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DC Meet up - my impressions

Andrew Q Gordon


I figured I'd add my comments to the blogs on the weekend.


Friday I forget what I was doing when Cassie called to say she and Intune were at Union Station. I kinda forgot about everyone coming despite having taken the day off just so I could go meet with anyone who came early. Doooh!


I finished what I was doing, hopped in my Jeep and hightailed it to the Metro. I had planned to come into town anyway, because work forgot to pay me and they were supposed to cut me a paper check. So I made it to Union Station where the ladies were waiting and promptly thought Cassie was Intune and Intune was Cassie - double Dooh!


On our way to Intune's hotel, we got a taste of all DC has to offer - a cop chasing a felon. I watched the guy look back at the cop, then take off running. A part of me wanted to get involved, slow the kid, tackle him something, but three things stopped [well four if you count being a wuss] 1) I was 'escorting' Cassie and Intune, so didn't want to get them involved in this, 2) I wasn't sure the police wanted my help, and 3) If I got hurt, Mike would kill me.


Turns out this was a gun offense, after I dropped the ladies off and made my way toward my office, I saw officers I knew canvassing for a gun. Probably best I stayed out of it as what would probably have happened was I would have gotten hurt and the guy would have gotten away, or worse, I'd have ended up interfering with the cop as he chased the guy.


Saturday was hectic for me as I had to get to the personal trainer, come home, shower get 'lil Q ready, get to metro and get down town. This was my first real trip with 'lil Q alone. Fortunately I wasn't alone, Cassie and Intune were a big help as we navigated the touristy National Mall Museum area. I, of course, managed to lead us in the wrong direction in our trek to meet up with W_L who, despite being up all night was surprisingly chipper.


Lunch was disappointing - as others have alluded. I had thought to take us to a different place, but we came upon this one first - bad mistake. Always go with your first instinct. There I showed my compulsive side as I got out the hand wipes and sanitized the high chair before I'd let 'lil Q sit in it. Yeah, I did. Anyway, 'lil Q seemed to get the best meal, she happily gobbled down half a jar of Banana, Apricot and cereal, while the rest of us paid through the nose for a couple bites of something. Then 'lil Q decided I didn't need anymore calories so she dumped my soda on the table and floor. Sigh, and I really was enjoying that.


Sadly, as you can see in the picture I posted, being a lady about town tuckered 'lil Q out and when I got her home she slept for a while. Mike and I were not able to get our act - and baby - together to make dinner with the GAngsters so y'all still have to guess if Mike is really real and I'm not really a straight man in disguise. laugh.png


Sunday - Father's Day, my first - I managed to sneak away long enough to Meet Intune for coffee and to discuss her fabulous story Pitch Perfect. Hopefully I didn't ruin her story with my comments blink.png


I had fun meeting everyone, wish more of you lazy sods had made it, but that didn't diminish my good time. Next time, 'lil Q will be walking and talking so you might not want me to come to the next one tongue.png

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Believe me, I had three cups of coffee and a shot of espresso at the Watergate coffee shop before I met up with Cassie. I am not usually that discombobulated, unless it's tax season.


As Cassie can tell you, the first thought, when we met was me correcting her about the floor and levels of the hotels on the elevator.


PS: thanks Cassie for not thinking I was too weird with my number crunching; it's just due to the lack of sleep and coffee.

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Sounds like the meet happened in a busy weekend for you! Happy belated first fathersday :hug:


Always so much fun to hear how different things caught people's attention (or at least what you guys are willing to share!) :P

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Isn't it amazing how much more interesting your life becomes when you have a child? Everything takes twice as long and involves at least three times more preparation.


Despite the less than perfect lunch it seems that the group did have some great memories of weekend away which is all you can ask for!

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