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Plotting My Evil Plan

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I'm going to visit my pal in another not-so-faraway city and stay only for a few hours, cramming what I can with him because of mutual time restraints. Sound hectic? Definitely.


If I can I'd be doing a podcast or a vlog, then a quick Let's Play of a Dating Sim which I hope will come through smoothly.
Getting this all done to gather resources for editing into videos. Also I'm gonna make sure he sees some of my written works. Should be a fun day tomorrow. SHOULD BE.


It's really hard to manage a webcomic, a Youtube channel, and a blog, and writing all in one go when your family is so against you writing, drawing, and being gay. Even harder when you still believe in God and doubt yourself and half of everyone you meet.


I need therapy.


But maybe after I execute my evil plan of succeeding in life doing my passion of creating things.


But that aside, I should probably start a more customized blog soon, but might have to settle for the cheaper ones that let you code. I know blogspot is a bitch but they let you mess with the interface code. It's either that or Tumblr. I'd also have to plan what tags to use for easy navigation, and see which one can at least let me earn or improve my YT Channel earnings.


I'm plotting too much.


Time to nap.




If you have any questions, let me know. I'll get back to you. Thanks for reading my lunatic ramblings.

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