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Gay Authors News blog focuses on items of interest for our entire site with an emphasis on stories.

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Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 24 - Sept. 30)

No matter where in the world you are, you have 22 hours to get your Anthology in  Actually if you are in Auckland New Zealand, you come out with extra time. As of publishing this blog, you are at 7:40 PM Sunday. So if you are thinking you only have 3 hours to go, no, you have 22 more hours 😮. Same to you in Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi, Kyiv, Johannesburg. You get where I'm going here   Yes, if you read this blog right at the time of publishing, that is how many hours you got to get in yo


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 17- Sept. 23)

It is 11:59 in my time zone 🥸 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Usually I give everyone a heads up so they can buy me pressies, usually to no avail, but this year I’m doing the whole reverse psychology thing 😏 So enough with the fake news and onto the real news.    Can you believe it is only 7 days to get your Anthology in😲, Don't fret if you waited to last minute. Maybe you like the pressure of a tight deadline, yet it is still not too late to meet it. To t


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 10 - Sept. 16)

Hey 😀 Hey 😊 Okay I now I have got my Heartstopper Season 2 out of me 😜 It is time for me use the oft not used word of remiss, which I would be guilty of if I didn’t remind y’all, or is it ya’ll, that you have 2 WEEKS TO GET YOUR LEAP OF FAITH ANTHOLOGY ENTRY IN!!! See the directions below. Now that that PSA is done, let’s look at what happened at the GA News Blog this past week Monday, everyone’s favourite day of the week. It was even better to wake up to the Review Tea


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 03 - Sept. 09)

Did you put away your whites? I boxed up my white jeans, my white joggers, my white cargos, my white shorts, my white undies, my white socks, my white shirts (dress, polo, t, and others), my white sneakers, and white jackets and even my white belt .  Now what am I talking about ? When I was growing up, the saying was you could not wear white after Labour Day. Where that came from, I have no clue. But being the fashionista that I am, I don't do any of it . Sort of a rebel with a cause .


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 27 - Sep. 02)

'Wasting away in Margaretville' RIP Jimmy Buffet. I got to get wasted in Margaritaville in Capitola, CA  Always impressed whenever I heard a new song of his  At least we have his music to remember him by    So what are you up to this Labour Day long weekend if you get it? I'm off to our usual later than most Pride Parade tomorrow. Hoping the T-Storms hold off to the evening.  It is 2:10 AM in my neck of the woods, so let's wrap last week up Monday, Cia presented us with the CSR D


wildone in Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 20 - Aug. 27)

Whew it was warm out today. Even with lots and lots of sunscreen, I'm a little red . Luckily when I got home around dinner time, I sat down and turned on Netflix and much to my surprise season 3 had appeared on a series that I really liked the first two seasons of in the spring, Ragnarok. I'm not sure if I plugged it here before or not , but if not, it is about Viking mythology, in todays setting 😮  Before you all run off and jump on your longboats to pillage and plunder unsuspecting p

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 13 - Aug. 19)

Nothing to complain about age this week  I wanted to discuss something, but this blog would be then directed to the Pit   Let's talk about unicorns 🦄   I'm a big Tolkien fan and I have no difficulty after reading the stories and believing that all the species that are in Middle Earth, might have at one time been actually on earth. Like maybe prior to the dinosaurs and Middle Earth was destroyed due to some calamity too. Or, what if we finally find life on another planet and it is

Weekly Wrap Up (Aug. 6 - Aug. 12)

I think I am going to rename this blog from Weekly Wrap Up to Steve's aging blog   My question to you this week is this. Do you know you have something to do, but before you get to it, you are distracted by multiple other things?  Case in point, I sat down over an hour ago to start on the Weekly Wrap Up, didn't happen. Logged into GA, noticed the few notifications so started weaving my way through those. Then there is a few topics that I'm following that I see people posted on. Then I like

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 30 - Aug. 5)

Well we just had a false alert go off in my GA and I'm 100% blaming Myr  He made misleading comment about one of the better selling gay books becoming a movie. So naturally I ran to Amazon Prime to watch it. To heck with the Weekly Wrap Up until much later  I get to Prime and I'm thinking those rat bastardsions, they are not showing it in Canada!!!  Then go back to the post and see it is only a trailer on YouTube. I seem to be doing this more and more often, not reading everything. Is it ag

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 23 - Jul. 29)

Hello 😎 First off, I want to thank the ever elegant Cia for taking care of the wrap up for me last week  I think we will keep her around for a bit   Actually, with all your talk of bears, i had to leave my campsite temporarily as they tracked a gizzily momma and two clubs right close to our tent and campsite , but I survived. @Bill W, I can now say I survived the bears and the bares  Now if it was a blue bear, no bets on who would have won that one. I have to admit to myself, as I

Weekly Wrap UP (July 16 - July 22)

Wildone is on wild camping vacay, so I'm bringing you the Weekly Wrap up.  We shall all have to hope that he doesn't get eaten by a wild bear (*coughs*) so he can come back next week to resume his usual posting. In the meantime, onward for a refresh on last week's goings on from yours truly.  Monday I featured a short story by our very own long-term Signature member and admin, Graeme: Tuesday we started voting on the Secret Author Story Contest. Remember1 reader who votes wins free Pr

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 9 - Jul. 15)

Hey all, I'm up at 3:00 and doing the update  And have to be up at 7 again  Just going to do an abbreviated version of the Wrap Up today. If I'm missing something, let me know in the comments and I will try to update later on in the day! Thanks. Monday was reserved for our Review Team! This week @Aditus brought us a review on one of @Sasha Distan works: Tuesday, Cia dropped by to let us know how we are doing on the Secret Author contest: And speaking of Secret Author, Cia w

Weekly Wrap Up (Jul. 2 - Jul. 8)

Well a belated happy Canada Day, Independence Day, and let me know if your country had a birthday party too! I know a lot of you are located in North America, but would like to recognize our members outside of Canada and the USA as well! Let us know, heck let us know what day is your country's bday 🎂. In my little plot of land in the massive world, Stampede kicked off yesterday  The place was nuts!! I guess for the first time in years all the hotels are running at over 95% capacity. If you

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun 25 - Jul 1)

RIP Carlos Hazday After the news the previous week of hearing of the passing of Carlos Hazday, one of the sites most prolific authors from him contributing in so many ways, we held off on the GA News Blog to give everyone the time and Carlos the small amount of respect we could afford him. In case you haven't been on site for a few weeks, here is the blog that was created to acknowledge him and his life as we know it.   Saturday marked the close of the Secret Author contest submi

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 11 - Jun. 17)

** Ear Worm Warning ** Skidamarink a doo, I love you. Skidamarink a dink a dink, Skidamarink a doo, I love you. I warned you   I was out at a mall today, and I heard this kid singing this song, which I haven't heard in years! Well gosh darnitt , now I can't git it out of my head. Maybe since I shared the song with you all, it will finally leave my consciousness I liked the song as a kid because it had the word dink in it  Can I say that word here @Myr ? Now before I forg

Weekly Wrap Up (Jun. 4 - Jun. 10)

Interesting way to start of the blog this week   Sooooooooo, I think I listen to this song at the beginning of each summer as my kick off song to the summer. I like the lyrics and the video. I always wanted to be a boy of summer for a boy . Add in the fact that the kid playing the drums is so intense, who couldn't like this video?  I'm not sure if putting links to videos takes up a lot of bandwidth or not, but why not post a link to your favourite kick off to summer song. I'm sure everyone

Weekly Wrap Up (May 28 - June 3)

I think we have a topic of what are you listening too, what are you reading off site, but do we have one of what are you watching? Well let me know here   Personally this weekend I watched a series, 2 seasons, called Ragnarok. It is dubbed into English from Danish as I like to watch and listen to a show, not read it. That is what books are for, right?  It is an interesting take on Norse Mythology put into modern day settings. So if you sez to yourself, great another super hero movie about T

Weekly Wrap Up (May 21 - May 27)

Another week, another day, another hour  . I had a nice short week last week as in Canadia we had the Victoria Day Long Weekend last weekend, and I believe some 'mericans have the Memorial Day Long Weekend going on right now. I believe our friends back across the pond in the UK have this weekend as one of their Bank Holidays. Tomorrow I do believe the French have Whit Monday, I also think in the Australian Capital Region they have Reconciliation Day on Monday, but does the the rest of Australia

Weekly Wrap Up (May 14 - May 20)

For some reason today I am giddy  Not sure why. Maybe you can think up a reason why Steve is giddy today. Let me know? Here is a straw poll, with just over two months to go until the publishing of the Secret Author Contest, who thinks they will write one? WAIT. Full stop, it won't be a secret if you tell everyone here that you will be writing. Unless you are up to trickery and have no plans to write and post that you are going to write. It was pretty quiet this week on the GA News Blo

Weekly Wrap Up (May 7 - May 13)

Hello all from the province that is on fire  Thanks to all the people from all over the US of A, the rest of Canada, some Aussies and other foreigners for coming to help. Nice to know that everyone can come together and help out when things like this happen   So, whatcha reading?  I'm just leaving it at that. Or if you aren't reading what are you writing?  Besides a response to me   Well since we are on the cusp of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, curious if any summer plans are bein

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 30 - May 6)

Hey all So, if your city, town country, etc. has a beer festival and you don't fight the demons of the alcohol , I suggest you might want to check it out!! Today I went to the Calgary International Beer Festival and somehow I'm still of the mind that I think I can right this blog  Myself, I'm more a straight kind of pilsner kind of guy, seldomly venturing into the the likes of IPA's, stouts, ales, and all the others. Well, I surprised myself . I had a great day at the festival and think t

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 23 - Apr. 29)

It appears that spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods. All week we are supposed to be above 20 (68F) and by Thursday up to 27 (80.6 F)  I will need to be bringing out the SPF 2200 for that day 😊 Sure enough, I head back to the office grind on Monday, but I really can't complain about the temperatures as I was not going to let the weather dictate my vacation so I wore shorts and sandals every day 😎I do however hope that everyone that are experiencing adverse weather in their area are

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 16 - Apr. 22)

The one good thing about taking forced holidays is you get a lot of crap done that you should have done way in the past  Let's see, I finally got my painting done that I started in November. Bought new appliances that I wanted to do before Christmas and got some new furniture too! So I will host the next GA Friday night party, and you all are invited . You can all crash on my new couch   Now what to do in the week ahead ? Any recommendations? I am working my way slowly through the Poetry An

Weekly Wrap Up (April 9 - April 15)

Did you notice we had an announcement this week that you won't probably see regular blogs about every week? It was a bit busier week than usual on a Anthology release week. Now that we have two weeks of poetry anthos out, tell me 2 things. 1, how many have you read. 2, which one would you recommend to others? Okay, you don't have to choose just 1, but was thinking that we might get a wide range of likes. Maybe even tell us what you liked about it as if you were a salesman selling poems lik

Weekly Wrap Up (Apr. 2 - Apr. 8)

Pssssst, did you hear!   Yes, this is week one of the Poetry Anthology being released 🕺 Now it is up to us readers to go take a look and thank our great members that participated with a review, comment, even a like. It lets them know how much you appreciate their contributions. It is Easter weekend, and has anybody bought all their chocolate? How much are you going to share  ? If you are not a chocolate fan, you can always grab some when it is being cleared out on Monday and drop it in
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