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Occasionally stretched a bit thin



I think everyone does it at one time or another. You over do. I'm one of those foolish people who hates to say "no" unless I have to.


I always find time to listen to others, be there when I can for others. I don't have a pot or window so can't do financial for people but my time is theirs if they need it. The thing is a few people too many lately have been tapping me and I'm just about tapped out.


Funny how the guy who can listen to anyone hates to open up himself, but I am a bit stressed and tired. I've had a cold and tried to rest but a few people can't take a gentle hint and I don't usually have the heart to just say "Go the hell away."


There are some people who are so gentle you don't mind helping and others you want to just talk to. However there are still others who only seem to take and take and take. These are the ones who never let you recharge or give back to you. Tonight I finally had to tell one goodbye. It isn't that he is a bad person it is the fact he is always in crisis, wants to tell you his problems, but doesn't care if you are sick and really can't concentrate on him. When push comes to shove, sorry I still have myself to worry about and I can't let you take me down if you don't want to try to save yourself.


I needed to vent a bit. Sorry if you got stuck reading it.


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Not stuck at all hun. I've been in much the same position myself recently :)


I'm not going to tell you that you should change, or start thinking of yourself more or say no more, or any of that becuase if I did I would be a bigger hypocrite than I already am :)


You know it's true though.



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Learning to say "NO" is an art which requires some effort. I put a lot of time to learn it. All the mistakes I made for failing to say no showed me that it was absolutely necessary to do so every time we hesitate to say yes.These errors, I have paid a heavy price and I lost a lot of money.

But ultimately, it was worthwhile, and since many years, I no longer hesitate. No is a word which is far more important than Yes.

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