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My best friend's father was murdered yesterday. Murdered and then the perp tried to burn the body and it took 50 firefighters an hour to put the fire out.


The news kept calling David's dad "charred remains" and "the body". Mr. Klein is David, Mike and Kari's dad, not charred remains and a body. Until a disgruntled employee, fired two days earlier, walked into his office yesterday morning and shot Mr. Klein and Storm, Mr. Klein's German Sheppard.


They interviewed the fire captain, he called the fire suspicious.... no sh*t Sherlock.... and he looked bored. The interviewed the police detective.... they found the ex-employee outside covered in blood and smelling of gasoline and smoke and the detective called him "a person of interest'.... no sh*t Sherlock.... and he looked bored too.


The reporter couldn't have cared less..... Monica Alvarez signing off.... she looked bored.


I remember going to David's house when we were kids and Mr. Klein who was a caterer and restaurateur at the time fixing us these elaborate lunches, no PB & J, we had duck confit and poached salmon. Even when David screwed up in high school, which was a lot, Mr. Klein just had a big deep laugh and shrug and told David to do better next time.


I can't believe how the "system", media, police and fire have already treated this and it is just the beginning of the nightmare, the estate lawyers, the trial, everything. David is just numb right now dealing with the details of what needs to be now.


He has felt the callousness already, but I think he has no idea how much more is in store for him and his family.


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I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm trying to find the silver lining and point it out to you, but it doesn't seem to be there.sad.gif

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I'm sorry to hear about that this has touched someone that you cared much for. Words won't take away the pain for you, your friend's family or their dad. Hang in there.

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I'm sorry to hear about your terrible loss. Hmmm... For me those words don't really mean anything. They are what are routinely said when someone hears about death or loss. Horrified would be more accurate this time. Horrified by what happened, horrified by how desensitised we have become to something so horrible happening. The thing is that things like this happen far too often and the media are a buffer between us and them, they sanitize everything and take away the sting and the horror.


I can't imagine how anyone could be bored about such things but then, I can. The fire fighter proably handles a lot of things like this so he has to switch off his horror button or he wouldn't be able to carry on. The policeman can't commit himself to anything or a clever lawyer (damn them) would use it as a way to get his client (who isn't a man who did a horrifying thing but someone who pays the bills) and the presenter... well there's no excuse for her.


I am genuinely sorry that we, as people who don't feel horrified nearly enough these days have let your friend and his family down so badly and I send sincere and best wishes that they all come through this somehow.


Blessings to you all

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I'm sorry to hear about that. My sister works as a nurse. When you're in a field that puts you close to people who died or are dying in a tragic way, you have to turn the button that makes you care off, or else you will go insane. It's sad, but it's what they have to do. There's no real silver lining here, as Mark said, but tragedy can often bring out the best in people. I'm betting your friend will be able to summon a personal strength and courage he never knew he had.

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To the news media, trite and cliched phrases concerning death are more appealing than a person's name. They add more zing to the headline news. And being bored? That's probably the most genuine emotion displayed by any of those you mentioned. I wonder if their audience isn't just as bored with all the murder and mayhem depicted on the TV and in the newspapers. It's gotten to the point that the weather forecast is the most palatable segment of the nightly news, and the weather forecast is correct about half the time.


My best wishes to you and your friend's family in dealing with this loss.

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It's terrible, but the media and the police are often hardened to even the most brutal of crimes. It's not that they don't care. They just deal with it day in and day out to the point where they are desensitized. I hope your friend is going to be okay. This has to be a very difficult time for him. :(

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