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Weekly Wrap Up



Time to review for the kids in the back of the room!


Monday: Featured Hosted's Story -- Jack Scribe's It Stay's in Vegas.
Tuesday: Mark Arbour shared how he gets his motivation
Wednesday: More than a Crush by FleetingRainbow and Social Skills by KingdombytheSea
Thursday: Renee Stevens shared how to create a credible villian
Friday: Comicfan brought us two new prompts and new prompt responses to read
Saturday: Our Blast From the Past was a 2006 interview with Vlista


Like the cliffnotes?




Reader's Choice Awards --
Voting has started. I've gotten mine in have you?
Please READ THE DIRECTIONS as they are VERY specific.
If you do not follow them your vote will not be counted.


Anthology Announcements --

  • Spring Anthology "It Wasn't Me" Due March 8.
  • Poetry Anthology "Cracks in Time" Due April 17th
  • Novella Anthology "Secrets Can Kill" Due June 30?

FSO Announcements --


none this week


General Announcements --


Do you Tweet? Join GayAuthors on thier twitter account.


Please remember our authors rely on your feedback so read and review. Not every chapter (although that would be sweet!) but at least every few on a longer piece, and at least once a story.


Many of these announcments are also on our calendar. If you would like a heads up on things to come, please subscribe to it by clicking the follow button or just take the occasional look by clicking on "calendar on the menu bar.


So, are you one of the 29? Yep that's right, only 29 people have clicked on the 'follow me' button. To get notifications direct to you... click follow me!


GA Cleanup


Please go through your old PMs, attachments, etc and reduce the clutter... honestly you do not need those "yes me too" messages from 2008.


Also there are new guidelines for the storage in the gallery. Please abide by them. Many of you are over quota. Reduce and reuse space. Thank you.


Special Announcement


Myr is hosting an End of the World Party, December 20, 2012 at his house (or nearby venue to be announce depending on RSPVs) please contact him if you are interested.


New Reading


In Premium this week:


Displacement DKStories


By our Hosted Authors this week:


The Experiment Cia
St. Vincent Book 5 of Bridgemont Mark Arbour
Paternity Book 12 of Chronicles Of An Academic Predator (CAP) Mark Arbour
The Secret Life of Billy Chase 6 Book 6 of Billy Chase Chronicles Comicality
Acceptance of Fate Krista
Circumnavigation Cjames


By our Promising Authors this week:


Redneck Trailer Park David McLeod
GA Writing Prompts Dolores Esteban
Aglanthol 3 - The Castle of Saelethiel (The Law Cannot Be Shaken) Dolores Esteban
Durch Ferne Welten and Zeitung (or, "Swan Song") David McLeod
The Funny Thing Is JWolf
Finding Danny Book 2 of 0300 David McLeod
The Prompt You Say! Comicfan
The Strange Life of Jonas Marks Comicfan
Translator III-Dragon Warrior Book 3 of The Translator David McLeod




Have an interesting week! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!!!!

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