can hear my heartbeat. Everything literally moves slow and its just now hitting Thursday.




I'm on my spring "break" which currently amounts to nothing right now. I have no job and I think I have wasted all possible resources because I think I have applied everywhere. Even jobs were I have refused to even wish to work, like Subway or something. It sucks being broke, it really does. I need a job, I have a few glimmers of hope left that I am going to go check tomorrow.




Can't go into summer not having cash, how am I going to shop and buy more illegal substances?




I wake up now feeling very bored. And there is nothing to do here. I have no desire to play video games (I haven't really sat down and nerded out in about 3 days) and part of my theorizing concludes that my lack of computer gaming has made me "feel" bored.




My parents are out of town, so I usually occupy myself with cleaning the house doing laundry and keeping after our cats. I think this weekend I might even sweep out the garage and clean the outside windows of the house. I'm that bored.




I also think the lack of job has something to do with it. Kids my age, right now would be working probably as well as going to class.




Speaking of class, thats all going rather well actually. Been getting fine grades and stuff but I only go to class Monday night, Tuesday afternoon/evening and Wednesday evening. My weekend 'starts' Thursday with me having nothing to do. Sigh. My schedule is so basic it hurts. Gym in the morning, class in the afternoon/night, come home friends come over watch TV for hours. TV sucks btw its terrible, nothing good is on. Wife Swap, Tool Academy, the list goes on. Ghost Adventures though, that is priceless.




I guess it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not, I don't think at least. I just want to know if other people are like this too sometimes. When I was living up at school I usually had things to do, but here at home it sucks penis. Thankfully Spring break is coming for other institutions so people are coming home.




I hang out with the same guys usually since my friend pool is very small while everyone is away. I need to get away, christ.




My plan currently is to leave for Boston come Fall and that looks pretty A OK right now. I'm excited for summer, to go tanning, hopefully people will throw parties, shopping getting drunk/high. I do want a job though, I can social network easily and make more friends. I already have another friend from class, some cute guy who partied with my this weekend. He even bought a round, for all of us.




I remember during high school March was the longest month, we had no days off. I think my main issue here is that I need to make myself busy. Homework? I don't get that much and if I do I usually finish it. My classes are once a week for 3 hours, so the curriculum is smashed together.




I hope things pick up. My life at the dull drag its going is rather annoying. The funny thing is I'm doing most things right. I'm not ditching class, I'm going to class, I'm smoking hella pot but still getting my homework done, waking up. Being responsible might be the proper term but I'm so bored.




Maybe I should take up a hobby like knitting or something. I've also been noticing how horny I am. I really will f**k anything, I've been looking at my friends lately salivating and I don't even find them all that attractive. The guy I was seeing before, Michael, I just stopped it with him. At least stopped having sex with him, or seeing him at all. Maybe we 'broke up'. Who knows.




I'm pretty bitter at life, when things don't go my way. I haven't done much writing lately, maybe that's another reason for my dismay. I should get back to work on Elijah II and I've been mulling around these two ideas for a story of a relationship. But every time I map it out I feel defeated because I think it is to clich


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Focus on what's important: you're doing well in school.


Other than that, you're a big loser.biggrin.gif


I think you should try for a pool boy job. wub.gif

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When I was living up at school I usually had things to do, but here at home it sucks penis.


You make sucking penis sound like a bad thing!


As for your boredness, well I'm sorry for that, you might consider finding some place to volunteer in the mean time? Whilst you're not working. Haha, maybe you'll scoff at the idea, but it gives you something to do, and if you choose something you're interested in, you might enjoy it.


Just a thought,


hope your days pick up!



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