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Men are ugly naked



I was talking to a friend of mine, probably the only girl I hang out with other than my sister, and I was pointing out this guy to her that I think is really hot, and she comes out of nowhere, saying that it doesn


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:great: Unka Dom. it is not cold wear we live. you can come 2 r house. jus tell mom you r my bros friend k. 1000000000000 huggles 2 make u warm :2thumbs:


Thanks 4 you storys Unka Dom :2thumbs:

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Hey Dom,


LOL I agree with you; men are definitely not ugly naked. But then neither are women. Oh some women are ugly naked, but then some men are too. I think it really just depends on the person. Of course there's more guys I'd rather see naked, and I'm more into them, but there's quite a few women I wouldn't object to seeing "as nature intended".


Did you ever see that episode of Seinfeld? I think it was the one where Jerry had a girlfriend who always hung around naked; so Jerry started trying it and she freaked out; so he was telling Elaine about it and she was saying how the female body was a work of art and the male body was more "utilitarian" (Like a jeep I think she said)......anyway good episode, but I disagree, naked guys are hot.


Awesome about working on more DD!!! I can't wait for the next chapter! Sorry it's so cold there; our weather as been really bipolar the last month, we've managed to have some of our coldest and warmest weather of the winter all within a week. It's dreadful, I stepped out this morning in long-sleeves (thinking it would still be cold) and was sweating before I could get across the parking lot. **sigh** I hope we get another little cold front though, I love long-sleeve weather!


All the best (and then some ;):) )


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Guest fayevalentine


:blink: men ugly naked? whatever, I think that girls been lookin at the wrong guys then. I think guys are way hotter, cuz well, I'm straight woman. The male body, the right one, can be incredibly beautiful.


I've seen that seinfeld episode and it was funny. I disagree with elaine too, if anyone's body is utilitarian it's the females. It was made for carrying, birthing, and feeding babies. While that whole process and all, is a beautiful thing... it ain't hot. :P

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I was going to make a facetious comment about items you can't cook on a rotisserie, but the idea of naked men vs women intruded too much.

Ugly people are ugly naked, and to be honest on a really 'bad hair/body' day I prefer the dark ;)

It's odd how some people who are classically 'not too hot' have something about them, be it spirt, soul, whatever the indefinable is, that makes them beautiful clothed or naked.


Rice btw

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Double post. Damn, and no way to delete it.


So... (stilted pause) I guess I should say I love your stories, but then I wouldn't be here if I didn't!


erm... Hope the weather improves!

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mmmm.......Naked Men....can they have just taken off their firefighter's equiptment??? *SNAP'S OUT OF DREAM & wipes drewl off face* lol Sorry! I have to agree with you all, yes I will admit that the female body can be beautiful...but the male body is definately more enticing. :D Just something about it.... ;)


- Kaiten

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I agree with the sentiment that attractive people look good naked and its unfortunate corollary, that unattractve people are ugly naked. The 'ugly' truth is that there are a lot more of the latter. My sister's family lived in one of the Scandinavian countries for 3 years and my nephew (and my pervert now-ex brother-in-law) were excited about the common nude beaches over there. What they quickly found, however, was that everyone would be nude, not just luscious 'Sonya' but her mom or (egads!) grandma, too, w/maybe grandpa laying out for some sun, as well. Ewww! Bad mental image. So, there you have it. Most of us are improved in appearance by the addtion of clothes.

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Naked men are NOT ugly ... especially not tall, thin, kinda goth looking ones ... they're really hot. :P


And yes, rotisseries are fun ... I've been through two already ...



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Seinfeld. Classic episode.

Uh, guys nekkid? Depends. I really can't describe my ideal guy. But anyway, yeah man guys nekkid are hot. Women are beautiful and attractive *thinks of Halle Berry*

Can't wait for the nexr DD chapter Dom...Until then, I'll go watch the NASCAR footage of the Daytona 500.


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I'm in a mood today and I'm disagreeing with the ugly vs beautiful thing on all counts.


Right now -- oh fooey, this is going to sound trite and cheesy but it's how I feel right now, okay? If it has a human genotype, oh hell, if it's an organism, and it doesn't have nasty associations for me, it's beautiful.


I saw my father's wives (the living ones, and including a person who gets called wife sometimes but was really my father's best friend) washing his body Friday morning. So you can see what's going on here.


Hell, slime molds are beautiful to me right now. Bad example, they already were. Okay, mildew. It's alive, right? Life is beautiful. Oh ick, I'm the sentimental one. But I'm nbound to tell the truth and there it is.

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Lucy, having just come through the hurricane Katrina experience, I feel the same way (as best I can appreciate where you are.) It makes you look at life in a way that you didn't before. Not a bad place to be, actually, although what it takes to get there ... *sigh*


I'm very sorry to hear about your father. My own dad is 84 ... I guess we're at that time in our lives when we're having to deal with that sort of thing.



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