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been thinking about my uncle a lot...Miss him a lot.





I never updated about my uncle's death because I had a hard time believing this new. Often a lot of time, I have been thinking about my uncle. His death was all sudden and unexpected. My uncle passed away in December last year. June 12th was the most difficult one because it was 6 months and it was on Saturday, which was the exactly same day on Dec 12th last year that my uncle left this world. It's hard to believe that it's been 6 months since he left. Heart attack really sucks a lot and I wish that it didn't happened to my uncle. I just can't believe that he's gone. He won't be around to witness his daughter's wedding. But I'm glad that he got a chance to witness his son's wedding in August, 4 months before his death. But, my cousin is daddy's girl, and it was really difficult for her to deal with this situation. I know for sure that she will be always daddy's girl, no matter what. I felt so bad for my aunt...She never expected to be a widow right now. I never expected that my uncle is the first one out of 6 siblings to die. He wasn't supposed to die before his parents...It wasn't supposed to be. My uncle wasn't supposed to be the first sibling to die before his three older siblings. But, there's nothing you can control it. I always have awesome memories of my uncle and I never forget my moments with my uncle. I feel sad that he never got a chance to see my son (his middle name is Cristoforo, which was named after my uncle, in honor of him). If I would pick any godfather for my son, I would pick my uncle. I bet that if he is still alive, he would be really thrilled to be my son's godfather. I really miss him a lot and I know for sure that he is with me always. I know for sure that he is watching over me.


Alex is doing so well. He's getting cuter every day. :) True, it was tiring sometimes since Alex woke up for feedings or diaper changes. But, after all, it wasn't that bad, even though taking care of newborn son at young age is hard. But, my girlfriend and I handle it pretty well. Alex is pretty spoiled by his uncles and grandparents, of course. Well, I do admit that my girlfriend and I spoiled him sometimes, not not always. We don't want our son to be spoiled as he growing up. Honestly, taking care of Alex and my job is keeping me busy, but I dont really mind at all. My girlfriend is really a great mother, and she is so caring and loving to Alex. Honestly, my greatest gift for father's day was my son. Alex really brings joys in my girlfriend's and my lives.


Well, I'd better go to bed now. Good night!

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Death is only a new adventure. Like stepping into another room where you watch you last life through a window. He sees, he loves, he knows.


These things I know.

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