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  1. I didn't want to say goodbye because if I tried to, I knew I'd never leave.

  2. I want to be a piece of furniture in your life.

  3. sigh. how unpleasant.

  4. cuddling and snuggling is awesome when done properly. I have been held so tight, that it was hard for me to sleep at night. o.O i was like... this isn't going to work out. but its awesomeness to the tenth degree. I'm a cuddle bunny, but i don't just do it with anyone. James RAWR
  5. blatantly flirting with me for over two weeks and being super duper suggestive and not mentioning the fact that you have a BF... kinda takes you out of the running.

  6. i hope you're visting your future husband and haven't been kidnapped by some crazy person.

  7. I feel a tingling in my bones.... it must be blog time!

    1. jamessavik


      nope. zombie virus.

    2. Objectivist


      yay. flesh eating is my second favorite past time!

  8. oral sex doesn't just involve the penis, it can often involve the vagina or the anus. there are dental dams that people can use. They sell them, or you can usually get them from a clinic or a place that provides free condoms/lubricants/dental dams. Or if you can't find a dental dam, you can usually make one from a condom. Tear the rubber end off the condom, cut down the side of the condom and you've got a dental dam. I recommend using a non lubricated or flavored condom for this. James Knows toooo much.
  9. I need some homo lovin' ya know?!

    1. Andrew Q Gordon

      Andrew Q Gordon

      Shouldn't be hard to find for someone as desirable as you. Hard part will be to choose which one you want.

    2. Objectivist


      Haha. sweet. but so untrue

  10. the problem i have with that argument, is that I come across so many individuals 10+ who justify their sexual activities by saying they've never had sex before (anal/vaginal). Except, you can still transmit std/sti from oral sex. it's sex. It's not anal, or vaginal sex. but its sex. for some people its foreplay, for others, that's as comfortable as they get with sex (i usually see this in the male/male community). I've come across individuals who thought that by refraining from having anal/vaginal intercourse and just giving oral sex they could prevent themselves from getting an std/sti.
  11. that is so cute. Don't worry about the attention, so long as he's all into you, whats it matter?
  12. the best storm ever happened last night, and i was sleeping! damn you tiredness

  13. I'm always horny.... and if for whatever crazy reason I'm not... I can get in the mood with some.... persuasion. James Gimme, gimme more
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